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(Students Worksheet)



In order to fully grasp the attitudes and outlooks for African Americans in the early 1900s through the 1060s, one must possess an understanding of Jim

This WEBQUEST will take you through a series of activities that will allow you to further investigate the Jim Crow Laws and the people who were affected by them. In the first activity you will be asked to research the history and examine the actual Jim Crow Laws, while making personal connections. Secondly you will read personal narratives of African-Americans who were personally affected by the restrictions imposed on them by these laws and complete an informational sheet about your narrator. For your FINAL TASK you will be asked to listen to a personal narrative and create a one page personal response allowing you to make an emotional connection to the lives of the African American who survived this time. Your goal is to uncover what it was really like to be African American during a time of extreme racism and segregation. Without this understanding, any reference to this era will be much harder to comprehend.

(Students Worksheet) Activity 1 : READ to get informed and WRITE



Your Task: After reading all of the laws, pick 4 Jim Crow Laws that you find interesting or

especially mean or ridiculous. Using these laws, complete the chart below.

What would it be like to live under this law ?

Why would this law have been created?

What is your opinion of the law?

(Students Worksheet) Activity 2 : READ to get informed and WRITE



Your Task: After visiting Jim Crow Narratives and read one of the following narratives, you will

complete the Personal Narratives Worksheet.

1.T.R. Davidson 2. R.C. Hickman 3. Joseph Holloway 4. Nobuo Honda

Who is the narrative about ?

What did he/she do ?

Where did he/she live ?

Why did he/she do what he/she did ?

How did he/she live during segregation ?