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10/10/2012 Ref: Departmental Meeting Agenda: Purchasing Job Description.

Composition of the Meeting

D/Director Chairman Contract Manager Member Member from Audit Department Three member from Purchase Department. Two Members from Supply Department topic and mentioning the main

The D/Director opened the meeting by Introducing the that their department has been rendered idol.

controversial areas. He further stated that, the purchase representative should defend the claim

1st Lt. Marli Max stated that this has been their recurrent complain. Job descriptions are clearly enumerated for each department, several procurement activities were carried out without their knowledge and that all Invitations to tender, IFT REQ are to be out by purchase which is true but not submission of quotations.
Brig. Gen. Joseph Lamton elaborated

on the previous engagement with Purchase

officials which read several repair

The office Purchase was poorly structured with many unknowledgeable elements

in Procurement which resulted in delays of work, especially in the absence of 1st Lt Max.

There was less commitment and sacrifice from the staffs of Purchase which made

it imperative for the Higher authority to delegate any office with the work of Purchase.
Capt. Daniel also stressed on the difficulties faced by the Directorate of Procurement

regarding lack of Human Resource (Knowledgeable), deployment and delegation of power (Job descriptions) . Capt. Cien commended on the issues of commitment and sacrifice and he further stated that areas of Job descriptions for Purchase should be clearly spelt to them to avoid future complains.
Lt. Col Kenyi spoke about two points that is the issue of transport for the staff and those

who were deployed to Purchase department should be recall for effective duties.
Br. Gen. Tang Wal Lual the D/Director commended that the following should be brought

to the attention of staff of Purchase for instance: There are prices which are pre determined by the higher authorities and such prices does not need to be brought to the office of Purchase for negotiation.
While other proceeds to be managed jointly, lets act in accordance with IPPDA

Act which shall sooner be amended to the Procurement act/laws of RSS.

Therefore, areas contested as per the attached are to be treated as designated in the

IPPDA and as per the Job descriptions availed for each department/Directorate.
that are supposed to be managed by Purchasing Dept. should be given to them.

The meeting ended very well and the attached are: 1. Complains from Purchase Department 2. Directorate of Procurement internal Memo.


Brig. Gen. Tang Wal Lual D/Director for Procurement, Ministry of Defense and Veterans' Affairs.