Online Shopping Portal

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Online Shopping Portal

 Shopping Cart is an online store that enables website owners to sell their product online. It is a web shopping cart that web enables the day-day sales functions.

The System helps the Customer to purchase the products with and without Credit – Card Information.

 It includes sophisticated product and customer management modules.  This website will be useful to anyone who wants to purchase items using internet.  Generates the Reports related to the system.  This system is developed as our company requirements





Online Shopping Portal

Project Profile
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Project Title: Online Shopping Portal. Project Guide: Mr. Ankit Prajapati Mr. Digant Shah

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Project Co-Ordinator: Mr.Jyotindra Dharwa. Internal Guide: Mr.Krunal Trivedi. Front End: Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2005-ASP.Net with C#.NET Back End: MS SQL Server-2005 Organization: InfyNeon Solution Pvt.Ltd. Team Size: 3 Developed By: Patel Priyanka V.

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About Organization MCA-VI AMPICS 4 .Online Shopping Portal 2.

 We are an organization driven by ideas. committed to the development of our people on the personal.  We offer a wide range of services including Website design. Our edge lies in our ability to offer an integrated approach to address clients' needs to operate efficiently as well as to communicate and serve customers effectively.Online Shopping Portal About Organization  InfyNeon is an Ahmadabad. development and Web application development. We offer a competitive rewards. professional and technology levels. An organization where creative insights and strategic know-how are used to solve software and communication needs of our clients.  InfyNeon is an identical opportunity employer. The company is 100 percent customer-driven and fully committed to offer advanced IT expertise and cutting-edge software solutions. MCA-VI AMPICS 5 . India based IT Company that concentrate on the local and International needs of the growing IT industry. We focus on developing both desktop applications and Web applications to a variety of industries and businesses. and opportunities to share in the success of the business.

Existing System MCA-VI AMPICS 6 .Online Shopping Portal 3.

Maintaining the record is really a tedious task. MCA-VI AMPICS 7 . dealings of products. Maintaining of reports is very tedious task.  Any internet user can use this existing website to search for any kind of products. select particular products from a wide range of products.  To buy any product user has to collect information about it either by visiting the shop or asking people which is the better one.  Once they make of their mind to purchase any particular thing they can place an order and make a payment throw various available payment option.  Reports are prepared manually as and when needed. purchasing of products were done manually which is time consuming. All calculations are performed manually which may not be accurate always.Online Shopping Portal Existing System  In the existing system all transactions.  There is no computer system for handling payments.

Online Shopping Portal 4. Need For The New System MCA-VI AMPICS 8 .

MCA-VI AMPICS 9 .Online Shopping Portal Need for the New System  Online Shopping Portal is a specific requirement of the client that integrates the buying and selling services specifically to their customers.  Allows user to get registered from their places and transact for the required product. products can also be maintained as their information is very helpful and sometimes becomes a critical requirement. so that manual labour is not required. and also analysis can be performed much more frequently which helps in taking decision.  To overcome these problems in existing system we develop “Online Shopping Portal”.  Need for the new system is due to major drawbacks of existing system.  The details regarding all users.  Reports can be generated at any time within few seconds.

Online Shopping Portal 5. MCA-VI AMPICS 10 . Hardware & Software Req.

66 GHZ 40 GB 256 MB RAM LG TVS GOLD Logitech Mouse Software Requirements ( MINIMUM ) Server – Side: Front End Back End Tool End Client – Side: Operating System Run Time Environment Windows XP Professional .Online Shopping Portal Hardware & Software Requirement Hardware Requirements ( MINIMUM ) Central Processing Unit Hard Disk Capacity Memory Monitor Keyboard Mouse Pentium IV 2.0 Microsoft Windows ASP.NET with C# 2005 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Microsoft Office 2003.NET Framework 2. Crystal Reports MCA-VI AMPICS 11 .

System Flow Chart MCA-VI AMPICS 12 .Online Shopping Portal 6.

Online Shopping Portal System Flow Chart MCA-VI AMPICS 13 .

Online Shopping Portal 7. Data Flow Diagram MCA-VI AMPICS 14 .

Online Shopping Portal Context Level Diagram: MCA-VI AMPICS 15 .

Online Shopping Portal First Level Diagram: MCA-VI AMPICS 16 .

Online Shopping Portal Second Level Diagram MCA-VI AMPICS 17 .

Online Shopping Portal Second Level Diagram: MCA-VI AMPICS 18 .

Online Shopping Portal Second Level Diagram: MCA-VI AMPICS 19 .

Online Shopping Portal 8. Data Dictionary MCA-VI AMPICS 20 .

and Email Address.This table store information of User like Name. Contact No. Address.Online Shopping Portal Table: -Tbl_ User Description: . Fields: Field Name vcID vcPass vcFsNm vcLsNm vcGender vcAdd vcCity vcState vcZipCode vcCnctNo vcEmailId vcConPass Data Type Varchar(50) Varchar(20) Varchar(50) Varchar(50) Varchar(6) Varchar(50) Varchar(50) Varchar(50) Varchar(10) Varchar(20) Varchar(50) Varchar(20) Description User Name Password First Name Last Name Gender Address City State Zip Code Contact No Email ID ConformPassword Allow Null Primary key Not Null Not Null Not Null Not Null Not Null Not Null Not Null Not Null Not Null Not Null Not Null MCA-VI AMPICS 21 . product which stores Product Information belong to User. Each User has associated reference in User. which stores projects belong to User.

0) Varchar(50) Text Numeric(18.0) Numeric(18.Online Shopping Portal Table: .This table stores Information about Product of each User.Tbl_Product Description: .0) Image Numeric(3. Fields: Field Name nmID vcNm txtDes nmPrice nmQuan nmDis Image nmCtgryID Data Type Numeric(4.0) Description Product ID Product Name Description Price Quantity Discount Product image Category ID Allow Null Primary key Not Null Not Null Not Null Not Null Not Null Not Null Foreign key MCA-VI AMPICS 22 .0) Numeric(18.

This table stores Information about Category of each User.0) Varchar(50) Text Description Category ID Category Name Description Allow Null Primary key Not Null Not Null MCA-VI AMPICS 23 .Tbl_Category Description: .Online Shopping Portal Table: . Fields: Field Name nmCtgryID vcNm txtDes Data Type Numeric(3.

0) Description Product ID Product Name Quantity Price Allow Null primary key Not Null Not Null Not Null MCA-VI AMPICS 24 .0) Numeric(18. Fields: Field Name nmID vcNm nmQuan nmPrice Data Type Numeric(4.This table stores Information about Cart.0) Varchar(50) Numeric(18.Tbl_ Shopping Cart Description: .Online Shopping Portal Table: .

0) Numeric(18.0) Numeric(18.0) Numeric(18.0) Numeric(4. Fields: Field Name nmNo nmID nmQuan nmPrice nmAmt Data Type Numeric(4.0) Description Order No Product ID Quantity Order Price Total Amount Allow Null Primary key Foreign key Not Null Not Null Not Null MCA-VI AMPICS 25 .Tbl_ Order detail Description: .Online Shopping Portal Table: .This table stores Information about Order of each User.

This table stores Information about Admin. Fields: Field Name vcID vcPass vcEmailID Data Type Varchar(50) Varchar(20) Varchar(50) Description Admin ID Admin Password Admin Email ID Allow Null Primary key Not Null Not Null MCA-VI AMPICS 26 .Tbl_Admin Description: .Online Shopping Portal Table: .

Online Shopping Portal 9. E-R Diagram MCA-VI AMPICS 27 .

Online Shopping Portal MCA-VI AMPICS 28 .

Process Description MCA-VI AMPICS 29 .Online Shopping Portal 10.

. It provides the potential for rapid development of incremental version of the software. documentation & Training) Customer evaluation: Tasks required to obtain customer feedback based on evolution of the software representation created during the engineering stage & implemented during the installation stage. Construction & release: Task required to construct. Using the spiral model software is developed in a series of incremental releases. A spiral model is divided into a number of framework activities also called task regions. Process model used by us: Spiral model: The Spiral model originally proposed by Boehm . is an evolutionary software process model that couples the iterative nature of prototyping with the controlled & systematic aspects of the linear sequential model . A spiral model contains six task regions: Customer Communication: Tasks required to establish effective communication between developer & customer. Risk analysis: Task required to access. MCA-VI AMPICS 30 . timeline & other project related information. Engineering: Tasks required to build one or more representation of the application. test.g. install & provide user support (e.Online Shopping Portal Brief Description Of Process Process: Software process as a framework for the tasks that are required to build high quality software. Planning: Tasks required to define resources. Or we can say that process defines the approach that is taken as software is engineered.

If Invalid Username and Password then Go To Step 1 otherwise Go To Step 3.Online Shopping Portal Process Algorithm Step 1 : Initialization Username and Password. Lastname. City. Step 6: Written detail of following in the User table. Step 9 : End. Step 3 : Check Enter Operator is Admin or User. Go To Step 9. State. Firstname.Zip-code . password. Contact no. Step 2 : Check the Username and Password. Step 5 : Fill up the information in registration form and create a Username and Password and fill up other information of this new User. Email id and ISAdmin Step 7 : If Request Issue then Update user ISAdmin or not information and entry in the User table. MCA-VI AMPICS 31 . Step 4 : If create a new user Go To step 5 otherwise Go To Step 6. Go To Step 9. Address. Gender. Username. Step 8 : Go To Step 6. If Admin Go To Step 4 otherwise Go To Step 8.

Online Shopping Portal 11. Input Designs MCA-VI AMPICS 32 .

Online Shopping Portal Home Page MCA-VI AMPICS 33 .

Online Shopping Portal Login Page MCA-VI AMPICS 34 .

Online Shopping Portal Registration Page MCA-VI AMPICS 35 .

Online Shopping Portal Category Page1 MCA-VI AMPICS 36 .

Online Shopping Portal Category Page2 MCA-VI AMPICS 37 .

Online Shopping Portal View Product Page MCA-VI AMPICS 38 .

Online Shopping Portal




Online Shopping Portal

Product Page1




Online Shopping Portal

Product Page2




Online Shopping Portal Product Page3 MCA-VI AMPICS 42 .

Online Shopping Portal Product Page4 MCA-VI AMPICS 43 .

Online Shopping Portal Product Page5 MCA-VI AMPICS 44 .

Online Shopping Portal Product Page6 MCA-VI AMPICS 45 .

Online Shopping Portal Product Page7 MCA-VI AMPICS 46 .

Online Shopping Portal Shopping Cart Page MCA-VI AMPICS 47 .

Online Shopping Portal Checkout Page MCA-VI AMPICS 48 .

Online Shopping Portal 12. Output Designs MCA-VI AMPICS 49 .

Online Shopping Portal Product Reports MCA-VI AMPICS 50 .

Online Shopping Portal Category Reports MCA-VI AMPICS 51 .

Online Shopping Portal User Reports MCA-VI AMPICS 52 .

Testing MCA-VI AMPICS 53 .Online Shopping Portal 13.

MCA-VI AMPICS 54 .  A successful test is one that uncovers the hidden errors.Online Shopping Portal Testing Software testing is a criterion of software quality assurance and represents the ultimate review of specified designing and coding. Characteristics of Testing:  Testing begins at the module level and works outward and towards the integration of the entire computer based system.  Different testing techniques are appropriate at different level of time.  A good test is one that has a high probability for finding a yet undiscovered error.  Testing is the process of executing a program with the intent of finding an error.  System testing reveals the presence of errors in the software developed.

Online Shopping Portal MCA-VI AMPICS 55 .

Post Implementation Review MCA-VI AMPICS 56 .Online Shopping Portal 14.

The most fundamental concern during post implementation review is determining whether the system has met its objective and producing the results intended. it is much easier to learn and work with.  How have systems changed the cost of operation?  How have systems changed the way in which operations are performed?  How have systems changed the timeliness of information and reports user received? The new system needs less manpower. The main objective of the system is its ability to generate reports and at the same time provide reports to the management that help them in making decision. one may question whether the system can considered successful.Online Shopping Portal Post Implementation Review Post Implementation Review is used for taking review of project. But still the following points have to consider. Hence. It is generally found that systems that are easy to use require less manpower. If neither is happening. saves the data entry duplication work are accepted and well received by people. provides information on time and saves the data. MCA-VI AMPICS 57 .

Future Enhancement MCA-VI AMPICS 58 .Online Shopping Portal 15.

Our application Also.  In this system we can add more reports about users so more and more Information about MCA-VI AMPICS 59 . if you see at the first glance that you find it to be complete but we want to make it still mature and fully automatic.Online Shopping Portal Future Enhancement We think that not a single project is ever considered as complete forever because our mind is always thinking new and our necessities also are growing.     The system is modified in future as per the owner requirement. As system is flexible you can generate more report and screen as and when required.

Bibliography MCA-VI AMPICS 60 .Online Shopping Portal 16.

Online Shopping Portal Bibliography To develop this “web application of Online Purchase of Electronics items” we used ASP. Black book ASP. We take some knowledge towards automation system from some books that are given www. Ajax.0 MSDN Library Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Design& Implementation Analysis & Design of Information System MCA-VI AMPICS 61 . Net 2.ebay. Net Front End and SQL server 2005 Back End (Database). Net with c#. Web References: www.

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