A chronological record of the life and accomplishments of Karol Wojtyla
1920 May 18: Born Karol Wojtyla in Wadowice, Poland Formation
As a youth Karol studies at the university, acts in a clandestine theater, writes poetry and reads philosophy, plays goalie on his soccer team, splits stone at a quarry and works in a chemical factory. It is at this time that his vocation to the priesthood comes into focus.

1940 Studies interrupted, works as manual laborer
World War II

1954 Completes doctorate in philosophy • Teaches at Jagellonian and in Lublin

Vatican II
He attends the 1962-65 Second Vatican Council, where he helps to draft documents on religious liberty and the church in the modern world.

1978 Oct. 16: Becomes 264th pope

God's mercy

1981 May 13:
Mehmet Ali Agca shoots and wounds pope

1986 Makes historic visit to Rome synagogue • Calls world religious leaders to Assisi to pray for peace
Holy Spirit

1990 Establishes diplomatic relations with Soviet Union 1991
Gospel mission Social situation after communism

Sacredness of life Christian unity

2000 Visits Holy Land 2003 Marks 25th anniversary as pope • Beatifies Mother Teresa

1996 Urges total ban on nuclear testing, land mines 1998 Makes historic trip to communist Cuba

1941 Father dies

1992 Issues “Catechism of the Catholic Church” 1993 1958 Sept. 28: Becomes
auxiliary bishop of Krakow
Human work

Wadowice •

1938 Enters Jagellonian

1987 Opens Marian year
• Convenes first international World Youth Day • Calls Vatican meeting to resolve Catholic-Jewish controversies

Moral theology


1929 Mother dies •
Receives first Communion

1994 Establishes diplomatic
relations with Israel • Named Time magazine’s Man of the Year

2004 Opens Year of the Eucharist

1942 Enters secret seminary 1945 Resumes studies 1946 Nov. 1:
Ordained priest

1964 Jan. 13: Becomes Archbishop of Krakow

1983 Issues new Code of
Canon Law • Opens Holy Year of redemption • Visits Agca in prison

1989 Communism falls in Eastern Europe, pope seen as key figure

1948 Earns
doctorate in theology

Krakow •

1967 June 28: Becomes cardinal

1979 Makes first of 104 papal trips abroad
Christ and redemption

1984 Establishes diplomatic relations with United States 1985 Warns Europe against abortion
Eastern Europe’s Christian culture Virgin Mary Social concerns

1999 Unseals Holy Door for jubilee 2000 2005 Dies April 2

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