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AFFIRMATION FOR ROAD TEST 1. I am completely relaxed, calm, composed, quick and agile in my body, mind and intellect.

My psycho motor response is excellent now. 2. I am completing exercise, yoga and breathing exercises before leaving for the road test. 3. With the grace of Lord Sreekrushna I am ensuring that I am in excellent physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual state while appearing for the road test. 4. I am continuously praying for protection. IMMEDIATE PASSES 5. I always stop at RED SIGNAL, STOP SIGN or STOP LINE and look for vehicles, pedestrians etc and proceed when it is safe to proceed or after getting GREEN SIGN. I STOP the VEHICLE before STOP LINE so that I can see the STOP LINE from front. 6. I always take care of mobile or immobile object on the road and avoid collision. 7. I always take care of any situation and avoid triggering intervention of the examiner. 8. I always avoid causing any other motorist to swerve to avoid collision. I only enter the other lane when it is safe to enter. 9. I am in total control of myself, my car, steering and drive in the middle of the lane. I am stable and strong while driving. 10. I always ensure the road, lane or roundabout is clear before entering or proceeding. MINOR STRENGTHS 1. Pre-Drive/During Drive Checks 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. I always ensure the doors are closed before starting. I always adjust the seat and mirrors before starting. I will always wear the seatbelt before starting. I will ensure that I am able to operate the wipers. I will always ensure that I am able to operate the lights. I will always ensure that I am able to start the engine. I will always ensure that I am able to operate the horn correctly. I will make use of the horns at the right time, and at the right place.

2. Mirrors 1. I will always check mirrors whenever I am Signaling Moving Off Opening Doors Changing directions Turning to the left or right Slowing down or Stopping the vehicle Overtaking or Changing lanes. 2. I will always use signal to communicate with other drivers on the road to indicate my intention.

3. I will signal at the right time not too early nor too late giving the time to maneuver the vehicle and drive safely. 4. I always use signal to change lane. 5. I always use signal in the correct direction. 6. I always switch off the signal after lane change, turn or crossing round about. 3. Lane Change 1. I take the available gap without hesitating. I am making it a habit always to use the available gap by acting safely and quickly. 2. I always avoid squeezing into too small gap while changing the lanes. 3. I am not reducing the speed unnecessarily before, during and after changing lanes. 4. I always keep my vehicle in steady movement before, during and after lane change. 5. I always do head check before changing lane. 6. I always gradually move into the other lane after ensuring the lane is clear. 7. I always avoid sudden swerving the vehicle while changing lane. 4. Overtaking 1. I always avoid overtaking in a restricted area. 2. I always overtake if it is necessary by following all the rules of overtaking. 3. I always return to the correct lane after overtaking leaving a safe gap. 5. Approach 1. I approach an intersection or curve slowly and gradually. 2. I always brake softly, gradually, in a smooth manner and avoid hard braking. 3. I always approach roundabouts, intersections, humps or curves at right speed neither too fast nor too slow. 6. Position Stop 1. I will stop only when it is necessary and only once never twice. 2. I will always stop the vehicle with vehicles ahead of the stop line. I always avoid stopping the vehicle with wheels on the stop line. 3. I always stop the vehicle in the right position. If I have to turn right I will keep the vehicle right, If I have turn to left I will keep the vehicle in the left lane. 4. I always use handbrake after parking before shifting the gear to park position. 5. I always use the handbrake when necessary. 6. I always avoid vehicle rolling back/forth when moving from a position stop. 7. Judgement 1. 2. 3. 4. I reduce speed and look in the correct direction. I always give way to pedestrians. I always give way to vehicles coming from left or main road. I avoid stopping the vehicle unnecessarily.

8. Turns Left /Right 1. I always start from the correct lane or line of traffic. 2. I follow road markings when turning left. 3. I finish the turn in one lane. 9. Progress 1. I always avoid driving slowly for the road conditions and use right speed. 2. I always avoid driving fast for the road conditions and use the speed limit mentioned. 3. I move fast after stopping without obstructing traffic from behind. I check ahead before moving fast. 10. Position on Road 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I always avoid driving too close to the curb. I always avoid driving either too far right or too far left of my lane. I always avoid driving in two lanes simultaneously. I always use the correct lane. I always use the correct lane when taking the vehicle out of the parking.

11. Gear/usage 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I always use correct gear I always change gear smoothly. I always drive in the drive gear and avoid switching to neutral while moving. I always switch the gear to park position after stopping. I always avoid stalling the vehicle while moving unless it is necessary to stall.

12. Safety Margin 1. I always allow enough distance from the vehicle in front. 2. I always allow enough room when passing a fixed or mobile object. 3. I always avoid stopping too close or too much distance behind another vehicle. Parking 13. Position In 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I always follow the correct line while entering. I always avoid stopping the car on lay by lines. I position the vehicle in the center of the bay. I require only four moves to position in the vehicle. I always avoid hitting the curb.

14. Position Out or Reversing 15. I always signal left to leave the parking bay. 16. I always check the blind spot, by making a head check immediately before leaving.

17. I require only four moves to leave the parking area. 18. I avoid hitting the curb while moving out. 19. I always exit to the correct lane while parking out or reversing the car.