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y renleclies w i l l e l i m i n a t e a 1 Thc o f l i f e ' s l i t t l e annoyances-and improve your w e a l t h , h e a l t h , and s a n i t y

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degrees, earn a &action of what their U.S. eaunterparts earn. Bumrungrad, like most hospitals that s~~ecialiae medical tourism, is essenin tially a cash-mlyhospital. YOU walk in, pull out your eredit card, and pay; i n s w anCe aWuIIts for less than 15 percent of payments. That means this is not an option for the poor, whether they're American or Thai. People who travel abroad may not have healthinsnrance, but they still have

overallinfectionlatewas0.29 percent. (US. hnspitals awuotedfor an estimated 1.7 lion infeeledpatients and 99,000 deaths 2002, awnling to a m n t rewrt fmm the Centers for ~ i k a s ~ o n t m&d Prevention.) e l THESE STATISTICS DON'T MEAN. OF COURSE, that nothing ever goes wrong a t Bmnrungrad or at other foreign facilities that may be less accommodatingwith patient complaints. Surgeryis an evolving science, doctors are human, and m i s t a b happen. "Ourmajor concerns have to do with the quality of care and the continuity of follow-upcamp saysRohert Zirkelbach, a spokesman for America's Health h u r a n c e Plans (AHIP),a trade organizationfor health-insurance companiesin the United States. which is based in WaFhngtnn, DC, represents almost 1,300 healthinsurancepmvide~g_inclnding giants like United, WeIIPoint,AetnaaCigna, Humana, Kaiser Permanente. and Blue Chss-that provide coverage to more than 200 million Americans. Wanyh4, #I plam r e expe~kenting u withmedical tomismat the employer level," says Zirkelbach, 'WEfind ways . - to to lower m t s of andimpmve access to qualitv health cam.I& earlvin the'D ! One provider that has an overseas product is Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of South Carolina. "We're testing the waters," says David Boncher, the president and chief operating officer of Companion Global Healthcare, a eompany founded and owned by BCBS of South Carolina. Because BCBS is prohibited from contracting with o u t 4 state hospitalglet alone facilities out of the count~--Colnmhia-baaedCompanion Glohal Healthcare is a separate entity that has enteredinto relationships not only with Bnmrnngrad, hut with JCI+ccredited hospitals in Ireland, Costa Rica, Siogapore, and Turkey. For employers who use the option, the savings are significant. TIE cost8 are 72 percent to 86 percent less on average at facilities in our international network than in U.S. faeities," says Boucher.

ey cut, run
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.~edical-tourism scams -..JAN TRANSPLANTS nuary, poltce raided anillicit Wdney t inGumaon. India. involvinadoctors who had re~~tedlyremaved 400to500of theoqansfrom poarpeople. Dodgeit: DoWtbelievehospitals that boast of quickly avavailableorgans. "The hospital should publish its procedurefororganprocurement: saysSharonKleefield.Ph.D.. the health-care quality director at Partners Haward Medtcal International, who has worked with hospitals in14muntries.'If it doesn't, there's your red flag? ;


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."A trauma surgeon and dresse! 1 personally cl-eans..--- a -. .

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'Hidden feeswuld add $1.000 toS3.000 toyour biU," saysJosef Woodman,the author o PatkntsSsyand Bonlers. f DMBe it: Secureprice quotes fw the procedureas wellasfeesforwnsultatio~s, anesthesta,labwork, physicaltherapy,prescriptions.androomfees.
3. CROOKED MEDICAL-TRAVELAQENTS Con artists have latched onto the medical-tourism bwm, settingup agenciesto booktreatment "They'Usteeryoutoasubstandard hospBalthatpaysthemawmmission: saysPaulGahlinger.M.D.. Ph.D., authorof TheMedimi TourismTmwlGuide. mUgeil:'Letting your agent dictatethe doctoris Ukeaskingataxi driver where you should eatdinner,"SaysStevenTuoker, M.D..of the International MedicalTravel Association. Find a good hospital, then ask for travel remmmendatlons. -PK.


enough money to huy the plane ticket and eventually pay for their care. ONhich meam most come from the middle elass: medical tourism will likely be an out-of-reach option or answer for the 37 million Americans living in poveity.) W~thout miles of insurance ferns the to illant in triplicate, there isno paper factory to m u p y thousands of employees. According to aNew England Journal ofbfedicine report, 31 percent of hospital costs in the United States goes to simply paying for the gargantuan administrative paper shuMa. Finally, hospitals and doctors outside the United States pay very little in malpractiee-insurance premiums because, unlike the uniquely litigious United States, many counbies solve disputes through direct negotiation, and theirmw* are much less genelous in tort cases. This is also the mast serious downszde to medieal tom%m-you have no legal rewurse ifsomething goes wrong. Say you go to Thailand, have surgery, fly lmek home, mid then develup wmplicationu. At Bumw a d , ifthe dodo& determine they have made a mistake, the patient is fiown hack : a t the hospital's expense and any n e e e w ~ y additional treatments are pezfonned-Iso i at thehospital's expense. Bmnrungrad can &m.d that because its f mmplicationrates me low. Of the 15,306surk r; genes performed a t Bumrungrad in 2007, the


N W IT'STHE UNINSUREOANO O , who am takine tire risks and reaping the rewards of going abmad for care. While researching t i stov, I hs received a call from a civilian contractor in his 30s who is working in the volatile Anbar province in Iraq, training military personnel to stay physically andmentally fit. A weightlifter, he tore his rotator cuff, and


aftell considerable research, he chose to have it repaired a t Bumrungrad rather than fly home to the United States. T h e U.S. cost was estimated at $30,000," he told me by fione fmm his base. -At Bunuungrad it was $7,500. My insurance companyjumped for joy and paid 100pereent" The civilian, who asked to remain anonymous, underwentthe procedure in 2007 and has "absolutely noihing but good thine.? to sav" a b u t his exnerience. As for MarkNewcomh,who has now spent two summereguiding in the %tom with his rebuilt hio. the resurfaeinesur.. gery he put on his credit cadis completelypaidfor. He's once again fit and fast, and hewonies alittle less a b u t health care nowadays. T h e llnited Stoles isn't, the only answer. This is the ace ofrlobal medicine. We all have a world afop&nsl m


know it. So do mothers and psychologists. Take care of the small thingsmaintain that rifle, clean your room, say you're sorry-and life imprases in big mays. Little h e s cut stress and build a reassu~ing sense of control. "Once I have success wit11 one goal," says Tin, Pychyl, Ph.D., an associate professor of psyeholOM' at Carleton University, '"it increases nly happiness, rvellbeing, satisfaction, and selfcolfidenee.And that motivates me to do more." It's like the broken-\vindow themy that bigcity cops swear by: Ifyou correct little eyesores, the columunity pulls together to overhaul everytlk~g sight. in Try it in yomlife, startingnorv



[and save money]

Fix your p-re (while you work)
Use the 20-20rule. ' 9 ~ i n to sit g

Instead of spending $150 on new shoes, spend less than half of t h a t on new soles or heels for your favorite pair. Not a bad price for savingsometh~ng you really like. Plus, there's no break-in period. Go t o theshoeservice Instituteof America [ssia.info] t o find a cobbler. Or mail off t h e old shoesvia arnerican I heeler.com or shoe I I repairresolecenter.com. idirector offitness for Tca~nrvol.ks Centers in Acton, Massachusetts. One-sided exercises demand stabilization, so you'll strengthen your core, improve coordination, and (ironically)prcvent muscular imbalanrcs. Add these exercises to your workout: single-arm dumbhell bench press, s i n ~ l e - a m shoulder prcss, and smgG-legged squat Start by performing 8 to 10 repetitions with one side ofyour body, and then switch sides and repeat to complete the set. Rest for a minute ru~d pesfofolm 2 mare sets. Complete 3 sets for each exercise. For a n extra boost, mix up the order ofyour unilateral esercises every 4 weeks, and adjusLyour~.ep I.angcs a fern tines a \\~eek.You'llhnr~e decrease to the weight you lift initially, but you'll soon paekon new n~uscle.

yon out," says Aan Hedge, Ph.D., a professor ofergonon~ies t a Comell University Evely 20 n~inutes, stand for 20 seconds and stretch or shake things out. "Just 20 seconds away fro111y o u conlputer screen reduces fatigue and increases blood circulation," says FTcdge. No\\, you'll have the porver to sit up st.~aight.

R M a r g e YOW workout
(and find your abs)
Do something that seems crazy: a one-sicled rvorkout. Unilateral t r a i k ~ \vill hick your body into g reaching new levels of strength and muscle, says David Jack,




Do not make a to-do list. Do not research power tools. Do not clean your desk. J u s t dive in. That's according to Pychyl, who has studied proc~.astination.

Your to-dolist is just another delaying tactic \\it11 a short-term rush. "\Ve relieve o w anxiety by nlaking this false schedule," Pychyl says. Procrastinators aren't necessarily bad at time managenlent, he says, "they're iust not n.illins to deal with the discomfort ofgettingstarted." But starting will ultimately make you feel better about wol.king. "Our emotional well-being and om satisfaction \vithMe," he says, "is based a great deal upon the euccessfulpwsuit of our goals."

[beforeyour9:30 meeting]

Rllyour w a l k (and cover that stain)
You don't have to pay thousands to a starched, snifinggallery o\xrnerfar o~iginal paintings. But you really should replace your Alice i Chainsposte~.and n Rolling Rock mirl.or. Starving artists are eveqwhcrc, dying to be taken advantage of. Check out local a r t schools and shows put together by ne\r.ly minted hlasters of F i n e h l s , says Alan

Stain removers likeshout WipesandTide t o Go are excellent. Don't keep those in your desk? Find a sinkfast,says Brian Boye, Men's Health fashion director. Usesoap and hot water and blot out thestain, pouring the water through the fabricif you can [takethedamn shirt off if you're in thejohn]."Whateveryou do,donlt rubit,"says Boye. Blot drywith papertowels,orifthere'saforced-air hand dryer, crankit up.

1.041I~~c;&al~bwrrJrnur %oOO-@w@g& (iandaaper p l s ; . l c ~ ~ ~ . r e s e w ~ . N and*rrtl~$rneothB&aby et using;~llyoarolinutes7 for opt bump%tipples, OF^. r'laalbs d o n soma autom$tive Wax. adi$-t p1m.M-: Smil~~d;lspeaymute&hin Xfyoumfa~erthan POOminthe mileiSon. u b a m , aapdpa%plm may he chewer.


i she's heard it alk before)

Fllr your gama (bemuse

Holaxand set your approach on DX&~M%V--M 1)ecolvSubtle. Make talkinr jumps?M i suceyuurmeEee'6 1 tay&berdg&h,whieh& mtbe%gnlirneatl. Bum$ did make herfeelbettar about tbh, andhiswater n ~ n eut m hemIf-sdyon. Irfp~verbutt in M m a @980check, , whilesh&w&har.frienaa.. 3 NTortgpgerUake m &a . e m t o ~ yamwindpal : PJaitunW*saione,theniesuB ~ d ! a drive-byEolnpliment (keep wargfrsreWave M w n s a ad ' em o f d o h &~estandpayo@ it a k & e neda or h l the smklaP).We%essedtomen your&ge earlier. 4.Stuffy~~buy:An~~~1eyw bug-methingfrsmacornpany thataffersowiftheq-lower tbepriee.rritMn8Cldey6,take -upaait, S(apvr&rlar te~mindyoutooall them 9 days l&r. . 8 [andleseyourgut)



Toss out all your chipsThen take this tip from Ezammethe seaif CornellUniversity: there"&riMUm1orwmthe~. Youte 2.7 times more Yes?W-yodvegnly ser8ped the elearc(tatr finishthe a likely tueat healthy p m b t s the pai4thm 4un%bt snacks if you placethem d @ Y 0 6 %w@os$r&~. be able to 5x i t ~ " ~ u w I f , on themiddleshelf of says DeMis P& &a authar yourrefrigeratorthanif ofT4-z Cenplete Ou&b? @&to U N T A N G L E T H A T M E S S ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ B ~ ~ I ~*air. ~ ~ ~ ~ I ~ I I~ Early you've hidden them in FiW, buy a eleamat p h &Unplugeverything. Labeleachcord,Screw your power iag mtpnllnd. "lhrI&wairus thecrispers. Sostock that shelf withscrme strip to theundersideof your desk, or to thewall. Iaqeguiars.c& or Eagle One [eaglermacoa). W i a rulst Tieoff excesscordagew~th bongotiesorcable ties el&dat$led;n the;cmPnuPah mozzarellasticksand sliced red peppers [cableorganizer.com]. Reattachyour [wisely labeled] buffout the uaing eircular motions. to cover your cravings connector cords, gatheringthem as you go and Ifthe m%tOhhas bundlingthemwith moreties or even carabinersto painttoleantheareachip@ the for sweet,savory, withaaim e. n % d and crunchv snacks. minimizetanale, Now. don't vou feel better?
,Repalryfntracrat&b& fender (yourself!)
m z a u d *help thznew paint s i Then pickup $bo& tk ofwh-np p& a+a h 1antapaas S b n (Co101~~w P W Y ~Y Barilbrgar, anart a p p* E P 4 W ~ I a B c l brwhn down by mannfaOtmw, ~ e amdauthopof*rhe~~fBugi~ a v yohr credit ratlngl New con&pt: Read y e biU6. b t tor the exaet shade,M u Art. Get asense ofa33at.B out theSaEpn~rrmrgarthstbIlatsthe Domu tmlp uxderstand w thew atugaller~rcom, where paintnurhber. %%Rs a the % eenphoneplan? "Mwt p w l e &gebdgcaaS &case their de&&ghtEullp~ethe#me s i w ennhelpymu.) wkkpfi&&om&f320ta$S,ooB. Apply thepaintinligBteoats, to andy'lewhat W ~ t l s p e n d It @en o%r&a zuomv-back guarwt%e. 0wlep &&able ing€hejrmoneyon:'$aye allow;Spiktodry~~tl~ alknratv&antiquep&tsand J .m f m u d e r B f t h e e : W h ~ ~ ' r e w e m d t h e ~ t c h t c h J ' l@t€h~prtint for at h s t dry maps t*14Wp.n~n),rt~d magmm&6hm JJ.B m s pimiwagha &w-.Eo~). and @a !24h~Mo~sp%eeed


appmachingus,'%aysLisa At~a,theauthocofTlre~6 Zdiofs Guide to W n g Girlsls "but ifa man says semething andtben walks away l&e he it piques doesn't went &bin& Nmu our eui~sity..~ she'll feel in Eoutrol. Is& glancingyom' way? That means you've hean eleat=d&r appmaah.

[and impressher]

Many single-lever faucetsleakwhen crud collects and causes a gap in theseal so it can9 shut off, says Danny Lipford, host of Today's Homeowner. First, shut off thewatersupply under thesink.Then usean Allen wrench to loosen thescrew at the base of the faucet handle and lift it off. Remove the washers and rnovableparts, soak them in whitevinegar, and wipe them down. Reassembleandturn the water backon.
quickly, make yowselfthefaol, and w m r a k . 'Take it to the *or&~.~uffhapm emrydaytapenple.Ywneedta makeit&nd out,"says J8ek Clailagher, comedianand writer1 pel.fornmof&e oneman shmp What He Left.


(without a Dodm3 who peer into ears with otoscopcit all day lung know a dirtv little s m t : Ials of men havetocmuchw-arin there. And many ofthose men have jammed thestuff Icerumen, teehnidly) deep into the w canalb$nsinp, cotton s w a b impi~pw1y,A+-hmekits can% always waeh bwax deeply impacted against the &drum, saysMarkPyte,hW).,amfeww of obdaryngolcogya t theaniwsity of Wisnmsih. 2 0 have a 4 doetor remwe thebuirdtlpwi& saline or mtiun. Sometimes d m nead to use small scoops d e d c&a, Whatever the method) it2lbe a 10-minute pmcedure that yieldsgloliou~ EIayom'oellphane ring$n@No,it$ that one acntss the he,'oomllAnawhileyam'rea t Mw doctork ofpee,make an appointment for that full physical vou've been outtine off for -






j Thiicnuuen your"lea~.frl~a"thouuterlaverufmuish~~~un .

Fix yew ayeslpM (without a prescripaon)
~ ~ ~ eye muaclea)isnIt t i m l the onlvcauee ofmrvision. It muld be dry eye. Norwegian reaeawhcls rceentlv found that o d e btink 10 k&rtimes iw%inutewhilethe$restaring a t e comnutsrscretn than while





youreyeba&evapratemore q u i ~ m ~ ymu.a -film "Whsn m isn%heaIthy, visual acuity your won%bes% sharp and dear,"says Patrisia kbb, M.D., an d t e ~mfessor oCopbtbalmo10m st . .. . the University ofWisconsin. So take a break and close wut. -.Wet nanoinl5 b& . . j&~&etearBm.)1fyon stillneedmore moisture. tnr

Cettnthe point Detaik-about



the &her* &or of the bike, height ofthe msehush-make pe0plB-sattention spans aollapse. Atnief S%IY lets them play along and fill intheirownde&iG.~tai vour U e when the conversation " wovides a w e , a n d u c k a h someonejud scold abiilangh. (&outax& vou'retheeuy who

Rsrton WUr Mduram (and sets PR]
T b e s m t toimpnwingendur-

Keepanelectricshaver inyour desk-They'rernuch better than theywere in theModMen days. Nocords, for starters. The Braun PocketGo ($16; walgreens, corn] is compact, quiet, and can be rinsed clean whenyou'redonebuzzingoff stubble.She'll loveit.

anceis togofastirrtirrnotle& aplhddiagnm. BillHqrhwn, P.T., C.S.C.S.,~@tsbre&&g yournm i t i n t e r v a l 8 a t m no gdspeed.Ifyour6-Kgaalis 24 mn * you must run a mile i u, in 7:40, ahalfmilein3:aCracr a and quarterinU5. P c r h d s a c iiteitnc youean hit in that time andnm thasaintervals,mtbgfm -long

font qu& in Pi%,mme up to a longerinterval. Workyeur way up to your goal distance..


z W

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,. ..c. j, . ....: . , ; . . , ",, , ' ., ,, t : . :.'. .; z,, is ; . . ; , .. a :

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. ~. ,


. .

steam-cooked in one of the world's most renowned kitchens. Yours.
I:#:,+!,:%.~ * .. .,I

, t .-?{>'



~ . ... , .

, I

$ 5



Sweet & Spicy Orange Zest Chicken General Tso's Spicy Chicken Sweet Sesame Chicken



:rl IJj,


Five Spice Beef

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