To whom it may concern; Teresa Craig, Teri Paszotta and Amanda Gronager all went to meet with Mrs. Perez, Principal at Ramblewood Elementary School regarding chaotic and disruptive behavior, along with disturbing situations that have been going on in Mrs Towery’s kindergarten classroom all year that were reported and never resolved. Teresa went in early, as she was the room mother for the day and informed Mrs. Perez that there were several mothers concerned and wanted to meet with her at 10:30 today, (Thursday, March, 7th) and Mrs. Perez’s response was to brush her off and let her know that she does not meet with groups of parents, “District Rules” and that each of us can make an appointment. After giving Teresa the run-around, she finally agreed to a 10:30 appointment. At 10:30, the three of us showed up to speak with Mrs. Perez and when asking for her, Amanda, very upset that she had already met with Mrs. Perez and got absolutely no results, said, “We are here to talk to her and we are all going back because obviously the one on one appointments did not go anywhere.” The staff continued telling us only one person could go back at

a time and that would be Teresa, who had the 10:30 appointment, and we all stood in the lobby refusing to go back. Mrs. Perez came to the front and once again aggressively stated that “district policy” did not allow her to meet with groups of parents. She then pointed at Teresa and said “This one has the appointment.” Amanda said, “No, we are all going back because I already had a one on one with you and NOTHING got resolved.” Mrs. Perez continued to raise her voice, and said “NO, you’re not. If YOU want an appointment YOU make an appointment.” She then pointed at Teresa and yelled “YOU are the only one with the appointment. YOU, IN MY OFFICE, NOW!, with her finger in Teresa’s face. Mrs. Perez then turned to Teri Paszotta and Amanda Gronager and once again yelled “If you want an appointment you can make one.” Teresa went up to Mrs Perez and respectfully kept her voice lowered while she stated “With all due respect, I feel that you are talking to me like a child at this school, and because of that, I no longer wish to speak with you, I would rather speak to someone above you.” At that point, Mrs. Perez pointed at Amanda and said, “Fine! You want her appointment?!” Teri, Teresa, and Amanda all felt at that point that Mrs. Perez was acting overly aggressive and not in a matter conducive to finding a solution to a problem or even listening.

Amanda, Teri, and Teresa were all very disappointed in both the lack of action taken thus far in a situation that has been communicated to both Mrs. Perez and Mr. Thornberry multiple times, by many parents at Ramblewood Elementary, as well as at the treament given by Mrs. Perez to them. Amanda, Teri, and Teresa, as well as many other parents at Ramblewood Elementary now wonder, if Mrs. Perez can so easily be so aggressive and disrespectful towards parents of the school, how easily could one person treat children even worse?

We do not wish to pull our children out of Ramblewood Elementary and cause them further change and upheaval when they have already been subjected to such stressful situations in their own kindergarten classroom, however if Mrs. Perez and the rest of the head administration of Ramblewood Elementary continue to handle (or not handle) situations as they repeatedly have this year, we will be left with no choice.

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