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com Nakshatra Jyotish Kendra Vedic and Krishnamurti Paddhati Astrologer Mob: 9827374626 , 9329265779 , Promotion Om Gan Ganapataye Namah This is another article related to promotion in job. I have already written many articles on this subject earlier. This articles again confirms the truth and accuracy of KP Astrology . No pariharams , no tantra and no mantra is required in this case . I am not against all these upayas but here in given case no upaya would have changed anything. The querist works in Air Force and was anticipating promotion during that period. Let us clear our mind with the following example. Query Horary No ( 1 249) Date Time Place Ayanamsa HINTS 1. Promotion is the realisation of ambition of fame , name , prosperity and popularity. Hence 11th and 10th bhavas are considered. 2. As promotion results in increase in income 2nd and 6th house also be considered. 3. Cuspal sublords of 6th and 10th house must signify 2nd , 6th , 10th and 11th houses. MOON & ASCENDANT SUBLORD Moon always gives the indication of state of mind and queries , So one should only proceed when the Moon and Ascendant sublord signify the houses under consideration. Here in this case Moon is placed in the star of Mercury which is lord of 10th house which indicates that the client is thinking about his professional status. So Moon is connected to the houses under consideration. Let us now look at the Ascendant Sublord which is Saturn , is placed in 10th house . So both the Moon and Ascendant Sublord Saturn is connected to 10th house . Now we will analyse further. : Promotion : 166 : 18-11-2010 : 19:45:00 : Nakshatra Jyotish BHOPAL 77E26 , 23N07 ( Geocentric ) : KP Original 23:55:08

CUSPAL ANALYSIS 2nd Cusp -- Sagitarius 29:25:32 ( Ju Su -- Ra ) Rahu is the cuspal sublord of the 2nd house , it is placed in the star of Ketu , Ketu itself is placed in the 7th house and Rahu is placed in the 1st house . Rahu is not conjoined any planet . Rahu being in the sign of Jupiter will act as agent of Jupiter . Jupiter is placed in 3rd house and is in the star Jupiter itself which is placed in the 3rd house. So Rahu is strongly signifying 1st , 7th and 3rd house. So Rahu is unfavourable for the considered cusp and also not connecting to the primary cusp for promotion. 6th Cusp Taurus 04:05:28 ( Ve Su Sa ) Saturn is the cuspal sublord of the 6th house and it is placed in 10th house . It is in the star of Moon which is placed in the 4th house , 4th house is 11th from the 6th house which means that the querist is anticipating promotion. But Saturns sublord is Mercury which is placed in 12th house . It is in own star and hence being lord of 8th and 10th is signifying 12th house strongly. So Saturn also becomes unfavourable. 10th Cusp Virgo 07:50:57 ( Me Su -- Ve ) Venus is the cuspal sublord of the 10th house , it is placed in the 10th house. It is in the star of Mars which is placed in the 12th house . So it strongly signifies 10th and 12th house . So being strong significator of 12th house , we can interpret it to be unfavourable for the querist .However the final decider is the sublord of Venus which is Venus. Venus is also retrograde .Hence not favourable. 11th Cusp Libra 08:06:56 ( Ve-- Ra Ra ) Rahu being the cuspal sublord of the 11th house is placed in the 1st house and is in the star of Ketu which is placed in the 7th house hence Rahu strongly signifies 1st house and 7th house . Rahu as has been discussed above while analysing 2nd cusp hence is not favourable. RULING PLANETS As we cannot neglect the ruling planets at the time of judgement Lagna Signlord Mercury Lagna Starlord Mars Lagna Sublord Sun Moon Signlord Jupiter Moon Starlord Mercury Moon Sublord Rahu Daylord Jupiter As one can judge by looking at the Ruling Planets Mercury is strongly signifying 12th house . Jupiter is not the cuspal sublord of any relevant houses. Mars is strong significator of 12th house , Sun which is signifying 11th and 3rd house is not cuspal sublord of relevant houses and so is Rahu as discussed above. So even RPs give a negative answer to the query.

PREDICTION As per the analysis shown above it is predicted that the querist will not get promotion. As the result will be declared in a months time , there was no need to time the event. In the month of july 2011 the wife of the client had informed me that her husband wasnt promoted. My prayers to Lord Ganesha and beloved Guruji.