Psalm 23



I shall not want He is my resource
• Primary meaning - I lack nothing, no deficiency • Broader meaning absolute contentment • Sheep,like David is content with God's care upon him • Sheep needs many things, like grass,water,shelter,protection from storm and parasites etc.

Prosperity theology • Bible is not teaching prosperity theology ? Hab.3:17-19
• Tribulation is promised Jn.16:33 • Jesus Christ became poor for our sake • Can we pray for material blessings? • Eg. Paul's prayer, Lord's blessing • Asking for daily bread. Cp 3Jn.2 prayer for prosperity and health

Contentment theology
• I shall not want is 'contentment theology' • I have learned, be content Phi.4:11-12 • I have all... I am full 4:18 • 'My God shall supply all your need' not greed 4:19 • content with such things as ye have.Heb.13:5 • 1Tim.6:6-8.

Our attitude towards wealth
• The way a person handles money is an indicator of our relationship with God • 2085 verses deals with Money and wealth,500 on prayer. • Out of 38 parables 16 deals with money and wealth.

• Material prosperity is not the mark of God's approval of our life.Eg. Lazarus and rich man. • God blesses, both wicked and good with sun and rain. Matt.5:45-48

• So God's blessing is not an indicator of our spiritual state eg.Laodicea and Smyrna Rev.2:9 and 3:17; water came from the smitten rock Num.
• Be content ...He shall provide Read Ps.34:10

Are you content with the divine provisions?
• Israelites murmured against God.Num.11:46, in spite of eating Manna Ps.105:37 • Am I a fence crawler ? Shepherds some times break the legs of such once Ps 51:8

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