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Cristy Mae P.

Avanzado BAMM 301

Jan. 31, 2013 Assignment

Sample Progress Report Memorandum TO: 114.H/Professional Administrative Intern Program Coordinator FROM: Intern's Organization SUBJECT: Professional Administrative Intern Program 4-Month Level I Progress Report The first three months in the Professional Administrative Intern Program as a Contract Specialist have given me a broad exposure to procurement activities. Thus far, I have awarded and administered contracts resulting from unsolicited proposals (primarily universities), contracts for hardware, and contracts for support services. The most notable of which is the contract supporting the Nimbus Operating Processing System as part of the pre-solicitation phase of the contract for the actual operation of the Nimbus Control Center. This is anticipated to be close to 5M in value. In addition these job responsibilities, I have attended the week-long "Contract Administration" class held on Center, a Code 219 Open House, and the New Employee meeting with the Acting Director of my Procurement Manager, and the Directorate Resources Manager of Code 900. On June 28-29, I attended the two-day Career Transition Workshop for Professional Interns, which examined the transition into a new position, as well as into a new career path. In the next six months, I foresee expansion of my on-the-job procurement experience and more formal training. I plan to attend the "Negotiation Techniques" class, the "Costa and Price Analysis" class, and the PIP New Employee Welcome, which begins later this month. If any further information is needed, I can be reached at (301) 614-XXXX. Intern's Name Contract Specialist cc: 219/Intern's Supervisor XXX/Intern's Mentor Sample Progress Report Memorandum For: Mr. Rhey Santos Subject: Progress Report on Lending Operations

In connection with the preparation of our annual report on loans, may we request for a copy of the progress report on lending operations as of January 1985 to enable us to get certain data on said report needed for our annual report. Mr. Henry Tan Director Sample trip Report Memorandum TO: Engr. Rosalie Lopez EE Instructor This College It has reached this office that you went together with the ME Educational Trip last February 12, 13, and 14, 2007 without official permission. Please explain in writing within 72 hours upon receipt thereof why no sanctions must be imposed on you for deserting your classes in February 12 and 13, 2007. Please submit your explanation to this office. Failure to do so shall constitute a waive of your right to be heard. February 16, 2007 Engr. Rexie Roxas Dean, EE Department Sample incident Report Memorandum Memorandum To: Field Directorate and Superintendents From: Associate Director, Park Operations and Education Subject: CY2000 Incident Reporting Procedures Procedures for reporting significant field incidents have been changed only slightly this year: The Department has asked that agencies advise them immediately of all serious aircraft accidents, so those reports have been moved from Level 2 to Level 1. See 1.12. The Department has also mandated immediate notification of all workrelated accidents resulting in the hospitalization of three or more employees. That requirement has been added under 1.13. There are now only two primary contacts for submitting reports - Dennis Burnett in WASO Ranger Activities and Bill Halainen at Delaware Water Gap NRA. Initial Level 1 reports should still go through Shenandoah NP dispatch or to Dennis Burnett; follow-up Level 1 and initial Level 2 written reports go to both Dennis Burnett and Bill Halainen via cc:Mail. The issue of confidentiality of submissions has cropped up occasionally over the past year.

Please see the note under "Reporting," which reiterates the importance of specifying whether information is confidential and for internal review only. This memorandum should be made available to all reporting parties, including division chiefs, district and subdistrict rangers, and public affairs officers. This memorandum supersedes all previous incident reporting instructions, which should be destroyed. Attachments REPORT FORMAT As far as possible, all reports should contain the following information. Exceptions are noted. Subject: Name or description of incident. Time and Date: Time and date of occurrence. Location: Brief description of incident location. Summary: Brief description of incident. Attention should be placed on making the report simple, clear and inclusive. Many reports omit critical information or contain confused narratives. A simple, chronological narrative works best. Names/Titles: First and last names and titles of persons involved if appropriate both NPS employees and victims. If victim names must be withheld, please at least specify gender, and, if possible, approximate or specific age. Status of Case: What's being done and/or will be done next. Optional in routine cases. It's presumed that investigations will always take place when appropriate. The status is important only in major incidents in which extensive follow-up will occur. Agencies: Other Federal, State, local or other agencies involved or to become involved in the incident. Optional if deemed immaterial to the report. Media: The level of media interest and involvement. Contact: Name and telephone number of the park person who can be contacted for additional information, or a 24-hour contact number. Submitter: The name and title of the person submitting the report, which should appear on the report itself (not in a cover cc: Mail message). Please pay particular attention to the following two important considerations: Reporting parties should be judicious regarding inclusion of names of law enforcement rangers and investigators and/or confidential investigative or enforcement techniques in incident reports. The Morning Report is posted on the web; email transmissions are also passed along to many other readers. It's safe to presume that anyone might read it. All reports are considered to be public information unless otherwise indicated. Reports that are wholly or partly confidential and meant for internal review in Ranger Activities only should be so marked!