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DK's Commander League

Entry fee: $5.00 per event The league season will run 8 weeks with a Commander event being held approximately every two weeks. Events are subject to rescheduling at the discretion of DKs and the organizer. Each event will consist of two rounds. In round 1 players will be placed at random into 3, 4 or 5 person pods depending on attendance. In round 2 players will be placed into pods based on points accumulated in round 1. For example: the event point leaders after round 1 will be grouped into one pod. Players are not required to play in every event during the league season, but it is your best interest to do so to accumulate points in the overall league. Players are required to use the same general for their deck throughout the league season, but may alter their main deck between events. Prizes will be awarded at the end of league based on points accumulated during the league. Players finishing outside of the top 8 will receive one pack per week participated in the league. Players in the top 8 will receive packs depending on overall league attendance with 1st place receiving the most packs. League prizes will be determined based on overall attendance!

Achievements League points will be accumulated for completing certain achievements. Achievements other than Eliminate a Player can only be achieved once per game by the same player. Jerk Tax (eliminate a player before their 5th turn): -4 points Stop Touching Yourself (take 3 or more turns in a row): -1 point Blackjack (control two creatures whose power totals exactly 21): 1 point Playing Possum (eliminate a player while your life total is less than 5): 1 point Disaster is Imminent (have 10 or fewer cards in your library): 1 point Im Going Home! (be the first player eliminated): 2 points No Time for Love Dr. Jones (control 5 or more non-land, non-creature artifacts): 1 point First Blood (be the first to eliminate a player within a pod): 1 point Eliminate a player: 1 point Last Man Standing (win your pod): 1 point Opportunist (kill only the last player, other than yourself): 1 point And Ill Form the Head! (Put five or more pieces of equipment on a creature): 2 points Send in the Clowns (attach with 20 or more creatures in a single turn): 1 point Master Thief (control 3 or more permanents you do not own): 1 point Spring Forth Burly Protector (prevent the death of another player) 1 point So Much Blood (kill 2 or more players in the same turn): 1 point Feel My Wrath (destroy all creatures in play 3 or more times in a game i.e. Wrath effects): 1 points What library? (have 20 or more cards in your hand for two turns): 2 points Can I Borrow Some Dice? (control 30 or more tokens): 1 points Big Spender (spend 12 or more mana to cast your Commander): 1 points Youre So Pro (top deck to win a game): 2 points Godzilla (control a creature with 40 or more power/toughness, i.e. 40/40): 2 points Come at me bro. (have 100 or more life): 1 point Weiner (win the winning pod in a winning fashion): 1 points

Bounties Specific generals will have a league bounty placed on them. One bonus point will be awarded to any player who eliminates a player using a general with a bounty. Bounties are in place to help balance point accumulation between highly competitive and casual generals and to discourage over the top early game shenanigans. Players may use these powerful generals but must be prepared to battle the bounty hunters! Rafiq of the Many Uril, the Miststalker Zur the Enchanter Sharuum the Hegemon Ashling the Pilgrim Vendilion Clique Ghave, Guru of Spores (Season 1 winner Tyrell Kizer) Sygg, River Cutthroat (Season 2 winner Richard Centanni) Scion the Ur-Dragon (Season 3 winner Richard Centanni) Damia, Sage of Stone (Season 4 winner Vale Trujillo) Maelstrom Wanderer (Season 5 winner Kevin Shoemaker) House Rules Unless otherwise noted, the generally accepted Commander ban list and rules will apply A player loses the game if they accumulate 20 or more poison counters. Players playing in the same pod who are using the same general will not be subject to the Legend rule when both players have their general in play. Clone effects or other copies of a general will trigger the Legend rule. This includes non-general copies that may be in a players deck! Any disputes, judgments, or league changes will be resolved or dispensed as applicable at the sole discretion of DKs. Have fun!