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October 2012

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Doosan Delivers Stage 3a Excavator

..... Sweden Telephone: +46 70 2405369 Telefax: +46 122 14787 UNitEd KiNGdom oFFiCE Ian Cameron .. It’s true that both on-highway and off...... One French bank recently forecast China “will soon no longer be a competitive place for production......... soothsayers vaguely predicted “Enjoy it will you can... China’s popularity downturn should probably be good news for other countries eager to step in its place. things seem set. April.... the two are identical in content.. Listen to some observers and it won’t be long before businesses decide it is just as cheap to build in the U....... Some manufacturers have started to reconsider the necessity of EGR.. aftertreatment packages — substrates that use less precious metals in their washcoats and formulations that are more efficient than longerlasting — better EGR valves and more precise SCR dosing systems.... may not continue to be the land of milk and honey for those companies.. go to: http://www..” Sporting goods maker adidas said it would close its only company-owned factory in China and source products from other local Chinese suppliers... Brezonick .. This year Diesel Progress International has expanded to 10 issues annually from six.A.S.. W. Mok .. Advertising Manager 40 Premier Avenue Ashbourne............Graphic Artist Carla D. Publisher Michael J......... WI 53186-1873.... As SCR systems are improved.. dpi GLOBAL – PRODUCTS • TECHNOLOGY • INDUSTRY NEWS i DIESEL PROGRESS INTERNATI ONAL 12 17 32 TAkING IT TO TIER 4 TRACTORS IN BRAZIL MAhINDRA TO PRODUCE ZF PREMIERS OPENMATICS PLATFORM IN ASIA WhAT’S INSIDE … 2 4 6 8 Worldview Daimler Awarded Bus Orders In Brazil Making A Move In Mining Global Trends — Demand In China Will Be Muted For Several Years 10 Doosan Delivers Stage 3a Excavator 12 Brazil Notebook — Mahindra To Produce Tractors In Brazil 16 Dateline 17 Taking It To Tier 4 20 I-See What You See 22 Mahle Invests In Asia 24 Global Roads — Natural Gas: What’s Old Is New Again 25 Diesel hR 26 GAZ Group Gears Up For Changes 28 India Notebook — Volvo Joint Venture Expands Engine Exports 29 Powerlines 30 Diesel Fuel Particulate And Water Contaminant Analyzer 32 ZF Premiers Openmatics Platform In Asia 34 International Business Report — AGCO Expands In Africa … Reorg For Atlas Copco … Cat Opens Parts Center In Australia … Topcon Makes Italian Acquisition … New Dealers For Perkins.. they may carry a greater share (if not all) of the NOx reduction burden.. the focus on engine emissions technology will begin to wane.. WI 53186-1873.. it’s possible that the fun is only now really beginning.....S......... Germany Telephone: +49 711 3416 74 0 italiaN oFFiCE Telefax: +49 711 3416 74 74 Roberta Prandi .... Branch Manager 51-16-301 Honmoku Sannotani....... Associate Publisher Dawn M.. 20855 Watertown Road. Executive Vice President Follow dieselprogress on MEMBER OF BPA WORLDWIDE® PRINTED IN THE U. is rather flimsy.. looking for cheap labor..................... Copyright 2012 DIESEL & GAS TURBINE PUBLICATIONS....... Fleischfresser ..Senior Editor Joseph M... Hong Kong Telephone: +852 3118 7930 Telefax: +852 3110 3572 Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications Michael J.......... but it is not automatically viewed as the perfect choice for overseas companies looking for cheap labor and a brand-hungry nation ready to spend heavily on “Western” items. productivity in parts of China is improving and the country has still much to offer as a manufacturing base..Production Manager Brenda L.... Reprints of all articles published in Diesel Progress International are available..................dieselprogress. Geske . delivered via e-mail...... and that labor costs in some parts of China are on a par with anywhere else... Tel: 262-754-4147 • Fax: 262-754-4177 member of www.. Lemke ....S. Kane .... the heavy technical lifting has essentially been done.. Please address inquiries to: mgraesing@dieselpub... United Kingdom EUroMoT offiCial PubliCation of Telephone: +44 20 31 79 29 79 JaPaNESE oFFiCE Telefax: +44 20 31 79 29 70 Akiyoshi Ojima ..... June and October.... Field Editor/Business Manager Jack Burke ... In the months where there are both print and digital editions...... England It’s not a seismic shift in global manufacturing policies.. rather than Seattle.. 9 73760 Ostfildern....Graphic Artist Amanda J........... It has been suggested in some corners that when it comes to emissions.........Associate Editor DJ Slater .......Copy Editor Worldview Still Not Quite A Commodity BY mIkE BREzONICk.. parts of Europe or even traditionally laborexpensive countries such as Japan............. Advertising Manager Gabriele Dinsel . the electronic version.S. Advertising Manager Niemöllerstr.......... hitachi . Derbyshire DE6 1LH......... dpi China Prices Not Always Cheaper BY IAN CAmERON. Even as companies were announcing their Tier 4 final/EU Stage 3b/EPA 2010/Euro 6 emissions solutions. Telephone: +81 45 624 3502 CHiNESE oFFiCE Telefax: + 81 45 624 3503 S........ What this ultimately might yield is a marketplace where manufacturers will use the same technologies in different combinations and configurations..Graphic Artist Alyssa Loope .. manufacturers have been able to meet just about every global emissions standard the regulators have thrown at them.. Waukesha..... Yet that might not actually be right.. President & CEO Michael J.......... with the winning formula some combination of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)......................... The four additional issues will be delivered only in the electronic format in February...... It’s a small but significant change in the economic climate.................. Field Editor/Business Manager Dunderbacksvagen 20 612-46 Finspong...............Diesel Progress ® International Edition Editorial & SalES Michael J. Using those building blocks........ and China may be equal in three years’ time..Regional Manager/Editor Via Fitta 21 A I-38062 Arco. Such refinements may even take the form of addition by subtraction... E-mail: sbollwahn@dieselpub.......... Brezonick .............. the technical people were already looking at what they’d wrought and mused.. Advertising Manager Sue M.. Cover designed by AmAndA ryAn PUBliCatioN StaFF Marisa J..asp DIESEL PROGRESS® INTERNATIONAL EDITION by Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications. to do Haight.. Since China started to boom and overseas manufacturers rushed in to set up factories... many of them in the construction equipment and components sector..... Indeed. Shanghai... But you have to have a subscription to do all that.. Suite 220 Waukesha......Graphic Artist SalES oFFiCES PUBliCatioN HEadQUartErS 20855 Watertown Road....... while a respected Wall Street veteran said manufacturing costs in the U... We’ve already seen on the lower horsepower end how some engine configurations have been able to eliminate DPFs.............” But now there is ample evidence firms have decided enough is enough..dieselprogress....... Naka-ku Yokohama.. Ashbourne.... Ryan .com.. However......A..... Kowloon Building 555 Nathan Road Kowloon.....A..... Japan ConneCt With Diesel Progress You can read Diesel Progress International electronically or in print.... And... U. Regional Manager/Editor Roberta Prandi ...... Osenga .................................... Hydraulic Consultant Jerry Karpowicz ........ Italy Telephone: +39 0464 2430891 Telefax: +39 0464 244529 SCaNdiNaviaN oFFiCE Bo Svensson.. That means the economic argument for making goods in... Circulation Manager Bill Siuru . Regional Manager/Editor Linda Cameron .. 231-0824............. Associate Editor Brent D.... Waukesha.. That’s something we could see climb up the power range before too long... Yes. but the voices shouting that changes are on the horizon are becoming louder.A................... optimized to meet perceived customer requirements........ Osenga . Wisconsin...... it won’t always be the cheap manufacturing alternative.Associate Editor Niki Pokwinski ...... Managing Editor Chad Elmore .A... Roberts ............. Telephone: +1 262-754-4100 GErmaN oFFiCE Telefax: +1 262-754-4175 Lisa Hochkofler ... U..Associate Editor Patrick Crow .. say. “How do we make this better?” We’ve seen significant refinements in fuel systems...... the pathways have been determined and that as a result... Bollwahn .......... Associate Editor Mike Rhodes ....... Branch Manager Rm 1405... Burbach .... Field Editor Dr..Editor-In-Chief Ian Cameron ...... diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment... Regional Manager/Editor Bo Svensson...S......... allows you to immediately connect with articles and advertisers in every issue through the Internet or .......H. it seems.....

Mercedes-Benz do Brasil is one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in Latin America. The concept includes the establishment of new bus lines and the creation of exclusive bus corridors along the city’s main avenues. We are currently providing 60% of Brazil’s city buses. transmissions. This is also confirmed by our outstanding market position. Its São Bernardo do Campo plant is Daimler’s biggest outside of Germany and the only one where trucks. “Our vehicles create maximum efficiency. The company said it has a market share of around 50% of vehicles in the urban and intercity bus segment with over an 8 ton GVW.” said Hartmut Schick. powertrains (including engines. INDUSTRY NEWS Daimler awarDeD São Paulo province prepares for 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games Bus Orders In BrazIl in São Paulo province. Fortaleza. dpi For More inForMation www. The city is one of the largest Based on the upcoming sports events to take place in Brazil. The order is part of the local public transport concept aimed at improving the city’s traffic infrastructure.daimler. The cities are already preparing for the increased traffic volume expected during the World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Olympic Games.The cities of Fortaleza and Ribeirão Preto. have taken order of 520 Mercedes-Benz city buses to prepare for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. head of Daimler Buses. will be one of the host cities for the World Cup soccer games. in Northeastern Diesel Progress international october 2012 . low fuel consumption. and high profitability. and axles) and truck cabs are produced at a single location. which is well received by our customers. with a population of almost 600 000. The new fleet for Ribeirão Preto will begin operation within the next few months. Daimler said it expects to have additional sales to the area. “The public transport companies chose our vehicles because of their stateof-the-art equipment. The second major order in the region. Brazil.” 4 M ore than 500 MercedesBenz city buses have been sold to the urban areas of Fortaleza and Ribeirão Preto in the São Paulo province of Brazil. bus chassis. The city has made arrangements to receive 135 new Mercedes-Benz city buses featuring BlueTec 5 engine technology to accommodate the increase in visitors. for almost 390 MercedesBenz buses. was placed by the public transport companies of Ribeirão Preto.

heavy haulage round-the-clock. To ensure vehicle uptime. Scania has also been involved in planning the transportation arrangements and road transport infrastructure. supplies and service. It is equipped Diesel Progress international S Making a Move Swerock mining company orders 400 Scania R Series trucks to transport iron ore concentrate with the Scania XPI injection system with unit injectors and four valves per cylinder. it may also establish a service business near Pajala. These operations are organized in a special business unit. “We have used the overall competency of the Scania organization to cater for the various parameters. By Bo SvenSSon cania has entered into a long-term agreement that begins in late 2012 that will ensure safe road transportation of iron ore concentrate until 2021 from Northland Resources’ ore mining operation in Pajala. The cylinder bore is 130 october 2012 . will be fitted with axles made by Scania. The deal will be financed by the Swedish subsidiary Scania Financial Services and is worth about E180 million. Sweden. maintenance and repairs of trucks and trailers. i.e.COMMERCIAL VEHICLES Swedish mining company Swerock has ordered 400 four-axle Scania R Series trucks with trailers for haulage of concentrated ore from Northland Resources’ ore-mining operation in Pajala. which aside from the trucks and trailers themselves.” Another part of the agreement is that both trailers and the dolly. are crucial for our customers’ profitability. The four-axle Scania R Series trucks transporting the iron ore concentrate are equipped with a 537 kW Scania V8 engine coupled to a Scania GRS/GRSO905/925 12+2-speed range-splitter gearbox with Scania Opticruise and retarder.” said Björn Winblad. The engine and gearbox are designed to work together in an intelligent way. dpi For More inForMation www. It is also possible to choose the manual mode and change gears manually at any time. The direct injection V8 diesel engine fulfils the requirements of the Environmentally Enhanced Vehicles (EEV) and accordingly also Euro 5 legislation. Scania’s overall undertaking covers delivery of truck combinations with specially built trailers. The R Series trucks are equipped with 16. because the Opticruise is connected to the engine’s electronic management system.” said Sandro Grimpe. Scania’s Opticruise is an automatic gear-changing system for manual gearboxes that is available in two versions: with a clutch pedal or fully automatic without a pedal. “The order represents a success for our efforts to meet the mining industry’s strict demands for comprehensive solutions.” Grimpe said. Scania has initiated efforts to supply components manufactured in-house to trailer producers. Sweden. which is a subsidiary of the Swedish construction and civil engineering company Peab. The order was placed by the mining company’s general contractor.scania. some 80 trucks and 400 drivers will be responsible for ensur- ing road transport of the almost 5 million tonnes of iron ore concentrate. vehicle monitoring. a railway that will carry the ore to the port of Narvik on the Atlantic coast of northern Norway. The trucks will enter into round-theclock service with annual driving distances of 400 000 km for haulage of the concentrated ore to railway depots for reloading to the Iron Ore Line (Malmbanan). tires. 7 “Scania not only delivers production equipment. Scania’s Skellefteå Bil AB dealership in northern Sweden will expand operations at its service workshop in Kiruna. It has a turbo with variable geometry. Scania agrees to meet the mining company’s requirement to continually reduce the cost per tonnes transported over a nine-year period based on performance indicators for expenditures on fuel. It also includes driver training and coaching. For instance. The rigs are optimized for a GVWR up to 90 tonnes. Swerock. 6 In MInIng When the mining operations are fully developed in 2015. repairs and maintenance. “This is the most comprehensive deal we have concluded to date with the Swedish mining industry. “This means that our workshops can maintain just as high service competency and accessibility to parts for trailer axles as for Scania’s own vehicles.” Under the agreement. uptime and delivery precision. the piston stroke is 154 mm with a compression ratio of 17. which will be produced annually in the Pajala area. Scania Components. for example.4 L Scania V8 engines rated 537 kW. including tires. managing director of Scania’s Mining business unit. service marketing director at Scania-Bilar Sverige AB who is responsible for the deal with Peab subsidiary Swerock. In the future. Scania will deliver about 400 complete truck and trailer combinations and service-related products tailored to the mining industry’s strict demands in respect to load capacity. vehicles. but also services that are optimized for cost-effective. The engine is coupled to a Scania 12+2-speed range-splitter gearbox with Scania Opticruise and retarder. which is used to connect the truck and trailer. to railway depots for reloading to the Iron Ore Line railway.4:1. charge air cooler and a Scania selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.

In the year to date. had expected to see such a reversal in market fortunes. backhoe loaders. All companies are short of working Diesel Progress international capital. were blinded by the aggressive promotional activities of suppliers or they just overlooked the risks involved. with continued investment input. but the gloomy economic outlook makes it almost impossible to successfully launch new issues. while there are different views as to whether growth will accelerate in 2014. without the stimulus of major investment growth. investment input showed signs of recovery in the second quarter. substantial fiscal stimulus had come to an end. exports have continued to show strong growth of 15 to 30%.810 2337 219 980 2357 487 800 +6 2012* 1800 9000 4900 106 000 33 000 20 000 1400 165 000 2090 343 190 -30 2013* 1500 10 000 5300 116 200 38 000 22 000 1600 180 000 2430 377 030 +10 David Phillips is managing director of Off-Highway Research. The large volumes of used equipment that were taken in the previous year by distributors still need to be sold.gloBaltrends Key Investment Criteria In China Six Months Ending June. There was also a need for a change in the structure of those industries that could not sustain their long-term development. motor scrapers and RTLTs Source: Off-Highway Research of new projects that had been suddenly initiated in 2009. it is unlikely that the market could ever return to the heights of demand experienced in 2011 in the next five years. the industry has invested massively in the expansion of production capacity and the promotion of sales. While the industry continued to promote sales in such a cavalier fashion. Therefore. Currently. 2010-2012 (% Growth) DemanD In ChIna WIll Be muteD For Several YearS By david phillips 2010 Road Construction Investment Railway Capital Investment Real Estate Investment – Area under Construction – Area of New Projects Source: National Bureau of Statistics 2011 +14 +3 +33 +32 +24 2012 -8 -39 +17 +17 -7 +25 +17 +38 +29 +68 I t has been well documented that China suffered through a severe downturn in demand for the first six months of this year. which to some extent has offset the decline in the domestic market. A tightening of the monetary policy that has been in place since 2010 has had a direct bearing on this unforeseen out- come. Among the smaller companies and the newer market entrants. Modest growth may continue in the longer term. depending on the product sector. The investment boom has cooled over the last two years. The government realized the overheated level of investment needed to be regulated so as to reduce the excessive production capacity that had been built up. fiscal tightening actually continued into the first half of this year. has dropped to much lower levels. which now far outstrips demand. The high growth rate of the Chinese economy over the last decade. While the industry expected this would have run its course by the middle of 2011. and manufacturers are now prioritizing financial stability rather than continued headlong growth. which essentially had been characterized by heavy investment and foreign trade. This may help improve the industry’s confidence for the future. which had reached an alltime high because of the large number Sales Of Construction Equipment In China. the prevailing view is that the market will recover in 2013. the expected growth next year may be seen as a correction after the current deep downturn. and the number of new projects has been limited. some have had to leave the sector altogether. However. the most severe in history. But manufacturers still cannot pin too much hope on their overseas sales. On a year-on-year basis. In the year to date. There remains some good news. the manufacturing industry had been encouraged by the evergrowing market to increase its production capacity. and it will be a difficult time before there is a return to what the industry would classify as normal. sales are expected be stable in the second half and for the full year may fall by 30% over 2011. even though there was also fear of a continued downturn. but it would be too optimistic to anticipate a quick recovery in equipment demand. however. Nobody. After the earlier. As a result. crawler loaders. Therefore. but it also had a negative impact on the economy as a whole and the construction equipment industry has been very badly affected. To win customers. in the context of the new policy to sustain economic growth. demand for construction equipment. stimulated by new investment and the need to replace existing machine fleets. The priority of the industry is to minimize the risk of bad debts that are arising because of the growing number of customer defaults. Phone: (44) 020 7404 1128. As the expectation for a quick return on investment in machine purchases has now evaporated. the industry at the beginning of this year had confidently expected a return to normality. The lean profit margins that were being earned did not allow much room for lowering purchase prices. but the record year-on-year fall of 37% in the first half represents real depression and has put great pressure on the industry as whole. but the market itself is unlikely to undergo any form of strong recovery in the short term given the enormous volume of machines. If 2011 was seen as a correction in demand following unsustainable growth. it is the slowing down of investment activity that has brought about this unprecedented fall in the market. although investment activities showed some signs of recovery in the second quarter. However. This may help improve buyers’ confidence. The major manufacturers. in particular those new entrants to the construction market. On the supply side. have been trying to raise capital from the stock markets. one cannot expect another major fiscal stimulus package that may result in renewed inflation. With the enormous expansion experienced over the last decade. so there is an uncertain outlook for the medium term. which is challenged by the potential risk of inflation and the need to sustain growth at a certain level. some of which began to reduce the number of employees from the end of 2011. Following stagnation in market demand since the second quarter of 2011. Promotional activities to generate additional sales are not having their desired effect. all of which are chasing too little work. There had been some corrections in previous years. Instead. E-mail: mail@ offhighway. In the domestic market. 2011-2013 (Units) 2010 Asphalt Finishers Compaction Equipment Crawler Dozers Hydraulic Excavators Mini Excavators Mobile Cranes Motor Graders Wheeled Loaders Others** Total % Annual Change 2480 22 701 11 495 145 070 35 900 34 842 2528 201 630 2367 459 013 +56 2011 2880 17 890 9646 159 300 38 600 34. distributors have now become reluctant to offer finance-based promotions that may further increase their exposure. as there are such 9 large numbers of machines already in the market. the central government turned to tighten the money supply to control inflation. the slowdown in demand and the lack of new work resulted in a huge number of machines lying idle and enormous levels of stock remained unsold at the end of 2011. the market now seems to have gone into free fall. has now come to an end. a London-based management consultancy that specializes in the research and analysis of international construction equipment markets. dpi october 2012 8 october 2012 . The result was that it blunted the risk of Diesel Progress international * Forecast ** Dump trucks. the market has been very much weaker than had been originally forecast. and this could well have an adverse impact on sales of new machines. skid-steer loaders. Many customers. Future market demand will largely depend on economic policy. but now every company that has done so desperately needs to earn a rapid return on investment simply to market confidence has been seriously eroded. extremely easy financing deals were offered.

such as heavy earthmoving. road building. 11 the boom is free to move downwards to maintain the optimum hammering effect. A 5% increase in hydraulic pressure from 350 to 370 bar improves performance with higher lifting capabilities. As a result. It is powered by a six-cylinder Doosan DL08K turbocharged diesel engine rated 213 kW at 1800 r/min. It also offers a 15% increase in front lifting capacity and a new optional 3 m narrow undercarriage. New Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pumps and valves are used to increase the main pump flow capacity by 23% and the pilot flow by 11%. The excavator also features a 100% increase in lighting capability for night working. smoothness and accuracy. Productivity enhancements are also provided by additional sensors 10 front lifting capacity of the excavator has been boosted by 15%.CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment has unveiled the Stage 3b-compliant DX380LC-3 large crawler excavator. with multiple recordable preset values. while in the breaker mode. Doosan said. the service life of the machine has been extended. civil engineering. a straight travel pedal. improved cooling efficiency with the oil cooler separated from the radiator. Doosan said. faster cycle times and higher breakout october 2012 . as well as a more robust boom and arm with reinforced bushings. the engine delivers 5% more power at 213 kW with a 6% lower engine speed of 1800 r/min. The arm/bucket digging forces have been increased by up to 6%. Doosan said the excavator offers a 22% increase in its productivity to fuel consumption ratio thanks to a combination of features. A new travel device in october 2012 New DX380LC-3 first model in new generation of machines the DX380LC-3 has increased drawbar pull by 15% to 36. This uses engine power more effectively. the company said. It has reinforced track links. including lower engine speed. A new color visual control console is fitted in the operator cab. Doosan said the DX380LC-3 has a range of improvements. The heavy-duty undercarriage on the DX380LC-3 is the same configuration used in the larger 40 tonne-plus class DX420LC model. Cooling capacity has also been increased by 10 to 15% compared to the previous generation machines. the Diesel Progress international and a diesel particulate filter. Options for heavy-duty applications include dual pump flow for extra power for high-flow attachments. including the narrow undercarriage and a new twomode floating boom system. Overall. The DX380LC-3 is aimed at a broad range of applications. an oil-washed air cleaner and added protection with dual track guards and full length track guards.17 m and dig height is 10. The excavator has a four-part engine compartment to improve serviceability and provide easier access to filters. Doosan offers an expanded series of options. which have new proportional thumbwheel switches and integrated buttons. quarrying and large-scale material handling. turbocharged diesel engine. travel and power functions.32 m. with a side camera available as a safety option. and there is direct control through the joysticks. The new cab offers 6% more space for the operator. the new ECO gauge that provides fuel consumption guidance for the operator. maximizes pump usage and delivers more comfort. Dig depth of the DX380LC-3 is 7. The excavator is powered by a Stage 3bcompliant Doosan DL08K. including an increase in productivity up to 22%. Combined with an 8% increase in torque. 40 tonne-plus class size undercarriage for optimum stability and a 15% increase in drawbar pull. A new hydraulic system was integrated into the excavator. All functions can be controlled from the instrument panel and via a new jog/shuttle control next to the joystick. the first in a new generation of machines designed to meet the European Stage 3a engine regulations. and Bosch Rexroth main control valves that reduce energy loss and increase efficiency. It meets Stage 3b emissions regulations through use of exhaust gas recirculation Diesel Progress international D Doosan Delivers Stage 3a excavator added to improved electronic management. the boom is free to move up and down following the bucket and arm movements. track springs and sprockets.53 m.9 tonnes and produces a 15% increase in swing torque.5% to 39. In the flotation mode. The operator also has access to a new attachment select and setting function. pressure and engine speed to better match load requirements. valves and batteries for service work. dpi For More inForMation www. common-rail. dig reach is 11. With the DX380LC-3. With a 6 m reach at ground level.2 tonnes and the counterweight was increased by 300 kg to 7400 kg. The excavator’s operating weight has been increased by 3. the hydraulic system of the excavator provides improved performance and productivity using “highly responsive” joystick controls. six-cylinder. By Ian Cameron oosan Infracore Construction Equipment has unveiled the DX380LC-3 large crawler excavator. while over the side lifting capacity was increased by 3%. the company said. 23% more pump flow. allowing a more efficient selection of flow. which Doosan said provides a combination of higher overall pressures and hydraulic flow to boost front. It has a new electrohydraulic control that minimizes pressure loss through the main control valve.

The company plans to expand the facility another 10 000 m2 Agrale marked its 50th anniversary with the launch of the Série Ouro Especial (Special Gold Series). Agrale started its operation in 1962. mainly in sugarcane and beans. This model is powered by a 125 kW MWM engine and was outfitted with a new operator cab. in Esteio. a manufacturer of vehicles. Agrale said the BX 6180 is ideal for medium. “Our products will be nationalized in 2013. In honor of the milestone. “We started our commercial activities in August. tractors and diesel engines. manufactured in the 1960s. indicating there are no intentions to export. We’ve been certifying and developing our suppliers since the beginning of the year.and large-sized farmers.brazilnotebook Mahindra said it will build a factory in Brazil for the manufacture of 31 to 69 kW tractors. Agrale recently showcased its tractor line during the Expointer exhibition. It ultimately plans to manufacture between 5000 and 8000 units annually. which will encompass 4000 m2 in the first stage of the operation. His e-mail is belomauro@gmail. The production will be conducted using resources from the region. “We will manufacture tractors between 42 hp [31 kW] and 92 hp [69 kW] of the current line. The new plant will be constructed in Dois Irmãos city.” Crosa said. Flavio Crosa. in Esteio. “The products manufactured in Brazil will be destined for the domestic market. a line of special gold-painted tractors. Brazil. MahIndra To Produce TracTors In BrazIl by Mauro belo Schneider in the near It exports to several countries around the world. The plant is expected to have a maximum production capacity of up to 15 000 units a year. “Our plans contemplate additional expansions in Brazil. and new models will be added.” Roosli said. the company responsible for Mahindra’s sales in the region. Rio Grande do Sul State launched a series of tractors called the Série Ouro Especial (Special Gold Series). during Expointer Fair. CEO of Bramont. the Agrale 8700. It has 144 dealers located in Brazil. It expects to manufacture around 1000 units a year in the first stage. Agrale’s sales director. part of Grupo Gildemeister. while others will be spread around Brazil and in sales and support offices. Rio Grande do Sul State. said the range was developed to offer customers products that symbolize the manufacturer’s trajectory. celebrated its 50th year in business in August. with our imported tractor displayed.” Roosli said. most of them in Dois Irmãos city. The company displayed its 4000 series (11 to 22 kW). continued on page 14 I ndian manufacturer Mahindra has announced plans to build its first plant in Brazil for the manufacture of midsized tractors. This includes the 7030 four-wheel drive model powered by a 52 kW Mahindra NE-462 R DI diesel engine. because we know that our acceptance in the market is very positive. Mahindra will convert an existing plant to produce the tractors. the company based in Caxias do Sul.” Mahindra expects to generate 50 direct jobs with the business. Mauro Belo Schneider is a Diesel Progress correspondent based in Porto Alegre. Rio Grande do Sul State. “We highlight our strong participation in the mechanization of the Brazilian agriculture with the introduction of the first micro-tractors and tractors on four wheels. 5000 series (48 to 63 kW) and 6000 series tractors (78 to 125 kW) along with its new Euro 5 truck.” said Roosli.” Agrale Marks 50 Years With Gold Series Tractors Agrale. At the heart of the company’s tractor family is the Agrale BX 6180. said Eduard Roosli. Diesel Progress international 12 october 2012 Diesel Progress international 13 october 2012 . Mahindra will make an investment of around R$100 million (US$50 million) in the development of the tractor plant.

from its previous location in Porto Alegre. Brazil’s Deere president and vice-president of marketing and sales for Latin America. Production Abroad Boosts Marcopolo’s Growth The strong performance of Brazilian bus body builder Marcopolo outside of Brazil was significant to the company’s first semester results. Marcopolo showed a decrease in sales. 4657 buses were assembled.5% to 8333 vehicles. Also located in the area is a Deere distribution center in São Paulo.8 billion (US$900 million). although total external sales grew 37. the company’s sales dropped 1. in Campinas city.brazilnotebook Deere Relocates Latin American Office John Deere Latin America’s main office has moved to Indaiatuba.6%. with 6543 buses. around R$1. Rio Grande do Sul State. This is an increase to 6440 vehicles manufactured overseas. Production by the company at its foreign facilities grew 36. compared to 2011. The joint venture’s Mexican plant also demonstrated production increases. The relocation is aimed at enhancing the expansion strategy of the company in Brazil and in South America.9%. up 33. Production in Egypt also reported growth of 25% to 136 units.1%.8% in the quarter and increased 40. an increase of 69. with US$124 million invested just by Deere. with 15 936 units. São Paulo State. a joint venture with Tata Motors in India.. Additional growth was seen from Marcopolo’s export volume from Brazil.4% and in Colombia a decrease of 18.” A significant increase in production from its factories outside of Brazil contributed to bus body builder Marcopolo’s growth in the first half of the year. In India. closer to a logistic infrastructure of roads and airports.” Wetzel said. In other foreign markets. It also puts Deere in a strategic geographic position. had its total sales expand by 11. which further complements the company’s relocation strategy. Aaron Wetzel. based in Caxias do Sul. dpi october 2012 . In Argentina production was down 47. “Beyond the opening of the office.1% in the second quarter. “The investments for the construction of these two new plants — one in partnership with Hitachi Construction Machinery — are of US$180 million. which grew 1.5%. When compared to the previous quarter.1% in the first half of the year. In the domestic market. Diesel Progress international 14 Part of Marcopolo’s growth can be attributed to Tata Marcopolo Motors Ltd. said the change will allow more integration among the company’s staff connected to the different branches of the business.1% in the second quarter versus last year. The company. where production grew 56% during the period.3%. the increase was 114. Marcopolo’s consolidated net revenue advanced 17.5% was reported. up from the 4945 units produced in 2011. Indaiatuba will host two John Deere machinery plants.

despite all these enhancements for mechanical strength and the number of additional components.and 16-cylinder vee configuration Nov 19-22 BIG 5 – International Building and Construction Show Dubai World Trade Center Dubai.dieselprogress.saie.birwe@ifw-expo. Las Vegas. PennWell International. Germany Tel: +49 6221 1357-17 E-mail: s. The series covers a range from 567 to 1163 kW and is compliant with Tier 4 interim and final. To ensure the robustness and durability of all the components for heavy-duty Web: http://agrosalon. The power ratings span from 567 to 1163 kW. This accounts for 8% lower life cycle costs than the previous Tier 2 generation. Tulsa. A field trial has been conducted with a 100-tonne Terex mining truck in South Africa. China. such as injectors and highpressure pumps.A. wheel loaders. targeted toward construction. Box 33817 Dubai.23 L per cylinder.S. Viale della Fiere 20. Italy Tel: +39 051 282111 Fax: +39 051 6374013 E-mail: saie@bolognafiere. Munich. as they comply with EPA Tier 4 interim and final emissions regulations. Messegelaende. *Indicates shows in which Diesel Progress International Edition will participate. Waukesha. heavy drilling units. Tel: +971 (0) 4 4380 355 Fax: +971 (0) 4 438 0356 E-mail: andywhite@dmgevents. MTU said that the 2000 Series Tier 4 interim engines deliver up to 10% better fuel economy and have extended exchange intervals for major components. They are currently available for delivery. continued on page 18 october 2012 Diesel Progress international . The new MTU 2000 Series engines are a family of 12. The integrated intercooler and aftercooler feature copper cores to withstand poor coolant quality. Italy BolognaFiere s. Construction Vehicles and Equipment Shanghai New International Expo Center. Suite 220.bauma-china. Wisconsin 53186. MTU said.and 16-cylinder models for construction. Forged-steel pistons were designed to guarantee increased strength at lower weight. These engines are dedicated to Chinese OEMs for export markets. with a swept volume of 2. and ensure lower mechanical noise due to smaller Web: *Nov 27-30 Bauma China 2012 International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery.S. Taking iT MTU 2000 Series engines rated 567 to 1163 *Dec 11-13 PowerGen International Las Vegas Convention Center. Oklahoma 74112.power-gen. Tel: +1 (918) 832-9225 Fax: +1 (918) 813-9875 E-mail: blewis@pennwell. haul Bologna. Messe Muenchen GmbH. dockside cranes and mobile Web: www. The 2000 Series engines are dedicated to heavy-duty applications such as excavators.E. Tel: +1 (262) 754-4100 Fax: +1 (262) 754-4175 E-mail: info@dieselpub. U. Germany Tel: +49 89 949 20251 Fax: +49 89 949 20259 E-mail: info@bauma-china. 81823. 69117 Heidlberg. United Arab Emirates dmg: events. MTU pointed out Web: and Diesel Progress Magazine Diesel Progress 20855 Watertown Road.A. The Palladium. Russia IFW Expo Heidlberg GmbH Landfriedstr. 40127 Bologna. the crankshaft and crankcase 17 have been reinforced for more than 230 bar combustion pressure. 1421 South Sheridan Road.dateline *Sept 24-March 22 Diesel Progress Online Show XI At www. Nevada. Building Material Machines.O. industrial and mining applications MTU’s 2000 Series engines are available in Oct 10-13 Agrosalon Crocus Exhibition Centre Web: www.thebig5. 1a.a. Suite 502-509 Cluster C.A.dieselprogress. industrial and mining applications. Shanghai. Jumeirah Lake Towers. U.A. U. To Tier 4 T Diesel Progress international 16 october 2012 he Bauma China exhibition in Shanghai will provide the stage for MTU’s new family of 2000 Series engines. Oct 18-21 SAIE 2012 Bolognafiere Follow dieselprogress on Need more information on industry shows? Turn to www. the power-to-weight ratio for the new Series 2000 engine is the same as the previous Tier 2 generation. MTU has tested the engines for more than 10 000 hours on its test benches and has installed the engines in a variety of applications.

they “donate” 100% of their exhaust gas for EGR. the common rail system helps reduce both exhaust components. For Tier 4. According to MTU. The 2000 Series engines have been designed for heavy-duty applications. MTU said the new 2000 Series engines are able to develop 100% of their rated power without any reduction up to 4000 m. MTU said it overcame the compromise induced by the PM-NOX trade-off effect by keeping the maximum combustion temperature low for low NOX emissions. MTU said the two-stage turbocharging system ensures low-soot combus- The donor cylinder exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system by MTU uses some cylinders in the 2000 Series engines to donate their exhaust gas for the EGR. MTU said. while rated power is also constantly available from 1600 up to a rated speed of 2100 r/min. which corresponds to a given injected fuel mass. MTU needed to accommodate a sufficient amount of oxygen to achieve a low soot combustion. MTU developed its common rail system for high-speed diesels with the 4000 Series in 1996. In the new 2000 Series engines. MTU said this was the reasoning for implementing a second technology to the EGR. To do this. The maximum torque is constantly available from 1100 to 1600 r/min. electronically controlled injectors. end. It’s here that the recirculated exhaust gas makes the difference. without accompanying measures to maintain a sufficient air-fuel ratio. MTU said. This is designed to give the engine high elasticity. Because of the maximum injection pres19 sure of 2500 bar. MTU has implemented a combination of four key engine technologies: cooled high-pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). these problems can be traced back to the PM-NOX trade-off. which is not available for air. Compared to their predecessors. MTU said its approach avoids problems such as deteriorated fuel efficiency. It provides an additional thermal inertia. dpi For More inForMation www. which can achieve EGR rates up to approximately 30%. A wastegate was used to regulate turbo pressure. common rail fuel injection and an advanced diesel engine controller (ADEC). MTU achieves this by freely controlling the start. and with only moderate power reduction up to 5000 m. when they are actually pumping the exhaust gas into the intake system.ENGINES For compliance with Tier 4 limits without any external aftertreatment. Conventional high-pressure EGR must use mistuned turbochargers or throttle flaps to produce a vacuum in the intake. plus plenty of calibratable inputs and outputs. These technologies are engineered to offer a high degree of flexibility in combustion control. characterized by donor cylinders. According to MTU. This. For integration in OEM machinery. This system is designed to achieve EGR rates up to about 30%. despite the presence of EGR. featuring a high-pressure stage with one turbo connected in series to a low-pressure stage with another two turbos. Total control over the combustion process. Recognizing the limitations of mechanical injection systems regarding these requirements. it increased the density of the cylinder charge by means of a greater degree of turbocharging. Because the given cylinder volume is partly occupied by the recirculated exhaust gas. An intercooler between the low and high-pressure stages is used along with an after cooler between the high-pressure stage and cylinder inlet. including a Terex 100-tonne mining truck that was tested during a field trial in South Africa. regulated two-stage Diesel Progress international october 2012 . the advantage to this is that only the donor cylinders have to work against high backpressure. while the remaining cylinders supply the turbochargers. contributing to low soot combustion and high fuel efficiency. This is done with fast-reacting. at a given engine operating point. In turbocharged engines. and oil with heavy soot that lead to much more frequent oil changes. while simultaneously ensuring a sufficient air-fuel ratio for low particulate emissions. is eliminated with donor cylinder EGR. MTU used a two-stage turbo system for the new 2000 Series engines. there are many more parameters. MTU uses patented donor cylinder EGR: a cooled. can lead to a lack of oxygen for combustion. the new ECU 9 by MTU also offers an integrated SAE J1939 CAN interface. the highquality vaporization of fuel ensures good mixture with the air. such as dump trucks. MTU said. clogged intake systems and intercoolers. there is also a corresponding amount of heat produced during combustion. rate and pattern of the fuel injection during the ongoing firing cycle. is key to meeting the stringent exhaust emissions limits of Tier 4. and during on-going combustion. The key function of the EGR is to increase the thermal inertia of the cylinder charge. The 16-cylinder engines use five donor cylinders.tognum. tion. or increase the backpressure in the exhaust system to ensure the flow of exhaust gas into the intake. making it ideal for me18 october 2012 Diesel Progress international chanically driven equipment. At the maximum EGR rate. MTU cites two reasons for this: recirculated gas occupying a part of the cylinder volume. Charge air cooling is also comprised of two stages. as well as closed-loop fan control for two independent fans. These solutions are designed to increase the pumping losses. MTU said. so only donor cylinders have to work against high backpressure. leading to lower maximum combustion temperatures. visible black smoke. the pressure level in the intake system is always higher than in the exhaust system so the exhaust doesn’t flow without force into the intake system. This raises the temperature of the cylinder charge. The implementation of EGR. while ensuring good fuel efficiency. sensors and actuators to be managed by the new engine control unit (ECU). only four cylinders on the 12-cylinder models supply exhaust gas to the EGR system. but are not quite capable of increasing engine efficiency. MTU said. which are continuously supplied with fuel at controllable pressure. the lowered combustion temperature handicaps the oxidation of particulates. high-pressure system.

ensuring they all operate in the most fuel-efficient way possible. corresponding to a distance of 5000 km. and we know that on average drivers use cruise control about half the time.” I-See carries out six operations to utilize the kinetic energy to the very Diesel Progress international october 2012 . I-See ensures freewheel can be used for long distances without using the engine.” Volvo Trucks’ I-See system harnesses the truck’s own kinetic energy to ‘push’ the vehicle up hills. “I-See freewheels as much as possible — so on certain stretches of road no fuel is used at all. For instance. For a truck in normal operation. where it handles gear-changes.” Eriksson said. Because the system is not dependent on maps.” dpi For More inForMation www. the saving will be about 1000 L of fuel annually. virtually no fuel is used. Diesel Progress international 21 in order to freewheel. and that naturally benefits the environment. “In this way fuel consumption can 20 october 2012 What You See I-See be cut by up to 5%. “I-See imitates the driving style of good drivers.” Other factors that make a difference are air resistance and the truck’s weight. I-See requires use of the cruise control. accelerator and brakes on gradients. All told. For instance. With moderately long and steep slopes. This makes a big difference to the haulage firm’s profitability. “It imposes high demands on precision. The I-See system will be available to the market in 2013. This allows the driver to focus more on the surrounding traffic and other aspects of the journey. the system avoids changing gears if possible. I-See accelerates up hills. “This will benefit both the environment and the industry’s economy. it may help cut fuel consumption. A gradient of just a few percent can be the decisive factor. the system has to keep track of and process a lot of information. product developer at Volvo Trucks who is also responsible for the development of the I-See system. utilizing gradients to save fuel. I-See releases the brakes at the end of the slope to pick up speed ahead of a new ascent. Many truck drivers who test I-See will recognize the driving style it adopts. it waits with acceleration and utilizes gravity. “If kinetic energy can be exploited to a greater extent. “When the truck rolls freely. avoiding unnecessary gear-changing. On downhill gradients. it is no surprise the industry is constantly researching and developing new solutions that cut consumption and lower costs. taking over and handling gear changes. obtaining digital information about the topography. remains in a high gear for as long as possible and freewheels on descents to exploit the truck’s weight as a propulsion motor. you have to know whether your speed will drop or increase over the next stretch of road. product manager at Volvo Trucks. for instance. It accelerates before the incline starts.” said Hayder Wokil. and if you are near the brow of a hill. I-See can recall about 4000 gradients. It also starts freewheeling ahead of an approaching descent and starts braking well before the downhill slope ends. such as this Volvo FH16-750. because every gear change means a drop in speed.” Eriksson said. Volvo said it is more dependable as it always obtains the latest information. covering 140 000 km a year. something that is very important today as fuel costs are becoming an increasingly heavy burden on many haulage a system that automatically takes over gear-changing. a whole lot of data is required. When approaching a descent. “I-See is an autopilot linked to the truck’s cruise control. a figure based on the results of simulations and tests on public roads.” said Anders Eriksson. acceleration and braking to provide the most fuel-efficient operation possible. “It is this freewheeling capability that makes the system special. And unlike a driver the I-See never gets tired. Volvo said it works best in undulating terrain. ISee reduces brake and tire wear.Vehicle Technology Volvo has developed the I-See system for long-haul trucks. but Volvo’s I-See system is designed with functions for six different scenarios on a gradient. the same energy is used Volvo I-See system uses topography sensing to automatically provide most fuel-efficient vehicle operation possible for acceleration. By Bo SvenSSon W ith fuel being one of the major costs to the trucking industry. “It utilizes the vehicle’s kinetic energy by accelerating in time. One of the more recent developments to aid in fuel usage is Volvo Trucks’ I-See. “It is not only fuel that is saved. I-See is linked to the transmission’s tilt sensor.

is one of several new investments made by the company in the Asia Pacific region. The center is scheduled to open in october 2012 . air management and liquid management systems. Company expands locations in Shanghai and Thailand. air intake systems and valve covers. The Samutprakarn facility. where Mahle Engine Components (Thailand) produces pistons. Korea. The production facility will encompass 7500 m 2 during the first stage of the building project and is expected to begin production at the end of 2012. The number of employees will also be increased to 450 from Diesel Progress international Invests In AsIA 230. India. It is enlarging its Bangkok plant. cylinder components as well as valvetrain. With production of commercial vehicles and passenger cars in China expected to rise significantly by 2017. In Japan.mahle. opens new production plant in Japan o meet the demand of increasing vehicle production in Asian countries and the relocation of production by these vehicle manufacturers. will add 5000 m2 of new buildings. Philippines. Mahle has focused its efforts on expanding its research and development center in Shanghai. The additional space will allow for new production lines for oil coolers. Singapore and Thailand. Through its Engine Systems and Components and Filtration and Engine Peripherals business units. where Mahle Siam Filter Systems is located. Mahle has Asia Pacific locations in China. Mahle is expanding two existing plants. The new facility will house 22 Mahle an assembly line and measurement and testing equipment. In Thailand. dpi T For More inForMation www. where more and more Japanese vehicle manufacturers are relocating production of commercial vehicles and passenger cars thanks to the strong yen and growing local vehicle demand. Mahle has started construction on a new production plant for the manufacture of air intake and filtration systems on the island of Kyushu. making it six at the center. Japan. the Mahle Group is investing in new facilities and the expansion of existing locations throughout Asia. it produces piston systems. Nearly 9000 m2 of additional lab and office space will be added to the research and development center along with four new engine test bench areas. for the production of air intake and filtration systems.IndusTry news Mahle’s new 7500 m2 plant on the Japanese island of Kyushu.

only served to emphasize this newly rekindled passion. How well they manage so to do will determine the extent to which diesel’s crown will slip. Engine designers. continued on page 30 october 2012 . He was succeeded in that role by Antonio Galvao. The technology for gas-powered trucks exists. there are probably dirtier trees out there than the latest generation of diesel engines.S.. Army Gen. It is the business of the fuel suppliers to promote natural gas. senior vice president. From 2003 to 2005. “That’s about US$1000 for every man. Herrmann succeeds Aaron Wetzel. Randrianarison By Oliver DixOn atural gas and its value as a means of powering the North American heavy truck fleet is an idea people seem to be rather taken with. And so I wonder if this is a trucking industry issue or an energy industry issue. is proven in service and. Herrmann will also serve as vice president of marketing and sales for John Deere in Latin America.glOBalroads Dieselhr Eaton Makes Vehicle Changes Eaton Corp. this is now. but one that is more concerned with the nature of the gas prior to its release from the fuel tank. in his South American leadership role. and I suspect the argument in this case is less one that pitches pure natural gas against some form of dualfuel engine. president of Eaton’s Vehicle Group. who becomes the vice president. He is responsible for leading Eaton’s automotive and truck businesses in EMEA. with up to 30% loss of gas during fast fill due to excess heat generation. Natural Gas: What’s Old Is NeW aGaIN P. the Middle East and will be responsible for aligning and developing all the company’s business in the region. Sproson most recently held the position of vice president — mobile industries. who plans to retire at the end of the P. The problem is. who will report to Davis in his Vehicle Group role and Craig Arnold. dpi Diesel Progress international Africa (EMEA). not just in North America. So let us both acknowledge and pass by Hubbert’s Peak on our way to a conclusion that sees the current fascination with natural gas as arguably the most significant yet. ceteris paribus (all things being equal). and is based in Turin. Sproson served as director of automotive sales in Europe and was named vice president of commercial transportation systems for Mobile Industries in 2009. Since joining Eaton in 1985.S. U.A. diesel is actually pretty good at doing what we ask of it — namely powering heavy-duty trucks — and given the commodity nature of the task undertaken by those same trucks — namely. In this role. Sproson year after a 28-year career at Timken. Italy. the company announced. and the EU — for Global Highways. Like the pursuit of fun in Pusan. The natural gas argument is becoming one predicated less on matters of basic economics and more on the far broader geopolitical arena. people have been trying to find an alternative. Fang held various management positions in engineering and sales. Fast fill techniques are available. the company’s second-largest geographic sales region. E-mail: ohcdixon@me. the most appropriate fuel for the global heavy-duty fleet. Since starting his career in 1984. but an entirely valid one. in some examples — refuse management for example — is difficult to argue against. Brazil. Note the words of Clark. Bluntly speaking. Galvao N talked about North America’s seemingly insatiable demand for energy and the problem inherent in the fact most of that energy comes from overseas. Strike one. Randrianarison reports to Ken Davis. and he who controls the supply will win the day — ironic in terms of the energy security discussion. He joined the company in 1978 as a sales engineer in Europe and continued to advance his career in a variety of sales and marketing management positions. A. Sproson will lead the Timken business in China. succeeding Leong Fang.” Economics has caused diesel to be the heavy-duty fuel of choice. there is no easy way to vent or recover this heat and for this reason. Fang held leadership positions in the United States and in Asia.5 million jobs — and taxes to cut our deficit and invest in sustained economic growth. which covers the commercial vehicle industry worldwide. is an industry analyst — based both in the U. truck manufacturers. Sproson Timken’s New China President New President For Deere In Brazil Paulo Herrmann has been named president of John Deere in Brazil. legislators and — perhaps most importantly — truck buyers. moving stuff about and generally aiding the economy in its quest for growth — there is much to be said for adopting the “ain’t broke. and report to J. vice chairman and chief operating officer — Eaton’s Industrial Sector. That’s money that we can keep at home to create up to 8. Randrianarison most recently served as president of Eaton in South America and president of the Vehicle Group in South America. within the Bearings and Power Transmissions segment. I use the word “notion” as this is a good example of the general public and its attendant mass media entirely failing to understand that about which they speak. but because it works. A search for Galvao’s successor as director of operations for the Vehicle Group in South America is underway. he has been Deere’s sales director for Latin America. in private they fight like two cats in a sack and a clear pro-CNG versus pro-LNG landscape seem to be developing. But that was then. Sproson as president of the company’s China business. Conferences such as the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo held in Long Beach. where he 25 The Timken Diesel Progress international 24 — you will be supplied a number of learned articles that point to the fairly undeniable fact that energy supplies are anything but secure. CNG or LNG equals a matter of infrastructure (otherwise known as supply). Strike two is the notion diesel is not a particularly clean fuel. A&T Global Platform. It is. Although october 2012 the public face of the industry tends not to differentiate much between CNG and LNG (there being any number of paths to righteousness). Since 2009. The idea that an EPA 2010/Euro 6/JP 09 engine is anything akin to the beast that powered the Peugeot 504 taxi in Port Harcourt all those years ago is misplaced. The technology is nothing really new. as it causes people to write letters and to get both disagreeable and voluble. “We send over US$300 billion overseas to purchase oil every year.” Clark said. Ron Menning. The pro-LNG faction believes CNG is only really viable on a wide scale for trucks that can utilize “slow fill” overnight at terminals.S. I say “newly rekindled” because there isn’t much that’s new here. have favored distillate fuel oil not because they like its smell or they promised their mothers that they would. but worldwide. has named Patrick Randrianarison president of its Vehicle Group in Europe. in which fill rates are similar to liquid diesel but the heat generated during that fill is problematic. advancing to vice president in 1997 and general manager in 2005 of Timken’s aerospace business. He succeeds Nanda Kumar who was recently named executive vice president of the Eaton Business System. California. woman and child in this country. Google “energy security” and — in addition to finding yourself on a watch list (I would assume) Oliver Dixon. as he opened the 2012 ACT Conference. And strike three — do I need to get into the Peak Oil debate here? Probably not. manufacturing and operations roles including director of operational excellence for the Truck Group. arguing in favor of diesel to this crowd is an exercise in the isometric. Galvao has held a number of quality. Asia-Pacific. but try telling that to the denizens of (insert country of choice here). But is this an issue for the truck industry? A strange question perhaps. has appointed Peter M. Fang served as vice president of sales and marketing in China before being named to his current position in 2007. Herrmann and sales positions. He will continue to be located in Valinhos. Herrmann began at the company in 1999 and has served in several marketing P. there is a significant school of thought that sees LNG as the only approach to adopt. But ceteris is not paribus. Retired U. Wesley Clark. don’t fix” position and celebrating the effect rather than questioning the cause. But this is not something to be driven by truck manufacturers or truck operators. For as long as diesel has had a price tag attached to it. Crop Care. Currently.

where it said it had a 43% share in 2011. “Russia is a huge market. We are already in Latin America and we are in some of the countries in Africa. The company produces Euro 3 and Euro 4 YaMZ-650 heavy-duty inline diesel engines under a Renault Trucks license. 58% of the mediumduty truck market. including drop side models with standard or crew cab. heavy-duty trucks. there are 283 vehicles per 1000 people in Russia.8 to 5 tonnes. so foreign direct investment will be attracted.” he said.gazgroup. october 2012 . railway and specialpurpose equipment. 42% of the all-wheeldrive heavy-duty truck segment and approximately 65% of the bus market. buses. along with improved visibility. there are 583. Russia.5 tonne GVW drop side truck with aluminum platform. generator sets and railway transportation.8 tonne GVW. Significantly. In addition to its commercial vehicles. “First. 26 For More inForMation www.” he said. It has a 2.K. It unveiled three new models in the GAZelle NEXT family.8 L Cummins ISF engine. rack-and-pinion steering and a new brake system. supplying markets such as Russian and the CIS.” Andersson said the association with the WTO can also open up new opportunities in foreign markets for Russian manufacturers. The engine conforms to Euro 4 standards and has an optional upgrade to Euro 5 and 6. cars. To accommodate production of the NEXT family. featuring a 3. Additional seating was also added to the new minibus. road building.5 tonne GVW drop side truck with aluminum platform powered by a 2. “The technology standards will also harmonize with the rest of the world and that means it is easier to export. It is very clear that Russia will be the largest market in Europe. Production of the engines takes place at its Avtodiesel Yaroslavl Motor Works. two platform types. full metal vans with three or seven seats. Russia recently joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in a move that should have significant implications for Russian and European companies. engines and automotive components at its headquarters in Nizhny Novgorod.” The NEXT family incorporates a range of technologies including a 2. Andersson said the Russian automotive industry’s acceptance into the WTO will bring both challenges and opportunities. The introduction further extends the GAZ brand into the domestic and export markets. “The NEXT family will broaden the selection of GAZ vehicles to satisfy a wide range of our customers’ requirements and will also enable us to increase export opportunities for GAZ.COMMERCIAL VEHICLES The vehicles also include independent front suspension. GAZ’s Gorky Automobile plant is building a new paint shop and automated welding line. In 2011 the engine was upgraded to Euro 4 standards. specialty vehicles.” said Bo Launches GAZelle NEXT series light commercial vehicles. If you take today.” dpi Gears Up For ChanGes By Ian Cameron ussian engine and commercial vehicle maker GAZ Group has introduced a new generation of light commercial vehicles with the launch of the GAZelle NEXT series. It also plans to develop and set up production of Euro 4 YaMZ V-engines and YaZDA fuel feed systems for commercial vehicles. Russia is expected to lower its import duties. GAZ is reported to have approximately 50% of the light commercial vehicle sector. GAZ also produces heavy-duty diesel engines. and in the U.8 L Cummins ISF engine. “We have opportunities to go into India. The range of driver seat adjustments has been extended. The YaMZ-650 engines are designed for trucks. The company took the wraps off the GAZelle NEXT light commercial vehicle family at the Moscow International AuDiesel Progress international GAZ Group tomobile Salon. october 2012 Diesel Progress international 27 GAZ’s new Sobol NEXT prototype was showcased at the International Automobile Salon. GAZ produces light. It is also adding test benches and new control equipment. tractors. construction. GAZ Group president/CEO. three models available in March 2013 GAZ Group unveiled its new GAZelle NEXT light commercial vehicle family at the Moscow International Automobile Salon. We’ll have more transparency.and medium-duty commercial vehicles. a 19-seat minibus and a Sobol NEXT prototype with a 2. The company said its focus for the remainder of 2012 is to launch the YaMZ-530 engines into serial production while continuing its development for motor vehicles. A new bigger cabin offers enhanced ergonomics and comfort for the driver and passengers. so Russia will continue to grow. Galvanized steel parts are used in the interior and exterior of the cabin to enhance the structure’s resistance to corrosion and increase the service life of the vehicle. buses and more than 100 models of specialty vehicles.8 tonne GVW and is expected to go on sale in March 2013. competition will come in. In Russia. Models in the GAZelle NEXT series will go on sale in March 2013. The new series will eventually include trucks with GVW of 2. Customers will be offered a choice of body types. reduced noise and vibration. R “GAZelle NEXT was designed by GAZ engineers based on an in-depth study of customers’ needs and built using modern components from leading international manufacturers. limit its export duties and grant greater access to European companies. Included in the lineup is a 3. which reduces brake-path length by 2 m and enables the use of electronic active safety systems.

The market for backhoe loaders in India is approximately 33 000 units a year. Scania said trucks produced in Bangalore will be position in the premium market. The plant will produce two main engines — a 6. dp Trimble has established a Sitech Technology dealership in South Korea. Programme will include an extended warranty of a year after the first year of original warranty. This is a reduction from Rs6 billion (US$109 million) to Rs4. Scania held a 30% market share of this segment through its Indian subsidiary Scania Commercial Vehicles India Private Ltd. India. the backhoe loader is used for trenching. The new plant.R. The HydraForce plants in Lincolnshire.S. alfdex aB has produced its millionth separator for reducing emissions in heavy-duty vehicles. as well as site prep for large commercial.C. making it the third HydraForce facility to be ISO 9001-certified. using a centrifugal separation technique to remove oil droplets and soot so only clean gases are returned to the manifold or emitted in the environment. The 435 backhoe is being manufactured at Leyland Deere’s new facility in Gummidipoondi. located in Pithampur in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. has sold about 500 of its new 435 backhoe loader in the country since its rollout in January. has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification for manufacturing hydraulic manifold systems. Alfdex AB was formed in 2004.IndIanotebook Volvo-Eicher Commercial Vehicles plans to export 60% of the output produced at its medium-duty engine plant in Pithampur. Malhotra is a technical journalist based in Dehli. Ashok Leyland will export vehicle kits. Leyland Deere has started appointing dealers in the west and expects to have 45 dealers across the country by the end of the year. will initially have the capacity to produce 25 000 engines by 2013. the company sold 12 200 buses overseas. Ltd. Sitech Korea will serve heavy civil construction contractors in South Korea involved in a range of earthmoving applications such as the construction of roads. Scania Commercial Vehicles India said it plans to establish a plant for bodywork and vehicle outfitting. and a parts depot within the country. Ashok Leyland said it has plans to reduce capital expenditures by around 25% because of the slowdown of the commercial vehicle industry.1 million) in the first quarter of 2012 on the back of spiraling power costs and increased market spending.. Sitech Technology dealers represent Trimble and Caterpillar machine control systems for a contractor’s entire fleet of heavy equipment. while its partners will have responsibility for assembling and marketing the vehicles. Ashok Leyland Scales Back Spending Commercial vehicle manufacturer Ashok Leyland said it is planning to reduce its capital expenditures for the current financial year by approximately 25%. DAF and Daimler Chrysler. the assembly plant will employ 800 people over the next five years. which accounted for 1000 sales in 2011.4 million (US$43 636). Ashok Leyland said it expects to sell 15 000 buses and trucks in the global market this year. Chile and Nigeria. to Volvo Group companies overseas. Illinois. and the company may have to re-examine its investment and capital expenditure plans to conserve cash.. said it plans to export 60% of the products produced at its medium-duty engine plant to Volvo Group companies overseas. Leyland Deere said it has secured 20 dealerships in the south and has yet to make inroads into the rest of the country. the company said. are also ISO-9001-certified. The company’s profits dropped 22% to Rs670 million (US$12. the manufacturing joint venture between Volvo and Eicher.5 billion (US$45. Backhoe Loader Sales On The Rise For Leyland Deere Construction equipment manufacturer Leyland Deere. such as Diesel Progress international Scania To Set Up Assembly Plant In Bangalore Sweden-based Scania AB has plans to invest Rs2. The company said it expects to sell 110 000 medium and heavy commercial vehicles and 30 000 Dost units this year. U. said the overall slowdown october 2012 Diesel Progress international 29 gases from diesel engines. and Birmingham. England. Through the joint ventures. The 435 backhoe loader is priced at Rs2. the joint venture between John Deere and Indian truck producer Ashok Leyland. powerlInes has had a bearing on the commercial vehicle industry. digging and demolition. V its presence in the rapidly growing commercial vehicle market in India. MalhoTra olvo-Eicher Commercial Vehicles (VECV). To begin production in the early part of 2013.5 billion (US$81. Programme. committed restoration time for the equipment and regular engineer visits to the customer during the warranty period. His e-mail is tc_malhotra@ rediffmail. as well as Trimble’s portfolio of Connected Site products. where it is expected Ashok Leyland will keep the majority holding in each of these partnerships. industrial and residential projects.E. Formed in 2011. said that while 60% of the production will be earmarked for sale to Volvo Group companies overseas.A. Leyland Deere said the backhoe loader was designed to redefine the way construction equipment is perceived and used in the country. K.0 L six-cylinder. The plant reached its capacity of 40 000 units last year.C. U. near Chennai in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. highways. Last fiscal year. The company is a joint venture between Alfa Laval and Concentric. the rest will be used in the Eicher range of trucks and buses. It will be ramped up to 100 000 units by 2016.A. The company noted the 435 backhoe loader will be supported by a customer care package called the C. Alfdex AB supplies separators to several heavy vehicle manufacturers. railways and airports. chief financial officer of Ashok Leyland. VECE said it will be one of the first plants in India to manufacturer Euro 6 compliant engines. Ashok Leyland To Ink Multiple Joint Ventures Indian bus and truck producer Ashok Leyland plans to sign three overseas joint ventures in the upcoming months as the company looks to expand its presence in new markets.R. hydraForce hydraulic systems (Changzhou) Co. regardless of machine brand. G. Scania. senior vice president of sales and marketing for the company. The company cut production at its Pantnagar plant to 30 000 units from 40 000 units because of demand slowdown.K. It is in the final stages of signing joint ventures in Indonesia. Sridharan.8 million) because of market conditions. In India.E. The Alfdex is a small separator that cleans crankcase VolVo Joint Venture expands engine exports By T. The 435 backhoe loader is the first product for the Indian construction market from the joint venture.0 L four-cylinder and an 8. Sekar. India.A. It also includes insurance coverage of Rs200 000 (US$3636) for the customer’s operator. october 2012 .1 million) in setting up an assembly plant for trucks and buses in Bangalore in the south Indian state of Karnataka. The production of medium-duty engines started in Pithampur in 2012. Volvo entered into the joint venture with Eicher in 2008 in a bid to expand T. 28 The C.

he will report J. CONCENTRIC: Henry Hu has been appointed general manager of Concentric China. The VCA-D also uses two separate sensor technologies to consistently differentiate be30 V Diesel Fuel Particulate anD Water contaminant analyzer tween water and solid contaminants. Velcon is introducing its contaminant analyzer for diesel. MAN Engines. The Velcon contaminant analyzer for diesel (VCA-D) is designed to provide real-time detection of water and particulate contaminants in diesel delivery systems. ppm and representative ISO 4406 codes. Guangxi Liugogn as well as Western customers such as Cummins. vice president and head of sales. and reports to Reiner Rößner. Benzler is also responsible for sales. In the presence of wet and particulate contaminated fuel. power packs and flow dividers. the VCA-D can initiate the halting of the fueling operation and alert the operator. In addition. In his new role. H. Germany.S. Honeywell Turbo Technologies’ vice president Americas. Hu has 13 years of experience in U. Perkins. The VCA-D laser sensing device simultaneously detects solid particulate and water contaminate within the fuel. the VCA-D analyzes the contents of flowing fuel in a pipeline approximately 600 times a second. Diesel Progress international Fuel analysis Designed to provide real-time detection of water and particulate contaminants in diesel delivery systems. Velcon said. As a full-flow analyzer. Concentric’s Suzhou. application and service. Hu motors. MAN: Claus Benzler has been named head of the Marine segment at MAN Truck & Bus AG in Nuremberg. elcon has developed a full-flow diesel fuel contaminant analyzer that was recently unveiled at MINExpo International 2012. dpi For More inForMation www. including China National Heavy Duty Truck Corp. He C.16 cm pipeline. president of Honeywell Friction Materials. Velcon’s VCA-D is designed to constantly monitor fuel quality using a patented laser sensing device. and to Rainer october 2012 . the VCA-D mounts within a fuel delivery system thereby providing a representation of the pipeline contents.-based multinationals. which supplies pumps for diesel engines and Haldex-branded hydraulic products including pumps. five of which were as a plant or general manager. China. Carrier and John Deere. In this new position. Benzler is responsible for further expanding the high-speed marine engines business. a subsidiary of Concentric AB.velcon. The VCA-D analyzes fuel at flow rates higher than 3785 lpm through a 10. Vicari began working for Honeywell in 2003 as general director of the turbocharger support division. assuring that only clean-dry fuel reaches the equipment. Benzler has experience in sales of engine components in the automotive supplier industry. Vicari to Anthony Schultz. which are building engines in the area..dieselhr Vicari Honeywell’s New General Director For Latin America Honeywell Turbo Technologies announced that José Rubens Vicari has been promoted to business general director in Latin America. and outputs an averaged result every two seconds in mg/l. factory supports the domestic industry.

the driver can constantly check his driving style and make corrections while in route. KMB uses three specific applications within the Openmatics system. GSGnet. The system was engineered to be used by any bus manufacturer. power transmissions.500 times. hydraulics. This includes exceeding speed limits. emissions systems and the many other product technologies used in engine-driven machinery and equipment.. the system decides exactly when to make an announcement to waiting passengers.FLEET MANAGEMENT TOOLS Guiding Buyers To Suppliers For 77 Years And Counting More than ever. directed users to GSGnet. resulting in smoother driving. KMB is currently testing an application to improve passenger information. For More inForMation www. driver and environment every second. (KMB) has selected ZF Friedrichshafen’s Openmatics telematic platform for 50 city buses within its fleet. long idle times. Based on this information. Ltd. dpi O ne of Hong Kong’s largest bus companies. Bing. Yahoo. The system will be installed on 50 city buses operating in the region.000 ad impressions • An average time-on-site of almost 9 minutes Openmatics platfOrm in asia ZF Premiers contributes to reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs. This is designed to increase passenger comfort and prevent accidents. Hong Kong-based Kowloon Motor Bus Co. Openmatics was developed by ZF Friedrichshafen. ZF assigned the development of the related App store to IBM. The telematics system consists of an onboard unit for every vehicle and a central web-based portal for communication. engineers and purchasers around the world are turning to GSGnet. ZF and Global Sourcing Guide provide the most comprehensive information on engines. you need to be here! See for yourself at GSGnet.000 unique visitors from 190+ countries • More than 200.000 individual page views • More than 76. The Openmatics system has been tested in six vehicles for about one year and will be implemented on KMB’s entire fleet for every day operation in the near future. The application sends current GPS data on the location of the city bus to the central automatic bus stop announcement system. During the last 12 months. KMB worked with employees of ZF 32 Hong Kong bus company equips 50 city buses with telematics solution Hong Kong to test the system. you need to look here! If you sell engines and components. Combined with the Global Sourcing If you buy engines and components. It also Diesel Progress international Searches on Google. allowing mixed fleets to integrate the system on any bus model. Kowloon Motor Bus Co. is the first Asian customer for ZF’s Openmatics telematics platform. Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications’ GSGnet. ZF Hong Kong provides support for the Openmatics system along with installation of the onboard unit. aggressive accelerating and sudden braking.zf. This allows the public transportation authority to record digital data such as vehicle. It uses the Driver Feedback program to recognize unwanted driving modes. Information can then be assessed and for information about products and technologies used in engine-powered equipment and engine systems. The store is an integral part of the Openmatics software platform and is available to vehicle manufacturers and other providers to offer their own telematic or call 800-558-4322 or 262-754-4100 to order your print edition! october 2012 . The KMB Raw Data application has been specifically designed for KMB. The two companies are currently working to develop additional applications that can be used with the bus fleet. the companion print version now in its 77th year of annual publication. With the Driver Feedback more than 69. etc. with the cooperation of Intel and Funkwerk eurotelematik. demonstrating high search engine optimization. over-revving the has hosted: • More than 250. Ltd.

The planned activities will require an investment of about US$4. Laadur OU. one of Europe’s largest dealers in precise positioning surveying. Repa was established in 1991 as a dealer for used construction equipment. a Topcon distributor since 1980. Based in Vantaa.and secondgeneration low-floor models with two or three doors and a length of 12 and 18 m. with the goal to create a more competitive production unit with stronger future growth potential. bringing the cost level closer to that of other production units and freeing up space for future manufacturing of products. The investments. Geotop also has five service centers located throughout Italy and a monitoring center in Pompeii. There will also be a reduction of workforce. Daimler Buses has secured an order for more than 150 buses from German transport provider DB Fleet Management GmbH. which develops software for GNSS. the company said. gas and industrial markets. It’s Free. Repa has been a distributor for TCM forklift trucks since 1996. The U. emissions and filtration solutions for power generation. oil.internationalbusinessreport AGCO Expands In Africa … Reorg For Atlas Copco … Cat Opens Parts Center In Australia … Topcon Makes Italian Acquisition … New Dealers For Perkins. Cat is also expanding existing parts distribution facilities in Grimbergen. Caterpillar Logistics Inc. GLOBAL – PRODUCTS • TECHNOLOGY • INDUSTRY NEWS i DIESEL PROGRESS INTERNATI ONAL Visit: http://www. The new facility will support Cat dealers in Australia. It is a subsidiary of the MONO Group.K. office of Universal Acoustic & Emission Technologies is expanding its operations into Europe and the Middle East. Campania. and has a subsidiary in Lithuania and partners in Estonia. AGCO will take 49% ownership of Algeria Tractors Co.dieselprogress.5 The head office is located in Riga. the 46 452 m2 facility will employ up to 150 people and is expected to be operational . They will be equipped with BlueTec SCR diesel technology and meet the Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle (EEV) emissions standard. the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brand urban and intercity buses will be gradually delivered to DB Fleet for use in regional and urban transport operations. owns more than 200 GNSS reference stations in Italy. Repa SIA has taken over for the previous dealer. It also owns software company GeoPro. creating NetGEO. one of the largest enterprises in Latvia. parts and product support activities in its territory. construction and agriculture equipment. monitoring and total station applications. Universal provides engineered acoustic. The U. Daimler Buses will manufacture the vehicles at its EvoBus plants in Mannheim and Neu-Ulm.K. and German offices. which Universal said are part of a strategic move to grow its customer base in Europe and the Middle East by utilizing the strengths of its U. based in Hinckley. Australia (between Brisbane and the Gold Coast). Tractor production is expected to begin before the end of 2012. Australia. and owner of companies specializing in highway engineering. Leicestershire.K. to be carried out in the coming 12 months. Hitachi … Expanding its presence in Africa. civil engineering. The buses will be a mix of first. China. Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) has appointed a new dealer for its customers in Latvia. one of Europe’s largest GNSS networks. This is the seventh new parts distribuDiesel Progress international Like What You Have Read And Seen Here? tion center in Cat’s modernization plan. Secodi Finland Oy will have responsibility for managing all Perkins engines.asp Or E-mail: sbollwahn@dieselpub. GIS. Topcon Europe Positioning (TEP) has acquired controlling interest in Geotop of Ancona. dpi october 2012 Subscribe Today. Melbourne. will be used to rationalize the setup for logistics and assembly at the factory site. office. Italy. AGCO has announced a joint venture in Algeria for the production of Massey Ferguson branded tractors into the local domestic market. Beginning in 2013. Belgium. will be responsible for operations in these extended regions. Under the shareholders agreement entered into with L’Enteprise Publique Economique de Commercialisation de Materiels Agricoles and L’Enteprise Publique Economique de Production de Tracteurs Agricoles. has plans for a new parts distribution center in Yatala. Atlas Copco has decided to reorganize the production of its road construction equipment in Karlskrona. Finland. Germany. transport and finance. When at full capacity. Perkins has appointed Secodi Fin34 land Oy as its new distribution partner in Finland and Estonia. Geotop. and Shanghai. Sweden.

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