(6:03): how in the hell are u platinum when u play like a bronze Ski (6:03): haha im on a laptop I told you Chill

(6:03): i play on a laptop and trust me Ski (6:03): cool man (6:03): u were playing like a bronze this was my last game with u Ski (6:03): great (6:03): ur defeintely got elo boosted no way ur platinum (6:03): ur trash as fuk Ski (6:03):haha (6:04): go back to bronze Ski (6:04): relax (6:04): thats where u belong Ski (6:04): gunna ahahhaah (6:04): LOL U LOST Ski (6:04): so mad :( Ski (6:04): dunno why (6:04): VS SWAIN WHEN UR ELISE Ski (6:04): why (6:04): ur so ufkin bad Ski (6:04): are you mad it was a normals haha (6:04): cause i wasted my time Ski (6:04): yikes (6:04): with 4 bricks Ski (6:04): im scard (6:04): in my team? Ski (6:04): dont hurt me pls (6:04): get elo boosted your bad as fuk Ski (6:04): pls dont hurt me (6:04): stfu Ski (6:04): help help

(6:04): ur wasting my time Ski (6:04): help me (6:04): baddie no fukin way Ski (6:04): my feeling Ski (6:04): r hurt (6:04): ur platinum (6:04): ur mad Ski (6:04): owwwwwwwwwwww (6:04): cause u know and i know ur not platinum and someone did ur elo Ski (6:04): yeah (6:04): not u Ski (6:05): its true!

At this point he removes me then sends me a fried request a minute later. I decided to accept because it was just too much fun. Ski (6:06)wanna play? (6:06): lol no way ur a bronze player not a plat Ski (6:06): okay man I boosted it’s true It was by me though (6:06): wouldnt be surprise u got boosted i was 1944 season 2 Ski (6:06): yeah (6:06): and i can tell Ski (6:06): I boosted myself (6:06): u have no lane mechanics Ski (6:06): :( (6:06): and u cant cs properly and u lose lane vs swain Ski (6:06): Laptop? (6:06): when we were camped LOL ur so fukin bad Ski (6:07): :( stahp

u maek me sad Like for reals Being bad at this game sucks to be honest Ski (6:07): I dont know what to do with my life now (6:07): like i dont give a **** about u (6:07): why u talk to me Ski (6:07): you added me back ?? (6:07): i will never Ski (6:07): LOL (6:07): play with u (6:07): a game (6:07): again Ski (6:07):hahahhaa (6:07): i wasted 20 mins of my life with a bronze scrub that cant play this game properly Ski (6:07): laughing soooooo hard (6:07): ur not laughing Ski (6:07): honestly (6:07): ur a fukin retard if u ask me Ski (6:07): thanks for making my day holy shi t thank you delete me now cya! have fun :D you may sort out that anger though its quite worrying just a game (6:08): HOLY **** WHY UR TALKING TO ME I DONT FUKIN READ WHAT UR SAYING Ski (6:08): you added me so I assumed you wanted to talk? (6:08): fukin retard Ski (6:08): ? why'd you add me back silly sausage (6:09): HOLY **** u lose lane to a silver player when u were ''plat'' LOL Ski (6:09): idk

(6:09): get elo Ski (6:09): bad game (6:09): boosted baddie no itsn ot a bad game u didnt even cs properly Ski (6:09): oh well! (6:09): u never have been ganked and Ski (6:09): win some lose some! (6:09): ur elsie vs swain elise > swain anyday ur just a bad player overall Ski (6:09): :( stahp so mean :( my life is over bro if you dont want to rage just gelete me the little button go on click it remove :D Im sure I could beat you 1v1 anyway! haha (6:10): LOL i can beat u any lane ur so fukin trash go make a custom Ski (6:10): when I get home (6:10): ill show u Ski (6:10): with a computer I told you I’m on vaction (6:10): why im calling u trash Ski (6:10): I will play you easy (6:10): ill outplay u with my lee sin if u make (6:10): ya keep talking Ski (6:11): in 3 days

(6:11): ur bad Ski (6:11): I play (6:11): ur scared Ski (6:11): kk??? (6:11): to get destroyed Ski (6:11): 3 days (6:11): stupid dumbfuk STFU Ski (6:11): 3 days (6:11): why Ski (6:11): 3days (6:11): ur telling me in 3 days Ski (6:11): because (6:11): holy fuk ur so fukin retarded Ski (6:11): im on vacation so happy and you make me sad haha (6:11): ur bad dodge more fukin ****** i will have destroyed u so fukin bad in any lane Ski (6:12): man why (6:12): with lee sin Ski (6:12): are you so mad?? im serious (6:12): im not mad Ski (6:12): do you miss im calling u fukin bad thats different Ski (6:12): those 20 mins so bad> :( (6:12): and i realised u were '' plat '' makes me laugh out loud cause ur not plat Ski (6:12): I am plat? (6:12): ur bronze Ski (6:12): cant you see? silly Just remove me ! Im obviously too bad for you (6:13): u said in 3 days

Ski (6:13): stuck in gold (6:13): so in 3 days i will destroy u Ski (6:13): silly (6:13): and delete u after Ski (6:13): gold is kinda easy :/ (6:13): i know its easy Ski (6:13): so why are you stuck in it, Gold V (6:13): im playing with friends Ski (6:13): haha oh well! (6:13): whenever i odnt have my friends to duo with in normals Ski (6:13): I lost (6:13): i will ranked Ski (6:13): suicide time lost the normals time to kill myself right? (6:14): the difference between u and me is Ski (6:14): hahahahahahahahaha (6:14): simple Ski (6:14): yeah The difference is you are a ***** (6:14): i was a plat Ski (6:14): haha (6:14): by myself Ski (6:14): hhahaha (6:14): ur not platinum by urself Ski (6:14): Actually I guess we are the same then? I only solo queue your argument is invalid sorry (6:14): ? Ski (6:14): mate (6:14): what the hell are u talkin about holy **** Ski (6:15): sorry buddy Do you need me to talk slower take some deep breaths kk? (6:14): why u kept repeating some retarded stuffs stfu im saying ur fukin trash no matter what u say Ski (6:15): Im worried about you

(6:15): ur still trash and u said in 3 days u wanna 1v1 Ski (6:15): I couldnt care less (6:15): thats fine but i doubt Ski (6:15): its a game (6:15): u will 1v1 me Ski (6:15): I will (6:15): cause ur scared Ski (6:15): nope (6:15): ****** Ski (6:15): not at all lol (6:15): yeah ur scared Ski (6:15): Just a little (6:15): cause u know i will destroy u Ski (6:15): 15 yearold? You are pretty tough (6:15): with lee sin Ski (6:15): with a big temper (6:15): in any lane Ski (6:15): grrrrr (6:15): check my lee sin season 2 Ski (6:16): nope (6:16): i destroyed many baddies like u Ski (6:16): dont need too (6:16): in season 2 Ski (6:16): but tis season 3! sily (6:16): but ur not plat ur trash and ur boosted Ski (6:16): but I am! (6:16): and u dodge my 1v1 cause ur trash Ski (6:16): kk (6:16): so why u kept talking Ski (6:16): Just replying to you bro in 3 days we play?? great what time works for you? (6:17): stfu just message me whenever u can

otherwise i dont give a **** Ski (6:17): you swear too much i think (6:17): im in a game Ski (6:17): im going to show my friends this convo (6:17): stfu now Ski (6:17): its too funny (6:17): bronze scrub Ski (6:17): like acually (6:17): ur bronze Ski (6:17): I havent laughed this hard (6:17): ur not laughing Ski (6:17): since a couple minutes ago when you were still raging (6:18): ur concern about what im saying Ski (6:18): hahahahahahaha (6:18): cause u know ur trash Ski (6:18): dude.. its a game take a chill pill noone cares im serious relax hahahahahaa (6:18): why u kept saying the same **** over and over again ur so fukin retarded Ski (6:18): because (6:18): holy **** holy **** Ski (6:18): you aren't listening And it still applies (6:18): no one give a **** about what ur saying Ski (6:18): I know (6:18): stfu i dont give Ski (6:18): noone cares its a ame (6:18): a **** Ski (6:18): :D (6:18): im in a game : fukin no brainer Ski (6:19): who is? what? brb copying convo actually hilarious

have fun with your sad little life if you get this mad over a game (6:19): ur sad and ur a fukin no life and u get elo boosted cause ur trash Ski (6:19): wheres the proof is the question (6:19): and u kept saying the same **** over and over again cause ur a fukin retard Ski (6:20): so do you? (6:20)now im ignoring u cause im playing Ski (6:20): good give me time to post this **** (6:20): to post this **** LOL Ski (6:20): ? (6:20): U CAN POST THIS **** IN THE NEWSPAPER Ski (6:20): no (6:20): AND I WONT GIVE A **** LMAO Ski (6:20): on the internet (6:20): ur so fukin dumb Ski (6:20): great (6:20): holy crap Ski (6:20): I have your approval No pesky copyright issues for me (6:20): HAHAHAHAHA ON THE INTERNET THATS THE MOST STUPID THING IVE EVER SEE today /muting u now Ski (6:21): kk (6:21): pce Ski (6:21): i thought you did already? cya! Gl in your game! (6:21): HAHAHAHHA U WILL POST THIS ON INTERNET HOLY FUKIN CRAP Ski (6:22): what (6:22): ur a fukin moron Ski (6:22): you are still here?

yeah im posting it (6:22): cant believe how fukin stupid u are LMAO Ski (6:22): keep digging mute me im trying to post (6:22): ur mom is calling u Ski (6:22): no she isnt (6:22): go do ur homework faggot LMAO Ski (6:22): my phone is off your inults make 0 sence silly 14 year olds. \ragequit

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