With the world wide expansion of companies and changing tecnologies,Indian Organizations have realized the importance of corporate training.Training is considered as more of retention tool than a cost. Today human resource is now a source of competive advantage for all organizations.Therefore,the training system in Indian Industry has been changed to create a smarter workforce and yield the best results with increase in competition ,every company wants to optimize to utilization of its resource to yield the maximum possible result.Training is required in every field be it sales,marketing,human resource,relationship buliding,engineering,logistics,production engeering etc.It is now a business effective tool and is linked with the business outcome. With increase in awareness in Corporate training in Indian Industry,a graduate shift from general to specifis approach has been realized.

Intensifying business performance is an expedition, not a destination. The success of business operations depends upon the ups and downs of the employee performances. Hence the HR managers started looking for the methods to boost the performance and efficiency of its workforce to carry out the work today and to train them for meeting tomorrow·s goal. Training programmes had developed many years back, but now-a-days, it became a crucial factor in companies with certain objectives in mind. Training and development practices should boost up performance and develop the skills, knowledge and expertise of the employees. The vital objective of training is to build up right ability and capability in the labor

force so that they can perform to meet the needs, wants and expected returns of the employer.

The training procedure comprises of three phases:

Phase 1: Pre-training: - This may also be called as the preparation phase. The process starts with an identification of the circumstances requiring more efficient performance. A firm·s concern prior to training lie primarily in four areas: Clarifying the precise objectives of training and what the organization expects to make use of the participants after training; selection of appropriate participants; building favorable expectations and inspiration in the participants before training; and planning for any changes that improved task performance requires in addition to training.

Phase 2: Training: - During the course of the training, participants focus their attention on the new impressions that seem useful, thoughtprovoking and engaging. There is no guarantee that the participants will in fact learn what they have chosen. But the main reason remains; trainees explore in a training situation what interests them, and a training institution·s basic task is to offer the required opportunities.

Phase 3: Post-Training: - This may be called as the ´follow upµ phase. When the trainees go back to job after attending the training, a practice of adapting change begins for each one participated. The newly acquired skills and knowledge undergo modification to fit the work condition. Participants may find their organizations offering support to use the training and also the support for continuing contact with the training institution. On the other hand, they may step into a quagmire of distrust.

More effective behavior of people on the job is the prime objective of the training process conducted by an organization as a whole.

According to NASSCOM(National AssociationOf SoftwareAnd Services)and IT Corporate Training market is expected to increase to reach Rs 600 crore in 2010 from 210 crore in 2006.

Training Market


Traing Market Yr 2006









In Indian market,50% of the training company revenue comes from the retail training and rest from other segments. On the other hand,in many orgaanizatoin training is regarded as non essential or a need based activity.Some organizations start a training department in order to look modern.In fact,some organization are headed by unwanted employees rather than employees of outstanding market.While some organization do not have a separate budget to hire highly qualified training for training & development.

. OBJECTIVE  To Study the strategy followed by different sectors in India  To study the specific training method followed by different sectors  The competancy level of the sector with the present market condition .To find the major attributes which contributes to the success of the trainers .PURPOSE Corporate. today. they should analyze the need for conducting training to the workforce. There are chances in which firms can make mistakes if they are not assessing the training needs. for sure. An employee.Nature Of Work etc .To analyse the importance of the training & development program & how it is helpful for the growth of the organization. monotonous management or any other personal and official issues. expend large amount of money on imparting training and development practices. requires training when he is found to be not capable enough to meet the goals of the organization and when there is a gap between the current performance and expected performance. All these problems spotted can be tackled by providing an effective training programme to the right employee and at the right point of time The purpose of the study onµTRAINING & DEVELOPMENT SCENARIO IN INDIAN INDUSTRY ´ is to analyse the position of Training & Development in the major sectors in India. Meagerness in recital occurs due to the lack of sufficient knowledge and expertise.Skill attributes required.It gives an idea about the Top Training Istitutes. But prior to spending such vast amount.

is a leader in high-end latest technologies training in the IT.BPO.It is providing training services to Ameriacn Express.Infotech.APAC.Sothe Eastern Coalfield.Currently it has 6 corporate owned 50 Franchisees in India has trained more than 1.Its business units are:Enterprise Business Unit(EBU).Reliance Infocomm.Godrej Infotech.across 10 countroes in 18 languages.Godrej & Boyce.00000 profeesionals.Mahindra Finance..500000 IT professionals till date.Maruti.Infosyes .& Mobile Telephony industry.Pantaloon.Tata Consultancy Services.Educational Service Business Unit(ESBU).It is providing training services to Wipro.ABN Amro.  Karrox-A Mumbai based training organization.COACHING LEARNING INSTITUTES IN INDIAN INDUSTRY The three major Training & Learning solutions providers to organization & individual in Indian Industry are:  NIS Sparta-The Reliance Anil Dhrubhai Ambani Group company.and Reliance Strategic Business Unit(RSBU).IBM.HCL. .Indian Navy.Accenture.in over 550 organizations.Times Of India.Reliance Industries .Coca-Cola.State bank Of India.It has provided consulting and training solution to more than 10.TRAINING PROVIDERS IN INDIA.Cap Gemini.Persitent Tecnhologies.Global Telesystem.

TRAINING & DELOPMENT IN RETAIL/FMCG SECTOR Retail /FMCG is the most booming sector in theIndian economy and is expected to reach fromUS $ 175 to 200 bilion in 2016.Bayer.Gas Authority Of India.Onida .Valv oline Cummins. With this rapid expansion and coming of majpor players the sector .Bluestar.ICICI.Process Training .Sales Train ing and Managerial Development Training that assit in obercoming various challenges areas.Standered CharteredBank.HP.A division of Aptech Limited.It keeps the trainees up to date with the latest training and professional curriculam in the industry . . TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT II INDIAN INDUSTRY CAN BE FURTHER DIVIDED IN TO VARIOUS SECTOR 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Training & development system in Retail/FMCG Sector Training & development system in Banking & Insurance Sector Training & development system in Automobile Sector Training & development system in Telecom Training & development system in Pharmaceutical Training & development system in Hospitalty Training & development system in IT 8) Training & development system in BPO.Lack of Skilled Worker in the major factor that is holding back the retail sector for the growth .dabur.National Thermal power Corporation.Mahindra & Mahindra.MarutiUdhyog.Soft Skill .Motorola.Elecrolux.Kelvinator.Delhi Police.Product Training . Aptech Training Solution.the need of human resource management has increased .It is providing the training solutions and services to Indian Oil.It is offering an entire range of performance solution like Custeomer Service Training.

The sector is facing the severe shortage of trainers .Also the current education system is not sufficientlyprepared to address the new processes According the industry majors Training Program in Retail/FMCG         Sales training On ²The ²Job Training Seminar Workshop Customer Relationship Management Online Course Group Study Computer Based Training Self Directed Training Training Insitute for Retail Management         Indian Retail School Loyla Institute Of Business Administration SP Jain Center Of Management Institute Of Integrated Learning In Management Welingker Insitute Of Management Center For Retail Studies KJ Somaiya Institute Of Management Studies & Research Mudra Institute Of Communication Amity Business School Career For Trainers In Retail /FMCG Sector Preferred educational qualification for trainers  PG in Psychology  Exposure in Organizational Projects & Training interventions for the service sector  Master Degree in Business Management/Professional Training Certification  Desired profile graduate in M.Pharm/BHMS/Ayurved or any graduate from companies dealing in similar products. .

5 5-8yrs 3.5 max min 3 2-5yrs 1. A computer literate with the proficiency in Ms Office(Word.5 8-11yrs 4. Variation of salary with experience Salary offered to the trainers according the relevent experience fall in range of 6. Ability to design training inputs and conduct seminars is essential. Team building & Leadership .Excel.food manufacturing industry (FMCG) .5 4.5 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Rs in Lakh Skill And Attributes Required For Trainers Team and Client management skill are crucial Must have excellent communication & presentable skills High Energy level.Power Point)  Administrative/Training related experience at an office /supervisor level in Beverage.

In the Insurance Sector also rapid expansion has created about 5 Lakh job opportunities approx in the past 5 years .Business Etiquette Team Building and Leadership .beneficial growth to the banking sector and economic growth process .Today most of the indian cities have Network banking facilities as well as Internet Banking facilities .rise in the standared of living .HDFC.Change and conflict Management Identity training need and gaps Customize training program Mapping the Training needs of sales Team Designing the Sales Training Modules and the strategies for training Imparting Product Training Process Team .Nature Of Work Customer Service Excellence .These openings are mainly in the field of Insurance Advisor Or Marketing agents .Retail Selling Skills Body Language and Grooming .The eligibility crieteria for these jobs is graduation with some experience in Marketing or become .Skill Training to sales Plan.increase in financial service for people living in rural areas etc has increased the demand for wide range of financial product that has led to mutually .incresing consumerism .Some of the major players in the banking sector are SBI.Impliment and Monitor Training and Development activities Ensure Training and Development of Human Resource Analyze Business Plan BANK AND INSURANCE SECTOR Favorable economic climate and number of other factors such as growing urbanization .ICICI.PNB etc . This was concided by technology developmentin banking operration .

HDFC Life Insurance etc in this sector people who have had some formal training are preferred while recruitment because it can be helpful in the Insurance Field .The need of Human Resource has increased .UTI.A ²English M.ICICI Lombard .However only the Insurance degree in this field does not gaurantee success .To be successful an agent must have strong interpersonal net working and communication skill .design & documentation Skill & Attribute Required For Succesful Trainers Strong team player Knowledge of various computer application(power point.Insurance agents after completing school training .A ²English BA/MA in Linguistics M A-Communication MBA/PGDM-Finance/International Business MBA in Human Resource/Industrial Relation/Finance/Marketing Certification in Training delivery. No of opportunities in Banking and Insurance sectorhas increased than ever before .But now the scenario has been changed .with the coming up of big players like ICICI Life Insurance. Preferred Educational Qualification For Trainers         Any Graduate B.With the rapid expansion and coming up of the major players like ICICI.HDFC.Bajaj Allianz.excel) Excellent written & verbal communication skill.including public speaking . etc . but this need some relevent Earlier there were no training program as such for insurance agents on the job training only that was given once the new agent was appointed .

Presentation skill Accent neutralization Flexibility and Readiness to continously improve & update self withlatest knowledge on market & products Culture Sensinization Time management Planning & executing skills Ability to receive & provide feedback in a positive manner Strong understanding of Finance is must Coaching & Mentoring skill Interacting with diversity of people & people intensive policy making ability Knowledge Required Knowledge of preparation of training modules & content development Funds Management Financial markets Knowledge of computer based training tools Wealth Management Private Banking Banking Credit & Banking Operation Variation of Salary With Experience .

conducting periodical assesment to ascertain the retention levels Responsible for voice & accent soft skill Trainig need analysis & draw up training plan Mapping the training needs of sales team Designing the sales training modules & the strategies for training Conducting training pertaining banking & insurance operations .Identify training need & skill gaps of the students. .15+ yrs 12-15 yrs 8-11yrs max min 5-8 yrs 2-5yrs 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Rs in Lakh Nature Of Work Online sales & operation training specialist Serve as a primary resource & expert on Business English for a sales & operation team Design & Deliver training documents Training curriculum development & delivery Manage multiple curriculum according to level of language skill Evaluation of candidates.

Banking & Insurance  Indira Gandhi Farmers & Entrepreneurship Development Institute o Insurance Sector  LIC Training Center.Noida  Narsee Munji Institute Of Management .Training Institute In Banking & Insurance Sector o Banking Sector  National Institute Of Bank management  Indira Gandhi Institute For Development & Research  Institute for Development & Research In Banking Technology(IDBRI)  Indian Institute Of Banking & Finance  Institute of Finance .Janpath.New Delhi  Amity School Pf Insurance & Acturial Science.New Delhi  Insurance Regularity & Development Authority  Asia Pacific Institute Of Management.New Delhi Area Covered In Training Program Risk Management Process Training Product Training Credit Management Treasury Management Forex Management Interest Rate & Self Sufficiency Liquidity Management Invesment Banking Investment Broking Soft Skill Development Finance for MFI .Haryana  Rai University.Mumbai  Kurukshetra University .

rise in the standard of living of comsumer. .Currently automobile sector in India is retaining 10 million employee & is expected to employ more in the future.mass production etc and are expanding their plants .liberization.The sector is going through a phase of rapid change & high growth .privatization and globalization of Indian Industry .easy availability of finance .Marketing Finacial Institute Preferred Training Method Game Based Training Coaching On the job training Seminar Workshop Computer Based Training AUTOMOBILE SECTOR The Indian Automobile sector is growing at a rate of about 16%per annum & is now going to be a second fastest growing automobile market in the world . The rapid expansion is because of the growing urbanization . According to the National Development and Reform Commision.Maruti are now focusing on mass customization . Unorganised sector is employing 67% people while organised sector is employing only 33% people which is a major drawback for automobile sector.Interested one has to specialize in Automobile & Mechanical Engeering .the industry is understanding technological change.This rapid expension has created lots of job opportunities .With the coming up of new projects .Bajaj.Toyota . India·s Automaking capacity is expanded to become 15 million units by the end of the year 2007 exceeding the yearly demand of about 7 million units . The major player such as Honda.

This institute will provide bot high standard of education and training in automotive technology as well as employment opportunities .With this rapid expansion & coming up of major players in the sector.Various companies are opening training inst itutes to train interested ones in this sector like Toyota has recently opened Toyota Technical Training Institute near Bangalore that will offer four courses in of Automobile Assembly.Tech /B.The companies are looking for skilled and hard working people who can give their best to the organization .DIPLOMA in any specialization Any Degree diploma in Human Resource Development B.E -Machanical B.the focus is more on skilled employees and the need of human resource development has increased .Mechatronics(a combination of Mechenical & Industrial Electronics). Career For Trainer In Automobile Sector Preferred Educational Qualification MBA /PGDM in HR /Personal Management PG.Automobile Weld &Automobile Paint.E & MBA SAP-HR Skill & Attributes Required Should possses good communication & presentaion skill Interpersonal Skill Presentation Skill-Command over language Impeccable Oral & Written Communication Planning & Execution Skill Abilty to receive & provide feedback in a positive manner Coaching & mentoring skill Interacting with diversity of people &people intensive industry .

Policy making ability Variation Of Salary With Experience 15 12 12-15yrs 9-12yrs 12 9.5 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Rs In Lakh Nature Of Work Develop continous learning program specific to Auto Component industry Identification of Training need .action plan Preparing &adhering to associate training calender Maintaining Training database Coordinating well with different departments Design & Drive the training & learning intervention for both technical & bevarioul training Budgeting guidelines for Training & development activities Provide appropriate feedback to the management .8 max 6-8yrs 10 5.development training plan.2 min 2-5yrs 5 2.

Set up & derive knowledge sharing forums & small groups activities through employee engagement & participation .create a knowledge skill repository Monitor Training & development to measure .Com Area Covered In Trainig Program Computer Network Engineering ASE Master Certified Auto Training Autobody Tech HVAC/Refrigeration Marine Technology Motorcycle Mechanics .evaluate ROI pf the training function Upgrade & Implement training process Implement innovative training interventions Arrange institutional tie-up with specialized training institutes which provide automobile industry specific training & other professionals insitute for management & behavioural training Achieve training targets by imparting training Assesing capabilities of manpower by audits at the workshop and bridge the gap through training Plan & coordinate for consulting special training course for training for skill enhancement of sevice engineers &dealers workshop staff Training Providers & Automobile Sector Some of the training providers in Automobile Industry are: ASK tecnologies (India) Private limited Saluja Cad Consultancy Right Flow India Mistral Solution Private Limited Used Car Wise.

Candidates with class XII in Physics .Motorcycle Technician Motorcycle Technology Certified Autotech Certified Truck & Diesel Technology Master Auto & Diesel Technology Car Mechanic Course Preferred Training Method Workshop Seminar E learning Instrutor led class Computer based training Training Courses In The Automobile Sector The various courses for employment opportunities in the sector are: o Degree Program B.Tech Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Machine Design /Automobile Engeering /CAD/CAM/Automation The duration of degree progarm is 4 year o Diploma Program Post Diploma in Automobile Engineering (PDAE) Licentiate In Mechanical Engineering(LME) Post Diploma In Robotics & Automation (PDRA) o Certicate Course Certicate In Applied Thermodynamics Certificate In Engineering Mechanics The certification course takes from 6 months to 1 year .Tech/B.Maths & Chemistry or Vocational course are eligible . .E in Mechanical Engineering M.

Vodafone.Idea.network .Mtnl.Bharati has also tied up IIT Delhi for Bharati School Of Telecommunication Technology & Management .the need for trained professionals is bound to rise & so is the training need . With the rapid growth in Telecom Sector .TV etc and increased awareness among customers .Tata etc the requirement of mobile analyst software engineers & hardware engineers for mobile handset has increased .There is constant need pf updating of kmowledge skill & attitudes .720 crore in the year 2006 .However holding an engineering degree is not enough in the sector .have brought back the training & development in priorities catalog .BPL.growing IT development in the sector . With the increase in competition availability of huge amount of information through internet .mobile application development .TELECOM SECTOR Telecom sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India with a growth of 21% & revenue of Rs 86.the demand to impart proper training in nontechnological areas like customer care & marketing has increased too . Rapid technological changes .The sector is expected to grow over 150% by 2012 .threat. .fo eg .Reliance has also established Dhirubhai Ambani Institute Of Information & Communication Technology .In addition to that .magazine . Many top players are spending a huge amount on training & development . BSNL alone spend more than 100crore on training & development of its employees through the Advance Telecommunications Training Centre(ALTLC) and other regional training institutes .security .Bharti Tele Services.newspaper .The total training market in Telecom Sector is estimated to be of Rs 400 crore .With the increase in competition between major players like BSNL .

the Mobile Operating System Binary Runtime Environment For Wireless Diploma in Mobile Communication Diploma in Wireless technology .Finance & Management Advance Level Telecom Training Center Usha Martin Academy Of Communication Technology Initiatives Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information & Communication Technology Sybiosis Institute Of Telecom Management Amity Insitute Of Telecom Technology & Management Bharati School Of Telecomm Technology & Management Preferred Training Methods On the job training Brainstroming Distant Learning Workshop Short-term interactive session Seminar Online E learning Computer Based Training program Computer Lab Work Group Study Instrutor Led Class Room Training Course & Programs Basic Course In Mobile Communication Symbian Operating System .Training Institutes Some of the major training institutes are : Bharat Ratna Bhim Rao Ambedkar Institute Of Telecom Training National Academy Of Telecom .

Handsets Training on IP Deployment .E -Any Specialization Train the Trainer Certificate Nature Of Work Training all the verticals like Post paid.Pre paid .Landline .Retail.Post paid Wireless .OSS-BSS etc Provide continous training & potimize processes Design content & conduct training programmes for all sakes personnel within sales function Assisting the managers in terms of Operations & Quality Training need analysis Arranging & implementing training Making training calender Training evaluation Preparing Training Budget Develop & Deliver training to internal & external technical support teams .Tech /B.in Human Resource /Industrial Relation/Sales & Marketing PG-Psychology/Sociology Graduate in labour law /Personal Mangement UG ²B.Datacard.Prepaid Wireless Landline.Foundation course in Mobile Communication Advanced Diploma in Mobile Communication & Soft Technology Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem IMS Certificate Course in mobile communication Voice Over IP Career For Trainers In Telecom Sector Preferred educational qualification UG-Any Graduate PG-MBA/PGDM.Network Security .

Implement new & existing training projects & initiatives Consistently review & improve training quality & effectiveness To implement & monitor the company training for future program Customizing training content Monitoring on the job performance Technical & Behavioural Training Doing Competency Mapping Skill & Attributes Required Ability to create .make and edit written material Having pleasing personality & excellent communication skill Ability to Influence .good management skill Good analytical skill Knowledge of planning & scheduling techniques Language training skills Vendor Management skills Should have strong coordination/collaborative skills Variation In Salary With Experience in Telecom Sector .convince & persuade Should be passinate about service quality Ability to see how training leads to performance operational effeciency .staff retention .

In the last year 3900 new generic products have been launched because of which its market value has been increased to about US $ 335 million .Indian Pharamaceutical market is 2% of world pharmaceutical market .15-18yrs 13-15yrs 10-13yrs Series 2 7-10yrs 4-7 yrs 2-4 yrs 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Series 1 Rs in Lakh PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR India pharmaceutical market is valued at about US $8 Billion and is expected to reach to US $ 12 Billion by 2011 . Growth in pharamaceutical sector This rapid growth has also increased the training need of the sector .

growth yr2010 growth yr2006 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 Training Areas Brand Management Contaimination Control Drug Verification Supply Chain Visibility Recall Management Shrinkage Reduction Preferred Training Methods Some of the preferred training method are Web Based Training Class Room Training Workshops On The Job Training Career For Trainers In Pharamaceutical Preferred educational qualification .

Pharma D.Sc.Pharma B.PG.Botany B.any post graduate-any specialization PG-MBA/PGDM-Human Resource/Industrial Relation B. with Biology.Tech.Chemistry.E ²Any Specialization Nature Of Work Training need analysis Arranging & Implementing training Making training calender Training content development Training evaluation Preparing training budget Develop & deliver training to internal & exetrnal technical support team Implement new & existing training projects & initiatives Consistently review & improve training quality & effectiveness To implement & monitor the company·s training for future program Customizing training content Skill & Attributes Required Should be high on energy & have a passion to build people capability Should be fluent in written & spoken english Interpersonal skill & sound knowledge in Industrial Relation Must have excellent written .& presentation skills Ability to deliver under pressure Proactive approach to problem solving Analytical & Conflict management skills .oral. /B.Pharma Phd.Com B .Pharma M.

exhibition centers and smaller events management companies .Contract Catering and Aviation .Leadership ability Variation Of Salary With Experience 11-15yrs 8-11yrs max 5-8yrs min 2-5yrs 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 Rs In lakh HOSPITALITY SECTOR Hospitality sector is growing at a very fast rate in India.Clubs & Bars.This sector can be classified into Hotel industry .Skilled Chefts & Managers are in great .Pubs.Restaurents.Other than that opportunities also exit in universities sporting venues .Tourism.The sector is growing at a rate of approximate 8% . The major challenges of this sector of skilled employees along with the challenges of Attrition Rate .Travel.

With the increase in competition due to the coming up of major players like four Seasons .Courtesy and Business Comminication.Hospitality is all about handling people.The major players are now strategizing to increase the turnover of the customers by training their employees on communication .succession planning & resource development in order to get success in this sector .employees are not enpough trained in Business Etiquesties .interpersonal skills .and listening skills in order to move up the hierarchy .com Training Partners Hospitality Haanbooks Air Hostess Academy .Aman Resorts etc the need to train employees has increased more than ever before .tolerance .There is still a long way to go to inculcate good public relation .Some of the essentials required by this sector are: Good Infrastruture Trained Trainers Quality Of Content Certication Of Training Course Effective Training Evaluation Training Program Available For The Following Areas Food & Bevrage Service Front Office HouseKeeping Training In Hospitality Sector o Training Providers The Training Market.demand .viable skills .analytical skill .Dining and Business Etiqueties etc .Managers require huge range of competencies such as people management.In addition to that .So an employee must have right attitude .business insight.Shangri ²La.

Health & safety Training Course Programs Certication in Catering Operations Certication in Tourism Skills Certication in Hospitality Certication in Fast Food & Snack Bar Management Certication in Healthy Eating & Food Safety Certication in Guest House Operation Service Safe Manager Certification Bar Service Catering Food Service Bevrage Service Kitchen Skill Basic Skill for the guest services .Restaurents.British Institute Of Air Hostess Training Frankfinn Air Hostess Academy Hi Fly Aviation Academy Chetna Consultancy Services Skill Tree India Sierra Training limited Fitness Savvy Icon Consultancy & EducationLimited Hospitality Training Topics  Food.Hotels & Hospitality Bar Tending Restaurent Mangement Culinary Skill Food Preparation Skill  Leadership & Chain Management  Hotel Restaurent .

Self Catering ) Courses For Training In hospitality Sector Preferred UG-any Graduate-any specialization PG-any course-any specialization MBA/PGDM.Catering Technology .cabin crews & air hostesses on language Training on business etiquettes .Human Resource /Marketing/Operation/Strategy Graduate/Diploma.Applied Nutrition MBA/PGDM Human Resource Nature Of Work Providing training to aspirants .courtesy.Housekeeping .Hotel Management & MBA Diploma in Hotel Management.business communucation Training On personality development Training on time management Training Courtesty crew members for restaurents operations that is for Dine ²in .Accomodation Service(Laundry.Delivery & Product Providing behavioural training Training need analysis Arranging & implementing training Making training calendar Training evaluation Preparing training budgeting Develop & deliver training to internal & external support teams Implementing new and exiting training projects & initiatives Consistently review & improve quality and effectiveness To Implement & monitor the company ´Training For Futureµ program Customizing training content .

negotiation & relationship mangement skill Profeciency in Computer Application Excellent networking skills.with the ability to build rapport Ability to think out of the box & drive change and innovation Variation Of Salary WithExperience In Hospitality Sector 11-15yrs 8-11yrs max 5-8yrs min 2-5yrs 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 .Skill & Attribute Required Should have very good oral & written communication skill Should have had experience in making training content Language skill Right attitude & listening skill Dedeuction & Tolerance skill Should know to deal with people & good interpersonal and public relation skill Should be presentable Proficiency in English & Hindi Must have effective vendor mangement .

3 million job by 2010 .5 2 2.It shows that good training results in enhancement of individual performance which in turn .there is direct link between training investment of the companies and the amrket capatalization .5 1 1.the need of Human Resource Development has increased .according to NASSCOM(National Association OF Software & Service Company) with the rapid expansion of IT Sector & coming up of major players & new technologies like SAP.have been able to deliver customer goals with effective results .Rs In Lakh IT/SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRY The Indian IT Sector is growing at a very fast pace and is expected to earn a revenue of US $ 7 Billion by 2008.5 Rs in Lakh According to the recent review by Harshvardhan business review . Revenue Earned yr2010 Revenue Earned yr2006 0 0.In 2006 it has earned revenue of about US $ 40 billion .IT sector is expected to generate 2.helps the organization in .With a growth rate of 30% .Those companies with higher training investment had higher market capatalization that the companies which have sucessfully implemented training programs .

SUN has its own training department .many companies have now started their own learning centers .Data Entry System Development/Programming/Software engineering Networking Application Programming Research & Development In peripheral integration Product qulity control and reliabilty testing Enterprise Resource Planning Database Waterhousing Management Preferred Training Methods Computer based training Internet based training .Training is a tool that can help in gaining competitive advantage in term of Human Resource .achieving its business goals .For eg.Accenture has Intrnet based tool by the name of ´ My Learning ´that offer access to its vast learning resource to its employees . With ht egrowing investemnt by IT companies in the development of their employees .Companies are now kept aside 3-5% of revenue for training & development . Area Covered In Training Programs In IT/Sofware Development Industry Computer manufacturing EDP/E-commerce Designing Maintanence Service Operating Jobs. .Computer Operations .As an example some of the major players like Tata Flexi and Accenture are allocating 7% and 3% respectively of the companies overall revenue .Companies are investing both the technical training which always been an essential part in IT industry as well as in managerial skill development .

Tech/B.E in Computer Science BCA MCA B Sc in Computer Science/M Sc in Computer Science Any PG course-any specialization A post graduate in Human Resource from a reputed institute specializing in Training & development Skill & Attributes Required for A Successful Trainer Technical very sound Presentable Good in making relationship with managers Can handle queries of employees/IT professionals Verbal/Written communication skills Excellent Interpersonal skill Ability to lead & mentor team members Presentation & networking skills Should be computer savvy .Lectures based training Labs On the job training Distant learning E books Mentoring Coaching Job Rotation Career Opportunities For Trainers In IT Industry Preferred Qualification MBA/PGDM/PGDBM in HumanResource/Administration/IndustrialRelation UG-B.

Advance Training ²Content designing & session scheduling to be done Work with technical managers to gauge current technical levels Propose budget & spending plan for technical & softskill Ensure ROI for training Identification of training need of employees by use of appraisal data Consolidation & preparation of training calendar Conduct service excellence & behavioural modules for employees Continously conduct & monitor feedback after the program Prepares weekly/Monthly & annual training report Track the mendatory training requirement for the entire division & inform the participants on the compliance Take care of trainee·s need during the training Designing & developing Instructional material for training courses that support companies goal Manage team members by assigning tasks & set goals based on workload Concern in Information Technology Training One of the major concern for training companies is to create professional who are better able to go in for technology in a specific domain area .unplanned training approach.Other than that are various issues that are affecting the IT Training Sector such as lack of conviction regardingtraining.To design different technical training modules based on need for same .Excellent coaching & mentoring skills Nature Of Work Training Need Analysis ²A Protocol to gather & review the inputs on the performance of the hires serving the initial months of employment . .uncertain quality focus and lengthy decision making process .

planned trainning to candidates in a shortest possible time .updated. Aptech is venturing into college research firm & universities . As an eg.To increase the market share .On the other side NIIT has invested in product development to create product segmentation and is customizing them to address IT/ITES education arenas .if the growth in the shoftware industry goes by as expected .now there is enough scope of IT training courses & institutes.it has become a challenge for training institutes to offer effective.35000 people by .latest.According to recent report of NASSCOM on software industry .IT sector is soon going to face a huge shortfall of skilled employees.The company regularly conduct surevy of the training need in Indian Job Market . Essential In It Industry To service in long term there are essentials things such as : Good Infrastructure Trained Trainers Quality Of Content Certification Of Training Course Effective Training Evaluation Post Training Support Emerging Scenario In IT Industry With the rapid expansion in IT/ITES sector .He With the coming up of various new technologies .New Horizons is establising partnershio with its customers & delivering quality training.the IT service sector will see a shortfall of 2.most of the training institute are now strategizing to launch new product & marketing agreesively .Another opportunities that has been identified by Aptech in the field of developing content & the company is offering these services to find third party clients for customization .

India alone spend $ 216 million ie 21% of total spending of IT training in the region & is expected to be one of the largest contributers in the coming years .This is largely because India alone accounts for 60% of the total Asia ²pacific dmand for IT professionals Currently . According to a recent IDC report. and varios other State Govt.expected to grow by 6 to 7% in the next 3 years .IT spending in the global business worldwide .2011.This huge IT spending is largely because of IT recruitment . Variance Of Salary With Experience In IT Industry .The demand has largely for JAVA and .Due to this .the focus is now on hiring professionals with expertise in particular domain . Now there is a notable shift from long term course to short term training certifications .the IT training markets valued at Rs 100 crore and is expected to reach Rs 300 crore in next year . The major factor that is responsible for growth in IT sector is the Egovernance initiatives introduced by the Central Govt.network storage and Linux demand is taking a toll .which will be enough to give boost to the IT training sector .NET professionals and on the NETWORKING end.

The BPO industry is growing at an annual growth rate of 14% and is expected to cross $310 billion by 2008 .in adequate knoe ²how etc .monotonous work.To deliver desired services to customers who is 100000 miles away.11-15yr 8-11yr 5-8yr min max 3-5yr 1-3yr 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Rs in Lakh TRAINING & DDEVELOPMENT IN BPO SECTOR BPO is business process outsourcing .neglected talent. The Various Reason Behind The Increasing Training Need In BPO Industry Are: BPO industry is expected to generate 1.It is an agreement between two parties for specific business task . .Job seekers prefers BPO s over other sector because it is providibg high paying jobs to graduate/undergraduate .it is important to have good amount of business knowledge & expertise .which require training needs more than ever before . High Attrition Rate in this sector reason being unsatisfied employee .1 milloin job by 2008 and 6 million job by 2016 .

Various BPOs have an elaborate training infrastructure that include computer based training rooms & specially trained & qualified in house trainees .although the sectors taking a lot of initiatives in conducting for new trainees .the development of skills of middle management .Therfore organization have to handle such challenges of meeting training needs .methods etc. With constant change in process technologies . The companies are now busy designing training programs for their employees . there is a developing & training the BPO employs to cosistenlty deliver customer goals .problem solving skill and leadership skill .Companies are now aligning business goals with training costs . Career Opportunities For Trainers Preferred Educational Qualification UG-B .These companies try identifying strengths & weaknesses and emphasizing more on that personalities .Coming UP of high profile BPOs Training has become a major tool to retain employees .techniques.But what more important is .Ed Any PG ²Any specialization Any graduate MBA/PGDM ² in Human Resource/Industrial Relation PG Diploma-Any Specialization MBA from good institute in Training & Development Nature Of Work .Well designed training program with clear career path increases the job satisfaction among the young professionals & help them in becoming efficient & effective at the workplace .job stress that results demotivation .People worked in BPO sector face the problem of management shift .

Introduce them to the concept of customer service & train them on basic telephone etiquettes .business communication & also written communication To conduct Training  personality development.communication skill  Grammar for companies in the customer service  Time management  Customer focus  Accent Neutralization  Voice training  Phonetics modules  Presentation Skills  Culture Sensization Identication training need Preparing Training calendar Maintaining Database & preparing MIS report on training Taking training feedback Evaluation of schedule & longterm planning of training Conduct new hire to bring new joinees up up the learning choice as per the requirement To develop training planner for the year based on training need analysis To develop training material & appropriate delivery methods for new hires as well as new initiatives for existing staff To track progress & maintain records of all training activities Skill And Attributes For A Successful Trainers Aptitude-towards people management & counselling Key Competancies ²content development abilities Attributes-good people skill Excellent command over english language Good personality .

Wipro Accentual.behavioural & skill development Have the ability to give learners feedback & couch them towards improvement Major Players In BPO Industry Hero Honda Mindmine is leading training & development organization in India and is part of Hero Group.some of its clients in BPO sectors are E ²Funds.its clients are M Phasis EXL.Excellent communication & team handling skill Self driven person Excellent presentable skill Ability to train on language skill High energy.Bangalore .Gurgaon based oraganization Karrox.ethusiasm and hands on approach Transfer info in a simple & effective manner with clear & concise communication Should have core competancy in conceptualization designing & conduct of employee development program in technical .Tracmail Voices .EXL Whis.Bangalore Call Center Training Institute  Siksha .clients are Mphasis & EXL Lawkim.its BPO clients is Daksh Akiko Callnet.Mumbai NIIT Planet working at Delhi.E-Serve.Daksh.Infowavz.Pune .Zenta. Evolve.its client are Daksh& V Customers Fands Infotech is in Pune.Bangalore  Spur Careers.Mphasis.Delhi Merritach.Delhi.Mumbai clients are Tenta.ICICI One Source.

STI Knowledge .Bangalore..Bangalore B K One Center for American Education Shardha India Technical Training Institute WAN LABS .Mumbai Surlin Consultants Pvt.Hyderabad. Ltd.Hyderabad Aaroha.Punjab.UP.Delhi ITES Grades Ma Foi Academy Delhi Call Centers Pvt.Gurgaon .Mumbai Akiko Sgerman.Delhi.New Delhi.Bangalore Nexgen .Ltd.Ltd..Ltd.Bangalore Voice & Accent Trainers In BPO Industry         Wavelength & E learning Hero Mind Mine Mind Speed .Mumbai Accentual USA Inc..Bangalore.Bangalore Relationship Management Services Pvt.Kanpur Add Value Training Solution Evolve. Future Call NEXT.Haryana Fands Infotech Pvt.Mumbai. Ltd.Vishakapatnam On Trac Athiya Organizational Competencies Pvt.Orissa.Pune Accusense Global Technologies .Chennai.                   Global Respondez Services ltd Hero Mind Mine Holistic Training Solution Pvt Ltd.

Bangalore Surlin Consultancy Crossroads Training Solution.Bangalore Process Training Institute In BPO Industry SAMOS .New Delhi Glance.Mumbai Evolve WCH Training Add Value Training Solution Area Covered InTraining Program Customer Care Technical Support Payroll Management Publishing Sales & Telemarketing Finance & Accountancy Human Resource Intellectual Properly.Bangalore.Bangalore Incrove.Bangalore Softskill Training Institute            Althia. Evolve. Research & Development Administrative Support Security Supply Chain Management Customer Relationship Management Legal Services .Ghaziabad Only Success.Chennai Optionz Paremala Consultant.

Medical Transcription Research & Analysis Training Course In BPO Sector Call Center Management Advanced Interpersonal Communication Business Communication Accent Neutralization E mail TelephoneEtiquette Selling Over Phone Cross Cultural Training Preferred Training Methods Computer Based Training Method E Learning Cd-ROM Based Training Method Lectures Discussion Media Access Web Video Audio Web Based Training Session Intranet Based Training Course .

 BPO Sector is facing the Highest Attrition Rate  IT Sector is one of the largest contributers in Training & Development Program .CONCLUSION The study reveals the followings:  The skill & Attributes required for Retail Sector basicly focus on their Presentation Skill  Automobile Sector is the one where Technical Qualification is mendatory.

 E governance is the major factor responsible for the growth in IT Sector  Variation of salary with experience is almost same for these sector  Telecom Sector is the fastest growing sector RECOMMENDATION  .

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