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She's waiting for a taxi.


t's a beautiful day.



. = one thing or person

Alicc works in a bank. (not in bankj

Can I ask a question? (tiut ask questionj I don't have a car. There's a woman at the bus stop. an (o a) beforc a/e/i/o/u " Do you want an applc or a banana? 1! f'm going to buy a hat and an umbrella. B There was an intcrcsting program on TV last nighr.
AIso: an liour ("h" is not pronouncecl: an)<(our) liut: a univcrsity (pronounccd yuniversity) a Europcan country (pronounced yuropean)

Another (= an + othcr) is one word. f Can I have another cup of coffee? We use a/an . . . wlicn we say what a thing or a person is. For example: 1 The sun is a star. Football is a game. "sssjl JMHbk Dallas is a city in Texas. A inoLisc is an animal. It's a small animal. Joe s a very nice person.
We use a/an ... for Jobs. '

l'm a dentist.

A; Wliat do yim do? i: Pin a dentist. (not l'm dentist.} "What ducsMark do?" "He's an engineer." ro Would you like to be a teacher? H BcL'tlivcn was a composcr. Picasso was a famouv painter., B Are you a student?
A car / some money (Countable/Uncountable) Units68-G9 Alan and the Unit 70

66.1 Write a or an. 1. an od book 2. ^ wiiulow 4. _^^h 5. __t?i airporr new airport L___ iiiiiverscy 8. _4_*^.. hour ?^__ economic pmblem

U W H-T.





6. ii,


66.2 What are these things? Choose from the list. airplane bife1. 2. 3. 4. 5. flower fruir inscct inountain planet river sport vegetable 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Saturnis *A banana is *_ The Amazon is A rose is A fly is _*_

A duck s a bird A carrot is Tennis is _j ^ A 747 is Everest is ?ric>i;i

66.3 What are their Jobs? Choose from the tist and complete the sentences. architect auto mechan i c deatist electrician photographer sales clerk taxi driver
Can I help yon?


Shs's_ a dsntist.

2. He's 3. H e _ . 4.

8. Aiul yon? l'm

66.4 Wrte sentences. Choose from each box. Use alan. t-waflt-to-ask yonLucia works in Tom ncver wears Amy wanrs ro learn \ can't ride Jim lives in My hrother is Tunight Tni going to od hotise artist party office foreign language hat bicycle

1 iwant_ to ask yqu a cjuestion. 2. I__ '

3. 4. 5. 6.




This/these and that/those


these (plural) tliis (singular) Do you tike Thcse flowers this pcture? are for you. J

that (singular) Do yon like that picture?

those (plural) Who are those peopie?

this picturc

this these

(= tliis picture hcrc) tliese flowcrs (= these flowers here)

that those

that picture (- rli;it picture there) those pcoplc (= those peopie there)

We use this/these/that/those vvith a noun (this picture / these girls, etc.) or without a noun. : This hotel is cxpeusive, but it's very nice.

Do yon like these shocs? 1 bought them last week. with a noun "Who's that girl?" "[ don't know." Those applcs look gotxl. Can I have one? This is a nce hotel, hut r's vcry expensivc. "Excuse me, is this your bag?" "Oh yes, thank yon." wihoitt i o" Who's that? (= Who is that person?)
Which shoes do you like better - thcse or those?


That ' ~~ That

= soniething that has happened "Tm sorry, I forgot U> cali you." "That's all right." That was a really nice meal. Thank you very much. = what somebody has just said "You're a tc.ichcr, aren't you?" "Yes, that's right." "Mark has a ncw Job." "He docs? I didn't kuow that." "Fm going on vacation next week." "Ol, that's nice."

We use this s . . . and is this . . . ?

on thc tclephone. Helio, this is Davc. (= the speaker) Is this Sarah? (= the other person) We use this i s . . . to introduce peopie. Ainy: Brian, this is Cliris. Britin: Hi, Chris. Nice to meet you. Chris: Hi, Brian.
This one I that one Unit 76

Helio, Sarah. This is Dave.


Brian, this is Chris.




75.1 Complete the sentences. Use this/these/that/those + one of these words: birds dishes house posteareis chair -shoes (Do yon like .these
shaes ?


How much are

(Excuse me, is free?

75.2 Write questions: Is this/that your... ? or Are theseithose your... ?


75.3 Complete the sentences with /i/s s or /ia's or t/ia. 1 . A; I'm sorry I'm late. 5. A: Bt-th plays the piano very well. i: Jhat's. all riglit. l; Really? I didrfr know . 2. ,4; I can'r come to me party tomorrow. 6. (Mark im-cts PauVs sisfer Amy.) R: Oh, too bad. Wliy not? l'iul: Mark, my sisrer Amy. 3. (un the telephone) M,jrk: I , Amy. Stic: Helio, Kim. Sue. 7. A: Tin sorry I was angry yesterclay. Kim: Oh, h, Sue. How are yon? B: OK. Forget t! 4. A: Yoifre la/y! 8. A: You're a frcntl of Jolin's, aren'r yon? B: not true! B: Yes, right.