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FnoM 1ur Pns1ons Drsk

In the history of the Church, the Fourth Sunday of

Lent, has also been known as Laetare Sunday, so
called because of the opening words of the Entrance
Anphon: Rejoice, Jerusalem, and all who love her.
It represents (approximately) the midpoint of the
Lenten season, and, as such, there was a relaxaon
of the penitenal observances of Lent.

We may no longer refer to the Fourth Sunday of Lent
as Laetare Sunday, and we may no longer relax our
penitenal observances for the day, but there is, I
would like to suggest, some value in recognising the
spiritual opportunity that comes our way on this
Fourth Sunday of Lent.

Perhaps it is mely, as we reach the midpoint of Lent,
to pause and take stock of how our Lenten pracce
has been going. Perhaps it is an opportunity to
recommit to our penitenal observances if we have
faltered along the way, or to connue our penitenal
observances with renewed vigour for the second half
of Lent. This is the value that we can nd on this
Sunday, this Fourth Sunday of Lent, as we connue
along our journey to the Day of Resurrecon.

In the March edion of Aurora, Bishop Bill writes a
very interesng arcle on the place of the papacy in
the life of the ordinary Catholic. I would recommend
the arcle, wrien his usual accessible style, to your
aenon. If you dont have the opportunity to get
your hands on a printed copy, you can always visit the
Diocesan website ( and read
the arcle there.

Unl next week Fr Andrew
Fr Andrew Doohan (Parish Priest)
Mr Greg Byrne (Pastoral Associate)
Mrs Sharon Fowle (Administraon)
Sr Kathryn McCabe (Aboriginal Catholic Ministry)

The Parish Oce is at the rear of the Parish Hall and is
staed on Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 4pm.

33 Lake Street, Forster NSW 2428
PO Box 67, Forster NSW 2428
P: (02) 6554 6304
F: (02) 6554 6425
E: or (Fr Andrew)

Holy Name Parish School (K6)
Mr Mark Mowbray (Principal)

41 Lake Street, Forster NSW 2428
PO Box 243, Forster NSW 2428
P: (02) 6554 6504
F: (02) 6554 8895

Items for inclusion in Bridgeside Bullen can be sent
to the Parish Oce or Fr Andrew, preferably by email
or wrien note, by midday on Thursday.

Bapsms are celebrated on Sundays, either during
any of our Sunday Masses or aer the 9am Mass.
Bapsmal Preparaon meengs are held on the
second Monday of each month at 7pm in the Meeng
Rooms of the Parish Hall at Forster. Please contact the
Parish Oce for more details, or visit the Parish

Weddings are celebrated by arrangement and with at
least three (and preferably more) months noce.
Please contact Fr Andrew for more details, or visit the
Parish website.
Sunday 10th March, 2013
Fourth Sunday of Lent, Year C
Bridgeside Bulletin
The weekly bullen of the Catholic community of
Forster and Tuncurry
Holy Name of Jesus Parish Church
33 Lake Street, Forster
St Mary, Star of the Sea Church
Cnr Kent & Peel Streets, Tuncurry
Proclaiming Christ to the communies of Forster, Tuncurry and the surrounding districts
Find the
Parish on
Rejoice, Jerusalem, and all who love her.
Be joyful, all who were in mourning;
exult and be satisfied at her consoling breast.
Tur Pnnisu Dinnv(for the week ahead)
Mon (11/3) 7pm Bapsm Preparaon
Meeng @ Parish Hall

Tue (12/3) 9am Chrisan Meditaon
(Bob 6555 5914)
11am Catholic Schools Week
Mass @ Cathedral (Fr
Andrew aending)
3:30pm Holy Hour @ Tuncurry
4:30pm Mass @ Tuncurry
5:30pm Chrisan Meditaon
(Bob 6555 5914)

Wed (13/3) All Day Clergy Brieng Day in
NewcastleNo Mass
11:15 Novena to Our Lady of
Perpetual Help @ Forster
5:30pm Finance Commiee
meeng @ Forster

Thu (14/3) 9am Mass @ Forster
PM Fr Andrew to Newcastle
for meengs of Liturgy

Fri (15/3) AM Fr Andrew in Newcastle
for meeng of Council of
PriestsNo Mass

Sat (16/3) 8:30am Reconciliaon @
9am Mass @ Tuncurry
4:45pm Reconciliaon @ Forster
(unl 5.15pm)
6pm Vigil Mass @ Tuncurry

Sun (17/3) 7am Mass @ Tuncurry
9am Mass @ Forster
We welcome to our community of faith Charloe
Merrick, daughter of Shane and Joanne, who will be
bapsed with water and the Holy Spirit during Mass
next weekend.
IN voun cunni1v, rtrnsr rnnv ron:

Recently Deceased:
Reg Jones, Louise Morrell, Nathan Garth

Noel Copas, Leo Egan, Ian Kennedy, Purcell Family

and all those who are sick in our parish.
Music Pnnc1icr
The next gathering to look at the new Mass seng
and music for Easter will be at the Tuncurry Church at
7pm next Tuesday 12th March. All most welcome.
Tur MrN Ativr Gnour
The Men Alive movement is a Naonal Catholic
Ministry for men. It provides a supporve community
for men who meet to pray, read the scriptures and
share their lifes journey. There are two groups
meeng in our Parish, one will next meet on
Wednesday 20th March aer 9am Mass and the
other on Wednesday 27th March at 7.30pm. New
members always welcome. Enquiries at the Oce.
CrN1rNnnv Mnss
Centenary Mass for Our Ladys Nurses for the Poor at
St Marys Cathedral at 10am Saturday 13th April.
Founded in 1913 by Eileen OConnor and Fr. Edward
McGrath, the community has performed a unique
ministry of healthcare, advocacy and friendship for
the poor and disadvantaged throughout Sydney,
Brisbane, Newcastle and Wollongong.
Cn1uotic MissioN
We have just received noce that our Parish
community has provided a total contribuon of
$12,517.30 toward Catholic Mission in 2012. Thank
you for your generosity.
A tr11rn rnoM Bisuor Wnicu1
Copies of a leer from Bishop Bill concerning the
Commissions of Inquiry into sexual abuse are available
on the church noceboards. The leer urges us to co
operate fully with the Inquiry.
Tur Rocks BrrN Rottro
Featuring one of the biggest contemporary Chrisan
bands in the world. Held at Taree Bapst Centre, 441
Kolodong Road, TareeWednesday 27 March from
6pm ll 10pm. Admission Free. No booking required.
Pno1rc1ivr Covrns ron Dnitv Missnts
Mary Grieg has produced some vinyl covers for the
new Daily Missals. They may be purchase from the
oce for $5.00.
VotuN1rrns ron MissioNnnv Wonk
PALMS Australia is seeking volunteers willing to
parcipate in an authenc crosscultural experience in
countries across Asia, Africa or the Pacic. Posions
exist in educaon, health, administraon, agriculture/
farming, trades and other skilled areas. For more
informaon please contact Sarah on 9518 9551, visit
their website or email
AovnNcr No1icrCunisM Mnss
The annual Chrism Mass will be celebrated on
Tuesday 26th March in the Cathedral Church
beginning at 7pm. All members of the diocesan
community are welcome to join with the Bishop to
celebrate this important event in the yearly life of our
Hotv Wrrk & Ens1rn TniouuM
Sat (23/3) 6pm MassTuncurry
Sun (24/3) 7am MassTuncurry
9am MassForster
3pm Ecumenical Staons of
the CrossKilaben Bay
Mon (25/3) 4:30pm MassTuncurry
Tue (26/3) 9am MassForster
7pm Chrism MassCathedral
Wed (27/3) 9am MassForster
6pm Staons of the Cross
Thu (28/3) 7pm Evening Mass of the
Lords SupperForster
10pm Night PrayerParish Hall
Fri (29/3) 10am Morning PrayerForster
3pm Celebraon of the Lords
Sat (30/3) 10am Morning PrayerForster
7:30pm Easter VigilTuncurry
Sun (31/3) 6am Ecumenical ServiceThe
Tanks, Forster
8am MassTuncurry
10am MassForster
5pm Evening PrayerForster
DrrrrNiNc Oun Fni1u
The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference have
produced the Deepening Our Faith video series as an
introducon to the Compendium of the Catechism of
the Catholic Church. It has been produced to make the
20th anniversary of the publicaon of the Catechism
of the Catholic Church of which the Compendium is a

The Parish is going to host a group study of these
sessions on the following dates:

21st March Introducon & The Profession of Faith
4th April The Celebraon of the Chrisan
18th April Life in Christ
2nd May Prayer

Each session will commence aer the 9am Mass, and
will run for about an hour. They will be held in the
Meeng Room of the Parish Oce (or the Hall if
numbers require it).

For more informaon, please contact the Parish
Pnnvrns n1 1ur TnNks
In the lead up to Easter, please join us for ecumenical
prayer at the Tanks every Thursday morning at 8am, in
preparaon for the Ecumenical Easter Service.
Cn1uotic Scuoots Wrrk & ENnotMrN1s
Today makes the beginning of Catholic Schools Week
in NSW & ACT, and in 2013 has the theme Every Child
Counts, an opportunity to remember and celebrate
the many individual learning opportunies that
Catholic schools provide for their students, with the
teachings of Christ always at the centre.

The Diocese will celebrate Catholic Schools Week with
a Mass in the Cathedral on Tuesday 12th March at
11am. All are welcome to join with Bishop Bill to
celebrate the life of Catholic schools in the our local

Enrolments Now Open
Catholic Schools Week also marks the opening of the
annual enrolment period for Catholic schools.
Enrolments for 2014 are now open, and the
enrolment period will close at the end of May, 2013.
For more informaon about enrolments at Holy Name
Parish School, please contact the School Oce on
6554 6504.
Ens1rn Ros1rns
A single sheet roster for all volunteers for Easter
Masses is available from the rear of the Church.
IN1rnNn1ioNnt WoMrNs Dnv101u
When we think of advancing the wellbeing of women,
our minds are oen drawn to the experience of
women in developing naons. Gender and equality is
a fundamental building block for the achievement of
the United Naons Millennium Development Goals
such as eradicang hunger, reducing child mortality
and improving maternal health. Without gender
equality we deprive women and their communies of
their capabilies and gis of women who remain less
able to reach their full potenal, live a life of dignity
and be producve cizens. Solidarity with our sisters
around the world, parcularly in our region of the Asia
Pacic, is an important reason to parcipate in Intl
Womens Day. (excerpt from Parish Resource 2013, leer from Natalie
Londner LHuillier, Chair, Council of Australian Catholic Women)
Oun Li1uncv Toonv

Responsorial Psalm
Response: With the Lord there is mercy, and fullness
of redempon.

Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord,
Lord, hear my voice!
O let your ears be aenve
to the voice of my pleading.

If you, O Lord, should mark our guilt,
Lord, who would survive?
But with you is found forgiveness:
for this we revere you.

My soul is waing for the Lord,
I count on his word.
My soul is longing for the Lord
more than watchman for daybreak.

Because with the Lord there is mercy
and fullness of redempon,
Israel indeed he will redeem
from all its iniquity.

Gospel Acclamaon
Praise and honour to you, Lord Jesus!
I will rise and go to my father and tell him:
Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you.
Praise and honour to you, Lord Jesus!
IN1rncrssonv Pnnvrn Gnour
To request prayers for someone, or to join the Group,
please contact Bob Cashman on 6555 5914 leaving
your name and contact details.
Cn1uotic Lrnorn & Cn1uotic Wrrktv
The Catholic Leader (Brisbane) and Catholic Weekly
(Sydney) newspapers are available at the rear of the
churches at a cost of $2 each.
Scnir1unr RrnoiNcs

Today Joshua 5:912
2 Corinthians 5:1721
Luke 15:13, 1132
Monday Isaiah 65:1721
John 4:4354
Tuesday Ezekiel 47:19, 12
John 5:13, 516
Wednesday Isaiah 49:815
John 5:1730
Thursday Exodus 32:714
John 5:3147
Friday Wisdom 2:1, 1222
John 7:12, 10, 2530
Saturday Jeremiah 11:1820
John 7:4052
Next Sunday Isaiah 43:1621
Philemon 3:814
John 8:111
SitrNcr iN 1ur Li1uncv
We observe silence during our liturgy (on Sundays and
weekdays) at the following mes:

1. During the Penitenal Act, aer the Presider invites
us to prepare ourselves to celebrate the sacred
mysteries, in order to recollect ourselves;
2. During the Collect, aer the invitaon of the
Presider to Let us pray, again in order to recollect
ourselves; and
3. During the Liturgy of the Word, at the conclusion of
the rst & second reading and the homily, in order
that we might meditate on what we have heard.
Oun Pnnisu Cottrc1ioNs
a) The Parish Collecon, providing for the needs of the
parish and its ministry, is taken up during the
presentaon and preparaon of the gis (the
oertory). This is the envelope collecon.

b) The Diocesan Clergy Collecon, providing for the
remuneraon and support of the clergy of the
diocese, will be taken up aer communion (during the
Thanksgiving Hymn or a similar me).
RrcriviNc CoMMuNioN
So that we might receive Communion in a t and
proper way, please be aware of the following:

When we process forward to receive Communion,
we are asked by the Australian Bishops to adopt a
common and unied gesture of reverence before
doing so. In Australia that gesture is a bow of the
head and shoulders (GIRM, 160). Any other form of
reverence, including a genuecon, should be
Communion by selfinncon is never permied,
since we never take Communion but rather receive
Communion. Please refrain from this inappropriate
We regret that we do not have the physical
facilies to oer communion while kneeling, and
would respecully ask you to refrain from kneeling
to receive Communion while in procession, since
this is contrary to the nature of the Communion
procession. Your cooperaon with this request is
very much appreciated.