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Gender Equality A lot has been said over the years on gender equality and I am not really sure

that I want to say more here, but I will. Mostly, gender equality is talked at from the point of view that women or a woman is somehow hard done by or treated unfairly. I would caution what they are doing by portraying things in this way. Shouting your mouth off about one apparent injustice or another that you want levelled means that if one injustice against you is levelled, then most probably another injustice that you have been a party to will be levelled against you. Let us think. No man has ever given birth, so men could shout off about their right to give birth and to know that primal feeling of actually bringing a living creature into the world. Women take that for granted, most of them anyway, but what about a man, maybe a man might feel an injustice about it. I am not saying they do, only that if they wanted to, they could start up a man's lib or something until they get the technology together so a man can give birth, or whatever. There are lots of other things that men could shout off about too, like a lack of feeling in their life or the fact that women don't bother to invent anything and all the pressure of inventing things falls onto men and so on. On the other hand, women can shout off about wanting to be in the board room or wanting the same fiscal remuneration as men for the same job. You can find inequality wherever you look because we are all different. Perhaps men get more remuneration as a compensation for having to be a man, who can say. Where it gets a little misty is this whole way that gender equality comes about in all ways or it doesn't come about at all. The fact that a man can never give birth means that there will always be some inequality, but the fact that women give birth has often protected them from true equality. You see, if you look at it objectively, there is rising violence against women, or at least so we are told. Could it be that in this whole drive for gender equality, this is being brought on to themselves as a kind of karmic recompense. I think I would be right in saying that many more men, millions at least, have died in violent carnal conflict than women. Well, that's a gender imbalance and by wanting or desiring and campaigning for gender equality that side of the gender divide is being brought into balance. It's just a question. If a person desires gender equality, they can't just desire the parts that they pick and choose as favourable or that they like, it's either in for the whole gambit or not at all. Maybe women have suffered so much through the slaughter of their men in wars and whatnot that they are actually stepping up to the plate and saying stop it. That would be a great thing indeed, we have reached the point where the feminine energy can no longer cope with the pain of such loses and courageously, women are putting themselves where their mouths are in demanding equality with men. If God is doing this, then his idea would be that the carnal violence against men would lessen as a consequence. As far as the ladies are concerned, their collective conscious intent is having subconscious consequences in their lives. More than that, perhaps this whole problem of rising escalation of violence towards women is an unstoppable force. It's horrible to see, there is nothing worse than hearing of a woman being harmed, well, there is, a child being harmed, but, that's the gender equalisation process for you. According to sci fi one day, babies will be incubated in artificial wombs, better than the real thing and when women no longer give birth, that will be the true equalisation of genders. Perhaps the answer to this is to have the women campaigning for equality for men and the men campaigning for equality for women. Fact is each gender could sight just as many grievances against the other and maybe that is what equality is. All I can really say about it all is be careful what you wish for when you wish for equality, you might just get it. You can wish for equality with one gender or another, but do you like what goes with it?, probably not. If men and women were ever to be equal, then a man would be a woman and a woman would be a man. Most likely then, we will carry on understanding that the genders are equal. Equal, but different. What one gender lacks to the other in one way, it has over it in another and it evens out overall.