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Mr. Rex W. Tillerson ExxonMobil Corporation 5959 Las Colinas Blvd. Irving, TX 75039 Re: Your conversation with Charlie Rose Dear Mr. Tillerson, Yesterday, I wrote to you regarding your statement “My philosophy is to make money. If I can drill and make money, then that’s what I want to do” and your explanation about "balancing risks and rewards." I would like to restate and emphasize that I believe you are remiss in not including the range of "potential risks" that are associated with continued unfettered combustion of carbon-based fuels among the considerations for your risk management. I believe that ExxonMobil is irresponsible not to give priority consideration to the warming biosphere and increasingly acidic oceans and decline of fisheries. Civilization and humanity survivability are at stake. It is shameful that the survival of humanity and civilization is not in ExxonMobil's business plan. This morning, I listened to the entire 52 minute video** of your conversation with Charlie Rose. I specifically wanted to hear a particular exchange that struck me when I first heard it on the show. I believe that the following exchange (25:49 - 28:19) is fundamental to understanding your world view which guides ExxonMobil’s irresponsible business priorities. Not taking immediate steps to actively promote renewable energy and to dismantle carbon infrastructure threatens our survival. Rex Tillerson: What's important is that as we look out there, there will be sufficient traditional fuels -- oil, natural gas, coal -- to still power economies while these new, newer sources are growing. And as they grow, technology will improve, next generation will be developed, and a lot of the challenges that we're unable to overcome today in those sources will eventually be overcome. And as they do, then they begin to grow, just like coal replaced trees and oil replaced coal and -- I don't think it'll happen in my lifetime, but it's not beyond my view that eventually things will evolve to that. Charlie Rose: And Exxon wants to promote the idea of multiple sources of energy, and no reason for the company not to want to see the fullest exploitation of all sources of energy, because you have the resources to take advantage of getting on the cutting edge of those resources -- by that I mean financial resources and development resources. Rex Tillerson: We have always said that it is important that we pursue all forms of energy, because we are a technology-based company -- we believe in technology -- but we also know that we have an enormous responsibility because (as I said) if I could look out for the next 30 years, in the year 2040 oil, natural gas, coal are still going to supply 80% of the world's energy, and whether we desire that to be the future or not, that's just going to be the facts. So, we're in that business, and we do support developing alternative sources of energy and other supplies because to supply each incremental growth in that demand, we're constantly having to push our technology out to new frontiers.

So it's all technology enabled. and enlarging the size of the container. You have a moral obligation to take the lead. Arctic resources: don't know how we'll do it. You should be sounding an alarm that extinction is a plausible outcome. The facts are known: Long-term downside risks far outweigh the temporary monetary rewards. What strikes me as unacceptable is your stoic demeanor as you dryly explain this pessimistic and resigned acceptance of a fatalistic view. Replace carbon fuels with carbon-free energy technology. rail. Rex Tillerson March 9. and so that's why we believe technology will enable these others. You should be shouting WE MUST MANAGE RISK AND CHANGE COURSE IMMEDIATELY! Use some of your discretionary time to read information that will better inform critical decisions. you and other decision makers at ExxonMobil broaden your perspectives and assess all ramifications of your actions. If we stoically allow the scenario that you described to be passively accepted as a given... imagine the possibilities. 2013 Page 2 of 2 You remember all of the discussions of peak oil theorists. Well today we're producing them. Making money while increasing the certainty that civilization will collapse and humanity will expire is NOT risk management. re-energized .. tar sands.. and you can be the savior of civilization as we know it by beginning the replacement of all forms of the carbon-fuel infrastructure -. And technology keeps enlarging the container. Resources that we long knew were in deep water -. we will be responsible for possibly returning earth’s biosphere 400 million years to a lifeless anaerobic state. pipelines.10. well.000' of water • • • • Call on leaders and colleagues in the energy sector to join you -. gas. coal. dirty fossil fuel infrastructure Shift investments from carbon energy infrastructure to new. refineries. Unconventional shale oil. Reinvent . We must do everything possible to enable carbonfree energy technology to flourish and overtake carbon fuels quickly. You should be incensed.but that we said we had no way to know how to get there. now it's routine. Kerry ** Charlie Rose Show video: http://bit. could not extract it commercially. in the very near future. and I used to always tell them well the problem with that theory is you're presuming you know the size of the container.oil.Mr. Now it's on the scene enormous growth. tight oil: knew it was there. clean fuels for life Please lead US as Charles Grant did -. clean carbon-free technologies Compel Congress to enact a revenue-neutral carbon fee with per capita rebates to citizens For humanity! cc: President Barack Obama Secretary John F.emulate him (http://WhoIsCharlesGrant. barge. It is imperative .boldly and courageously Begin scheduling the retirement and dismantling of the old.