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It’s not even a 3rd of what you’ll see in beta release I hope some of you have fun trying to decipher some of this and hope those who try out a battle or two have fun. I also hope you guys like the trainer spoilers. -DM Stark As the man said, “this bunch of docs isn’t really explained.” I’ve extrapolated where necessary, and made wild guesses when I couldn’t, but I think I’ve managed to get the information into a somewhat readable format. I was going for a rush release, so there isn’t as much color/graphical design as I’d like, but I’ll add that in if I do a release for the beta version. I was also not motivated enough to go through all the text and add the accent mark in Pokemon, but I’ll get to it at some point. Also, things like the (658-page) Pokedex haven’t been touched, because I’m not quite that crazy. As this is really just compiled notes for an Alpha version, there’s (obviously) information completely missing. For example, while there are blurbs about the advanced versions of each class, there’s no actual information about requirements, advantages, skills, or really how to play them. Hope someone finds this useful. If so, I’ll make a real one when I can get my hands on more information. Obviously, the material included was created by Dr. Mr. Stark, and Pokemon as an IP is owned by somebody else. I just put words in a PDF document. All pictures are shamelessly stolen from whoever the hell made them. - Axiom

Ace Trainer
Ace trainers are such dedicated battlers that they have studied how to maximize battle experience. They can enhance their pokemon’s attacks and find weaknesses in a foe’s pokemon normally immune or resistant to their pokemon’s attacks, teaching their pokemon as much as possible from each battle. Every match is filled with passion, and each pokemon trained by an Ace Trainer can realize the pinnacle of battle potential. Prerequisites: 13 STR, 13 CON Key Abilities: Strength, Constitution Negligent Ability: Wisdom Bonuses: +1 STR +1 CON Penalties: -2 WIS Ace Trainer Features: Enhanced Training, Improved Attacks

Enhanced Training:

Ace Trainer Feature Static Trigger: Your pokemon gains experience points. Effect: Each of your pokemon gains 1.2x the amount of experience they would gain normally. This replaces the amount of experience they would normally gain.

Improved Attacks:

Static Trigger: Your pokemon’s damage dealing attack hits. Effect: When adding up damage dealt to the foe, add either half of your STR modifier or half of your CON modifier before your foes subtracts their defense or special defense from the attack.

Ace Trainer Feature

These Ace Trainers find symbolic meaning in a certain type and make each of their pokemon utilize that element in the best way possible. These Ace Trainers have studied extensively to attain that goal and will defeat every other Brain to show that they are deserving of the highest level of trainer. it’s not them. Enduring Soul: Sometimes. Gym Battler: Gym Battlers were born to take advantage of the Pokemon world’s Gym Leagues. or make a weak skinned pokemon have an iron-plated body. or the smartest and then. the Stat Ace further improves those superior abilities. When it comes to collecting Badges. . even in pokemon who are not the same type themselves. or the strongest. A Type Ace can bring out the best of any type. they vow to never let anything escape their sight ever again. The pokemon owned by an Enduring Soul feel strength from their resolve too and can focus on empowering their defenses to make sure that if an ally is going down. The Stat Ace can bring a slow pokemon up to speed. these trainers can easily acquire them all. The Type Ace can even convert the elements themselves. leaving their allies unprotected and their pokemon unguided. even when they are in their energy form. Tag Battler: Tag Battlers can multitask and keep track of multiple pokemon to attain victory. Frontier Battler: The Frontier is the ultimate destination for trainers who want to show their true power. No other Ace Trainer can make a Slowbro out run a Shedinja. Each of their pokemon blend well with each of their other pokemon and together they can end all foes. These Ace Trainers exploit known weaknesses better then others who only know things such as the Gym’s Type. and have their shiny Badges ready to present to the League Championship every single year.Advanced Classes . They teach their pokemon to trap foes and pursue them. but as one combined unit that can defeat any amount of foes they come up against. They will always have their friends’ backs and always be there to guide their loyal pokemon. returning to a Poke Ball.Ace Trainer Type Ace: A fan of whatever Type they align themselves with. They find pokemon who are the fastest. The Enduring Soul learns from their failure and vows to be there to protect their allies and never go down again. Stat Ace: These Ace Trainers hold loyalties only to ability. in the heat of battle. Having learned the lesson of prey lost. Their abilities in bringing out a specific skill of a pokemon are unparalleled. next to champion. It is not the possibility of capturing the foe that compels them. sometimes letting their obsession get out of control – felling all foes that they meet is the only thing that satisfies their desires. it is their desire to defeat the foe and show the fleeing enemy who is the best. an Ace Trainer may be knocked unconscious. They make their pokemon work not only as a team. Chaser: Chasers are sometimes looked at as a cruel type of Ace Trainer. The Chaser is dangerous. the Type Ace finds a special calling to the elements. The Frontier Battler’s ultimate destination is a throne as one of the Frontier Brains.

Poke Ball Tool Box (2. the Poke Ball is fixed and is treated as if it had not broken. Prerequisites: 13 DEX. Effect: Roll d20 and add your DEX and INT modifiers to the roll.500) Key Abilities: Dexterity. 13 INT. you may perform this Class Feature another time per day. a Capture Specialist can quickly rebuild a poke ball with very little effort or expense. If the total exceeds 15. A Capture Specialist’s natural and one true calling is finding every wild and adding them to his or her collection. Capture Specialist Feature . Capture Point Poke Ball Repair: Capture Specialist Feature Daily – Every 5 levels gained. Capture Point: Static Trigger: You throw a Poke Ball. Intelligence Negligent Ability: Constitution Bonuses: +1 DEX +1 INT Penalties: -2 CON Capture Specialist Features: Poke Ball Repair.Capture Specialist The capture specialist is a talented mechanic. Target: Any Poke Ball that has failed to capture a pokemon and broke. Effect: Subtract either half of your DEX modifier or half of your INT modifier from your d100 rolls when throwing any Poke Ball. Even after a wild pokemon breaks out of a poke ball after a failed attempt at capture. They intimately know the technology implemented in any type of Poke Ball and can improve their capture rates with a small bit of tweaking. The mastery of poke ball knowledge makes it easier for a Capture Specialist to catch them all.

Forever. They utilize their desire to capture everything to improve their rate of capture but even after they’ve checked a monster off their list. The inventors of the Pokemon world need to find ideas somewhere. the Artificer can make it all to help catch it all. Apricorn Smith: Capture Specialists all know the origin of the Poke Ball. Apricorns are fruit with reflective skins that served as the first modern Poke Balls.Capture Specialist Maniac: A Maniac is a fanatic Capture Specialist. you can get the last laugh as your new Poke Balls capture everything you want. they have a list of pokemon that exist and they need to capture every single one. Poke Ball Designer: A capture Specialist sometimes focuses on the technology aspect of their profession. they can’t stop until they have each and every different species. An Apricorn Smith utilizes his knowledge to make various Poke Balls at a much cheaper price then a Poke Mart would offer. It is through the Engineer that technological advances are made. Collector: The Collector needs to catch them all. They ensure their pokemon an extra boost in power.Advanced Classes . While stores may not be too excited to purchase unofficial designs for their own sale. or use in battle. A Maniac has no final plan. Artificer: The Artificer is an inventive Capture Specialist who creates items for pokemon to hold. This Capture Specialist doesn’t dream of the Pokemon League or any spotlight on stage. while traveling the world many new machines can easily come to mind. They care little for what they are capturing as long as they are capturing everything they encounter. They create their own equipment to better help them through the world. they just intend to capture everything they meet. it’s much easier to catch many pokemon. A Poke Ball Designer is an inventor who comes up with his or her own original Poke Ball designs and properties. improve PC abilities and even create vehicles. With the access to all of the self made Poke Balls a Smith does. Each time they capture a pokemon they’ve captured before it becomes a little easier next time. From vision improving goggles to bands which increase experience gain. . They can modify the Pokedex. or a special consumable that can heal pokemon in different situations. Engineer: An engineer expands their technological ability to machinery larger then a Poke Ball.

Researcher Feature Frantic Research: Daily – Every 5 levels gained. A powerful trainer can help a pokemon find the power that’s inside. Researchers aim to know the most. height. and location.Researcher While most trainers aim to be the best. type. 13 WIS Key Abilities: Intelligence. their habitat. you may perform this Class Feature another time per day. they have studied for many years prior to the beginning of their journey and have retained a vast amount of knowledge relating to most pokemon all over the world. and even the location of several pokemon – just by name. They know many things relating to a pokemon’s natural moveset. you learn what level the pokemon is. Prerequisites: 13 INT. weight. evolution methods. Researcher Feature . Frantic Research Walking Encyclopedia: Static Target: Anything related to knowledge you are allowed to look up. relating to Pokemon in your Pokedex. abilities. a Researcher knows the power that’s inside before he or she even captures a pokemon. Effect: Roll d20 and add your INT and WIS modifiers to the roll. Target: Any Pokemon. You have immediate access to all information a Pokedex would grant. type advantage. If you roll higher then 15. about move sets. Wisdom Negligent Ability: Strength Bonuses: +1 INT +1 WIS Penalties: -2 STR Researcher Features: Walking Encyclopedia. Effect: You know Pokemon data. While they lack the physical advantage other trainers might.

of each legend’s origin off the top of their heads. They mix various materials together to make repels. fossils. potions. Some may think of this type of Researcher as a nut but at the end of the day. Photographer: The Photographer can take pictures of wild pokemon in their natural habitat. They can dig up evolutionary stones. its specific home’s location or anything else factual about a pokemon with less then a glance at its silhouette.Researcher Professor: The Professor is a Researcher who has mastered the knowledge surrounding all pokemon known to the masses. Another talent a watcher has.Advanced Classes . they’ll get the last laugh. unseen in any other trainer type. its complete move set. They can find areas where wild pokemon will yield more items drops. The Researcher who values photography knows the importance of funding. A Scientist doesn’t always have the right materials for their desired product. to capture the nature and habits of a pokemon in their frame. Scientist: A Researcher who practices the creation of various concoctions is a Scientist. but maybe a few experiments will prove to create a new potion unlike any seen before. This variety of Researcher is very useful for the navigation of land. They are unrivalled field commanders and utilize their strategy to ensure their party’s victory. Cryptozoologist: A Cryptozoologist is a mythology expert who specializes in the tracking. able to tell the various tales. is that ability to locate and track down shiny pokemon who make great pageant competitors or grand auction items. just by looking at the wild pokemon. They can identify facts about a wild pokemon’s living conditions such as the amount of pokemon they live with. Watcher: The pokemon Watcher is a Researcher very in tune with a pokemon’s natural habitat. Petrologist: Researchers who master petrology are rare item hunters. pursuit and capture of legendary pokemon. They know of the mythical pokemon intimately. they are also very adept explorers underground. Professors are unparalleled kings of intelligence and use their vast amount of knowledge proves it. if they have these godly powers as their allies. magazines or private collectors. They can then sell these pictures to various buyers such as newspapers. which nearby spot yields those family members and how easily they can tackle the foe at hand. a talented Photographer can ensure that their research is always paid for and maintained. The Petrologist is also an expert excavator. or various rare items found underground. word for word. and other items used for whatever they can think up. . In addition to their vast knowledge in the finding and use of these rare items. They can identify things about a pokemon such as its level of power. in caves and in ancient ruins.

not as a friend. Breeders emphasize the importance of raising a pokemon from birth. Effect: Eggs hatch at ¾ of the rate they usually would. Breeder Feature Natural Edge: Daily Target: A hatching egg. Breeder Feature . Natural Edge Egg Hatcher: Static Target: Eggs in the possession of the Breeder.Breeder Some trainers realize the value of raising a pokemon from a young age in order to build a better bond with their allies and friends. Breeders hatch eggs very quickly and can actually coerce their pokemon to produce multiple eggs. Effect: Add your half of your CHA modifier to any one of the pokemon’s base stats and add half of your WIS modifier to a different base stat of the same pokemon. 13 WIS Key Abilities: Charisma. The most noticeable talent a breeder shows is the fact that their pokemon are naturally born with more power then the average pokemon. Their pokemon are born with the courage and strength to pull them through any situation. These becomes your pokemon’s new base stats. Some even grow more powerful then any other in its species. Prerequisites: 13 CHA. Wisdom Negligent Ability: Dexterity Bonuses: +1 CHA +1 WIS Penalties: -2 DEX Breeder Features: Egg Hatcher. but as their own children.

They are also talented poke block crushers. making high level cakes not even a full team of mixers could make. Pusher: It is not common knowledge how Technical Machines came to be. In addition to preparing pokemon for a debut on stage. A Medic can treat wounded and afflicted pokemon at the cost of some medical supplies and herbs that earth gives them from the surrounding area.Advanced Classes .Breeder Hatcher: The Hatcher takes a great deal of pride in their pokemon’s eggs. a pokemon may learn a move. This Breeder loves to make food for their friends and their pokemon. which can hatch a newly acquired egg in less than a few days. Routes that last a few days can see no form of medical attention for a trainer’s pokemon. Chef: The Chef is a talented culinary master. which can potentially kill a severally poisoned or injured pokemon. normally only learned through the injection of a TM. Even further. or any pokemon they practice on. Pushers are much like the Move Tutors in this sense. during level up. It can be a deadly surprise to encounter a foes’ Charizard who suddenly lets loose a Water Pulse from its mouth. Breeders who start practicing basic medical work can find a warm welcome to any traveling party. Some call Traders con artists. which it is undocumented to have learned when trained by this variety of Breeder. Medic: When battling. Their care for their eggs greatly influence the potential of their baby pokemon and can prove to make the Breeder’s babies greatly stronger as they grow up. This Breeder is great at selling their pokemon for more then their worth. Trader: The Trader is a talented smooth-talker. the most mature pokemon make the best partners. The Evolver can coerce their pokemon to grow up at a young age and allow a pokemon to rapidly reach its final level of evolution. even though they are most likely already very well brought up. a pokemon is commonly injured which requires a visit to a pokemon center shortly afterward. increasing its basic level of power without putting as much time into a particular pokemon that a normal trainer would. Food comes easy for a team traveling with a Chef. . making vitamins unlike any a normal trainer would make. They practice warming eggs in an unrivaled fashion. but who can deny how amazing that Ratata looks? It’s easily worth a Munchlax. They are talented poffin mixers. they can use the world around them to provide for everyone. A Groomer can prepare their pokemon for a contest and even defeat an inexperienced Coordinator because of it. The Pusher is aware of their origin and can use their knowledge to push their pokemon into learning a move. It is through evolution that a pokemon can reach full maturity. Evolver: Some Breeders intuitively know what kind of motivation a pokemon needs to evolve a pokemon at an unnaturally low level of power. their grooming techniques greatly increase the happiness of their pokemon. They can find the people who are trading rare pokemon and get a great deal on a stranger’s Dragon type for your common-yet-well-raised Normal type. Groomer: Some Breeders take interest in pokemon contests.

This is the maximum range at which you can control the target. Effect: Add your INT and CON modifiers and multiply the total by 5 pounds. Ghost and Psychic type pokemon. This represents the weight you may lift and items you may target with Telekinesis. Telekinesis: At-Will Target: Any object you may lift. as well as project your surface thoughts to other humans. Prerequisites: 13 INT. They can emphatically figure out exactly what their pokemon need. Multiply your INT and CON modifiers then multiply that product by 3-meters. Psychics have a natural affinity for the Dark. Psychic Feature . They can telekinetically move objects and telepathically enter the minds of others. some may be immune to Telepathy Effect: You may read the surface thoughts of other humans. Constitution Negligent Ability: Strength Bonuses: +1 INT +1 CON Penalties: -2 STR Psychic Features: Telepathy. Psychics are born with supernatural powers. telepathically negotiate with people or enter the minds of pokemon to communicate with the wild itself. 13 CON Key Abilities: Intelligence. Telekinesis Telepathy: Psychic Feature At-Will Trigger: Any other human.Psychic Not every human in the Pokemon World is born with equal natural abilities.

Water Pusher: The Water Pusher is a Psychic who can grab water molecules in the air and focus them into a liquid mass. but in order to help their friends. The Clairsentient can look at an item and know its history in the past hour. Some don’t realize the power of the air that surrounds them. Users of hydrokinesis and cryokinesis. A Fire Breather is both pyrokinetic and photokinetic. paralyzing them. but even a weak one can surprise the foe with a tremor or two. but when surrounded by a globe of water. but the difference between influence and mind control is that the target doesn’t realize he is being influenced. Ever tried living in a vacuum? Influential: The most powerful of telepaths can actual put their thoughts and desires into the minds of other living things.Psychic Healer: Some Psychics can push their energy into an injured area and add positive energy. Empaths can feel what others feel and intuitively know how to right what wrong another is feeling. This sort of power is mentally exhausting to a Healer. Holding down a foe can be helpful and easily done with moving vines or a ton of dirt. healing a fellow trainer or a pokemon. the weakness felt afterward is worth the result. and through this medium communicate with their allies and friends. Clairsentient: Telepaths who can enter the philosophical mind of the inanimate are weird in ways unlike any other Psychic. With their excellent detective powers. The bridge between pokemon and humans is very short but without an Empath. Fire Breather: Psychics can hone their telekinesis to ignite oxygen in the air and turn it into fire. These Psychics can influence the growth of plants and movement of the earth below them. confusion or sleep on another human being. Psychics who master these forms of telekinesis can generate gusts of wind and bolts of electricity. The Influential is a Psychic who can do just that. unable to get down. They will act and the Influential will benefit. the bridge crossing language would be light-years between ends. or stuck in the air. Using fire to burn your foes while creating illusions with photokinesis is more then a circus trick. The water is very reliable for hydration and also serves to keep wounds calmed until healed. but with a Psychic on your team. day or even week. Hex Maniac: This Psychic is a medium who can spiritually summon the aspect of affliction to cast status effects on a wild pokemon. The Hex Master can also target other humans. The victim actually believes the Psychic’s desires are his or her own. . Empaths can actually read the minds of pokemon. inflicting curses. Some think little of water. they can be a handy utility on any team. it’s hard to laugh without drowning. They can stand on a spot of land and realize what stepped over it recently. Traveling a world filled with wild foes is dangerous.Advanced Classes . Earth Shaker: An Earth Shaker is both geokenetic and botanokinetic. Pyrokinesis is the ability to create and control fire mentally while photokinesis is the ability to create and control light. then follow the ghost of what was there. Water Pushers can push their foes with their bursts of water and stop them in their place once they are soaked with ice. They are considered recluses by most because of their mental state that is influenced by the spirits they summon but it is their eccentric abilities that can help their party capture any target. but the absence of air is even worse. Empath: The Empath is a highly sought after traveling partner in the Pokemon world. Foes to this offensive type of Psychic can find themselves surrounded by field of electricity. In basic terms it’s mind control. Air Adept: Aerokinesis and electrokinesis are at the disposal of the Air Adepts. Makeshift shelters are a simple matter for the most powerful of Earth Shakers. it can be used to kill an unworthy foe. those long journeys may have a safer passage knowing your team can be healed. They can lift rocks and sand or uproot a plant to use for whatever they see fit.

Martial Artist Feature Improved Endurance: Martial Artist Feature Static Target: Your HP total. Their mastery of the Martial Artist is unparalleled by the untrained. Effect: Add your STR and DEX modifiers to the damage you deal as a trainer. random attempts of assault performed by any other trainer. Add this to your HP total. 13 DEX Key Abilities: Strength.. but does not stack. Prerequisites: 13 STR. They can take out other trainers with little effort. Steel. Rock and Ground types of pokemon and can better train them to use their attack to their full potential.Martial Artist Some trainers physically exceed some pokemon in hand-to-hand combat. and their pokemon benefit from their exploits as well. . The Martial Artist has a natural affinity for the Fighting. Dexterity Negligent Ability: Intelligence Bonuses: +1 STR +1 DEX Penalties: -2 INT Martial Artist Features: Improved Combat. This value is recalculated every time one of your modifiers changes. Improved Endurance Improved Combat: At-Will Trigger: You hit a foe with an attack. Effect: Add your STR and DEX modifers and multiply the total by 5HP.

With a keen eye and attention to how any situation. is always handled well by the Juggler. They can emit bursts of energy. or any thing. An Aura User also has the ability to hear the thoughts of other who want their thoughts to be heard by the Aura User. The Ninja can infiltrate a wild pokemon’s territory without scaring it off and then lure the wild towards their party. blunt. and possibly powerful pokemon. a blessing in any traveling party. Juggler: The Juggler takes their dexterity to the streets to make some monetary gain. Weapons Master: The Weapons Master is a deadly Martial Artists who uses weapons as an extension of their bodies. This is useful to increase the happiness of a pokemon or relax them before a contest. they can disable foes and make them easier to capture. making them useful additions to any party. the finest fighters of their respective martial art. It would be nearly impossible for another trainer untrained in such arts to take on a Weapons Master without their pokemon’s help. Massage Therapist: When a Martial Artist studies all of the pressure points on a human being. The Aura User is a rarity in the pokemon world. Aura User: A trainer who becomes one with the world surrounding them can use Aura. or pointed weapons to improve the damage they deal to foes. but while battling those quick fingers can turn into a quickly delivered potion – from across the field.Advanced Classes . the Massage Therapist is key to building a bond between pokemon and trainer. and create force fields around their body. Ninjas are quick and precise. The Martial Artist who reaches this pinnacle of talent can easily combat any other trainer. A Martial Artist who can read the psychological auras of strangers can know the intentions of a person without any conversation. They can use various bladed. They perform tricks that involve slight of hand and are excellent street scammers. Even switching pokemon can be done in a few seconds when this Martial Artist is battling. With further study. With their various poisons. Due to most pokemon evolving based on their relationship with their trainer. they can therapeutically relax that friend with massage.Martial Artist Ninja: These Martial Artists are trained in stealth and deadly poisons. This may seem like abilities unrelated to pokemon training. . Black Belt: At the top of every martial art is the Black Belt. they can master those pressure points on a pokemon.

Improved Income: Static Trigger: You win a Contest. Effect: Add half of your CHA or CON modifiers to your pokemon’s appearance appeal in the first round of a Contest. 13 CON Key Abilities: Charisma.5x the amount of prize value instead of the normal amount you would win.Coordinator Some trainers may battle against other trainers in a competition of appearance rather then strength. Prerequisites: 13 CHA. This isn’t any different in a battle. Coordinators value the importance of monetary gain and use their pokemon to ensure a constant cash flow through contests. Constitution Negligent Ability: Dexterity Bonuses: +1 CHA +1 CON Penalties: -2 DEX Coordinator Features: Natural Grace. Coordinators know the natural advantages of appearance and can some times convince a judge to award them victory before they’ve even entered a competition. just viewing a well-trained pokemon owned by a coordinator may intimidate some pokemon. only a truly talented Coordinator can make an ugly Feebas win a competition of beauty. Effect: You gain 1. They can’t be denied their Ribbons. As shallow as some may view this practice. Coordinator Feature . Improved Income Natural Grace: Coordinator Feature Static Trigger: You enter a Contest.

Investor: Some parents have brought up the Investor as someone meant to show great things.Coordinator Toughness Contester: A strong. Cute variety of trainer. Investors receive a great deal of extra funds whenever they win a contest and can afford a great deal of extra pampering for their contest winners because of it.Advanced Classes . these types of Coordinator practice showing off how stunning their pokemon appear. Smartness Teacher: A geeky. on the stage of contests. It’s always nice to help out your fellow trainer. giving them opportunity to win a Ribbon or two. and share the contest stage with them. Tough type of trainer. Cool variety of trainer. Beauty Modeler: A gorgeous. these types of Coordinator practice showing off how macho their pokemon are. Their family has long line of great Coordinators who have left their entire trust funds to you – if you win contests. Fashion Designer: Some Coordinators don’t want all the glory for themselves. Cute Idol: An adorable. as long as they won wearing their accessories. Beauty variety of trainer. these types of Coordinator practice showing off how super kawaii their adorable little monsters are. the Fashion Designer could care less which pokemon wins. these types of Coordinator practice showing off how chill and awesome their pokemon can be. They make outfits and accessories for their ally’s pokemon. Smart variety of trainer. Coolness Portrayer: A laid back. . these types of Coordinator practice showing off how intelligent their pokemon seem.

A ranger’s duty is to protect and befriend both human and pokemon alike. You may only have one Companion at a time. Until this ally is attacked. Effect: Once you successfully Restrain a pokemon. To a Ranger. but cannot participate in official battles or contests (doing so is fraud). If you give a new pokemon the Compainion title. and it cannot be taken from the area you found it in or it will run away. Ranger Feature Befriend: At-Will Trigger: You restrain a wild with the Styler. severely distracted. with four untamed pokemon in tow. You do not get a complete list of the Helpful’s attacks. you free the other pokemon and replace it with your new Companion. It is also common to see a Ranger running across a town. The Companion gains experience and levels exactly like a Captured pokemon. pokemon are not measured by how strong they are. towards a burning building about to collapse and emerge from the building shortly with everyone alive with the fire extinguished. Rangers exist to better the world. a well-placed Mudkip is as good as a Blastoise. The pokemon cannot be returned to a poke ball and it costs 150 credits to heal at a pokemon center. you may give it the Helpful title. trained force of authority who take on the responsibility of maintaining balance and peace. Dexterity Negligent Ability: Constitution Bonuses: +1 CHA +1 DEX Penalties: -2 CON Ranger Features: Companion. Effect: Once you successfully Restrain a pokemon. Ranger Feature . 13 DEX Key Abilities: Charisma. usually preferring to enlist the aid of pokemon by friendship rather than capturing them. who tends to the capture and battling of pokemon. Befriend Companion: Static Trigger: You restrain a wild with the Styler. To make the wild a Companion you must sacrifice half an hour upon giving it the Companion title to bond with the wild. Rangers are an elite.Ranger Unlike your average denizen in the world. Prerequisites: 13 CHA. or has helped the Ranger in a significant manner once it is under the Ranger’s control. and as one you’re sure to do just that. you may give it the Companion title.

The Navigator can even find natural foods in a forest and feed their entire party. Rider: While some individuals may be content with awkwardly being ferried to and fro by their pokemon. equal to law enforcement but arguably more efficient. you should alter things that affect the outcome? This ranger can rally pokemon who affect the weather. These elite Rangers prefer to have the situation under control before an incident occurs. in their favor. They command a different sort of respect. their presence alone is something to be admired. Special Operations: Not many people can say they’ve had the equipment to. by presenting their badge alone. or rain. . They know well the lay of the land and can almost always find safe passage between cities and towns scattered in the regions of the world. Captain: A Captain is the highest level of authority and an even greater level of honor to those who call themselves Rangers. or for the Captain’s foe - feared. They lack the impressive intuitive ability of a Meteorologist. The Captain. make an arrest or mark off an area from public use. They know where the shakers shake and they can find the movers moving. no great height. Some would argue that a Meteorologist isn’t intuitive because they make the weather change. or had the guts to stand in the way of a hyper beam on purpose. Detective: The Ranger who trades in their backwoods training for the city scene is a fine Detective. to make any situation shine. however that out of the box thinking is what leads them to a question’s answer. they are capable allies and welcome in any traveling party. The Captain is so greatly respected in the world. likely revealing the most rare pokemon in the world. Known for their legendary ability to steady any wild for an ally to ride. can command local authority.Ranger Navigator: The most world savvy Ranger is the Navigator. These Rangers fear no storm. They speak in random conspiracies and rarely make sense to those listening in on the conversations they have while talking to themselves. They can lead their party to the most remote places with little effort.Advanced Classes . before Captains. Isn’t it common sense that if you want to be right about the outcome of anything. As the topmost branch of the Rangers. Meteorologist: A weather forecaster seen on the news is unreliable. Riders intuitively conquer each mount on first sight. nor do they cease riding their pokemon as it battles a foe.

INT 13 Daily – Every 5 levels gained. Encore. Effect: Use when one of you pokemon is targeted by one of these Moves: Bug Buzz. Target: Your pokemon targeting with a Move. challenges you. Sleep Powder. Taunt. Chatter. Effect: Roll 1d20 and add your CHA modifier. Trigger: Your pokemon is targeted by a Move listed below. WIS 13 Daily – Every 4 levels gained. Sand-Attack. CHA 13 Daily – Every 10 levels gained. Effect: You don’t fail the check.Trainer Features Aim For the Horn!: Trainer Feature Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer. Captivate. Metal Sound. The foe must roll +2 during Accuracy Check to hit your pokemon. Trainer Feature Close Your Eyes!: Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer. Trainer Feature Chosen One: Prerequsites: 2 Advanced Features. Tail Whip. . Supersonic. Yawn. Trigger: Your pokemon is targeted by a Move listed below. you may perform this Feature another time per day. Hypnosis. Effect: Use when one of you pokemon is targeted by one of these Moves: Attract. Leer. Effect: On a roll of 16-20 during Accuracy Check. your pokemon’s attack will deal Neutral damage regardless of immunities or resistances. you may perform this Feature another time per day. the Trainer is intimidated and withdraws their challenge. Growl. Snore. Confuse Ray. Trainer Feature Cover Your Ears!: Trainer Feature Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer. Effect: On a roll of 19 or 20 during Accuracy Check. WIS 13 Daily – Every 5 levels gained. Trigger: A Trainer. Screech. Hyper Voice. Perish Song. WIS 16 Daily – Every 2 levels gained. your pokemon’s attack will deal Neutral damage regardless of immunities or resistances. Glare. Scary Face. Sing. The foe must roll +2 during Accuracy Check to hit your pokemon. Aim For the Horn! +: Trainer Feature Prerequisites: Aim for the Horn!. Uproar. Astonish. Spore. Mean Look. Roar. This Feature replaces Aim For the Horn! Back Off: Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer. Teeter Dance. Charm. you may perform this Feature another time per day. not involved in a Gym or Competition battle. you may perform this Feature another time per day. If the result is higher then 10. Level 16 Daily Trigger: You fail to roll high enough for any type of check. Grasswhistle. Follow Me. Target: Your pokemon targeting with a Move. you may perform this Feature another time per day.

INT 12 Daily Target: A Town or City Effect: Roll 1d20 and add your WIS and INT modifiers. Gym specialties. If you roll higher than 12. but not greater then -100% HP. you may perform this Feature another time per day. they are each included in the battle queue. and does not take a Trainer Action to use. Effect: Before fainting. CON 17 Daily Trigger: Your pokemon is lowered to 0 HP or less. you know local lore. Trainer Feature I Can Take a Hit +: Prerequisites: I Can Take a Hit.Dual Wielding: Prerequisites: Level 5. When you spend a Feat Point. CHA 19 Daily – Every 10 levels gained. Smog. DEX 13. you gain 1 Feat Point. CHA 13 Effect: You may control 2 pokemon at the same time. The foe must roll +2 during Accuracy Check to hit your pokemon. Poisonpowder. Stun Spore. Watch This: Trainer Feature Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer At-Will Effect: From now on. Hold Your Breath! Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer. Effect: Your pokemon deals an additional 1d10 during the Move’s damage for each point you have in CHA modifer. you may perform this Feature another time per day. the targeted pokemon can make one last shift and Move and then immediately faints afterwards. CON 13. Trainer Feature I’ve Heard About This Place Before: Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer. A Feat Point can be spent at anytime you can use a Trainer Action. INT 13. CON 13 Daily – Every 5 levels gained. Trainer Feature Hey Guys. Effect: Use when one of you pokemon is targeted by one of these Moves: Muddy Water. you may add any Feature to your Features whose prerequisites you meet. This Feature replaces I Can Take a Hit. Trigger: Your pokemon is targeted by a Move listed below. Target: Your pokemon that just hit a target with a Move. Sweet Scent. CON 17 Effect: When taking damage from anything reduce that damage by 10. Trainer Feature Not Yet!: Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer. instead of gaining a new Feature when you level up on levels that you would gain a Feature. Trainer Feature I Believe In You!: Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer. CON 13 Effect: When taking damage from anything reduce that damage by 5. You are still only allotted 1 Trainer Action. STR 13. and the names of important persons related to the town or city. Trainer Feature I Can Take a Hit: Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer. WIS 13. Poison Gas. You may not regain any Feat Points you spend. During a round of battle. Whirlpool. Trainer Feature . major sights. Surf.

This Feature replaces Satoshi’s Luck. you may perform this Class Feature another time per day. you may perform this Feature another time per day. Effect: Roll 1d20 and add your INT modifier.Let’s Get That Lock Open: Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer. DEX 17 Daily Target: Your poke that was targeted by a Move. loyal pokemon Daily Target: A roll. CHA 13 Effect: During encounters. Trainer Feature Look Out!: Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer. loyal pokemon Daily Target: A roll. Trainer Feature Let Me Help You With That +: Prerequisites: Let Me Help You With That Daily – Every 3 levels gained. Effect: You may re-roll a single die. the lock is unlocked and is undamaged and doesn’t appear tampered with. INT 13. you may re-roll a single die. released 3 fully-evolved. STR 13. The foe must roll 1 higher during Accraucy Check to hit your pokemon for each heads during the coin flips. released a fully-evolved. WIS 13. This Feature replaces Let Me Help You With That. Effect: Flip a coin until you flip tails. Trainer Feature . If you roll higher then 13. you may perform 2 Trainer Actions per round. Effect: The ally has +2 added to their check. Trainer Feature Random Knowledge: Prerequisites: 14 INT or 14 WIS Daily – Every 5 levels gained. Target: Anything you have line of sight to. Trainer Feature Satoshi’s Luck: Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer. Target: An ally making a check. Target: An ally making a check. INT 15 Daily Target: A non-computerized lock. If the result is higher then 15. Effect: At the cost of 15 HP. you must have targeted the pokemon with a Pokedex. Effect: The ally has +7 added to their check. If you are targeting a pokemon. Trainer Feature Multitasking: Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer. you know about the thing you targeted. DEX 13. Effect: Roll d20 and add your INT and WIS modifiers to the roll. Satoshi’s Luck. CON 13. you may perform this Feature another time per day. Trainer Feature Let Me Help You With That: Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer Daily – Every 10 levels gained. Trainer Feature Satoshi’s Karma: Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer.

If you take this Feature multiple times. you may perform this Feature another time per day. Effect: You must practice yoga at least once every 3 days. A workout session should consume at least 30 minutes of time. If you take this Feature multiple times. While exercising you lose 25 HP. Effect: In place of a Trainer Action. you still only need to spend 70 credits at a time. Effect: You must exercise at least once every 3 days. Your Dexterity stat gains 1 point. Trainer Feature You’re Doing It Wrong! +: Prerequisites: You’re Doing It Wrong! Daily – Every 3 levels gained. Effect: You must donate 70 credits to a Pokecenter per town visited. If you forget to do yoga at least once every 3 days you lose Yoga Break. If you don’t have 70 credits when you enter a town you have never visited. you still only lose 25 HP. You may take the Yoga Break multiple times. Effect: In place of a Trainer Action. While exercising you lose 25 HP. You may take the Study Session Feature multiple times. If you take this Feature multiple times. Trigger: An Ally fails a check. Your Strength stat gains 1 point or your Constitution stat gains 1 point. Effect: You must buy a book at each Pokemart for 70 credits per town visited. you may retry whatever check an ally failed if it’s allowed. This Feature replaces You’re Doing It Wrong! Trainer Feature . You may take the What a Guy Feature multiple times. If you don’t have 70 credits when you enter a town you have never visited. Workout: Trainer Feature Prerequisites: Exercised at least once. you may perform this Feature another time per day.Study Session: Prerequisites: Bought a book at least once. Trigger: An Ally fails a check. When you do you have a +3 bonus during your check in addition to any modifiers that would be added. If you take this Feature multiple times. You may take the Workout Feature multiple times. you lose this Feature and cannot get it back. you lose this Feature and cannot get it back. you still only need to donate 70 credits at a time. Trainer Feature What a Guy: Trainer Feature Prerequisites: Donated to a charity at least once. When you do you have a +6 bonus during your check in addition to any modifiers that would be added. Your Charisma stat gains 1 point. Yoga Break: Prerequisites: You practice Yoga. Trainer Feature You’re Doing It Wrong!: Prerequisites: Pokemon Trainer Daily – Every 10 levels gained. you still only lose 25 HP. Your Wisdom stat gains 1 point or your Intelligence stat gains 1 point. you may retry whatever check an ally failed if it’s allowed. A yoga session should consume at least 30 minutes of time. If you forget to exercise at least once every 3 days you lose Workout.

(1T) Wild Tinkering: Pay the standard price for a ball plus one modifier. learn any fighting type move it used on or around you as a once per day ability. Take a 20% discount for parts on any balls you design and produce. Note that outlandish or unfair rules may be outright refused. it may prove to further irritate aggressors if you fail to impress them. The players on the table around you will rate your tantrum on a scale of 1 to 10(you should average the scores if one isn’t decided upon). which I haven’t seen anywhere else yet. however. Any lower and they may accept or refuse. (2T) Valued Gearhead: You’re greeted by name at the parts store. and bred a lot of pokemon. claim a move doesn’t harm your player character. Your stories and recollections enthrall. captivate. These three hits do not have to be within any sort of time frame of eachother. If it is 20 or above. bean a pokemon you’re attempting to capture with a pokeball for 1d8 damage plus dex mod before rolling your capture attempt. (2T) Wild Sparring: You may challenge any wild pokemon (fighting type. This yields a ball with a modifier determined by your DM. This ability can have essentially random effects. you influence those around you. Using this skill yields a ball with the respective discovered modifier attached to it. roll 1d20. You must leave the rest of your pokemon in a PC. (3T)Wild Talent: Spend a week with any fighting type pokemon or pokemon with a fighting type move that is neutral or better towards you in mood that understands your request. (3T) Indicates skills which may be taken after selecting two prestige classes and/or reaching 10th level.000 credits in yields double the materials from then on for pokeball creation only(ie: buying the materials for a pokeball with the “dusk” modifier yields two dusk pokeballs). You do not learn this modifier type. (1T) Frequent Gearhead: You’re given a 10% discount on pokeball parts used to make custom or standard balls. Add this to a roll of 1d20. (3T) I Did This In An RPG Once: You may. Your targets must be able to hear and understand you for this ability to work. at the end of a rest period in a town with a PokeCenter. This replaces Frequent Gearhead. You may subtract 1 from the DC per every three class levels. Breeder (3T) Breeder’s Storytime: You’ve been through a lot.All You Got?! (PreReq Con 15): Once per day while your character has recently consumed any food or item of his choice or engaged in a specific choice (either must be decided upon taking this feat). unless you tell a solid story. you pay only half of the money owed. Take full penalties of the injury when you next awaken. You may not use this ability under most circumstances in which your character takes more than 3/4ths of his health in damage at once. and that more than one Advanced Class can be gained per character. Any lower fails. They’re included here for the sake of completeness. Ace Trainer (1T) !@#$ THAT!: Once per day. This pokemon gains 200% experience from battles only until you leave a battling area. If it is 25 or above. If you do. You may only do this once per tabletop session and for a maximum of three encounters. If you win. and even bring some of the most hardened trainers to nostalgic tears. (2T) Indicates skills which may be taken after selecting one prestige class and/or reaching 5th level. If you do not.. your DM will tell you what new modifiers you have learned to add to pokeballs. Roll 1d20. (Cl) Indicates skills that should be part of classes. disgust. the damage does not consult stats and goes straight to HP. This file also suggests that the first Advanced Class can be gained at level 5. . 15 and above you agitate the other trainer and they settle on either a rematch (after healing) or you must pay what you owe. and in case someone wants to play with them. If you take three hits from the same fighting move as a trainer. Based on the result. Capture Specialist (1T) Pitching Arm: Once per day. (2T) My Uncle is a Tournament Judge!: You confidently suggest an altered ruleset to your opponent that it’s a more efficient way to battle. You may select one of its fighting type moves and learn it as a once per day ability. Based entirely on the nature of the story you are able to tell once per session. state that you are training a single pokemon. you may then learn this move as a once per day ability. throw a fit after you lose a trainer battle. or with fighting moves) to a duel that it may or may not accept. pick yourself. you lose no money and frighten away the other trainer. Pay your normal price for any unmodified ball from a store plus a single modifier. and you have to tell a story for this ability to work. On 18-20 they are intimidated and accept. (3T) We Couldn’t Stay Open Without You: Purchasing parts at any store you’ve shopped at and spent at least 10. return to a center. you pay the other trainer’s PokeCenter fees (if any). as opposed to optional feats. go straight to the catch attempt roll. Using this ability halts the aggression of NPCs around you. but you may choose Martial Artist (1T) Wild Tutoring: You may study with any pokemon that knows fighting type moves. (1T) Indicates skills which may be taken after obtaining your class and/or reaching first level. You must roll a 3 or higher to hit. On a 19-20. (1T)That. If the total is 30.. or it faints.Additional Feats These haven’t been fully fleshed out. and seem to be more ideas (possibly deprecated) than anything finished. Pokeball Designer (Cl) Experimentation: Once per session.

Likely. This also means that a trainer is initially level 0.8 and rounding up gives the trainer level. the current set of feats runs out at level 35. I’d make that happen upon gaining his first Pokemon. but should reach level 1 extremely quickly. 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 4 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 16 16 17 17 18 18 19 19 20 20 21 21 22 22 24 24 26 26 28 28 30 30 32 32 34 34 36 36 38 38 40 40 42 46 7 8 9 10 10 11 11 12 12 13 13 14 14 15 15 16 16 17 17 18 18 19 19 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 Trainer Levels Additionally. level is calculated as follows: Number of Badges gained: Ribbons from Contests: Hall of Fame Ribbons x2: Frontier Brain Symbols: Pokemon Captured/10: Pokemon Seen/25: --------------------- Total: (0-32) (0-20) (0-4) (0-12) (0-49) (0-19) -------(0-140) Again. Am I the only one who thinks there’s got to be a way to simplify this? One way of estimating may be to require three points per level. I’ve had to extrapolate as the original file is unclear. but it appears that dividing that total by 2. That should leave the values unchanged. while eliminating a round of calculations. Please note that 2 1 1 2 2 these numbers differ slightly from the 3 1 1 3 3 values given in the original spreadsheet 4 1 1 4 4 due to what appears to have been an 5 1 1 5 5 6 1 1 6 6 addition error (6 feats were omitted). . class-specific feats will be necessary. but only require 2 for levels that are a multiple of 5.Trainer Feats Gained Stats Gained Total Feats Total Stats Level on Level on Level Earned Gained This table shows the number of feats 0 0 0 0 0 (“Trainer Features”) and statistics 1 1 1 1 1 gained at each level. Also. Personally. though some can be taken multiple times.

you recieve one or more Stat Points to distribute amongst its Stats. . There are certain restrictions that must be followed when distributing Stat Points. and so on. Special Attack: Add to Special attack damage. Placing a Stat Point into any of the other stats (HP. ATK. Alternately. you must maintain the Spacing between the Base Stats of the Pokemon. while nature is only directly applied to the base stats. In addition. Nature bonuses are to be applied to the Base Stat. please reference the table on the next page. a 2 hour rest will recover HP equal to half of its HP stat. SPD) would violate the Spacing in this example. add 1 Evasion bonus against Special Damage for each 10 points in Special Defense. the first stat point given to a Pokemon must go to its highest stat. or DEF without violating Spacing. In addition. Attack: Add to Physical attack damage. if the highest base stat is two points higher than the next-highest. they play a massive role in the growth of a Pokemon. Some class abilities may allow you to ignore Spacing. so they adjust spacing. In other words. Now that we have raised the highest two stats.Leveling Pokemon HP = Pokemon’s Level + (HP stat x 3) As long as the pokemon is above 50% of it’s full HP. In addition. let’s take a Squirtle with no Nature. the next Stat Point can go into ATK. add 1 Evasion bonus against all Moves for each 10 points in Speed. Defense: Subtract from incoming Physical attack damage. however: When you add a Stat Point to a Pokemon. Our Second-Highest stat can now be increased. and SDEF is the second-highest. Amongst other things. as that would not violate the Spacing. SATK. As such. When leveling a Pokemon. our first stat point goes into DEF to give us room to play with on the Spacing. Adding a point will permanently increase that Stat. For the Nature bonuses. SATK. Base: HP: 4 ATK: 5 DEF: 7 SATK: 5 SDEF: 6 SPD: 4 + 2 Stat Points -------> HP: 4 -------> ATK: 5 -------> DEF: 7+1=8 -------> SATK: 5 -------> SDEF: 6+1=7 -------> SPD: 4 In this example. Evasion bonus only applies when being targeted. or Spacing can not be maintained. the total stat must always remain at least two points above the second-highest stat. Speed: The Pokemon with a higher Speed stat goes first in a round. As such. add 1 Evasion bonus against Physical Damage for each 10 points in Defense. Special Defense: Subtract from incoming Special attack damage. As an example. This means that the Base Stats must be recorded seperately from the added stat points and the total stat of the Pokemon. we could put both points into DEF. DEF is the highest Stat.

Special Def. - Lower Defense Speed Special Atk. Attack Defense Speed Special Atk. Attack Speed Special Atk. Special Def. Special Def. Special Def. - Liked Flavor None Spicy Spicy Spicy Spicy Sour None Sour Sour Sour Sweet Sweet None Sweet Sweet Dry Dry Dry None Dry Bitter Bitter Bitter Bitter None Disliked Flavor None Sour Sweet Dry Bitter Spicy None Sweet Dry Bitter Spicy Sour None Dry Bitter Spicy Sour Sweet None Bitter Spicy Sour Sweet Dry None Depending on a Pokemon’s Nature. Special Atk. add one to the Raised Base Stat and subtract one from the Lowered Base Stat. Special Def. Attack Defense Speed Special Def. Special Atk. . Special Atk. Special Def.Natures Chart Value 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Nature Hardy Lonely Brave Adamant Naughty Bold Docile Relaxed Impish Lax Timid Hasty Serious Jolly Naïve Modest Mild Quiet Bashful Rash Calm Gentle Sassy Careful Quirky Raise Attack Attack Attack Attack Defense Defense Defense Dfense Speed Speed Speed Speed Special Atk. Attack Defense Special Atk. Special Def.

Pokemon eggs always contain a Pokemon of the lowest evolutionary form of the Mother’s species.Kanto Recommended Starter Pokemon Jhoto Hoenn Chikorita Cyndaquil Totodile Zubat Mareep Oddish Poliwag Swinub Tyrogue Wynaut Treecko Mudkip Torchic Wurmple Lotad Seedot Ralts Slakoth Azurill Spheal Sinnoh Bulbasaur Squirtle Charmander Pichu Geodude Machop Abra Pidgey Caterpie Gastly Turtwig Chimchar Piplup Elekid Magby Magnimite Shinx Porygon Togepi Duskull Breeding Pokemon When attempting to mate two Pokemon (at the Day-Care Center or similar institution in your campaign). If the final roll is 25 or less. To maximize egg possibilities. an Egg is produced. only that it does. The two Pokemon must have had at least one day (24 hours) alone together. the Pokemon should be close to each other in level and should be given a lot of time alone. Typist note: The original text is unclear as to how more time together increases egg chances. Add 5 to the roll for each hour they did not have alone for a Time Penalty. Add the difference between the levels of the two Pokemon to the roll for a Level Penalty. roll a d100 upon picking up the Pokemon. and be members of the same Egg Group (unless specifically allowed by a skill). .

+50 cap +15 if foe is less than double your active Pokemon’s level +20 if foe is opposite gender of your active Pokemon +10 if foe was found with a Fishing Rod Befriending becomes easier Allows capture of Legendary Pokemon. The Capture Rate is modified by a large number of things: Capturing Pokemon Status Effects: Damage: Full: 9/10: 4/5: 7/10: 3/5: 1/2: 2/5: 3/10: 1/5: 1/10: 1 HP: -20 -18 -16 -12 -10 No Change +4 +6 +8 +10 +20 Capture Rate Change: Attraction: Burn: Confused: Freeze: Paralysis: Poison: Sleep: +1 +4 +2 +10 +5 +2 +10 Capture Rate Change: Poke Ball Types: Capture Rate Change: Cherish Ball: Dive Ball: Dusk Ball: Fast Ball: Friend Ball: Great Ball: Heal Ball: Heavy Ball: Level Ball: Love Ball: Lure Ball: Luxury Ball: Master Ball: Moon Ball: Nest Ball: Net Ball: Park Pall: Poke Ball: Premier Ball: Quick Ball: Repeat Ball: Safari Ball: Timer Ball: Ultra Ball: -20 -20 -20 0 -10 0 -15 -10 -10 -10 -10 -10 +100 -20 -40 -20 0 -15 -20 +10 -10 +10 -10 +10 Notes: +35 on an Underwater Foe +5 in Dark +8 if foe’s Speed exceeds active Pokemon’s Befriending becomes easier Foe is fully healed upon capture +5 for every 100lbs of weight. a Poke Ball cannot be reused. To capture a Pokemon.All capturing is done through a roll of a d100. not always good +50 if foe can evolve using a Moon Stone +10 if foe is below level 30 +10 if foe is a Water or Bug type Can only be used in specific areas -5 for each turn that passes +25 if you have a Pokemon of the same species as your foe Can only be used in specific areas +10 for each 3 turns that pass . you must roll under its “Capture Rate” value. On a sucessful roll. the Pokemon is either added to the lineup or sent to the PC. Once thrown. which can be found under its entry in the Pokedex.

Pokemon Experience Chart Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 EXP Needed 0 10 20 65 125 215 345 510 730 1000 1330 1730 2200 2745 3475 4100 4915 5830 6860 8000 9260 10650 12200 13800 15650 Level 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 EXP Needed 17600 19700 22000 24400 27000 30000 33000 36000 39300 43000 47000 50700 54800 59300 64000 69000 74000 79500 85200 91100 97300 104000 110600 117700 125000 Level 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 EXP Needed 132600 140600 148900 157500 166400 175600 185200 195100 205400 216000 226990 238300 250000 262100 274600 287500 300800 314400 328500 343000 358000 373000 389000 405000 422000 Level 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 EXP Needed 439000 457000 475000 493000 512000 531000 551000 572000 593000 614000 636000 659000 681000 705000 729000 754000 779000 804000 831000 857000 885000 913000 941000 970000 1000000 .

At the end of every round.12. On Turns following that. roll 6 or better to Attack.13. the Pokemon may not attack.12. rock will defrost its target. Attraction Before attacking roll d20 On 1-10.15. you deal 2dx to yourself. Unalterable. Burned Defense Value is lowered by 1/4th One per turn.16). Dragon and Electric type poke’mon may attempt to self cure paralysis. you are cured of Attract Critical hit Double damage On following turn. Foe’s Speed Value is cut in half. the cure rate drops overlapping into the “attack as normal” phase and eventually the attack self range. you must roll one less then previous turn to wake up. If a poke’mon’s level is 1. On 11-19 Attack and or move as normal. Unalterable. Poison and Steel type poke’mon are immune to poison.10. Defense Value cut by 1/4th One per turn. the roll is 20 and it cannot be altered. Fighting. fighting. HP per round. On first turn of Paralysis. On first turn of Sleep. capping at 16 (6. you must roll one higher. the roll is 20 and it cannot be altered. You may not use a Freeze-curing item on that poke’mon on the same turn you attempt to self-cure freeze. etc. This roll is only 11 for Ice. Frozen Speed Value reduced to zero. you lose 10. a 16 or better will wake you.13. and Fire poke’mon. . you are cured of confusion. One per turn. if your attack value exceeds 50 2d20. you lose 1/10th of your total HP. When a poke’mon uses Rest. Fire poke’mon only need to roll an 18 when attempting a self-cure burn. End of turn effects still take place.6). Flinch You lose your turn when flinched. you lose 1/10th of your total HP.8. When Badly poisoned. the roll is 20 and cannot be altered. then 20. you may not wake up. On following turns.Status Effects Paralysis Speed Value cut in Half. On 11-15. capping at 6 (16. This amount cannot be modified. On 20.14. you may try to roll for curing Poison. You may not try this for badly poisoned.9. Poisoned Sp. skip the Pokemon’s turn.7. you may try to roll for curing Freeze. Moving is still permitted. On following turns. then 80. only a roll of 20 will cure during their turn instead of shifting and/or moving. you may attack and or move as normal. On a failed roll. On a failed roll. You may not use a burn-curing item on that poke’mon on the same turn you attempt to self-cure a burn. then 40. Confused Before attacking roll d20. you don’t attack. you may try to roll for curing Burn. it remains asleep to two turns. Any damaging fire. On 1-10. Asleep Speed Value reduced to zero.11. You may not use a poison-curing item on the same turn as a self-cure. At the end of every round. On 16- the level of the sleep caster’s the starting roll for cure is 11. On following turns.7.

Same-Type Attack Bonus The Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) is an amount of damage that is added to an attack when it is used by a Pokemon of the same type as the move. a Fire-type Pokemon using a Fire-Type move will gain the STAB. For example. but it will not receive the bonus when using a Water-Type move. The amount of damage changes based on the level of the Pokemon: Level 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100 Dice Used 1d4 1d6 1d8 1d10 1d12 2d8 1d20 2d20 3d20 1d100 .

it is a critical hit and the damage dealt by the attack is doubled once all modifiers are applied. Steel and Water. The Accuracy Check is used when a pokemon uses a Move as an Attack. and it means your pokemon can perform the move once every other turn. Dark. You need to roll a d20 equal to or higher then the Accuracy Check in order for the Attack to connect to your target. it is a critical miss and the move fails to hit unless an effect says otherwise. Dragon. The Frequency is the rate of use. a Type. There is four levels of Frequency for attacks. There are Bug. There is several ways for the Accuracy Check to be modified so be aware of these modifiers. It’s ordered as such: Name – Type Description Frequency – Accuracy Check Range Damage Dice Roll Effect: Targets/Keywords Effect The Name of the Move is what you use to keep track of what your attack is. they end their turn. If you roll a 20 during the check. a Range. . a Description. an Area of Effect. Grass. Fighting. and an Effect. Electric. Normal. Ground. A move with the Center Frequency can only be performed once per Pokemon Center visit. a Damage Dice Roll. Rock. If there is no Accuracy Check. The Description is a flavorful explanation of what your pokemon’s move does. Psychic. If you roll a 1 during the check. Ghost. Fire. EOT is an abbreviation for Every Other Turn. the Move never misses.Move Rules A Move is anything a Pokemon can do on its turn after shifting on the battlefield. At-Will means your pokemon can perform the attack as often as it’d like. A pokemon may not perform that move again until they have been healed or rested at a pokemon center. Once a Pokemon uses a Move. The Type is one of the elemental types of attacks in the pokemon world. Ice. as they may be able to increase your likelihood of a successful attack or conversely hinder your success. it would need ten seconds of rest before performing the move again. a Frequency. Flying. If your pokemon would like to use a move with the EOT frequency outside of battle. Center moves require intense focus and strain on your pokemon’s mental and physical state of being. This may give you a better idea of the task your pokemon performs for the Move. The final Frequency is Center. The Battle move exerts so much power that your pokemon needs a rest about five minutes long before they can perform such a straining move again. The Battle Frequency means that your pokemon can only perform the move once per Battle. list the Names of your Moves on your pokemon’s attack list. A Move has a Name. an Accuracy Check. with no rest needed to perform the attack again.

If an attack has two asterisks by its Range. These are sorted into Self. Ranged and Field. Within the Effect description. which help to condense the Effect area. knock back caused by the Move and anything else related to what the Move does. . The Effect also will list requirements to make the attack. Damage Dice Check lists what dice to roll for additional damage if the Move deals damage. instead of consulting the Attack stat look at the Special Attack stat instead. The Target/Keyword line is next to the Effect. A Move with the Self Range targets the pokemon using the Move. It is also important to note if the attack has Ranged or Melee for its Range. Effects do not activate unless the Move hits. The Effect also lists any status effects the Move may have caused during the Accuracy Check. you may also target the pokemon using the Move with a Melee attack. If there is no Damage Dice Check. If there is any other notes related to the Range of a Move. the Move isn’t an attack that deals damage or the Move deals a set amount of damage detailed in the Effect. The Melee Range is used to target foes or allies adjacent to you. consult the Attack stat of a pokemon. If a Move is a Melee attack. it consults neither damage stats for a pokemon and is most likely a Move that affects the status or stats of a pokemon. The Effect lists what the attack does in addition to the Move’s damage. Melee. an Area of Effect is detailed to show if the attack hits more then one target. Also. The Field Range drops an effect on the entire area where the battle is taking place. it would say so near the Range. while showing Keywords. If a Ranged attack has an asterisk it means that you consult the Attack stat instead of the Special Attack stat. be aware of asterisks by a Range.Range is used to let you know if your Move is to be used as an Attack while next to your foe or from a distance. The Ranged Range targets foes or allies that are not adjacent to the pokemon using the Move. It defines what target or targets can be targeted. If a Melee attack has an asterisk. it consults the pokemon’s Special Attack stat. If a Move is Ranged.

is Natural Gift. Berry – A Move with the Berry keyword. All Legal Targets on the drawn line is hit by the Move with the Beam keyword. Berry Damage Dice Roll Cheri 3d10 Chesto 3d10 Pecha 3d10 Rawst 3d10 Aspear 3d10 Leppa 3d10 Oran 3d10 Persim 3d10 Lum 3d10 Sitrus 3d10 Figy 3d10 Wiki 3d10 Mago 3d10 Aguav 3d10 Iapapa 3d10 Razz 3d10 Bluk 2d20 Nanab 2d20 Wepear 2d20 Pinap 2d20 Pomeg 2d20 Kelpsy 2d20 Qualot 2d20 Hondeew 2d20 Grepa 2d20 Tamato 2d20 Cornn 2d20 Magost 2d20 Rabuta 2d20 Nomel 2d20 Spelon 2d20 Pamtre 2d20 Type Fire Water Electric Grass Ice Fighting Poison Ground Flying Psychic Bug Rock Ghost Dragon Dark Steel Fire Water Electric Grass Ice Fighting Poison Ground Flying Psychic Bug Rock Ghost Dragon Dark Steel Berry Damage Dice Roll Watmel 5d10 Durin 5d10 Belue 5d10 Occa 3d10 Passho 3d10 Wacan 3d10 Rindo 3d10 Yache 3d10 Chople 3d10 Kebia 3d10 Shuca 3d10 Coba 3d10 Payapa 3d10 Tanga 3d10 Charti 3d10 Kasib 3d10 Haban 3d10 Coulbur 3d10 Babiri 3d10 Chilan 3d10 Liechi 5d10 Ganlon 5d10 Salac 5d10 Petaya 5d10 Apicot 5d10 Lansat 5d10 Starf 5d10 Enigma 5d10 Micle 5d10 Cutsap 5d10 Jaboca 5d10 Rowap 5d10 Type Fire Water Electric Fire Water Electric Grass Ice Fighting Poison Ground Flying Psychic Bug Rock Ghost Dragon Dark Steel Normal Grass Ice Fighting Poison Ground Flying Psychic Bug Rock Ghost Dragon Dark Blast – A Move with the Blast Keyword can hit multiple targets. Natural Gift does different damage and has a different elemental Type. draw a radius equal to the length specified per Move. Draw a circumference surrounding the target that has an equal radius throughout the circle. . To find the area affected by the Move. To find the area affected by the move. Depending on the berry held.Keywords Beam – A Move with the Beam Keyword can hit multiple targets. draw a straight line from the Move’s user and continue the line for however long the effect specifies. The length of the Beam is usually specified in the Effect of the Move. The size of the Blast is usually specified in the Effect of the Move. All Legal Targets within the drawn area is hit by the Move with the Blast keyword.

The perpendicular line should be centered on the line connecting the user and the target. This means that is a stat has raised 6 Combat Stages. Burst – A Move with the Burst keyword can hit multiple targets. Combat Stage – During battle. You may not attack a target behind Blocking Terrain. . Some Coats have effects unrelated to damage. Dash – A Move with the Dash keyword can only be used if the Move’s user has moved towards its target before choosing a target. If a target has a Coat for a certain type and they are resistant. The Move will specify which type it is a Coat for. You may move away from the target and then move back towards the target in the same turn to make them a Legal Target as long as you have the appropriate Speed to allow for the movement. The size of the Column is usually specified in the Effect of the Move. If a target has a Coat for a certain type and they are weak to the type. from -6 to +6 that can be altered as many times as the battle allows but never more then +6 Combat Stages or less than -6 Combat Stages. If a pokemon’s stat is lowered one Combat Stage during battle. making them more formidable or less threatening. The length of the radius for the Burst is usually specified in the Effect of the Move. they are still immune. any stat can only be only be risen or lowered up to six times positively or six times negatively. If a target has a Coat for a certain type and they are immune. its affected stat should be 250% of its original value. rounded down. If a pokemon’s stat is raised a Combat Stage during battle. they now have a neutral resistant. they lose 12. This makes a scale. that does not make it Hindering Terrain. its affected stat should be 25% of its original value. All Legal Targets within the drawn area is hit by the Move with the Burst keyword. it is Blocking Terrain. they are now immune. the stats of a Pokemon can be altered to buff or debuff a pokemon. If a target has a Coat for a certain type and they are doublely weak to the type. Draw a circumference surrounding the user that has an equal radius throughout the circle. To find the area affected by the Move.Blocking Terrain – If an object that your pokemon cannot see through is between itself and a desired target. draw a radius equal to the length specified per Move. Some blocking terrain can be seen through. If a target has a Coat for a certain type and they have neutral resistance. they gain a 25% bonus the buffed stat. these Coats are defined in the Effect of their Move. To find the area affected by the move. During battle.5% of the affected stat rounded up. A target may not have more then 1 Coat per elemental type. If a stat has been lowered 6 Combat Stages. Column – A Move with the Column keyword can hit multiple targets. they now are only weak to the type. they are now resistant. These lines stop perpendicular to the user and continue through the target 2-meters. Draw lines from the perpendicular points parallel to the line connecting the user and the target. draw a straight line from the user to the target and then draw a line perpendicular to that line equal in length to the specified amount per Move. All Legal Targets within the drawn area is hit by the Move with the Column keyword. Coat – A Move with the keyword Coat covers the target in a layer of material. which reduces the effectiveness of a certain type of attack.

ending their movement on the side opposite of the side of the target they attacked. friend and foe alike. Interrupt – A Move with the Interrupt keyword can be declared on the foe’s turn. For each piece of Hindering Terrain. . in an area that has an unblocked line of sight. attacking every one. The target is moved in the direction opposite of the Move’s user. The Move’s user must move before it hits a target and continues through the target. You may move away from the target and then move back towards the target in the same turn to make them a Legal Target as long as you have the appropriate Speed to allow for the movement. If there are multiple potential targets on that line.Environ – A Move with the Environ keyword look at the chart below to see what they use for their move. the user may not do anything on their next turn. You may not Interrupt an Interrupt. Once those circumstances show up. A Hazard only affects the foes when they appear. The user must be at least 2-meters away from its target after their turn ends. or come out of a poke ball. Hazard – If a Move has the Hazard keyword. the effect covers the entire field of battle. the effect detailed happens and makes everything within its range a Legal Target for the Move. you must roll 1 higher during Accuracy Check. Area Building Cave Rocky Sandy Grassy Thick Brush Water Underwater Snowy Forrest Volcanic Sky Beach Nature Power Attack Swift Shadow Ball Rock Slide Sand-Attack Stun Spore Razor Leaf Surf Hydro Pump Blizzard Magical Leaf Heat Wave Whirlwind Muddy Water Secret Power Effect Paralysis Flinch Confusion +2 needed during Accuracy Check Poison Sleep Lowers Speed 1 Combat Stage Lowers Attack 1 Combat Stage Freeze Lowers Defense 1 Combat Stage Burn Lowers Special Attack 1 Combat Stage Lowers Special Defense 1 Combat Stage Exhaust – If a Move has the Exhaust keyword. you forfeit your next attack. there is Hindering Terrain. You may put extra Layers of the Move with Hazard if the Move allows. When you use an Interrupt Move out of turn. you may pass through as many as your Speed allows. The user may still be a target of Moves or be returned. Moves with Interrupt each have different situations where it can be used. On Miss – If a Move’s effect says On Miss. The distance the target is Pushed is usually specified in the Effect of the Move. you may declare the Interrupt Move and use it. Legal Target – All pokemon and people. Push – A Move with the Push keyword moves the target on hit. Hindering Terrain – If an object that you can see through or around is between your pokemon and its target. Reliable – A Move with the Reliable keyword may be used again regardless of its Frequency as long as the move has not yet hit a target successfully. Pass – A Move with the Pass keyword moves through the target.

but will still gain its effect’s benefits. 50 – 100 kg Weight Class 5 – Any pokemon between 220 – 440 lbs. The height of the Wall. this is described per move. which can be separated at 1-meter intervals. Each time you attack. The length and width of the Spray is usually specified in the Effect of the Move. or along the radius from the arc’s center to the user. Walls fade after a few minutes. Wall – A Move with the keyword Wall can place Wall terrain of the field of battle. making a cone. 11 – 25 kg Weight Class 3 – Any pokemon between 55 – 110 lbs. draw out a line from the Move’s user equal to the length and draw out another line of the same length however many degrees away from the first line. To find the area affected by the Move. it is Lesser Weather and it cannot be replaced. At the end of an encounter. 100 – 200 kg Weight Class 6 – Any pokemon heavier than 440 lbs. you may target a different Legal Target. You may stack Walls to make tall shields. changing the rules of the battle. Some walls can be passed through or have ranged attacks shot through. and may not be recalled. Spray – A Move with the Spray keyword can hit multiple targets. Target Area – A Move that says Target Area does not target a person or a pokemon. The amount of Wall is usually specified per Move. Weather can replace Weather that already is in place. If the user of the Move with the Trap keyword faints. Weight Class – A Move with the Weight Class Keyword refers to the following. or is recalled the Trapped target is freed. The amount of times you may target with the Move is usually specified in the Effect of the Move. A Trapped target may not flee. Spirit Surge – A Move with the Spirit Surge keyword will always have its Effect activate. Weather – Move with the Weather keyword affects an area. Moves with the Spirit Surge keyword usually cause buffs or debuffs to Combat Stages. 200 kg . unless the Move specifies otherwise. The Move will give a length of Wall. Instead. Weight Class 1 – Any pokemon between 0 – 25 lbs. flees. Walls are only a few inches thick. If a Weather effect does not replace Weather effects. target a particular spot on the field. 25 – 50 kg Weight Class 4 – Any pokemon between 110 – 220 lbs. All Legal Targets within the drawn area is hit by the Move with the Spray keyword. or cut width in many 1-meter intervals to make several Walls all over the field. 0 – 11 kg Weight Class 2 – Any pokemon between 25 – 55 lbs. The target should be at the center of this cone’s arc.Scatter – A Move with the Scatter keyword can hit multiple targets. A Move with the Spirit Surge keyword still needs to successfully hit a Legal Target to deal damage. Connect the two ends of the lines in an arc that keeps a constant distance from the Move’s user. Damage can be altered and even the Effects of moves can change depending on the Weather in battle. unless specified otherwise. is 2-meters. Trap – A Move with the Trap keyword prevents the target from fleeing. A Trapped target may not move from the spot they were Trapped in.

This multiplier is included during damage calculation after weakness and resistance. When activated. if any. Some Ability Keywords derive from Move Keywords. an Activation. This is useful for keeping track of what Ability your pokemon has. All Moves that are the Type defined in the Ability receive x1. If the Activation is a Trigger. Abilities have a Name. The Effect details what the Ability does. they can only use their Ability under certain circumstances described per move. usually Casts have Limits and can be Activated instantly. Ability Keywords Immune – Abilities with the keyword Immune cannot be affected by a certain status effect. to easily describe the Ability without jumbling up the rest of the Ability text. the Ability will not have this section. receives a boost for Moves performed by the pokemon with the Last Chance Ability. An Ability with the Cast Activation must be declared to use its benefits. Immune Abilties are usually Constant. Sometimes. under certain circumstances. some Effects utilize Keywords. a Limit. they release effects that give them and upper hand. Some Abilities require focus to execute. The Activation is how the Ability is used. the pokemon cannot disable their ability. Some of the Abilities naturally activate. Overworld Capabilities. If an Ability does not have an Overworld effect. Overworld Abilities may or may not have limits. This is described per Move. If the Activation is Constant. . The Description is a little write up that lets you know what it is your pokemon does with its Ability. Each Limit is detailed per move. one elemental Type. The Overworld Capabilities describe what the benefits. a Description. It’s ordered as such: Name Description Activation – Limit Effect: Keywords Overworld - Limit Effect The Name is what the Ability is called. some Triggered Abilities have Limits. a Keyword is placed on the Effect line.5 bonus when dealing damage. are to the pokemon outside of an encounter. defined per Ability. and Effects. but before defenses. Last Chance – Abilities with the keyword Last Chance trigger when the pokemon’s HP has been lowered to 1/3 of their full HP or less. Some Abilities are something they can’t turn off.Pokemon Ability Rules An Ability is something a pokemon is born with. which normally means they have no Limit on their Ability. Limits limit how often you can benefit from an Ability. and constantly follow them good or bad.

Contest Move Rules A Contest Move is a Move they perform during the contest. You can discourage judges during Contests if you use an opposing Type during a Contest or excite them by using a same type Contest Move during a Contest. When Pickup is used. and sometimes an Effect. you might find an item on the ground. Etc. but it has different abilities in a Contest. Smart. the roll determines what kind of item it is. if any. Any Berry Any Poke Ball Any Status healing item or HP healing item Any Evolutionary Stone Any Vitamin Any Hold Item Any TM Sustain – Abilities with the keyword Sustain have their effects last as long as the user wants them to. a Type. and Tough. The Appeal Roll is what you roll during your appeal to see how well your pokemon performs for the judge. Cute. Sometimes. The requirements of Sustaining an effect. are defined per Ability. an Appeal Roll. A Move has a Name. Roll 1-5 6-8 9-10 11-12 13-16 17 18 19 20 Item Type None Battle Enhancers Berries Poke Ball Status/Healing Evolutionary Stones Performance Enhancers Hold Item TM Other You find nothing One X Attack. Usually the pokemon must remain out to Sustain the Ability. The GM decides the specific item. The Pokemon shows off 5 different Moves during the contest. Cool. . The Effects specify what special effects the Move has. a keyword will summarize what the Contest Move’s power is.Pickup – The Ability with the Keyword Pickup is Pickup. There are only 5 different Contest Types: Beauty. or X Defense. it retains its name from it being a Move out of a Contest. It’s ordered as such: Name – Type Appeal Roll Effect: Keywords Effect The Name is the Name of the Move. A Contest Move’s Type is different from its Elemental Type.

Hold That Thought - A Contest Move with the keyword Hold That Thought prevents the target judge’s Voltage from being raised for the remainder of the round. Incredible – A Contest Move with the keyword Incredible raises each Judge’s Voltage 1 level. If they perform a move that raises a Judge’s Voltage to max. Interrupting Appeal - A Contest Move with the keyword Interrupting Appeal goes first during the appeal round. Final Appeal - A Contest Move with the keyword Final Appeal rolls twice the dice shown in the Appeal Roll if the Move is performed during the last round of Appeals. of the pokemon who last went during that Appeal round. You must choose when performing the Contest Move. Incentives - A Contest Move with the keyword Incentives rolls an additional 2d4 when their appeal raises the judge’s Voltage. regardless of Contest Types. A Contest Move with the keyword End Set has been modified by a Feature. Big Show - A Contest Move with the keyword Big Show rolls 15d4 if each contestant performs for the same judge. ignoring the order. Good Show! – A Contest Move with the keyword Good Show! rolls an additional 3d4 if any Voltage was raised during both of the last two turns during the Appeal Round. you gain 16d4 points instead of 8d4. Excitement - A Contest Move with the keyword Excitement prevents the target Judge’s Voltage from going down during that round. regardless of the Contest Type. then adds that result to their own Appeal Points for the round. fourth or last during the next appeal round. Crowd Pleaser - A Contest Move with the keyword Crow Pleaser raises the target Judge’s Voltage 2. after the pokemon’s Appeal. Get Ready! - A Contest Move with the keyword Get Ready! rolls twice the amount of dice during their next appeal during the Contest then they usually would in their Appeal Roll or Effect. A Contest Move with the keyword Incredible has been modified by a Feature.Contest Move Keywords Attention Grabber – A Contest Move with the keyword Attention Grabber halves the Appeal Points. Inversed Appeal - A Contest Move with the keyword Inversed Appeal rolls 1d4 for each point of voltage the target judge does not have. rounding down. Catching Up - A Contest Move with the keyword Catching Up rolls an additional 3d4 if they have the lowest amount of total Appeal Points. End Set - A Contest Move with the keyword End Set will perform third. . Quick Set - A Contest Move with the keyword Quick Set will perform first during the next appeal round.

2d4 as its Appeal Roll if they perform third or fourth. Round Ender - A Contest Move with the keyword Round Ender rolls an additional 2d4 during their turn in the Contest round if they make their appeal last that round. A Contest Move with the keyword Start Set has been modified by a Feature. Round Starter - A Contest Move with the keyword Round Starter rolls an additional 2d4 during their turn in the Contest round if they make their appeal first that round. Reflective Appeal - A Contest Move with the keyword Reflective Appeal rolls 1d4 for each point of voltage the target judge has. Unsettling - A Contest Move with the keyword Unsettling lowers each judge’s Voltage 1 level. and 3d4 if they perform last during the round. Start Set - A Contest Move with the keyword Start Set will perform first. Scrambler - A Contest Move with the keyword Scrambler randomizes the order of appeals during the next round.Reliable - A Contest Move with the keyword Reliable may use the same Move during their next round and when they do they get to roll and additional 1d4 during the appeal. Special Attention - A Contest Move with the keyword Special Attention rolls an additional 3d4 if no other participant Appealed to the same judge during that round yet. Slow Set - A Contest Move with the keyword Slow Set will perform last during the next appeal round. You must choose when performing the Contest Move. second or third during the next appeal round. Seen Nothing Yet - A Contest Move with the keyword Seen Nothing Yet rolls an additional 3d4 when the pokemon who last performed raised a judge’s Voltage to max. . Torrential Appeal - A Contest Move with the keyword Torrential Appeal use 1d4 as its Appeal Roll if they perform first or second during the round.

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