I have create a simple formula for calculate No. of Cement bag (50 kg) in Concrete.

(Take all Dimensions in feet), its works for M10, M15, M20, M25 Grade of Concrete.

Formula is Called

×÷× (multiply divide multiply)

Like for a column (10×2×2 feet) and M20 (1:1.5:3) Grade of Concrete 1st Multiply 10×2×2 = 40 (volume) 2nd Divide 40/5.5 = 7.27 --- (sum of grade Ration 1+1.5+3= 5.5) 3rd multiply 7.27× 1.25 = 9

So 9 bag of cement required for column of (10×2×2 feet) if we use M20 Grade of Cement.

Just remember 1.25 (it is volume of cement 50 kg bag in cft)

If you use dimensions in meter then convert volume cubic meter to cubic feet by multiply 35.31

By Atish Kumar

Atish Kumar

B-tech Civil
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