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Dear International students, Welcome to the International Office & Partnerships Universitas Airlangga! The International Office & Partnership (IOP) provides professional support and advising services to international students and scholars at Universitas Airlangga regarding their visit in Surabaya, Indonesia. The IOP is committed to providing quality advising services and supportive programming to students, scholars, and their institutions to strengthen the international networking. We, and also other institution within Universitas Airlangga provides programs that further augment the mission of the International Office & Partnership and the overall integration of our international student population. Our goal is to help the international students, scholars, and Universitas Airlangga faculty and staff, navigate the many complexities associated with international partnership in academics matter. This quide book is designed to help you getting around Surabaya upon your arrival and to provide necessary information regarding our beloved campus, Universitas Airlangga. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the IOP. Whether you are a perspective student, a student already enrolled in an academic program, a department contact, or a member of the Universitas Airlangga network, I encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have regarding the services we provide and/or the information you needed. Last but not least, it is my pleasure to warmly welcome you to the warmest city in Indonesia and the largest university in eastern part of Indonesia. Sincerely, I.G.A.K Satrya Wibawa, MCA
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International Office and Partnership

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International Office and Partnership [Type text] LIVING IN SURABAYA City Profile Modern Surabaya Climate Language Time Transportation Tours and Travel Agencies Money Changers Hotels Hospitals Banks (Around Campus) Cafés and Restaurants Where to Eat (Within and Near Campus) Souvenir Shops Shopping Malls and Cinemas Clubs and Pubs Sport Centers Where to Hang Out Consulates and Foreign Representatives Religious Facilities Post Office Etiquette Survival Languages REFERENCES 34 34 35 36 36 36 37 42 43 43 44 44 45 45 46 46 46 47 47 48 49 50 50 51 55 iii .

Our work covers domestic and international affairs both as an entry unit and bridging unit. the external development which is guided by Cooperation. IOP works to provide advice and assistance during their study in Universitas Airlangga. Furthermore. and also the information system development that aims to expand the domesticinternational affairs network and cooperation. These activities consist of the increase in the internal Human Resource quality (to accommodate the need and working performance of an internal organization). Our missions are: • To initiate cooperation and national and international networking for education. international students or scholars. 1 . which correspond with domestic and international affairs of Universitas Airlangga. IOP will provide every administrative and strategic needs. Internationalization and Education Roadmaps. IOP will also provide mobility services which include academic as well as non academic matters. research and community services What do we do? IOP is an independent unit which functions as an entrance gate connecting Universitas Airlangga with the rest of the world. and employment issues. IOP has to do the development activities as well.International Office and Partnership [Type text] INTERNATIONAL OFFICE & PARTNERSHIP UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA Why are we here? Our staff concern as an office is you. As for International Students. research and community services • To facilitate cooperation and national and international networking for education. as well as non-academic counseling on issues such as adjusting to a new culture and its customs. tax. research and community services • To organize and enhance cooperation and national and international networking for education. The members of the International Office and Partnership (IOP) are professionals trained to offer advice regarding immigration policies.

K.A.International Office and Partnership Meet Our Staffs I. Satrya Wibawa Head of IOP Astria Herdiani Admin for Exhibition & Websites Dina Septiani Deputy of IOP Sri Nurhayati Archivist Ratna Sari Admin for DP Andi Hermansyah Domestic Partnership (DP) Dwi Djatmiko Admin for Immigration & AMS Dewi Sartika Admin for AMS Mochammad Jalal Academic Mobility Services (AMS) Aprilia Pradana Admin for IP AsiaPacific Fidya Aulani Admin for IP US-Europe David Segoh International Partnership (IP) 2 .G.

com Websites: international.00 – 16.unair.00 www.30 11.00 – 15.00 – 15.00 iop. 410 Fax : +62 31 596 6864 Office 2: For International Partnership and Academic Mobility Gedung Perpustakaan. 4th Floor Universitas Airlangga (Kampus C) Mulyorejo Surabaya – Indonesia 60115 Phone : +62 31 591 4042 3 .00 .International Office and Partnership [Type text] Our Office Office Hours: Monday – Thursday Break Friday Break Service Hours: Monday – Friday 08.00 Office 1: For Domestic Partnership. 1st Floor Universitas Airlangga (Kampus C) Mulyorejo Surabaya – Indonesia 60115 Phone : +62 31 596 6864 Fax : +62 31 596 6864 Email: 12.unair@gmail. Scholarships and Exhibitions Kantor Manajemen.45 –

Students with the scholarship provided by the Government of Indonesia should get their student permit from the Ministry of National Education. check to see that it is a VKSB. We advise you to apply at least three months before the semester begins. .Other documents required: 4 . require to have: . you will – usually – get 2 months of stay permit promptly. you will have to go to the local immigration office every month to prolong the visa for the total stay permit of 6 months.htm There are two ways in obtaining VITAS for international students.indonesia. Please be aware that if you come with Visa on Arrival (VoA). we strongly suggested you to only use VITAS due to some inconveniences later on.Study permit. For further information please visit http://www. However. International students who are still in their country and going to apply for VITAS. if you come for study purpose by using VKSB. Students must arrange this permit – preferably through email – with the staff of IOP Universitas Airlangga prior to their arrival. However. you will have to apply for a new visa from the nearest Indonesian Embassy (it means that you should leave Indonesia) after 6 months There is a visa fee that might vary from country to country. namely: 1. VKSB cannot be obtained within Indonesia. For example. Furthermore. When you receive your visa.Before Coming to Indonesia BEFORE COMING TO INDONESIA Below is a list of what you must have when you arrive in Indonesia in order to be able to enroll at Universitas Airlangga: OBTAINING VISA All international students must obtain Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) or Socio-Cultural Visa (VKSB). you will not be able to extend your visa for the longer study period.

5 . you will have to leave Indonesia and apply for a new visa to re-enter Indonesia.Before Coming to Indonesia [Type text] Requirements Study Permit Letter of Petition Copy of Valid Passport Letter of Financing Guarantee Colored 4x6 cm photographs in red background Copy of the latest certificate and transcript Letter of recommendation Guarantee letter for not participating in any political activities during the students’ stay in Indonesia Guarantee letter for not working during the students’ stay in Indonesia Guarantee letter to obey all the regulations of Republic of Indonesia Letter of petition from the Universitas Airlangga Quantity 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 Legalized by the head of former education institution Signed by the representative office of student’s home country in Jakarta (optional) Usually from parents or legal guardian Notes Provided by Directorate General of Higher Education (DGHE) Indonesia From the students to Universitas Airlangga 1 Provided by the students. Our staff will accompany you to nearest Immigration Office to help you report your coming. You can see page 19 for further information about KITAS. If you are tardily reporting your arrival. Provided by the students 1 Reference of health condition Curriculum Vitae (CV) 1 1 For VITAS holders. the Ministry of National Education in Jakarta Issued by a medical institution or an institutional doctor. signed on legal stamp (materai) of Indonesia 1 1 Sent to the Bureau of Planning and Foreign Cooperation. VITAS holders will hold a KITAS (a yellow card of limited stay permit) and the immigration control book (blue). you must come to IOP within 7 days since your arrival.

and the arrival card will be submitted to the immigration officers in the airport. This regulation is also applicable for students with certain circumstances. such as the registration date is close enough with the starting date of the study scheduled.For VKSB holder. and they will give you the departure card and the date of your arrival on it that you will keep until you go abroad again.Other documents required: Requirements Valid Passport Study Permit Quantity 1 1 Notes Provided by DGHE Indonesia A small paper which consists of departure card and arrival card that you fill. VKSB Conversion . . given by the flight attendant on the plane. It is suggested that it is securely attached in the student passport. Both sides Identity page Visa page 3 x 4 cm Signed by the head of IOP/the coordinator for academic mobility on the legal stamp (material) and the official stamp of IOP Signed by the head of IOP/the coordinator for academic mobility on the official paper and stamp of IOP Provided by the student Provided by the IOP Issued by the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta Provided by the immigration office. assisted by IOP staff Departure Card 1 Copy of Departure Card Copy of passport Colored photographs in red background Letter of Sponsorship 1 1 1 6 1 Letter of petition from the sponsor Curriculum Vitae Copy of Study permit Copy of the VITAS autorotation Filling the immigration form 1 1 1 1 1 6 .Before Coming to Indonesia 2. the students are welcomed to start their study in Universitas Airlangga even though their student permit is still in progress. before landing.

com / dewisartika@unair. Contact Person: Please make sure that it works in Indonesia for any Mobile Phone : +62-8523-0027-246 [Type text] SENDING COPY OF YOUR PASSPORT AND VISA INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE We strongly suggest you to have international insurance that covers your basic health and travel insurances. You can get them in various bookstores in Indonesia as well upon your arrival.Before Coming to Indonesia We highly suggest you to send the first page of your passport and your visa to our staff prior your arrival. All international students are encouraged to contact our staff below as soon as they have arrived in Surabaya. INDONESIAN DICTIONARY AND PHRASE BOOK Please consider bringing Indonesian Dictionary and Phrase Book to help you well adjusting to Indonesian customs. 7 . This is due to help you with your registrations in Universitas Airlangga. Dewi Sartika (Dewi) Administrator for Academic Mobility Services IOP Universitas Airlangga Kampus C Mulyorejo Email : sartika_dew@yahoo.

Academic Calendar for Odd / Even Semester (estimation): Events Add/Drop Period Mid-term (UTS) Final term preparation week Final term (UAS) Holidays: Date 01 January 23 January (tentative)* 04 February (tentative)** 23 March (tentative)*** 06 April (tentative) 05 May (tentative)**** 17 May 16 June (tentative)** 17 August 19 August (tentative)** 26 October (tentative)** 15 November (tentative)** 25 December Notes: Time Mid-August / Mid-February Mid-November / Mid-April Early January / End of June Mid-January / June – July Events New Year Chinese New Year Birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW Balinese “Day of Silence” Good Friday Vesak Day Ascension Day of Christ Ascension of Prophet Muhammad SAW Independence Day Eid al-Fitr (end of Ramadhan) Eid al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) Islamic New Year Christmas Day ∗ depends on the 1st day of Lunar Calendar ** depends on the Islamic Calendar calculation *** falls on Bali’s Lunar New Year ****depends on the first full moon day of May 8 . One semester takes up to 13 weeks at maximum.Study at Universitas Airlangga STUDY AT UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA ACADEMIC YEAR Universitas Airlangga’s academic year is divided into Odd Semester (September – December) and Even Semester (March – July). excluding the mid-term test and the final test.

ac.unair. Important Websites Below are the list of faculty websites and other websites related to Universitas Airlangga that you might want to check out in order to get a general idea on what courses you should take: Universitas Airlangga IOP Library Faculty of Medicine (FK) Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) Faculty of Economic and Business (FEB) Faculty of Law (FH) Faculty of Psychology ( : http://fk. Tuition Fee The International Students are required to pay the tuition fee per semester and additional fees set by respected : : : : http://fst. the tuition fee is covered and taken care of by the Directorate of The program is aimed at introducing international students to academic and social atmosphere in Universitas : http://fib. This orientation is organized by at Universitas Airlangga [Type text] ACADEMIC GUIDELINES : : : : http://lib.) Faculty of Pharmacy (FF) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Faculty of Humanities (FIB) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) Faculty of Public Health (FKM) Faculty of Fisheries and Marines (FPK) Faculty of Nursing (FKep. : Orientation A special orientation program will be held for international students who study at Universitas Airlangga. Graduation All international students who take a degree program are entitled to join the graduation d. It is compulsory for students to attend the graduation ceremony as a requirement to receive the graduation 9 .id/ : : For the students who get the scholarship from the government of : : : http://ff.unair.) Post-graduate Program (Pasca-sarjana) :

at PINLABS or other private language centers in Surabaya. Grades GPA A = 75 – 100 3. Grading system The grading system in Universitas Airlangga applies the Grade Point Average (GPA) on the scale of 4. In addition.01 – 3. and October. 10 .00 – 15. Faculty of Humanities.00. One (1) SKS is equal to 50 minutes class meeting. and French. Mandarin. Universitas Airlangga and open from 09.00 = cum laude AB = 70 – 74 3.Study at Universitas Airlangga certificate. The value of SKS directly influences the grades (after multiplied by the grade obtained in each course). e.00 = satisfactory BC = 60 – 64 C = 55 – 59 D = 50 – 54 E = < 49 f.00 based on the accumulation of all grades in the semester divided by the number of credit taken by the students. Language Center International students may develop their Indonesian ability by joining an Indonesian course at PINLABS (Language Information and Services Center).50 = very satisfactory B = 65 – 69 2.51 – 3. Credit System Universitas Airlangga applies SKS or Semester Credit System as the measurement standard of the courses.51 – 4. It is located in Campus B. g. Graduation ceremony is held three times a year: in April. International Students may join courses on foreign languages such as Japanese. German. July.

college. the professor who works closely with a student in planning and choosing a research plan. It is a prerequisite to study in a 11 Asisten Dosen (Teaching Assistant) Sarjana (Graduate) S1 (Bachelor’s degree ) . Degree awarded upon completion of approximately four years of full-time study in the liberal arts and sciences or professional subjects. in return for some form of finance from the university A student who has completed a course of study at the university level. The faculty is responsible for designing the plans of study offered by the institution. of an educational institution. or university through which instruction in a certain field of study is given Director or highest authority within a certain professional school or college of a university The members of the teaching staff and Occasionally the administrative staff. A member of a college faculty who helps and advises students solely on academic matters The professor who works closely with students in advising the students in choosing and working on the subject of their thesis For research degrees. The major professor serves as the head of a committee of faculty members who review progress and results. and in presenting the results. in conducting research. A graduate student who acts as instructor for an undergraduate course in his or her field.Study at Universitas Airlangga [Type text] ACADEMIC TERMS Kampus (Campus) Departemen (Department) Dekan (Dean) Dosen (Lecturer) Dosen Wali (Academic Advisor) Dosen Pembimbing (Supervisor) Dosen Pembimbing Riset (Primary Professor / Thesis Adviser) The land on which the buildings of a college or university are located Administration subdivision of a school. A graduate program at a university is a course of study for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree.

university or professional school upon completion of a prescribed program of studies A written work containing the results of research on a specific topic prepared by a candidate for a bachelor’s or master’s degree Program designed to teach Bahasa to the nonBahasa speakers A course used to teach English to students whose first language is not English Non-academic activities undertaken outside university courses The use of another person’ words or ideas as your own Official coursework undertaken outside a classroom setting. Courses that students may choose to take for credit toward their intended degree.Study at Universitas Airlangga Gelar (Degree) Skripsi (Thesis) BIPA English as Second Language (ESL) Kegiatan Ektrakurikuler (Extracurricular activities) Plagiat (Plagiarism) Belajar Mandiri (Independent study) Magang (Internship) Ujian Tengah Semester (UTS)/Mid-term Ujian Akhir Semester (UAS)/ Final Exam Mata Kuliah (Courses) Mata Kuliah Pilihan (Electives Courses) Programs / Mata Kuliah graduate program Diploma or title conferred by a college. as distinguished from courses that they are required to take Program or course that a student is required to 12 . It will usually be monitored by a professor. Placement of a student in a work environment in order to acquire professional experience An exam administered after half the academic term has passed that covers all class materials studied until that point An exam administered after all period of the academic term has passed that covers all class material studied until that point. Regularly scheduled class sessions of one to five hours (or more) per week during a term. A degree program is made up of a specified number of required and elective courses and varies from institution to institution.

Study at Universitas Airlangga

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yang Sudah Diambil (Prerequisite Courses/Programs) Compulsory Course/ Mata Kuliah Wajib Kuliah (Course/Lecture) Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif (IPK) / (GPA) Registration/pendaftaran Semester Mahasiswa Baru (Freshman) Mahasiswa (Full-time student) SOP (Tuition Fee) Fellowship Beasiswa/Scholarship Pengisian KRS (Add/Drop period) Kartu Rencana Studi (KRS)

complete before being permitted to enroll in a more advanced program or course Courses that students may have to take for credit toward their intended degree Common method of instruction in college and university course; a professor lecture in classes of 20 to several hundred students. Lectures are supplemented by regular small group discussions led by teaching assistants. A system of recording achievement based on a numerical average of the grades attained in each course Process through which students select courses to be taken during a semester Period of studying lasting approximately 15 to 16 weeks or one-half the academic year A first year student at a college or university. It is commonly known as “MaBa (mahasiswa baru)” in Bahasa Indonesia. A student who is enrolled at a university and is taking the minimum number of credits to meet the university and immigration requirements An amount charged by universities, in addition to tuition, to cover costs of institutional services A form of financial assistance, usually awarded to a graduate student, in which there is generally no service is required of the student A study grant of financial aid, usually given at the undergraduate level that may take the form of a waiver of tuition and/or fees A process at the beginning of each semester during the first ten days, whereby students can delete or add classes with the faculty’s permission Students’ study plan, consisting of a course plan proposed to the supervisor, and if it’s approved,

Study at Universitas Airlangga

(Study Plan) Kartu Hasil Studi (KHS) (Semester Academic Transcript) Transkrip (Transcript)

it will be submitted to the academic office. A certified copy of a student’s academic record in every semester A certified copy of a student’s academic record

A. Library Universitas Airlangga’s libraries are located on each campus. Most faculties and departments also have their own library. All students may benefit the facilities by showing KTM (Kartu Tanda Mahasiswa) or Library Card as it is used for borrowing books at the faculty. B. ICT (Information Communication Technology) Each faculty provides internet access for its students. Internet access is also available at the main library. Several campuses even provide free Wi-Fi facility. Internet access is also available at various internet kiosks in and around campus complex. C. On Campus Accommodation Living on campus allows you to be close to university facilities and can be great for students who never lived out home before. Universitas Airlangga provides dormitories which are really close to campus (see page 17). D. Intercampus Bus Universitas Airlangga provides mini buses called Flash (Fast Local Area Shuttle) as campus shuttle bus. The route is along Campus A, B, and C. All students may use the facilities for free. Flash runs once every hour and goes around campus B to Campus A and lastly to Campus C. It passes dormitories in Campus C as well. The Flash starts from Campus B, then reach Campus A in 5-10 minutes later, and arrives in Campus C in 15-20 minutes after departing from Campus A. The schedule as follows:

Study at Universitas Airlangga

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Morning*: 6.20 7.20 8.20 9.20 10.20 11.20 *depending on the traffic and number of passengers, the bus can leave a few minutes
earlier or later than the above departure schedule. You are suggested to be at the designated bus stops at least ten minutes prior to the departure time.

Noon*: 13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 17.00
*the Flash bus unfortunately does not go to Campus A at these hours

E. Health Insurance and Health Facilities Universitas Airlangga provides health services (known as Airlangga Health Care Center/ AHCC) as well as medical officer and pharmacy which open for students, employees, or public. AHCC is available in Campus B and Campus C. Campus B Campus C Jl. Airlangga No. 4-6 Surabaya Student Center Ph. +62 31 70602016 Ph. +62 31 70602016 E-mail: Universitas Airlangga students are covered by a health insurance by PT. Jasa Raharja Surabaya. The health insurance covers death insurance, permanent disabilities, and treatment cost. F. Sport and Recreation Facilities Each campus provides sport facilities such as basket ball, volley ball, and tennis courts. The main library at campus B often organizes free movie program. G. Photo Copy and Printing Booth Photo copy booth is available in campus surrounding. Each faculty provides photo copy booth. The most popular one is PINK photo copy booth located behind the main library in Campus B. Printing and photo copy booths are also available in the main library. H. Student Society In addition to academic activities, each student has many opportunities to develop her social skills during the study in Universitas Airlangga. One of the ways is by joining non-academic activities provided by the university in a form of UKM (Students Activity Unit, see page 23). For

.. or even Photography. ………………………………………. ‘Wanala’ is also available for those who love outdoor adventures. K. Students are able to contact nearby police or hospital (the emergency contact number attached).. In addition.. they can join UKTK (Traditional Dance and Karawitan Unit). The supervisor academic may act as the supervisor for non-academic activities as well... For those who like sport. J... ………………………………………. Student Counseling Every student is entitled to have one academic supervisor assigned by the respected faculty..... I. ……………………………………….. Rules and Regulations International students are expected to wear appropriate clothing (it is not encouraged to wear T-Shirt/tank top and sandals/slippers in campus). Basketball or Table Tennis Club.... ………………………………………. ………………………………………. students may consult about their future careers.Study at Universitas Airlangga students who have interest in art and music. Universitas Airlangga also provides counseling facility under Faculty of Psychology. they can join Volley... Each faculty applies additional rules concerning this matter.. Important number Ambulance Accident Ambulance International Access Fire Department Local Information Time Information Police ………………………………………. Study & Security (on-off campus emergency contact number) Each campus is equipped with 24-hours security system in a case of emergency... The consumption of addictive substances and alcoholic drinks are prohibited in campus areas.. Chorus.. 119 118 101 113 108 103 110 16 . ……………………………………….. Public Display Affection (PDA) is not allowed in the campus area.....

The dorm fee and deposit are paid upon arrival to Universitas Airlangga. Telp (+6231) 5035134 You will pay the deposit together with the dormitory fee and get it back once you finish your study at Universitas Airlangga. Unfortunately. Included IDR 250. Priority will be given to students who apply on time (before the application deadline). fan. there is a laundry service called “Umbah-Umbah” that will help you with your laundry. during first entrance) V. Below is the address of the dormitories: Male Dormitory: Asrama Mahasiswa Kompleks Kampus C Univesitas Airlangga Jl. etc. For female dormitory.Study at Universitas Airlangga [Type text] ACOMMODATIONS In the application form.A. the IOP will do its best to accommodate all students. 4 Surabaya. especially if they want to stay on campus. In this respect. you will have to pay additional fee if you bring any electronics such as laptop. Mulyorejo Surabaya Female Dormitory: Asrama Ekanita Kompleks Kampus B Universitas Airlangga Jl. In addition. The payment is done in cash. Airlangga No. If the settlement is not done within a week after classes start the student will lose the right to keep the room 17 . However capacity is limited.000 IDR 500.T. Dorm rooms are excluding bathroom. rice cooker. Though. students must indicate their accommodation preferences.000 IDR 100. there is also no laundry room in the dorm buildings. You will have to share bathrooms with other students.000 The dormitory is located in Campus C (Male Dormitory) and Campus B (Female Dormitory). CAMPUS DORMITORY FEES In a room for two per person (one month) Single Room (one month) Deposit (once. you should book it in advance.

If you lose your dormitory key a fee of around IDR 20. The payment will directly be done in cash. Off campus accommodation may vary in terms of facilities and prices. you will be called and you possibly have to find an accomodation outside the university dormitory. Your friends might only visit you on the terrace of the dormitory. you may choose not to stay in the University Dormitory. Deposits are returned to students two days before they leave. Repairs If something small needs to be changed or repaired (like a light bulb) in your room you should reach the Dormitory Officer: Diva (+62-8185-1286-6647) You can reach him during regular work hours (9:00 to 17:00). To receive the money. please visit IOP Administrator for Academic Mobility Service. the second option will require you to rent for at least 1-2 years (depends on the owner). Please remember to notify the IOP Administrator for Academic Mobility Service (sartika. If you got caught having overnight visitors. an IDR 500. It would better for you to ask your Indonesian Friend to talk to him. Overnight Visitors Students cannot have guests to sleepover at the about your check out date one week before your departure. Only by doing this properly you will be able to receive your deposit on time. once you decide to live outside. The check out should take place a week prior your return to your home country. In general. However.000/room is already suitable. Below is the range of price of Kos in Surabaya: 18 . For many local students.dew@gmail. you can either rent a room (called Kos) or rent a house and share the cost of it with other local / international students.Study at Universitas Airlangga Students are allowed to check in the dormitories two days before the orientation for exchange students takes place. We will provide assistance for helping you finding it.000 will apply ACCOMODATION OUTSIDE THE UNIVERSITY If you preferred.

OBTAINING VISA-RELATED DOCUMENTS KITAS AND STUDY PERMIT Upon your arrival.000 – 100.Study at Universitas Airlangga [Type text] PRICES IDR 250. If you consider bringing laptop / rice cooker you have to pay additional + IDR 25.000 IDR 750. for international students to have a decent room the cost for renting a room ranges from IDR 1. 1 year.000 FACILITIES Single room. kitchen *For the electricity included mostly only for lamp and fan (you have to provide your own fan). water.000 – 2.000 IDR 500. you have to have Study Permit (valid for 1-2 years) which will be available after you submit these following documents to IOP: 19 . We strongly suggest you to stay in the Dormitory for at least the first 2 months upon your arrival before you decide to move. However.000. You can definitely find a room for a cheaper price.000. shared – 2. but you might want to check the facilities properly.000.Costs less than the monthly visa extension In order to get KITAS.000. shared bathroom. inside bathroom. Recommended for a student who wants to earn a degree or a minimum of one year program.000. presumable you already have VITAS. shared bathroom. the quality of the room is better as the price goes higher. rice. electricity* Single room. AC.000 Single room. KITAS or Limited Stay Permit Card is an obligatory yellow card for the VITAS holders. kitchen IDR 1.000 washing machine. electricity*. electricity*.Does not require monthly visa extension . and laundry Single room. Please ask advices from local friends if you are considering this option. 2 years Benefits: . Duration: 6 months. the next document you have to obtain is KITAS. inside bathroom. fan provided. electricity*.000 Surely. shared washing machine.

Thus. the others documents needed for making KITAS are similar to VKSB Conversion (see page 6). signed on legal stamp (materai) of Indonesia 1 Sent to the Bureau of Planning and Foreign Cooperation. You will be charge by the Immigration Office for KITAS Fee + IDR 700. the Ministry of National Education in Jakarta Issued by a medical institution or an institutional doctor.Study at Universitas Airlangga Requirements Letter of Petition Copy of Valid Passport Letter of Financing Guarantee 4x6 cm photographs with red background Copy of the latest certificate and transcript Letter of recommendation Guarantee letter for not participating in any political activities during the students’ stay in Indonesia Guarantee letter for not working during the students’ stay in Indonesia Guarantee letter stating that you agree to obey all the regulations of Republic of Indonesia Letter of petition from the Universitas Airlangga Reference of health condition Curriculum Vitae (CV) Quantity 1 1 1 2 1 1 Legalized by the head of former education institution Signed by the representative office of student’s home country in Jakarta (optional) Usually from parents or legal guardian Note From the students to Universitas Airlangga 1 1 Provided by the students. The requirements for extending your Study Permit: Requirements Letter of Petition Quantity 1 Notes From the students to Universitas 20 .000 (1 year) or IDR 2.000 (2 year). you will have to extend both of your KITAS and Study Permit. Provided by the students 1 1 1 Once you received your Study Permit. EXTENDING KITAS AND STUDY PERMIT Both of your KITAS and Study Permit valid for 1-2 years.000. if you consider continuing your study in Universitas Airlangga.

signed on legal stamp (materai) of Indonesia 1 1 Sent to the Bureau of Planning and Foreign Cooperation.Study at Universitas Airlangga [Type text] Airlangga Copy of Valid Passport Letter of Financing Guarantee Colored photographs 4x6 cm in red background Copy of the latest study permit Letter of recommendation Guarantee letter for not participating the political activity during students stay in Indonesia Guarantee letter for not working during your stay in Indonesia Guarantee letter to obey all the regulations the Republic of Indonesia Letter of petition from the Universitas Airlangga Reference of health condition Copy of KITAS Copy of Surat Keterangan Lapor Diri (SKLD) Copy of Surat Keterangan Tinggal 1 1 2 1 1 Provided by IOP or the students Signed by the representative office of home country in Jakarta (optional) Usually from Parents or legal guardian 1 Provided by students. the Ministry of National Education in Jakarta Issued by medical institution or institutional doctor. and below are: Requirements Valid Passport Copy of KITAS Copy of Immigration Control Book Copy of passport 1 Colored photographs in red 5 Quantity 1 1 1 1 Notes Both sides All written pages Identity page Visa page including the newest page which has the latest immigration stamp 3 x 4 cm 21 . The requirements for making KITAS are similar as before (see page 20). Provided by the students Provided by the students (optional) Provided by the local government 1 1 1 1 1 Your Study Permit extension is valid for another 1-2 years.

You are required to make this letter within 30 days after receiving KITAS.000 c. The next visa validation days will be issued and calculated according to the stamped date on the passport. SKLD is a letter stating that a foreign student has been registered in the Police Record. 2 year : IDR 1. Below are the required documents needed to obtain your SKLD: 22 . IOP will only provide assistance in the administration procedure. you also need to have SKLD. SKLD is submitted to the Police Department in any provinces in Indonesia. In case of emergency.200. 6 month : IDR 350.Study at Universitas Airlangga background Letter of Sponsorship 5 1 Letter of petition from the sponsor Copy of the newest Study Permit Copy of SKLD Filling the immigration form 1 1 1 1 4 x 6 cm Signed by the head of IOP/the coordinator for academic mobility on the legal stamp (materai) and the official stamp of IOP Signed by the head of IOP/the coordinator for academic mobility on the official paper and stamp of IOP Provided by the Ministry of National Education.000 for each day of the detainment. OBTAINING SKLD (SURAT KETERANGAN LAPOR DIRI) Other than KITAS. Holidays and weekends are calculated as active days and will be charged as fine as well. preceded by the IOP.000 b. Provided by the students Provided by the Immigration Office.000 Important Notices: The legal consequences given by the Immigration Officer to the respected students for tardily extending their visas are solely students’ responsibility. called Kepolisian Daerah (POLDA). 1 year : IDR 700. the police can identify the foreigners easily. assisted by IOP staff Official Fee of Conversion from the local Immigration Office: a. The KITAS holder must pay the fine of IDR 200. You will be asked to give letter of recommendation (provided by IOP Universitas Airlangga) and your finger prints to the Police Department for the records. Please carefully remember that the process of KITAS extension is longer than the VKSB extension.

as well as to empower the students to become involved in Universitas Airlangga and local community.Study at Universitas Airlangga [Type text] Requirements Copy of Departure Card Copy of passport Copy of KITAS Copy of Immigration Control Book Copy of the latest study permit Colored photographs in red background Letter of Sponsorship Filling the SKLD and Finger prints form Quantity 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 5 1 3 x 4 cm 4 x 6 cm Signed by the head of IOP/the coordinator for academic mobility on the legal stamp (materai) and the official stamp of IOP Provided by the Police Office. Most of their offices are located at Student Center in Campus C. 23 . Furthermore. Student activities are held in the afternoon or at night. There are for examples several BSO (Faculty Students’ Activity Units) available in each faculty. It develops entertainment programs for the benefit of the Universitas Airlangga’s activities. joining student activities is a good way to help you adapt to university life by meeting new friends. assisted by IOP staff Provided by the students Notes Provided by the students Identity page Visa page including the last stamp from the Immigration Office 1 Official Fee of Making SKLD from POLDA: IDR 150.000 – 200. Some activities have a special fees and the other are completely free.000 / person STUDENT ACTIVITIES (UKM) The primary objective of the student activities/extracurricular is to encourage extra-curricular and recreational opportunities for students.

The activities include: play gamelan (Javanese traditional instrument). Also provide opportunities for directing and harnessing their energy and idealism into worthwhile humanitarian activities − Pakar Sajen A Javanese traditional culture extracurricular activity.Study at Universitas Airlangga Special UKM − Resimen Mahasiswa (Students Regiment) − Pramuka Gudep 622634 (Scout) − Penalaran (Activities include journalism. − Yosakoi (よさこい) It is a unique style of dance that originated from Japan. − Gapus (Gardu Puisi) It is a theatrical activities. Jakarta and Lampung. play Ludruk and Peran (Javanese traditional drama). Its nearest agenda is to have performance in six big cities in Indonesia: Surabaya. The choreographed dances are often performed by large teams. It is a combination between men and women. Solo. Bandung. so this event will be very excited to be 24 . The style of dance is highly energetic. It is located in a studio on the second floor of Faculty of Humanities. research. and Friday. Yogyakarta. It is about 20-30 persons in a team. learn Javanese literature. Malang. such as mountain climbing and canoeing − KSR PMI Educate and empower students in the spirit of Red Cross through constructive trainings and effective leadership. Wednesday. combining traditional Japanese dance movements with modern music. Pakar Sajen is available every Monday. Its regular practice is held every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 until 8 pm. This extracurricular has performed in many places. and making papers) − Mapanza (Socializing about HIV/AIDS and the danger of drugs) − Pecinta Alam Increase knowledge and activities in the wild.

Students get to explore their physical interests with like-minded students. It has won many awards throughout the year. Martial arts training enable students to possess an effective method of self-defense together with the confidence to handle any situation. Religiosity Religiosity should always be integrated in daily life. Therefore. − Kerohanian Islam − Kerohanian Kristen (Christianity) − Kerohanian Katolik (Chatholicism) − Kerohanian Hindu Dharma (Hinduism) − Kerohanian Budha (Buddhism) Sports Below are list of students activities that are related to sports. Tae-kwondo Merpati Putih Kempo Tapak Suci Perisai Diri PSH Terate Ju-jitsu 25 . Yosakoi in Faculty of Humanities takes a part in Yosakoi dance competition. Universitas Airlangga also provides extracurricular activities to integrate spirituality.Study at Universitas Airlangga [Type text] watched. Each year. − Sepak Bola (Soccer) − Bola Basket (Basket Ball) − Bola Voli (Volley Ball) − Tenis Lapangan (Tennis) − Bulu Tangkis (Badminton) − Bridge − Softball Martial Arts This student activity introduces students to basic principles of self defense and the technical basis of it.

Mas for young man . when you address someone. Javanese people appreciate a ‘polite smile’ • Bending your head down a bit when passing a group of older people is considered polite • In Indonesia. the faculty and the administration Student has the responsibility to be fully acquainted with the published student’s rules and to comply with them and the laws of the land • • • • • General Behavior • Be sure to smile when you meet people you know. including other students.Mbak for young woman / Miss 26 .Bapak (Pak) for Mr.Study at Universitas Airlangga Arts − Tari dan Karawitan (Traditional Dance and Musical) − Paduan Suara (Choir) − Seni Fotografi (Photography) − Sinematografi (Cinematography) − Teater (Theater) DOs and DON’Ts DOs In Campus Life Be on time for classes and other activities Show respect by keeping silent and attentive throughout the lecture Complete all your assignments Student has the responsibility to respect the rights and property of others. it would be considered more polite if you use these specific terms before mentioning the name: .Ibu (Bu) for Mrs. . .

and temples. you have to pay IDR 15. restaurants. Masjids. Entering Restroom • Bring your own tissues before you are entering restroom in someone’s house. the Argo is IDR 14. If someone guides you around tourist attractions you need to give them tips as well. Tipping is not a normal practice in Indonesia. • Always remember to pour down water after you have done your ‘business’ • Bring your own hand-sanitizer wherever you go. malls. Taxi driver will expect you to round-up the fare up to the closest thousands of Rupiahs.000 (luggage only) you received from someone. you normally should bargain for 50%75% from the price mentioned by the seller. Using the left will consider as impolite and rude. • If you are going to purchase something without fix-price. as some places might run out of soap 27 . even if they do not say the price.230.000 • Give some tips for any special services > IDR 10.Study at Universitas Airlangga [Type text] • Always remember to take off your shoes whenever you are entering houses. If the drivers give you specific tariff make sure you know the standard price before you agree with the price. • Only use your right hand for giving and receiving things. For example. or other public places. Hotel porters expect a few thousands rupiah per bag. but it is often expected for any special services. When Bargaining • Ask to taxi driver to use Argo Meter before getting in.

Wearing shorts. miniskirts. General Behavior ∗ Don’t put your hand on the hip when you are talking to Indonesian. It is one of the ways to show your friendship and friendliness. plagiarize during exams. It considers as impolite attitude. especially if you are talking to the elderly ∗ Don’t demonstrate affections (kissing. classrooms. hugging. It is one of the ways of Indonesian to get to know someone. temple or any other sacred places 28 . and sandals are considered impolite Spitting is prohibited on and off the campus Students are not allowed any form of plagiarism and falsification. and public places. lab assignments or thesis and the like Don’t smoke and drink alcohols in offices.Study at Universitas Airlangga ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ DON’Ts In Campus Life Don’t wear inappropriate clothing when you are in campus. tank-tops. etc) in public and sacred places ∗ Don’t put your feet on the table / chair ∗ Don’t be upset whenever your local friends standing close to you in a queue or even if your friend (with the same sex) holds your hand. ∗ Don’t be noisy when entering a Masjid. such as copying and allowing people to copy. ∗ Don’t be offended when your friend asks personal question like “How old are you?” or “Are you married?”.

2. Universitas Airlangga Dentistry Hospital Campus A Library Graha BIK-IPTEKDOK Meeting Hall Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) Faculty of Medicine (FK) 29 . 3. 4.Study at Universitas Airlangga [Type text] CAMPUS MAPS CAMPUS A 1. 5.

Faculty of Pharmacy (FF) 18. FISIP C 14. FISIP B 13. Female Dormitory 8. 4. Post-graduate & Faculty of Psychology (FPsi) 20.Study at Universitas Airlangga CAMPUS B Entrance Gate Exit Gate 1. Campus B Library 9. Faculty of Economy and Business (FEB) 10. 3. FEB (Vocational Department) 11. Masjid Nuruzzaman Magister Management Post-graduate (Pasca-sarjana) Hall Center for Career Training & Entrepreneurship 6. PINLABS / Language Center 17. Faculty of Law (FH) 16. Faculty of Social and Political Sciences A (FISIP A) 12. 2. Airlangga Health Care Center (AHCC) 7. 5. Parking Lot 30 . Faculty of Humanities (FIB) 19. FISIP D 15.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) 18. Student Center (New) 4. Kahuripan Building (Campus C Library) 3. 15. Auditorium 7. Universitas Terbuka 10. Student Center (Old) 6. . Male Dormitory (Old) 5. Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) 31 Universitas Airlangga Press Faculty of Public Health (FKM) Faculty of Nursing (FKep. 13. 16. Veterinary Teaching Hospital 19. Rektorat (Manajemen Building) 2. Sports Hall 8. Male Dormitory (New) 9. 14.) Tropical Disease Center (TDC) Teaching Hospital (RSP) Tropical Disease and Infection Hospital (RSPTI) 17. 12. Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) 11.Study at Universitas Airlangga [Type text] CAMPUS C 1.

legal stamp. The students who received scholarship from the Government of Republic of Indonesia do not need to pay the fee. so that they will learn how to process their immigration arrangement. However. IOP will provide the assistance and supervision for the students during this process.Travelling to Other Countries TRAVELLING TO OTHER COUNTRIES All international students who wish to travel out of Indonesia must have Reentry Permit issued by the Department of Immigration. whereas Multiple Re-entry Permit (MRP) is valid for 6 months and 1 year re-entering Indonesia.000 MRP for 1 year : IDR 1. The holder of MRP can exclusively travel abroad for several times and re-enter Indonesia within 6 months or 1 year.000. There are Single Re-entry Permit (ERP) and Multiple Re-entry Permit (MRP). copy of documents. Below are the required documents: Requirements Valid Passport KITAS Immigration Control Book Copy of passport Copy of KITAS Quantity 1 1 1 1 1 1 Notes Provided by students Identity page The latest page for the conversion into KITAS Both sides 32 . as it has been provided by the Ministry of National Education of Republic of Indonesia. Official Fee from the Immigration Office: ERP : IDR 200.000 MRP for 6 months : IDR 600. IOP Universitas Airlangga encourages the students to make their extension by themselves.000 from IOP Universitas Airlangga for these following expenses: immigration form.000 This fee is excluded for service charge IDR 50. It varies depending on your interests. Single Re-entry Permit (ERP) is valid for one time re-entering Indonesia. and transportation. Assuredly.

and will return to your home country permanently. KITAS and Immigration Control Book will be returned to the immigration Identity page The latest page for the conversion into KITAS Both sides All the written pages Signed by the head of IOP/the coordinator for academic mobility on the official paper and stamp of IOP Provided by the Immigration Office. EPO is only valid for 7 days after issued by the Immigration Office and it will be expired afterwards. assisted by IOP staff BEFORE RETURNING TO YOUR HOME COUNTRY Once you finish your study. This permit is free from charge. Only passport will be returned to the students. Before return to your home country. etc). Required Documents: Requirements Valid Passport KITAS Immigration Control Book Quantity 1 1 1 1 Copy of passport Copy of KITAS Copy of Immigration Control Book Letter of Petition Filling the EPO form 1 1 1 1 1 Notes Provided by students. It is suggested that the students submit the documents for exit permits minimum 7 days prior to the departure date. earn your degree. assisted by IOP staff 33 . please make sure that you do not have any obligations left related to Universitas Airlangga and any other places (library. you must make your Exit Permit Only (EPO). Kos.Before Returning to Your Home Country [Type text] Copy of Immigration Control Book Letter of Petition Filling ERP/MRP form 1 1 1 All the written pages Signed by the head of IOP/the coordinator for academic mobility on the official paper and stamp of IOP Provided by the Immigration Office.

At the Jalan Pahlawan Surabaya estuary. as depicted in a statue appropriately located near the zoo’s entrance. the ship reached Sulumayi. who won the battle against Chinese troops. the two facing each other while circling. Ma Huan documented the early fifteencentury visit of Zheng He's ship in his book (1433) Ying-yai Sheng-lan: "after travelling south for more than twenty li. written by Chau Ju-Kua. the out flowing water is fresh.Living in Surabaya LIVING IN SURABAYA CITY PROFILE The earliest record of Surabaya was in a book dated in 1225. The Battle of Surabaya in 1945 played an important role for galvanizing independence movements and gaining international support for Indonesian Independence. As Indonesia’s second largest city. The date was taken from the glory of Raden Wijaya. 34 . Surabaya is locally believed to derive its name from the words sura or suro (shark) and baya or boyo (crocodile). in which it was called Jung-yalu. Surabaya is known for its frankness and hot weather. the ancient name of Surabaya. It is then officially established in 1293. Surabaya is also known as “the City of Heroes”. whose foreign name is Surabaya. Having the fierce struggles of Independence. a giant white shark and a giant crocodile were believed to have a fight against each other in order to gain the Surabaya Landmark title "the strongest and most powerful animal" in the area. Now the two animals are used as the city's landmark. In the local myth and Jayabaya prophecy (an ancient Javanese belief). the first king of Majapahit Kingdom.

Malls will be filled with youths for various activities from business meeting to exercising. Today. Surabayanese has helped the Madurese to modernize their living style. the modern Surabaya has been receiving many foreigners. It is currently the longest bridge in the country as well. the level of religiosity is also quite high in this area. Its strong maritime heritage is also reflected with the Submarine Monument – a Russian-made submarine – called Pasopati. With this bridge. In contrast. Thus. Surabaya has also become one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia. one of the two armadas of the Indonesian Navy. mostly caused by clogged sewers and inept bureaucracy. Flooding is common in many areas of the city during the rainy season. the flood will shortly drain in couple hours. pubs. Tanjung Perak. However. Surabaya's population is around 3 million. Madura which is famous for its Karapan Sapi Suramadu Bridge (cow race) can only be accessed by a ferry service that operates regularly from Surabaya's port. Surabaya is home to the Eastern Armada. the business activities from and to Madura have been increasing in these recent years. Chinese. 35 . as well as the feeling of high solidarity within the community. the Regional Government centralized the cultural events in Balai Pemuda and has been encouraging to hold more cultural festivals. discotheques. and Arabic. with the building of Suramadu Bridge (2009) that connects Surabaya with Madura Island. etc are scattered throughout the city. namely the Javanese. Moreover. In order to preserve the local culture. which has been converted into a museum in the city centre. The dynamics of Surabaya are also affected by three major ethnicities that inhabit this city. Many of youth are also more familiar with the Western Culture. Clubs.Living in Surabaya [Type text] MODERN SURABAYA As the main seaport and commercial center in the Eastern region of Indonesia. Previously.

84) (9. Average Temperature in Surabaya Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul 30 (86) 25 (77) Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Average high 30 (86) °C (°F) Average low 25 (77) °C (°F) 30.02) (9.6 25.94) (1.39) (0.51) (3.1 (87) (88) (88) (87) (87) (88) (89) (91) (90) (88) (88) 25 (77) 26. radio and traditional dramas called Ludruk. The Surabayanese dialect is actively promoted in local media. therefore. 36 .6 (79) (78) (78) (78) Precipitation 280 250 230 140 100 50 20 10 10 40 120 130 1.39) (1. Surabayanese speak Javanese with their own dialect called Suroboyoan. A stereotype of this dialect concerns equality and directness in speech. The city’s rainy season runs from November through May. such as in local TV shows.87) LANGUAGE Generally. the average high and low temperature in Surabaya is very consistent throughout the year.97) (0. The Madurese language influences the Surabayanese dialect of Javanese which usually spoken in the streets.1 25. Surabaya sees approximately 1500 mm of precipitation annually. On average.7 32.1 26.72) (5. In addtion. while on attending informal meeting. Unlike the other cities and regions.6 30.1 25 (79) (79) (77) 24. Surabaya follow the Western Indonesian Time/WIT (Waktu Indonesia Barat/WIB) (UTC+7).12) (57.1 31.6 31.06) (5.6 31.57) (4.1 31. TIME In Indonesia. the keeping of standard time is 24-hours format which is divided into three time zones. Indonesia consists of hundreds of ethnicities who have their own languages and dialects. the average high temperature is + 310C and the average low temperature is + 260C. the Surabayanese also have their own language and dialect.79) (0. If you have to attend formal meetings please make sure you come on time. Indonesians speak Bahasa Indonesia to communicate with each other. Overall. while the dry season covers the remaining five months (June – October).1 30.Living in Surabaya CLIMATE Surabaya features a tropical rainy and dry season. The usage of Suroboyoan is less strict than the Central Javanese dialect.8 32.4 25 (76) (77) 25 (77) 26.2 31. Indonesian usually comes 10-15 minutes later than the scheduled time.1 31.470 mm (inches) (11.6 25. As part of Java Island.

AIRPLANES Juanda International Airport is home to domestic and international flights. However.merpati. sea and air that could serve the local 007 803 60 1933 Garuda Indonesia Citilink Lion Air Merpati Batavia Air Sriwijaya Air Air Asia Malaysia Airlines China Airlines Cathay Pacific Tiger Airways TAXIS There are numerous taxi companies in Surabaya whose cars are mostly (031)5468501 www.batavia-air. and bus.sriwijayaair. (031)2931100 www2. there are some that prefer not to use the Meter. Mostly flights to go to Eastern part of (031)5049666 Most of them will use Argo Meter for counting the (031)5036111 (031)688111 www. We recommend you to use these taxi companies below: Bluebird (031) 3721234 O-Renz (031) 8799999 Cipaganti (031) 71770000 / 77070000 Gold (031) 8545555 Silver (031) 5600055 37 (031)5470898 www. becak.lionair.Living in Surabaya [Type text] TRANSPORTATION The transportation in Surabaya is supported by the infrastructure of land (031)58251277 (031) 5345052 www. as well as to Australia and the Pacific depart from this airport: www.tigerairways. and (031) 5318632 www. you have to bargain with the (031)5303030 www. If this happens. The types of public transportations in the city are taxi.

Tambak Oso Wilangun Purabaya .Rajawali .Raden Saleh .Indrapura .Demak Purabaya . Tambak Oso Wilangun Terminal Located in the North-West of Surabaya. The only bus that starts from this terminal is DAMRI bus that goes to Bungurasih Terminal. Bratang Terminal Located in the East of Surabaya.Indrapura .Tambak Oso Wilangun Juanda – Bungurasih / Mini AC Kamal . Bungurasih is the busiest terminals in Surabaya.Bangkalan .Perak / Patas Purabaya .Indrapura .Living in Surabaya BUSES There are four bus terminals that connect parts of Surabaya: 1.Tambak Oso Wilangun Purabaya . Bratang Terminal mostly serves bemo.Burneh Ujung Baru .Joyoboyo Purabaya .Damo . Wonokromo/Joyoboyo Terminal Located in the South of Surabaya. 2.Darmo . 3. The only bus that starts from this terminal is DAMRI bus that goes to Bungurasih Terminal.Kupang . Tambak Oso Wilangung Terminal is close to the border of Gresik. This terminal serves buses and bemo.Darmo .Darmo .Indrapura . Bus Route Code C Routes Purabaya . Wonokromo Terminal mostly serves bemo. Its route also goes to the Juanda International Airport. The only bus that starts from this terminal is DAMRI bus that goes to Bungurasih Terminal. 4. both for with Surabaya route and inter-city and interprovince routes. It serves mostly bemo. Bungurasih/Purabaya Terminal Located in the South of Surabaya.Tambak Oso Wilangun / Patas 38 E E1 F JND KAMAL L P1 P2 .

WK Campus C T2 Bemo Routes Code BJ BM BK C D DA DP DKB DKM Benowo .Indrapura .Dupak .Perak / Patas Purabaya . E. The tariff is IDR 3.Perumnas Menanggal PP Bangkingan . below are the Bemos that go across the Campuses: Campus A T2.Manukan Kulon PP Dukuh Kupang .Tambak Oso Wilangun / Patas AC Purabaya .Dupak .Rajawali . W Campus B P.Pasar Turi . O.Indrapura . E.Dupak .Sedayu .Darmo .Tambak Oso Wilangun / Patas Purabaya .Tambak Oso Wilangun / Patas AC Cadangan PAC 1 Purabaya .Sidorame PP Kalimas Barat .Dupak .Living in Surabaya [Type text] P3 P4 P6 P7 P8 Sidoarjo .Citra Raya Kalimas Barat / Petekan .000/individual for one way.Tambak Oso Wilangun / Patas Purabaya .Karang Pilang PP Pasar Loak .Semut Patas Purabaya .Karang Menjangan PP Joyoboyo . T2. W.Tambak Oso Wilangun / Patas Purabaya . WB.Dupak . If you want to go to from one Campus to other Campus.Darmo .Perak / Patas AC Purabaya .Dupak .Perak / Patas AC PAC 2 PAC 4 PAC 8 CAD BEMOS Bemo is the van-like public transportation that mostly available for you to go to several places.Menanggal PP Routes 39 .Kalimas Barat PP Bratang .Benowo PP Dukuh Kupang .

Kalimas Barat / Pasar Loak PP Kutisari Indah .Keputih (WK) .Gadung PP Gunung Anyar .Kenjeran PP Kenjeran .Gebang Putih .Tambak Klanggri PP Joyoboyo .Manukan Kulon .Gunung Anyar PP O2 Tambak Oso Wilangun (Depan SPBU) .Kalimas Barat PP Kalimas Barat .Kalijudan .Bratang PP P Q R R1 RT Joyoboyo .Living in Surabaya DWM E F G GL GS H2 H2P I IM J JK JMK JTK JTK2 K KIP1 KIP2 L2 LK LMJ M N O O1 Balongsari .Kenjeran PP Lakarsantri .Kalimas Barat PP Joyoboyo .Petojo PP (Lewat Timur) PP Ujung Baru .Simokerto Joyoboyo .Kenjeran PP Rungkut .Pasar Turi PP 40 .Dinoyo .Endrosono PP Joyoboyo .Kenjeran / Petojo .Kapasan .Medokan Ayu PP Ujung Baru .Keputih PP JBMN Joyoboyo .Menur .Pasar Loak .Bratang PP Kalimas Barat .Pangkalan Karah PP Petojo .Bratang PP Tambak Wedi .Kenjeran PP Kalimas Barat .Karang Menjangan / Lakarsantri / Karang Pilang PP Pasar Loak .Tanjungsari .Petojo .Kayun .Petojo PP (Lewat Tengah) PP Kutisari Indah .Terminal Menanggal PP Kupang .Sasak .Petojo PP / Tambak Wedi .Ketintang / Joyoboyo Karang Menjangan .Pegirian .Benowo PP Benowo .Kenjeran PP Kalimas Barat .Keputih PP Kalimas Barat .Pagesangan PP Pasar Wonokromo .Sidorame PP Pasar Wonokromo .Kalianak PP Joyoboyo .Kalimas Barat PP Joyoboyo .Petojo PP Manukan Kulon .Balongsari PP Joyoboyo .Nambangan .

Pacarkeling.Gubeng Station Address: Jl.Living in Surabaya [Type text] RDK RBK S T1 T2 TV U UBB UBK V W WB WLD Y Z Z1 Dukuh Kupang .Kenjeran PP Joyoboyo .Wonorejo / Joyobekti PP Ujung Baru .co.Pasar Loak PP Joyoboyo .id .Tambakrejo PP Dukuh Kupang . Gubeng Masjid 1.Demak PP Kalimas Barat . Below is the address of the train stations in Surabaya: .Kenjeran PP Margorejo .Dukuh Kupang PP Joyoboyo .Bratang PP Ujung Baru .Benowo PP Rungkut Barata .Rungkut .kereta-api. If you want to check the schedule.Ujung Baru PP WLD2 Bulak Banteng .Kenjeran PP Joyoboyo .Benowo PP Benowo . It is humanpowered to carry passengers in addition to the driver.Pasar Loak . you can visit www. Surabaya Pusat Phone: 031 5033115 41 . TRAINS The train in Surabaya connects Surabaya with other cities or provinces.Dukuh Kupang PP *for a more detailed routes please ask IOP Officers BECAKS Becak is a tricycle/rickshaw transportation that is very popular in Asian countries.Citra Raya / Manukan Kulon / Banjar Sugihan Joyoboyo .Mulyosari . You have to bargain to use the service.Sawahan .Bratang .Kenjeran PP Joyoboyo .Bratang PP Wonoarum .Joyoboyo .Kenjeran PP Wonosari .Kapas Krampung .

Sembrani (Surabaya Pasar Turi – Jakarta Kota) k. +62 31 7404271 Monas Tour Jl.Banyuwangi) b.Surabaya Phone: 031 3521465 . +62 31 5032777 Fax. Stasiun 9. Bubutan. Bongkaran . Semarang 1. +62 31 5673000 . Mutiara Timur (Surabaya Gubeng . +62 31 503400 Matrix Tour Jl. Turangga (Surabaya Gubeng – Bandung) g. Surabaya Selatan Phone: 031 8410649 Some train destinations: a.Surabaya Kota Station (Semut Station) Address: Jl. Dharmahusada Utara 6 Surabaya Ph. Surabaya Phone: 031 5345014 . Sulawesi 27-29 Surabaya International tour: Ph. Mas Mansyur 119-121 Surabaya 42 Wita Tour Jl. Gumarang (Surabaya Pasar Turi – Jakarta Kota) f. Bima (Surabaya Gubeng – Gambir) i. Stasiun Wonokromo 1. Rajawali (Surabaya Pasar Turi – Semarang) h.Wonokromo Station Address: Jl. Sancaka (Surabaya Gubeng – Yogyakarta) j. Dharmahusada 112 Surabaya Ph.Surabaya Pasar Turi Station Address: Jl. Argo Wilis (Surabaya Gubeng .Living in Surabaya . +62 31 5033000 National/local tour: Ph. +6231 5965096 Pasopati Jl. Sulawesi 45 Surabaya Ph. +62 31 5925009 KAHA Tour Jl.Bandung) e. +62 31 5675000 Fax. +62 31 5965696 Fax. KH. Mutiara Selatan (Surabaya Gubeng – Bandung) c. Argo Bromo Anggrek (Surabaya Pasar Turi – Gambir) TOUR AND TRAVEL AGENCIES Haryono Jl. Gajayana (Jakarta Kota – Malang) d. Alun-alun Contong. Raya Darmo 1A Surabaya Ph.

+62-31 5461013 PT. +62 31 5673000 2 Sisi Money Changer Tunjungan Plaza 2. Surabaya Ph. +62 31 5321001 7) Surabaya Plaza Hotel – 4* Jl. Sumatera 87. 201 Ph.Surabaya Ph. +62 31 5468185 Valas Indah Jl. +62 31 3536005 MONEY CHANGERS Lanina Money Changer Jl. +62 31 5661550 5) Majapahit Hotel – 5* Jl. Pandegiling 45-47 Ph. Embong Malang 85-89 Ph. +62-31 5025101 Pasopati Jl.Living in Surabaya [Type text] Ph.5* Jl. +62 31 5032711 10) Santika Hotel – 3* Jl. +62-31 5347888 HOTELS 1) Bumi Surabaya . +62 31 5468000 3) JW Marriot – 5* Jl. Mayjend Sungkono 120 Ph. 5453333 43 6) Garden Palace – 4* Jl. +62 31 3536000-07 Fax. +62 31 5+623000 9) Sahid Hotel – 3* Jl. Raya Darmo 1A Surabaya Ph. +62 31 59461+62 / 5942825 PT.5* Jl. Embong Malang 69 E. Prima Tangguharta Investment Jl. Eraska Valutama Jl. Walikota Mustajab 37 Ph. +62 31 5340041. Gatra Mega Utama Jl. Raya Darmo 68-78 Ph. Sumatera 1-3 Ph. Basuki Rahmat 106-128 Ph. +62 31 5667707 . Jl. Dharmahusada No. +62 31 5460588 8) Mercure Grand Mirama – 4* Jl. +62-31 5039817/3536000-07 Fax. Embong Malang 85-89 Ph. +62 31 5454333. Basuki Rachmad 2-12 Ph. Sumatera 35. Jend. +62 31 5458888 4) Shangri-La – 5* Jl. Surabaya Ph. +62-31 5324700 PT. 5311234 2) Sheraton Hotel . +62 31 5675000 Fax. Pemuda 31-37 Ph. Indra Forexindo Jl. +62 31 3536005 PT. Embong Malang 25-31 Ph. Yos Sudarso 11 Ph. Tunjungan 65 Ph.

+62 31 5+62 31 333 7) Health Care of Surabaya (HCoS) Jl. Universitas Airlangga in campus A.00 to 15. Moestopo 3335 Surabaya Ph. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) UA Campus B (Exit gate Dharmawangsa) 44 7. Kapasari 97-101 Ph. +62 31 7345333 5) St. 1. +62 31 8438153-4 3) Darmo Hospital Jl. Mayj. Raya Gubeng 70 Ph. +62 31 56775+62. next to IOP) 9. Pemuda 54 SURABAYA . Dr. ABN AMRO Jl. Banks operate daily from 08. Dr. Nginden Intan Barat Blok B Ph. B.00 on working days (Mondays-Fridays) while ATMs are available 24 hours. Soetomo Hospital Jl. Prof. Husada Utama Jl. Prof. Raya Darmo 90 Ph. Ramelan Navy Hospital Jl. Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) UA Campus B (Next to Masjid Nuruzzaman) 3. +62 31 3764555 10. +62 31 5676253 4) Siloam Hospital Jl. so international students will have no difficulties in conducting financial transactions. Diponegoro 51 Ph. 5678127 6) Siloam Hospital Jl. Bank Mega Jl. Raya Gubeng 70 Ph. +62 31 5017975 BANKS (AROUND CAMPUS) In Surabaya there are many banks and ATMs available. Bank JATIM Dr. Kertajaya No. 2) Dr. 65 8. CIMB NIAGA • UA Campus A (Faculty of Medicine) • UA Campus C (Gedung Kahuripan.Living in Surabaya HOSPITALS 1) Dr. +62 31 5993211 8) Adi Husada Jl. Mustopo 6-8 Surabaya 2. Satelit Indah II Darmo Satelit Ph. Moestopo 6-8 Ph. hosts several banks and ATMs. Vincentius Paulo (RKZ) Jl. Mitra Keluarga Hospital Jl. +62 31 562 31 333 9. +62 31 5501111-12. and C. Soetomo Public Hospital Jl. Gadung 1 Ph.

(031) 567 8557 3) Lao Pan Restaurant (Chinese Food) Jl. Kartini 9) Sushi Mori (Japanese Food) Jl.37-39 Surabaya b. Dr Soetomo 51 Ph. Dr. (Branch) KCU Dharmahusada Jl. Deutsche Bank Jl. Panglima Sudirman 101-103 (Intiland Tower) 11. Mayjend Sungkono Bundaran Tol 7) 369 (Chinese food) Jl. UA Campus C (RSP) 6. Bank Central Asia (BCA) a. (031)7408890 Fax. Pahlawan 43B Ph. HSBC Jl. UA Campus B (Next to Masjid Nuruzzaman) b. 43 Surabaya Timur/Gubeng Ph. Gubeng pojok 5) Sitara (Indian & Chinese food) Jl. Surabaya Ph. (Branch) KCU Galaxy Jl. +62 31 503 6446 45 . Soetomo 97E Ph.Living in Surabaya [Type text] 4. Bank International Indonesia (BII) Jl. Kertajaya Indah Timur No. Sentra Taman Gapura L-7 Citra Raya. Jend Basuki Rachmad 63-65 CAFÉS & RESTAURANTS 1) Camelot Cafe & Creamery (Asian & Western Cuisine) Jl. Kartini 8) De Pronto (Italian food) Jl. Standard Charter Bank Menara Standard Charter Jl. (031) 5688041 WHERE TO EAT (WITHIN AND NEAR CAMPUS) 1) Warung Pojok (Wapo) Jl. Jend Basuki Rachmad 106108 12. Airlangga No. Brawijaya 6) Sea master (Seafood Market & Restaurant) Jl. (031) 5323059 4) Hanamasa(Japanese Food) Jl. (031)7441400 2) Trattoria La Rucola Jl. Bank Mandiri a. Dharmahusada Surabaya 5. Pemuda 60-70 (Wisma BII) 10.

Tunjungan Plaza Jl. Diponegoro 184 Ph. Pemuda 31-37 Surabaya 4) WTC (cellphone center) Jl. +62 31 5323073 4. near Jl. Basuki Rahmat 8-12 Surabaya 2) Hi-Tech Mall (computer & spare parts) Jl. Karangmenjangan no 26 Ph. Dharmahusada Indah Timur CLUBS AND PUBS 1) Tavern (Bumi Surabaya Hotel) Jl. +62 31 5681860 SHOPPING MALLS AND CINEMAS 1) Tunjungan Plaza Jl. Sulawesi 24 Ph. +62 31 5675046 2) Mirota Jl. Dharmawangsa No. 26-31 Surabaya 5) Grand City Mall Jl. Sarinah. Ice Club Lenmarc Mall Upper Ground . 1-5 Ph.6 B Surabaya Timur/Gubeng Ph. Basuki Rahmat 5 Ph. Walikota Mustajab – Kusuma Bangsa Surabaya 6) Galaxy Mall Jl.Living in Surabaya 2) Tasty Jl. Darmawangsa. Kutai 84 Ph. Basuki Rahmat 106-128 Ph. Pregolan No. +62 31 501 2616 5) Canteens/ Cafetarias within the faculties SOUVENIR SHOPS 1) Bali Art Shop Jl. +62 31 5324111 5. +62 31 502 8344 / 709 9219 3) Gudeg Pak Djo Jl. +62 31 5311234 2) Ecletic Bar Sutos 46 Jl. Srikana 4) Depot Slamet (Chinese food) Jl. Danar Hadi Jl. Tunjungan 7 Surabaya 5. Kusuma Bangsa 116 3) Surabaya Plaza Jl. +62 31 5018110 3) Wing On Art Shop Jl. Pemuda No.

+62 31 5997543. 33 47 5) Surabaya Town Square Jl. +62 31 599 2129 WHERE TO HANG OUT 1) CoffeeToffee Jl. Gayungsari Barat V/19 Ph. +62 31 5945466 7) Songa Incredible Rafting Wisma SIER 4th Floor Jl. +62 31 8482233. Sumatra No.11 7) Foreplay Surabaya Town Square Jl. Hayam Wuruk Surabaya SPORTS CENTERS 1) KONI Public Court (swimming pool. Jawa No. Rungkut Industri Raya 10 Ph. 15A-B Ph. 8 Ph. Kertajaya Indah Timur IV/5 6) Atlas Sports Club (gyms and swimming pool) Jl. Sumatera No. +62 31 531 3177 2) Matchbox and Big Box Complex Jl. 5997544 3) Celebrity Fitness (Tunjungan Plaza. Kertajaya Indah Timur No. Galaxy Mall. Klampis Jaya No. basket) Jl. +62 31 5617501 9) Metro Pool Mulyosari Jl. 8484455 8) Perbakin JaTim – International Sport Shooting Federation Jl. Hayam Wuruk Surabaya 3) Colors Pub and Resto Jl. Mulyosari No. Dharmahusada Indah Barat III/64-66 Ph. Kertajaya Indah Timur 2) GOR Kertajaya (badminton) Jl. 157 Ph. Yos Sudarso No. 40 3) Matchbox Too Jl. 81 Surabaya Ph. +62 31 562 31 480 4) Blowfish Mex Building Penthouse 7th Floor Level Jl. Gajah Mada 1 Surabaya Ph. Bukit Darmo Boulevard Surabaya 6) Cat Pajamas Jl. basket ball court) Jl.Living in Surabaya [Type text] Surabaya Town Square Jl. Hayam Wuruk Surabaya 6) Food Fest (Eastcoast Mall) Laguna Pakuwon City 7) G-Walk Perum Citraland 8) Cirkel . +62 31 8292391 5) KONI (Swimming pool. jogging track. jogging track. Supermall Pakuwon) 4) Primus Dive Centre Jl.

Sumatera No. Sumatera No. 33 Ph. 10 Surabaya Ph. (031) 5341566 Japan Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 116-118 Surabaya Ph. Soetomo No. Embong Ploso No. (031) 5682287/5682288 India Jl. (031) 5676754 Thailand Jl. (031) 5675825 Denmark Jl. 29 Surabaya Ph. Raya Dr. (031) 5687485 48 . 105 Ph. (031) 3521516 Srilanka Jl. (031) 5675529 Germany Jl. Sambas No. Jl. Sambas No. (031) 7315062 China Jl. 10 Surabaya Ph. 36 Surabaya Ph.10 (CCCL closed at 19. 93 Surabaya Ph. (031) 5030008 Poland Jl. (031) 3578001 U. Sikatan No. 40 Jl. Darmokali 10-12 Surabaya Ph. (031) 5471540 Russia Federation Jl. (031) 5631871 Hungary JW Marriot Hotel 3rd Floor Jl.A. Arif Rahman Hakim No. (031) 5316000 Sweden Jl.S. 85 Surabaya Ph. Bawean No. Mayjend Sungkono No. 12 Surabaya Ph. Pahlawan 17 – 19 Surabaya Ph. (031) 5671868 The Netherlands Jl.Living in Surabaya 4) Coffee Corner Jl. (031) 5687201 France (CCCL) Jl. Teuku Umar No. Darmo Baru Barat I/22 Surabaya Ph. Embong Malang No.00) CONSULATES AND FOREIGN REPRESENTATIVES Belgium Jl. Perak Timur No. 37 Surabaya Ph. (031) 5022091 Slovakia Jl. 39 Surabaya Ph. Darmokali No.39 Jl. 52 Surabaya Ph. Wahidin No.

Living in Surabaya [Type text] RELIGIOUS FACILITIES  Islam Masjid Nuruzzaman (Campus B UNAIR) Jl. Kapasan Klenteng Hok An Kiong Jl. Coklat Surabaya  Synagogue Jl. Residen Sudirman Gereja Katolik St. (62-31) 3570761/3530840  Khonghucu (Confucianism) Klenteng Boen Bio Jl. 4-6 Surabaya 49 . Maria Tek Bercela Jl. Sutorejo Indah Surabaya  Catholic Gereja Katolik Kristus Raja Jl. (62-31) 3894576  Buddha Vihara Dana Maitreya Jl Kalisari II/23-25. Kayun No. Airlangga 2-6 Surabaya +62 31 5021891  Christian Gereja Bethany Mawar Sharon Jl. (62-31) 5317801 Vihara Pak Kik Bio Han Jl Jagalan 74-76. Ngagel Madya  Hindu Pasraman Pandita Hindu Komplek Memet Sastrowiryo.

00 and 13.00 ETIQUETTE Generally speaking.00 – 16. Women will most likely wear pants. Many Muslim women can be seen wearing head scarves.00 – 12.00 and : 08. Moestopo No. so it is respectful to receive and present things with your right hand. Pork and alcohol are refrained from eating by most Moslems.00 – 11. When you have conversations with Indonesian. Most of Indonesians dress modestly. Using an informal language to speak to the elderly will consider as inappropriate. Having meal while you are standing or walking will be seen as inappropriate to some people.00 – 15.00 and : 08. Prof. Dr. Indonesians are courteous. 50 . Monday-Thursday Friday Saturday : 08.00 13. please be aware that raising your voice or be confrontational to someone in public may be construed as a grave insult. 47 Surabaya. so it is better to find a place to sit before you have your meal. particularly if you are female. jeans or long skirts. Please consider to use specific terms (see page 26-28) while addressing and/or speaking to the elderly. personal appearance is very important. softspoken and conservative in dress and behavior. near Faculty of Dentistry (Campus A). the left hand is considered unclean. In Muslim society.00 – 15. Similar Trousers or jeans are the common-wear clothing for both man and woman. especially food. They mostly prefer to wear clothing with sleeves. to other Asian countries. The youths must speak in a polite languange to the elderly. It opens from Monday to Saturday.00 – 12.00 13.Living in Surabaya POST OFFICE There is a post office located at Jl.

.Living in Surabaya [Type text] Greetings Welcome Good morning Good day Good afternoon Good night Good night SURVIVAL LANGUAGES Selamat datang Selamat pagi Selamat siang Selamat sore Selamat malam Selamat tidur Short Answers Please Thank you (very much) Sorry Maybe Excuse me Another. How many km? Where is ..... one more Good Good...... OK Silahkan Terima kasih (banyak) Maaf Mungkin Permisi Satu lagi Bagus Baik Chit Chat How are you? I'm fine What is your name? My name is .? Bis Kereta-api Kapal Sepeda Sepeda motor Stasiun Karcis 51 ....... fine.. Are you married? Not yet How old are you? I'm ..? Bus Train Ship Bicycle Motorcycle Station Ticket Saya mau ke .. Berapa kilometer ? Dimana .... years old I don't understand Do you speak English? Please speak slowly I can’t speak Indonesian Apa kabar? Saya baik-baik saja Siapa nama anda ? Nama saya ..... Anda sudah menikah? Belum Berapa umur anda ? Umur saya ..... tahun Saya tidak mengerti Bisa berbicara bahasa Inggris? Tolong bicara pelan-pelan Saya tidak bisa berbicara Bahasa Indonesia Travelling I want to go to .....

Living in Surabaya Time When? What time? How many hours? 7 o'clock Tomorrow/yesterday Hour Day Week Month Year Kapan? Jam berapa? Berapa jam? Jam tujuh Besok/Kemarin Jam Hari Minggu Bulan Tahun Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Hari Senin Hari Selasa Hari Rabu Hari Kamis Hari Jum'at Hari Sabtu Hari Minggu Directions Which way? Go straight ahead Turn left/right Here North South East West Stop Arah mana? Jalan terus. Belok kiri/kanan Di sini Utara Selatan Timur Barat Berhenti Finding a Place to Stay Is There Any Available Room? How Much Does It Cost Per Day? Does The Price Include Breakfast? One Night One Person Bed Room Bathroom Soap Ada kamar yang kosong ? Berupa biayanya sehari ? Apa harganya termasuk makan pagi/sarapan ? Satu malam Satu orang Tempat tidur Kamar Kamar mandi Sabun Health & Medical Doctor Hospital Chemist/Pharmacy I’m Allergic Help! Dokter Rumah Sakit Apotek Saya alergi Tolong! 52 .

etc.Living in Surabaya [Type text] I’m Lost I am ill Call a doctor! Call an ambulance! Saya kesasar Saya sakit Panggilkan dokter! Panggilkan ambulans! Public Offices Bank Immigration Market Police Station Post Office Public Telephone Where can I cash a traveler’s cheque? Bank Imigrasi Pasar Kantor polisi Kantor pos Telepon umum Dimana saya bisa menguangkan cek perjalanan? Numeric System One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Twenty Thirty One hundred Two hundred One thousand Two thousands. Million Two million Satu Dua Tiga Empat Lima Enam Tujuh Delapan Sembilan Sepuluh Dua puluh Tiga puluh Seratus Dua ratus Seribu Dua ribu Juta Dua juta Food & Shopping What is this? How much? (money) Expensive This/that Big/small Restaurant Food stall Menu Bill Glass of water Fruit Vegetables Rice Bread Noodles Apa ini? Berapa? (harga) Mahal Ini/itu Besar/kecil Rumah makan Warung Daftar makanan Bon Segelas air putih Buah Sayur Nasi Roti tawar Mie 53 .

cumi.Living in Surabaya Meat Seafood Milk Public Toilet What is this? Street Town Village What time does it open/close? May I take photographs? Daging Masakan laut (ikan. udang.) Susu WC ('wé-sé’) Apa ini ? Jalan Kota Desa Jam berapa buka/tutup? Boleh saya ambil foto? 54 . dll.

id/ http://unair.htm http://www.Living in Surabaya [Type text] REFERENCES http://www.surabaya.pdf 55

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