Yadhava Street, Nalattinputhur [post], Kovilpatti [taluk], Tuticorin Dist.-628716, TamilNadu, India. Telephone :( mob) +91 9790412186 Mobile: +91 8148509010 Email: KEY SKILLS: Testing Assistance work for all type of LV,HV panels, switch yard CT’S, PT’S, Breakers, HV&LV panel Fixing, Outdoor isolators, breakers works, LT P& B motor advance feeder vision relay, 33KV relay for SIEMENS, MICOM ALSTOM Transformer differential relay testing assistance work, SULZER & ABB motor production relay testing assistance ,Transmission line D/C,S/C all type Of Towers Erection, Stringing of conductors, ADDS (all-Di-electric self supporting), HVDS, WOODPOLES, SPUN POLES (concrete poles), Substation works & lighting Towers etc.

Total Years of Experience: 13 Years
Current Current Current Current Industry: Oil and Gas / construction Functional Area: Oil and Gas / Construction / Maintenance Sub Functional Area: Oil and Gas / Engineering / Construction Location: Muscat – Sultanate of Oman

OBJECTIVE: Committed for knowledge sharing and dedication to work, also looking forward for challenging and rewarding carrier, with a right exposure and growth. WORK EXPERIENCE:

Ray International L.L.C, Muscat, Oman

Electrical construction Engineer /Site incharge Electrical Construction Engineer in PDO EMC Projects. Micro Tower Erection Supervisor (for

Aug2010 to July 2012

Larsen&Toubro ElectroMech LLC ,Muscat, Oman Econ Engg.Constructors.Trichur,India

Nov2003 to Jul2010

planning & execution of the construction projects.Karunakaran Wiring contractor. attending the clients meeting. Sultanate of Oman. NATURE OF WORK AND EXPERIENCE IN CONSTRUCTION: Presently working at M/s RAY INTERNATIONAL L.Reliance Telecommunication) R.India Training Elect.Tech (electrical & electronics) Karnataka State Open University Mar-2012 Diploma in Electronics and Communication Lakshmiammal Polytechnic – Kovilpatti : MAY 1999 : ADDITIONAL PDO COURSES:  H2S awareness and escape (PDO)  Enhanced Health Safety and Environment and Supervision( PDO)  PTW .S. OPGW stringing. Electrical substation works.L. estimate.C.Tamilnadu. invoice. Supervisor Jan2002 to Sep2003 May1999 toJan2002 EDUCATION PROFILE: Course Institute : Date of joining : Course Engineering Institute Year of passing : : B. stringing of conductors. team allocation. test pack preparation for off-plot delivery contract. Spun pole . Muscat. since from Aug 2010 as a Site In-Charge/Electrical construction Engineer and Gaining good experience in the field of co-ordinate with subordinates. 33KV wood pole erection.Holder (PERMIT TO WORK)  Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)  ESSW (Enhanced site supervising work)  Competent Electrical Person (CEP)  Initial Fire Response (IFR)  Basic Life Support Foundation(First aider)  HSE For Supervisors (HSES)  HSE tools And Skills(HTS)  Coaching And Monitoring Competence(CMC)  Safety leadership for Supervisors (SLS) COMPUTER PROFICIENCY: DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER APPLICATION AND INTERNET.Signature (PERMIT TO WORK)  PTW . Kovilpatti.

functional checking. earth pit installation as per the ministry of water and electricity standard. 415v Battery bank installation. wiring. MTO preparation for tender & Projects. BOQ preparation.(Client MEDC)  Construction of new 33kv OHL work at Jalan Bani Bu Ali Region. VSD panel’s installation& wiring.)  Install 132KV ABB Breaker.   Outdoor CT’s& PT’s breakers. field isolator installation.( Total around 22km line. testing assistance & pre commissioning for 132KV Breaker. Lekhwair. OMAN  . testing transformer protection relays.11KV Breaker(Tamco) installation.  Attending the client meetings. functional checking.33kv breakers installation)step down transformer skid installation at well heads  Construction of 33kv. Lv 415v Tamco breakers installation. SHAIRAWAL. 33KV switch room and 132/11. electrical equipment installation(132kv. tender work assistance. 132/11KV [BHEL] transformer erection. wiring. Vender assistance works at LEKHWAIR OIL PRODUCTION STATION. Testing assistances &Pre commissioning for P-2616 A/B/D Water Injection pumps Constructions of 123/6. Construction of 6. switch yard for 132Kv OHL Reinforcement. stringing of panther conductor.  33KV/11KV Transformer (Crompton)erection. water injection pump control wiring & instrument air compressor skid installation along with wiring testing & commissioning at SHAIRAWAL OIL PLANT.11kv OHL work at Quriyat Wadi areas span pole erection.5 KV 50MVA Transformer installation. lockout relays. trip circuit supervision relays for 132KV breaker. Motor Control Relay Panel erection. HV&LV panel fixing outdoor isolators. commissiong the work as per schedule without any extension period.6KV.6KV substation work. 6. Reactor erection & wiring.6KV switches room panels 6. 11KV Breakers. testing & commissioning. Span pole erection. on load disconnector installation. Oman.(concrete poles) erection & wiring. Gas lift compressor& Propane compressor panels installation. breakers work etc.wolf conductor & panther conductor stringing.  ODC-North Oman Projects –(client Petroleum Development of Oman)Well head hookup & un hookup job. charger panels& UPS panels installation with wiring& testing.6Kv Tamco switchgears.

 Display cards. ALSTOM trip circuit relay. LEKHWARE.  All Remote control manifolds& mini manifolds (RMS. wiring. panel installation. High Micro Wave towers erection at MASHIRA REPLACEMENT PROJECT. PDO. KANNIYAKUMARI. UPS. Constructions of 132KV transmission line pole erection& stringing from MARMUL POWER PLANT to HARWEEL STATION.   33kv &11kv pole erection. wind form tower erection &panel erection with wiring for WESCARE WIND ENERGY SYSTEM CARE (INDIA) LIMITED at SOUTH KARUNKYULAM. stringing with transformer erection. cable laying with termination & testing at LEKHWARE OIL PRODUCTION STATION. 45mt. OMAN (LEKHWARE AREA).I. Demolition 132KV circuit breaker. 33kv transmission line (steel pole) erection.  New C. cable laying with wiring & testing at LEKHWARE OIL PRODUCTION STATION. OMAN. panel erection. DB installation. skid panel erection. panel installation &wiring for NEPC WIND ENERGY.  New instrument air compressor skid erection.   Testing & commissioning assistance for ALHASSAN LV 415V SWITCH BOARD 62 outgoing feeder panel in MABROUK. LEKHWARE. LEKHWARE. MM’s) distribution boards’ installations (DB). communication cards. TAMILNADU. cable laying with wiring &testing at LEKHWARE OIL PRODUCTION STATION.OMAN  Wind form tower erection. KARNADAKA. CHITHRADURGA. OMAN. trip circuit supervision relay with testing assistance & commissioning at LEKHWAIR POWER STATION. chock box& surge box installation with wiring at all water injection& oil well head skids for CENTRILIFT & CO. OMAN.  Water injection & Water booster pumps panel installation. 85mt.  7000KVA ABB Transformer installation & oil filtration work in MABROUK. OMAN. . Battery bank installation with wiring & Testing at LEKHWARE. OMAN. PDO. A’SEELA. lockout relay. OMAN. install new 132KV (ABB make) circuit breaker. stringing.   Tower erection& stringing of 11KV OHL tape line.120mt.

) maintenances at PDO. 33kv.VELUSAMY Date of Birth : 03 June 1981 Place of Birth : NALATTINPUTHUR Nationality : INDIAN Marital Status : MARRIED Language known : English.6kv. field isolator’s replacement at 33kv and 11kv OHL lines at LEKHWARE. TAMIL NADU. YIBAL.05. Hindi. transformers (132/11.05. 11kv. Arabic & Malayalam PASSPORT DETAILS: Passport Number: J 0153602 Place of Issued : MADURAI Date of Issued : 21. All type of Area lighting maintenances. and PDO OMAN. NORTH OMAN. Overhead line maintenances. compressor cooler fans &main motor excitation equipment maintenance at PDO AREA OMAN  PERSONAL DETAILS: Father’s Name : K. 6.  Monthly routine maintenance for Battery bank. BTS 42mt.2020 I hereby solemnly declare that the particulars furnished above are true to the best of knowledge and Punishable if found false Thanking you! Yours faithfully .5kv. 12mt.6KV auto transformer replacement & maintenance. motors. 1 year pm 33KV TAMCO breakers. QARNALAM. 15mt.2010 Date of Expiry : 20. wiring. Tamil. Civil work supervising for tower base foundation for RELIANCE COMMUNICATION& CO at MADURAI DIVISION. antenna& communication panels installation. various type of chargers & UPS maintenance at QARNALAM AREA. ground based and roof top Micro wave towers erection. INDIA. 32mt. PDO OMAN   GEC ALSTOM 6. NATURE OF WORK AND EXPERIENCE IN MAINTENANCE:  Troubleshooting for all type of Electrical panels.


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