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Executive Order 1062013

Firearm Ownership

Firearm Legislation By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section two of the Bill of Rights provides that any statutory adjustments to current levels in the Right to Bear Arms and certain other provisions in establishing a well-armed militia, the Right will be enforced and maintained until further agreement is reached on its modification hereby on July 4th, 2013 from that day forward certain regulations will be enforced on that Right for the protection of the firearm owners and/or the victims of any result of those firearms. Section 1. Statutory Firearm Limits. The law will only apply to those firearms that have been purchased during the last 30years, any firearm, except semi-automatic or fully automatic, older than July 4th, 1982 will be exempt from the following regulations. The following also excludes those firearms in the service of officers or agents of law enforcement. A non-citizen of the USA will not be allowed to own or purchase a firearm in the United States of America or its Territories. (a) The Hunting Rifle: Any caliber over a 22-short-rim-fire will be assessed a $10.00 per year fee, and firearms over a .270 caliber will be assessed $12.00 per year. (b) The Pistol - Handgun: Any target pistol over a 22-short-rim- fire will be assessed at a minimum of $15.00 per year, any permit issued for a concealed weapon, regardless of the caliber will be assessed $25.00 per year any pistol over .357 magnum will be assessed $50.00 per year. (c) The Assault Rifle or Pistol as described in State, Territory and Federal regulations at any caliber will be assessed $250 per year, no exceptions, any ammunition clip of over 10 rounds will be assessed $70.00 per year each. (d) Fully automatic weapons will remain illegal in the United States of America and its Territories. Section 2. Victims Compensation: The law will apply to those who are directly affected as the result of the discharge of a firearm, either wounding are taking the life of a human, the law is retroactive to July 4th, 2012. (a) Wounded victim: All medical costs will be paid directly from the fund, to include long-term rehabilitation and pay from employment at 1.65% of their employment

package-tax free, until able to return full-time to previous occupation. Retired individuals will receive during each month of their recovery, with no limit to time.1.65% their regular SS, or other retirement packages, tax free. If either is unable to live their previous life or occupation the fund will provide for their expenses, plus their families welfare, and childrens education. (b) Victim Expires: All expenses associated with the death of the victim shall be 100% paid by the fund. Survivors benefits will be 1.35% of the victims income, with a tax-free provision for five-years, if the survivors include children either in public or private general education all expenses will be paid, as for continued education all will be paid by the fund, if victim had general healthcare insurance all yearly premiums will be paid from the fund, plus added deductibles. If a child is killed the parents of the child will receive a lump sum payment of $1.5million tax free, and will also be allowed to take that child as a deduction on their Federal and State taxes until the childs age of 20-years-old. (c) Victims: Items a & b will include all victims, whether they are private individuals or officers or agents of law enforcement. Section 3. Fund Management: With over 300 million firearms in the United States and its Territories the fund is projected to collect over $4.5 billion per year, the funds will be collected and administered by the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm Agency (ATF), whereas over 50% of the Agencies budget will be serviced by the fund. The amounts collected will NOT be part of the General Budget of the Federal Government, being solely dedicated to the events surrounding firearms. (a) (b) (c) State and local agencies will apply every 30-days for appropriate funds for all events related to the results or events linked to guns Each event will be certified and the funds administered within the next 30days. Unsolved events will be funded by the agency covering costs up to 25% of the investigation, and 100% in the prosecution of the perpetrators. The enforcement of the law will be the responsibility of the ATF


Section 4. Violations: Any and all persons or organizations who fail to pay their firearm fees will be prosecuted under the fill letter of the law. (a) First offenders will pay a find equal to 10% of the required fee and serve 30-days community service, plus pay the required fee

(b) Second offenders will pay a find of 20%, and will for the next ten years pay that
amount plus their regular fee, serve 30-days community service and take and pass a gun-control class.

(c) Third-time offenders will pay a 30% fine, plus their regular fee for a period of ten
years, and if they have a permit to carry a concealed weapon forfeit that permit for ten-years. Note: This is a preferred action policy that addresses gun-control in the United States of America and its TerritoriesNot unlike owning a vehicle,, which is not a right, owning a gun, which is a right, the owner(s) if they chose to exercise that right must pay firearm/insurance fee just as you would for a vehicle, you drive you pay, you shoot you pay, it is that simple.