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Holly  Keagan  Ryan  

Address:  100  Olympic  Blvd—  Statesboro,  GA  30458   Phone:  (423)  488-­‐‑4977  —  E-­‐‑Mail:  hr00496@georgiasouthern.edu    



B.S.  Fashion  Merchandising  and  Apparel  Design     Georgia  Southern  University   Minor:  Business     Expected  Graduation  Date:  May  2014   Overall  GPA:  3.68  

 Work  Experience  
Campus  Manager,  Rent  the  Runway     Fall  2012-­‐‑Present  

Team  Manager  for  Rent  the  Runway’s  Campus  Representative  program.  Responsible  for  planning  and  hosting  a   successful  trunk  show  where  over  half  of  the  merchandise  available  was  sold.  Additionally,  I  have  written  multiple  press   releases  and  articles  for  local  newspapers  and  magazines.     Group  Fitness  Instructor,  CRI     2011-­‐‑Present  

Presently  employed  as  a  Pilates  and  Yoga  instructor  for  Georgia  Southern  University’s  Campus  Recreation  and   Intramurals.   Event  Planner,  Lookouts  Baseball  Stadium   Company  event  host  for  four  consecutive  seasons     2009-­‐‑Present  

Related  Experience    
Kappa  Kappa  Gamma   2011-­‐‑Present  

I  am  an  active  member  of  the  Zeta  Upsilon  chapter  at  Georgia  Southern  University.  I  acted  as  Recording  Secretary  and   served  on  executive  board  throughout  2012,  keeping  track  of  all  official  documentation  and  records.  I  have  recently  been   elected  as  Membership  Chairman  for  the  2013  calendar  year,  and  will  be  responsible  for  organizing  and  overseeing  all   recruitment  activities.   Study  Abroad   Summer  2012  

I  went  on  a  six  weeklong  trip  to  Montepulciano,  Italy,  along  with  other  students  in  the  University  System  of  Georgia.   Volunteer    

I  volunteer  several  times  a  month  for  the  Bulloch  County  Humane  Society,  assisting  with  adoption  programs  and   advertisement.    

Microsoft  Office  Suite        

I  have  a  strong  background  in  Microsoft  Excel  and  other  Office  programs  through  multiple  Computer  Science  courses.     Graphic  Design      

I  am  proficient  in  the  Adobe  creative  suite  and  InDesign  and  have  utilized  both  in  Graphic  Communications  courses,   while  publishing  Kappa  Kappa  Gamma’s  chapter  newsletter,  and  throughout  my  time  served  as  yearbook  editor  in  High   School.  

Justine  Coleman   Employer  at  Campus  Recreation  and  Intramurals   Maria  Alosco     Internship  Supervisor  at  Rent  the  Runway   Amy  Scarborough     AScarborough@GeorgiaSouthern.edu   MA@RentTheRunway.com,    (212)  524-­‐‑6849,  Ext.  145   JBColeman@GeorgiaSouthern.edu,  (912)  478-­‐‑7569  

Professor  in  the  Fashion  Merchandising  department  at  Georgia  Southern  University  

 Holly  Keagan  Ryan  

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