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Sizzix Storybook Easter Carriage

By Jim R. Hankins The Gentleman Crafter Copyright 2013

A whimsical Easter Carriage ready for Easter candy, surprises or a little mini....Heres how to make one....

Supplies: Dies: Sizzix/Tim Holtz Tattered Florals (3rd Largest Flower) Sizzix/Tim Holtz Tapered Fringe Sizzix/Tim Holtz Easter Elements (Rabbit) Sizzix/Tim Holtz Hardware Findings (Hinges) Sizzix/Karen Burniston Star and Circle Set (Scalloped Center Circle) Sizzix/Karen Burniston Ornate Plate Sizzix/Karen Burniston Frame and Label Bracket Sizzix/Rachel Bright Flourish & Leaf 3 x 7-1/2 Oval Paper Mache Box (From Craft Store) Medium Weight Chipboard Patterned Paper (I used Doodle Bug) Matte Multi Medium, Wet Glue or Similar Scrap of Grungepaper 3-1/4 x 3-1/4 Piece of Acetate Wooden Dowels Foam Easter Egg (1) Hitch Fastener 1/4 -inch Heavy Duty Punch 1/8-inch Heavy Duty Punch

PreparationCutting the PiecesStep 1: Cut the following pieces from medium weight chipboard. Some of the pieces are doubled up to make them thicker. They are noted below. Please adhere respective pieces together to form a single piece. (4) Large Flowers from Tim Holtz Tattered Florals Die (4) Scalloped Circles from Karen Burniston Star and Circle Set (1) Frame and Label Bracket (Frame) (1) Strip of the Tim Holtz Tapered Fringe Double These Pieces: (8) Ornate Plates- Karen Burniston (Makes 4 Wheels) (8) Flourish & Leaf Rachel Bright (Makes 4 Carriage Flourishes) (4) Rabbit from Tim Holtz Easter Elements (Makes 2 Rabbits) (4) 1-1/2 x 6-inch Strips of Chipboard (Makes 2 Carriage Rails) Cut the following from Grungepaper: (2) Hinges from Tim Holtz -Hardware Findings Cut the following from -inch wooden dowel: (2) 4-inches Cut the following from 1/8-inch wooden dowel: (2) 4-inches (2) 6-inches

Pieces glued together forming one piece. The RailStep 2: With a 1/4 inch punch, punch a hole over and down -inch into the (2) 1-1/2 x 6-inch rails. Do this on each end. Round over edges with a corner chomper or similar.

PaintStep 3: Paint all pieces with Tim Holtz Distress Paint or similar.

Building the CarriageStep 4: Adhere the Tattered Florals flower to the Ornate Plate (wheel). Next, punch a 1/4-inch hole through the middle of the flower.

Step 5: Insert Dowels through one side of the rails.

Step 6: Place wheels on both the dowels. Glue one of the scalloped circles cut from the Star and Circle Set onto the end of the dowel

Step 7: Place the blue flourish pieces so they mirror each other on the back side of the rail

Step 8: Repeat for other side, attaching the side rail, inserting the wheels on both the dowels and attaching the filigree pieces to the inside of the rail.

Step 9: Cover a piece of chipboard on the front and back. Run the Easter Elements Die (Rabbit) through your die cutter. Do this twice. You will need (2). Next, punch a 1/8- inch hole though the neck and middle foot of rabbit. Transfer these marks onto the remaining rabbit through the punched holes. Place a dab of glue on the end of each dowel and insert into pre-punched holes in rabbit.

Last, tie a bow around each of the rabbits necks and insert the 6-inch dowels into each of the bows and hot glue into place. Place the two reins on top of the rail in-between the blue filigree piece and the wheel and hot glue into place.

Ok, so its not the prettiest glue jobbut it works! !

The BoxStep 1: Cover a piece of chipboard with patterned paper and die cut the Frame and Label Bracket. Using the frame piece, trace the inside design onto the top of the oval box lid about 3/4 inches down from the top edge. (Note: The picture below shows the frame uncovered, but go ahead and cover yours before cutting.)

With a craft knife, cut on the traced line forming a window.

Step 2: Next, onto cardstock, trace around the bottom of the box. Cut out template. Place the template onto your work surface and place the box lid down onto the oval template. Trace around the inside of the window though the box lid. With a craft knife, cut on the traced lines forming the window on the template.

With the template done, trace this onto patterned paper and cut out. This will be your front cover paper. Apply adhesive to the backside and adhere to front of box.

Step 3: Cut a 3-1/4 x 3-1/4 piece of acetate to form a window. Glue this piece to the interior of the box lid. I stenciled mine using Wendy Vecchis embossing paste.

Using the same template, cut a 1/8-inch from around the edges, making the template smaller. With the smaller oval windowed template, trace around the oval and window shapes onto patterned paper. Use this piece to cover the interior of the box lid. Last, from patterned paper cut another frame from the Frame and Label Bracket die and adhere to interior of window.

Step 5: Using the same template, trace two more ovals to cover the bottom and interior box bottom.

Step 6: Cut (4) 2-5/8 x 12-inch pieces to cover the interior and exterior sides. Adhere into place.

Place a decorative strip of patterned paper or washi tape around the outside rim of box lid.

Finishing touches... Die cut the Tim Holtz Tapered Fringe and roll into circle. Glue the end of the strip to itself. Adhere crown to top center of box with hot glue.

Adhere patterned paper to strips of grungepaper. Next die cut the hinges from the Tim Holtz Hardware Findings die. You need will need (2) hinges. Place brads in holes and adhere to each side of crown piece and then down along box sides.

Apply glue to the bottom of a decorative foam egg and place into crown. Last like placing a cherry on top of ice cream, adhere a Hitch fastener to the top of the egg...

Fill the box with Easter surprises and place the box down on the carriage! Voila...Done!