1. Write affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences in the PAST SIMPLE. a. Alison went to the cinema yesterday.

b. Did you buy a new CD last week?

c. Kevin didn’t find his book in the classroom.

d. Did you sing with your friends at the party?

e. The police didn’t catch the thief.

f. Anne and Thomas didn’t review for their test.

g. Were you at the dentist’s yesterday evening?

h. I wasn’t at home last night.


My brother and I were very hungry.


Was Sarah after tired after the match?

k. Did they bring their notebooks with them?


She sent some e-mails last month.

2. Write questions for the following answers. ______________________________________? He got up at 8.20 am ______________________________________? She bought a present. ______________________________________? No, we were at the disco. ______________________________________? They went to the cinema. ______________________________________? Because it was very hot. ______________________________________? They had lunch in a restaurant. ______________________________________? I saw John in the park. ______________________________________? Yes, because I was sick. ______________________________________? No, they didn’t ______________________________________? Yes, we were. 3. Change the text into the PAST SIMPLE James lives in Suances. He gets up at 7.30 am, has breakfast and gets dressed. He goes to school by bus. He arrives at 8.20 am. He finishes school at 2.25 pm. After school, he goes home and has lunch with his family. Later he does his homework, sends e-mails or watches TV. Then, he leaves home and goes to the sports centre. He swims, does karate or plays football. Does he meet up with his friends? Yes, he does. He also learns German, teaches chess and buys food for his pets.

a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j.

a. b. c. e. f.

4. Transform the following verbs into the PAST SIMPLE chatg. dance sit h. stop i. build ask wash drink

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