Psalm 23 Class 5


• Many a time sheep need restoration from fall • David was a man after God's own heart. • Yet many times God restored and refreshed him • We read "David recovered all" 1Sam.30:6,19


• 'Cast sheep' is an old English shepherd's term for a sheep that has turned over on its back • Cast down is a mental state.Ps.42:5-6 • Cast sheep is both mental and physical state. • A sheep cannot get up by itself - a pathetic sight

• A vigilant shepherd restores such ones.
• He always counts to find out cast sheep

Search for the lost/ Cast sheep


How does it happens?
• Three following ways it can happen: • Search for a 'soft spot' - search for comfort • Heavy wool depots • Over-fat sheep

SEARCH FOR A SOFT SPOT love for worldly comfort
• Sheep prefer to lie down in some little hollow or depression • Suddenly the centre of gravity shifts. • It struggles in panic and that leads to build up gases in the rumen • Rumen expands and cut off blood circulation to extremities mainly to legs

• Six downward move of Lot Gen.13:10-14

Remember Lot's wife

• 1. Lot lifted up his eyes - walked by sight • 2. Lot chose- a will full decision. • 3. Lot journeyed east -Ps.1 • 4.Lot dwelt in the cities - v.12 • 5.Lot pitched his tent toward Sodom v.12 • 6.Lot separated from Abraham v.11,14 • SO HE HAD A FALL - SEARCH FOR A SOFT

Heavy wool depot- self life or pride of life
• Priest should not enter with wool in the holy place.Ezek.44:18 • Gen.3:19, Corinthians were 'puffed up' spiritual pride

Over- fat sheepflesh
• Material success is no measure of spiritual health • Eg. Laodecia church, Rev.3:17- they had material prosperity - over fat • Lust of the flesh is something that can cause a fall

Three things that causes believer's fall
• Love for the world- Demas loved the world 2 Tim 4:10 • Pride of life - Satan • Lust of flesh • Three things that causes believer's to fall • WORLD, SATAN AND FLESH • THREE MEN WHO GOT VICTORY - NOAH, JOB & DANIEL • Refer 1 Jn.2:16, Ezekiel. 14:14

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