Practices of Diplomacy
Factor Bilateral Relations Explanation 1. Singapore has been actively involved in expanding bilateral relations with many countries since independence. 2. Partnership with various developed countries allowed Singapore to acquire advanced technological skills. 3. Medical groups such as the Red Cross go on overseas medical aid to countries that experienced disasters. Regional Relations Elaboration 4. As a result, Singapore was able to speed up its economic and social development. 5. Singapore’s bilateral relations have helped it gain world recognition and respect.

1. Countries establish regional relations by forming an association of countries in a region. 2. By combining strengths, the association will naturally become stronger. 3. It will, therefore, be in a better position when dealing with other countries. ASEAN 4. Faced with economic and political problems, the SEA leaders decided to set up ASEAN to maintain stability and build up trust. 5. Enabled Singapore to forge better relations with its neighbouring countries. 6. It also provides an avenue for Singapore to discuss their differences with neighbouring countries peacefully.

International Relations

United Nations (UN) 1. International organization that represents every country in the world. 2. Aims to promote world peace and build friendly relations among nations. - Security Council : Preserves peace among member countries - Economic and Social Council : Improves people’s standard of living - General Assembly : Member countries vote on various issues 3. Singapore gained recognition as an independent country by the UN. 4. Received help and advice by the UN experts on social and economic development.


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