1. Introduction What is College Management System?

College Management System is software has the perspective of attaining attraction of those colleges which don’t have one good performing software for keeping their information secure and make their management easier. College Management System provides one attractive environment where you can manipulate data and information about students and staff easily. So we can say the Core purpose of designing “College Management System” is to manage the task related to the college students/employees and to reduce time to searching of appropriate candidates in college view. College Management System script is the New and revolutionary web based College management system. Online College management system has four modules each for Administration, Students, Teachers, & Parents. You get all the modules like Front end portal, attendance, time tables, schedules, complain box, forum etc. Parents can login into their accounts via the progress of their child. Attendance and grades with remarks and feedback makes the parent's module and takes it to the very best that is needed in today's world of instant communication. As a first step of preparing the software, we survey a college. According to survey their priorities are:             Online Fees Management Online Library Management Students Attendance Management Staff Payroll Management Staff Attendance Management Online Academic Calendars for both Students and Staff members Online marks Management Online Exam results Scholarship Management Online Updating and editing information Auto Backup System 24x7 Service

Why project is on college management system?
User Friendliness User can design and configure the College Management System as per their requirements. It has unlimited choices of options and configuration settings that fits the individual requirement of a

college or institute. The users just have to configure the college management system software themselves as per their requirements.

Online Fees Management Managing the fee deposition of any student by institute is very complicated when we are doing it on papers because it requires so many paper works and time consuming also. Managing and monitoring student fee and related costs is a vital task for the all kinds of institution administration. Our task was to develop a Fees Management System that would keep records of student and the dues either paid or unpaid. Major functionality in Fee management system is keeping fee structure for various programs. Online Library Management Now a day, it is not easy task to do library work on papers and manage all the functionalities of library properly within lesser time because there are a huge strength of students in almost institutes. Computerization of the library management system will help the librarian to know all details about a particular book at the click of a button. By maintaining the standard of arranging books and accessing them, used by the librarian, and computerization of such a standard, will help the librarian reduce his workload. All the library related processes will be computerized from adding new books to the library, to student borrowing and returning books from the library. Staff Payroll Management Payroll is designed to address the full spectrum of modern payroll needs, combining control and accuracy with flexibility to support the unique aspects of your organization's specific requirements. And it contains all the information about staff member’s salary i.e. paid or due. Attendance Management It is designed not only for managing the attendance of students but it can also use to manage the attendance of faculty members also. The main benefit of this is integrity because one’s updating has no chances as faculty side to make changes in student’s attendance. Marks management It is so complicated task to keep record on papers of performance of every student in each test and each subject. But when we will do it with the help of software then it will be easy to manage the marks. Online Exam results Doing all the work related to exams on papers and displaying results on notice board is not easy task so we need to do this online using appropriate software. It has a great advantage that a student can check their results from everywhere.

Online Update/Upgrade Launching of online Updating and online up gradation is the routine work. A college management software can be upgraded with new functionalities and technologies.

Objectives of college management system?
 Staff members registration  Parents registration  Students registration  Security of whole system  Attendance management for students and faculties  Library management  Fees management  Staff management (work roster, availability, scheduling etc.)  Management functions  System administration  Comprehensive database  Web interface

Problem Statement
1. Lack of immediate retrievals: - The information is very difficult to retrieve and to find particular information like – To find out about the student’s history, the user has to go through various registers. This results in inconvenience and wastage of time. 2. Lack of immediate information storage: - The information generated by various transactions takes time and efforts to be stored at right place. 3. Lack of prompt updating: - Various changes to information like student details or immunization details of student are difficult to make as paper work is involved. 4. Error prone manual calculation: - Manual calculations are error prone and take a lot of time this may result in incorrect information. For example calculation of student’s dexterity based on various activities.

5. Preparation of accurate and prompt reports: - This becomes a difficult task as information is difficult to collect from various registers. Alternative Solutions:1. Improved Manual System: - One of the alternative solutions is the improvement of the manual system. Anything, which can be done by using automated methods, can be done manually. But the question arises how to perform thing manually in a sound manner. Following are some suggestions, which can be useful in the manual system. A more sophisticate register maintenance for Various Student Information, Faculty Register, and a good system for writing history and information availed for the newcomers can be maintained at central place. Adequate staff may be maintained so that updating are made at the very moment at the same time. Proper person for proper work should be made responsible so that a better efficiency could be achieved. This needs a lot of force. 2. Batch System: - Another alternative solution can be used of computer based batch system for maintaining the information regarding purchase details, customers, and employees. A batch system refers to a system in which data is processed in a periodical basis. The batch system is able to achieve most of the goals and sub goals. But a batch system data is processed in sequential basis. Therefore batch system is not suggested. 3. Online System: The system (CMS) provides online storage /updating and retrieval facility. This system promises very less or no paper work and also provides help to Director and Operational Staff. In this system everything is stored electronically so very less amount of paper work is required and information can be retrieved very easily without searching here and there into registers.

Background Material
A college is a place where students come to take admissions for getting good education, staff members come for job to teach students and parents come to know the performance of their Childs. A college or any educational institute provide following facilities:     Inquiry with college staffs to get admission Depositing fees Getting good qualities education Various facilities provided by college (games, personality development classes, communication skill development classes etc.) Providing books facility

Various operational works that are done in colleges are:      Recording information about students, parents and staff members Generating receipts Recording information related to course of students Keeping record of attendances of both students and staff members Keeping information about various departments of college Keeping record of marks of students

These are the various jobs that need to be done in a college or educational institute by college management and faculty members. All these works are done on papers:  Information about students and staff members is done by just writing their name, age and gender and address and educational qualification, whenever they comes up their information is stored freshly. Receipts are generated by recording fees for each facility provided to student on a separate sheet and at last they all are summed up. Attendance information, performance in exam information and library information are generally recorded on the documents. It is destroyed after some time period to decrease the paper load in the office. College schedule are maintained on papers. Exam time tables and results are also maintained on papers and displayed on notice board.

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All this work is done manually by the college management and other operational staffs in this lot of papers are needed to be handled and taken care of. That creates heavy stress on their minds to accomplish the work in given segment of time.

Requirement analysis
Requirements analysis in systems engineering and software engineering, encompasses those tasks that go into determining the needs or conditions to meet for a new or altered product, taking account of the possibly conflicting requirements of the various stakeholders, such as beneficiaries or users. It is an early stage in the more general activity of requirements engineering which encompasses all activities concerned with eliciting, analyzing, documenting, validating and managing software or system requirements. Requirements analysis is critical to the success of a systems or software project. The requirements should be documented, actionable, measurable, testable, traceable, related to identified business needs or opportunities, and defined to a level of detail sufficient for system design.

Introduction to project:         Staff members detail by assigning them unique id and registration Parents detail by assigning them unique id and registration Students detail by assigning them unique id and registration Fees management Library management Students and staff members attendance management Students marks management User interface confronting to usability guidelines

Purpose of project: The purpose of our project is to develop a module which has the following features:  The software is for automation of college management. It maintains following four levels of user:1). Administrator level 2). Staff members level 3). Parents level 4). Students level  The software includes:1). Maintaining staff members, parents and students detail. 2). Providing attendance details to staff members and students. 3). Providing books available in library online. 4). Maintaining payment for staff members. Scope of the project: It can be used in any college, school and other educational institutes for maintaining students and faculty members detail and their activities. Now following points describes the general factors that affect the product and its requirements. This section does not state specific requirements. Instead, it provides a background for those requirements, which are defined in detail in below sections, and makes them easier to understand. Project scope: The project is mean to fulfill all the aspects of college management system that are presently active. It contains all the basic feature of colleges.

The project is built in such a way that it can be further updated in future whenever required. It is a dynamic project meant to provide the basic features of college management. System goals: 1). Planned approach towards working:the working in the organization will be well planned and organized. The data will be sorted properly in data stores, which will help in retrieval of information as well as its storage. 2). Accuracy:The level of accuracy in proposed system will be higher. All operation would be done correctly and it ensures that whatever information is coming from the center is accurate. 3). Reliability:The reliability of proposed model will be high due to the above stated reasons. The reason for increased reliability of the system is that now there would be proper storage of information. 4). No redundancy:In the proposed system utmost care would be that no information is repeated anywhere, in storage or otherwise. This would assure economic use of storage space and consistency in the data stored. 5). Immediate retrieval of information:The main objective of proposed system is to provide for a quick and efficient retrieval of information. Any type of information would be available whenever the user requires. 6). Immediate storage of information:In manual system there are many problems to store largest amounts of information. 7). Easy to operate:The system should be easy to operate and should be such that it can be developed within a short period of time and fit in the limited budget of the user.

Software requirements of the system:Software requirements deal with defining software resource requirements and prerequisites that need to be installed on a computer to provide optimal functioning of an application. These requirements or prerequisites are generally not included in the software installation package and need to be installed separately before the software is installed. Operating system is one of the first requirements mentioned when defining system requirements (software). Software may not be compatible with different versions of same line of operating systems, although some measure of backward compatibility is often maintained.

Software used in designing the system:  Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP or higher.  Application software’s: Html, CSS and php[front end] MySQL server 5.0 [back end] Functional requirements The project should provide functionalities of : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Register on college management system Create own id Deposit fees Use the given all provided functionalities Security to the users

Non functional requirements User interface: the user should have the knowledge of internet and should know how to register and work on these types of sites.

Hardware constraints:The following hardware requirements should be met. Processor RAM Hard disk Operating System Pentium III, Pentium IV and higher 64 MB or higher 130 MB Windows XP or higher

Software constraints:Tools required Front end Back end WAMP5 server, php designer Html, css and php MySQL server 5.0

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