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2408 SE 16*“ Avenue Portland, OR 97214-5334 . . . WW stph///pner/pdx. Parish Office 50 .231.4955 Fax 736.1383
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to all,

by March
so we can make a decision.

PLEASE MARK QN YQUR QALENDAR5; Wednesday of the mnnth: B_ Catholics, 7:15 in
Paulist Center

the 43 anniversary of Fr. Charlie's ordination priesthood: March 7, 1970. Please take a I . . . . . congratulate him. This is Joyous anniversary.


Wednesday of the month: Questionable Forum,
15 in the Paulist Center S un d ay of th e m onth: FA BU LO US French T0 ast

BREAKFAST: Plan to eat breakfast with us Sunday (March 17) after both Masses. Enjoy $5 toast and sausages while visiting with family an d me mbers. The m o n ey we m ake 'is goin g

Fourth Sunday of Lent O March 10, 2013
Monday, March 11 Tuesday, March 12 Wednesday, March 13 Thursday, March 14 Friday, March 15 Saturday, March 16

Sunday, March 17

8:00 am Mass 8:00 am Mass 8:00 am Mass 8:00 am Mass 12:10 pm Mass 8:00 am Mass 4:00 pm Mass 8:30 am Mass 10:30 am Mass 10:30 am Mass

tMarian Morgan (A) ‘rMary Brugato (A) ‘rGiusippi & Rosalia Grecco For special intentions For single parents For those who are ill For those who are unemployed/underemployed ‘rFor those who are deceased For those struggling with depression Deaf Community Mass

Chapel Chapel Chapel Chapel Chapel Chapel Church Church Church Chapel


fill out a Mass Intention Form (located in the foyer of the Church) if you would like a Mass celebrated for you, for an anniversary of death, birthday or marriage, or some other special event. You can also call the oh‘ice.
Church cleaning for March 11

17: Eleanore Baccellieri and Dorene Dehen


- Noon on Mondays

O 9:00 am Office: 503.231.4955 PARISH STAFF

4:00 pm Tuesday through Friday

Pastor, Director of the NW Paulist Center
Fr. Charlie Brunick, CSP, x 117, frcharlle@stphilipneripdx.org

Business Manager
Jeanne McPherson, x 103, jeannem@stphilipneripdx.org

Associate Pastor
Fr. Michael Evernden, CSP, X111, mecsp@mac.com

Receptionist] Bulletin Editor
Star Studonivic, x101, stars@stphilipneripdx.org

Associate Pastor
Fr. Jim McCauley, CSP, x 109, jrpaulist@aol.com

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Rose Wolfe, X101, rosew@stphilipneripdx.org

Director of Adult Faith Formation
Barbara Harrison, x107, barbarah@stphlipneripdx.org

Maintenance and Grounds Manager
Edward Danila, edwardd@stphilipneripdx.org

BULLETIN SUBMISSIONS: Deadline (unless othen/vise noted) is the MONDAY morning prior to the Sunday Mass as the bulletin is sent to Seattle for printing. Thank you.

priest waited in line to have his car lled with gas just he/‘ere a /0/79 he//day Wee/<eh0'- The attehdaht We/"ked <7”/Ck/J4 ht/t there Were ma/7)’ eat-‘F ahead at the attendant /7701'/.0/led tOWaI'd$ a /7/777. vaw/it puma "Father/’ said the you/19 man, "I'm $0 50”)’ aheut the de/al’/' /It 5ee/775 a5 /If el/e/V0/7e Wa/t5 t/ht/7 the /a5t /77/ht/te to get read)’ for a /0/71-7 t/'/P-I’ The ref/e$t Chi/_e/</ee "-7 /</70W What V0” h7eah- It? the 5a/he //7 /"V ht/5/"e55-”

DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE who is interested in becoming Catholic? Or maybe you know someone who is talkin g about returnin g to the Catholic faith. Invite them to Mass with you N50, please give them our
parish ofce telephone number (503.231.4955) and encourage them to call for information. We are here to assist with the journey to Christ

We are directory in early planning on doing an updated pictorial June. We've had many changes in our membership and Want tQ get even/0ne'5 pictufe in Quf centennia| directory. Pictorial directories are very helpful when we have new staff, new priests, or new members. So — you have plenty of time to grow your hair, lose weight, or change your look before then. Plan now to sign up for your portraits. We will have a sign-up sheet available in the ofce. We have selected a new company to take our photos and to put together a memorable book for us.






Amen, I say to you, whatever you dld for one of these least brothers of mine you did for me.” Mt. 25:40.


How ‘ Wm you help?
. .

Services Collection. Envelopes are in your pew.

Plea? gwe 9e_"""°"s'Y to The _cath°|'c Rehef

Next Sunday's Scripture Readings:
Fifth s[,||1dayQf|_e|1t: March 17;
Res onSOri;?3S::|%_ P3755 1;6_16_2 2_3 4_5 6 p Gospéh J0/m8_1_}1





h4:1-21 ’ ’



Readmg 2' PM/pp/ans 38-14

DID YOU KNOW: St. Philip Neri is on Facebook. The easiest way to get there is to go to Facebook, and type into the search area “St. Philip Neri Catholic Church Paulist Fathers.” Also make sure to check out 5. . our website: http://www.stphlllpnerlpdx.org where you can find out more about things like upcoming parish events, parish news, committees, religious education, see photos of recent events and lots more!










“Being a Christian in the Middle East”
In the Aftermath

of the Arab Spring

Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 7:00 PM Carvlin Hall
What are the challenges for Christians living in fundamentalist sharia law Muslim nations? What about the recent persecutions of Christians in Egypt? How do the various Christian churches and denominations get along with each other?
Fr. Michael McGarry, CSP, originally from Los Angeles, studied for the Catholic priesthood for the Pauiist Fathers in Baltimore and Washington, DC, and did graduate work in theology at St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto. He also studied Jewish studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. For many years, he has been involved in Jewish-Christian relations, speaking on a variety of topics including Christology, preaching, and Shoah education. He has written Christoloqy After Auschwitz and (with Yehezkel Landau) Pope John Paul /I in the Ho/gv Land. He served on the Advisory Committee to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on Catholic~Jewish Relations, and in many pastoral and academic settings.


He served as rector of St. Paul’s College in Washington DC, and pastor of Newman Hall, the Catholic Parish at the University of California, Berkeley. For eleven years, he served as Rector of the Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem. Currently he is President of the Pauiist Fathers Community.

Please register so that we may provide enough materials and refreshments.

St. Philip Neri Parish, 2408 SE 16"‘ Ave, Portland, OR Call 503 231-4955 to register

Fourth Sunday of Lent » March
We are new midway through Lent

10, 2013

A book group is being formed to read “Talking Treason in the Church: The Lay Person's Guide to Renewing the Catholic Church" by Joseph Marren. This is a provacative look at the develo ment of the Mass and the historY of

50_my rst task

this Lent was to ‘clean out’ things. I started with my computer----things that I read and really like and seem to do nothing with but put in a le ‘to check later.’ Well, later has arrived and it is amazing the things I have found----and I still like them! Following is a short essay by Andy Otto from his weekly email posting “God in all things.” Let me know what you think.


uman beings


we are very afraid to making
. . .

'T:St?tk€s' .tWeBcin peogte pe'LeCt'OnEtitanddnOt,tr?£dHg ey' e er’ on U m'sa es ma e us m' O They teach us what works and what doesn't. They teach us more about ourselves, our weaknesses, and flaws. They help us improve. Busted Halo (a Paulist


the f°rm_at'°n of the Church merarchy by a man who has stuched Church mstow for Over 50 years‘ Marren wrote the rst chapter to explain to his family why he remained Catholic, and the rest of the book was written in response to the predator-priest scandal that made news in Boston in 2002. Please contact Rose in the ofce to reserve your copy of the book for $10. Grou p will begin on Sunday April 7 at 11.45 in the Paulist Center. We will meet the other members of the distribute books and decide on a meetin rou g p’ g schedule at that time.




radio program and email newsletter) blogged a post called “What Works: Being imperfect doesn't mean you're bad, just human.” The blogger speaks about hew he hmke his |_ehteh commitment eh the rst day_ For same peep|e__ this some |ead to se|f-¢ehdemhatieh_ But our commitments should be grounded in love, he says, hot m ah attempt to be pe|—fe¢t_

lh the




5/70/1; 50/776'!‘//7785

Aftermath er the Arab 5Prlh9- ThUrsdaY, Apr" 11, Z013 at _7iP9 lI>rh,_ Carvhh Ha||- What are the challenges for Christians living in fundamentalist sharia law Muslim nations? What about the recent persecutions of Christian ih EqYPt? HOW de the Various Christlah churches and denominations get along with each other? Presenter is Fr. Michael McGarry, CSP. Please call the office to register so We can provide enough rnateria|S
and ref,-e5hment5_

/n spectacular ways, usually /n embarrassingly mundane ones. We are not saints. And actually, by that standard neither are the saints. Read about saints’ lives and you’/l nd plenty of character defects at play. The point . , . 50 g/Ve yourse/f a breakmaod /5" you are” God‘ does.’ (Phil Fox Rose, Busted Halo)


and Several a couple of our iiarishioners have gskzled more about them. In 1998 two graduates of the Women's

PRAYER SHAWLS: months a o we mentioned “ ra er shawls”

But what about when we fall into temptation? It doesn't make Us evi|_ It makes us humah_ As Jesus did hat condemn the adulterous woman, we need not condemn ourselves. As Jesus showed compassion to sinners, we must show compassion for ourselves. Mistakes can lead

Leadership Institute at Hartrerd seminew (cermectieut) created this prayerful ministry which reaches out to these ih heed Of Cerhfert and selaee as We" as j0Y ahd ¢e|et>ratl°h- B|essih9s are PraYed ihte eVerY stit¢h-|-hey are eeued prayer shawls, Comfort Shams, peace

to amazmg 9taCe- 5t- Pat" 5a'dI “Where 5'“ 'hCtea5ed1 Qraee aheuhdee ah the mere-” (Romans 5120b) I qtlete Ph" FOX R0555 'h5'9ht5 agalht
me/. Change

“...to the individual sinner, Jesus said: Welcome, jo/'n your Ways but for right Ham just have a

shawls, and all are made with prayers for the recipient. These shawls are knitted, crocheted, quilted, woven or machine knitted, it doesn't matter. What makes them important is the prayers and good thoughts during the making. These shawls can be used for those who_are ill,
Wh°§e who are 9r'e‘_"ng' a mamage _cerem°nY' b"th'n9' nursing, wedding gifts, recovery, birthdays, etc. They are meant as a blessing for whoever receives them due


Jesus was radically we/coming and radically I/m not Say,-Hg he did”/Z. nd fa”/t with behaviors, but he d/dn/t deem a pe/.50” Unacceptable

tab/e_ ,,

when their behavior was. They were still we/come at his

to the prayers‘ You can Wnte Your OW“ blessmg and
include it.
ST '

Mistakes are human. Have Christ-like compassion for yourself ask for forgiveness, learn from your fall and move OI;/,


6:00. For more information please contact St. Rita Church.


Well—what do you think?
Deg 5,-at/as; Barbara/l1_ /-/arr/son

ST. PETER CHURCH SPRING DINNER: March 17 from noon till 6: 63'“ annual spring dinner. Adults: $12.00, children 12 and under: $6.00. Tickets available at the door. More information: 503.777.3321.

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