Simple Principle

What happens when Something happens with a person That is apparently not acceptable, But still inevitable! When this happens Seems to him, He is crippled, not able to run, In his fate, written only “ruin, ruin!” He loses all the weapons Courage, bravery, passion, confidence— All disappear as if they don’t exist! He loses his heart, Seems to one he is dead, Being moved in a cart, To the graveyard. Surroundings become hell Good buddies suggest, “You will, you shall!” Jealous ones laugh and say, “You can never get well!” Failure becomes a bell, It echoes down the whole earth, Suggesting you,“You are of no worth!” Failure Fills the eyes with tears Soul gets teared And the body loses its wears! How his ears Bear the sever hears? I swear, No painting can depict and rate. He becomes desperate, Desperate of his success! Success strikes him like circus! Failure deprives him of his crown And he becomes only a clown. A different type of clown!!! A serious clown Who has got nothing funny on his face But he has lost the race Leaving behind his kith and kin, Laughing at him.

He wonders and ponders Asks himself the reasons Why couldn’t he see the horizons? Comes a voice, Which satisfies him twice: “This universe is a mart No rewards without work hard! That’s why, God, the Lord, Has not supported you in cards!” He begs His pard, (pardon) And learns this ‘Simple Principle’. It’s more to him than a word of Bible! Now he believes in making Every impossible possible! Just removing ‘im’ Through working like a water-pin; Putting the hurdles in a bin; Practising like a wheel rim; Indulging into struggle grim! He has closed all those Of his ears and eyes Through which he used to observe The world’s hue and cries Which used to make his heart fry! Which used to force him die! Now he has yelled to this world:“Good-bye, Good-bye!” Failure has taught him a lesson Though a pain as well which will never lessen Which was important to learn as a human. He makes screams, but does not weep! He sees dreams, but does not sleep! He looks at the surfaces, but also peeps into the leaks! He is completely out of his old costume, And no more in category of the weak! He has strengthened his beliefs He has grown, so no mourn on grieves. Grieves are like the autumn leaves Which besides the green leaves Are born on the life’s trees! His colleagues call him a freak,

But he cries, “I’m free, I’m free!” He has got back his guns He knows, he is a son who has won There is more to do than to eat loafs and buns! He has learnt the ‘Simple Principle’ He left funs, and now only burns! He has become a sun… He has become a sun… He has become a sun… July 13 2005