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1. St. Patrick was born in North Britain, near the Clyde, 376 or
2. In the sixteenth year of his age he and Lupita, his sister, were
made captive by Scotch marauders, and, being led into Ireland,
were sold to Milcho in Dalaradia, now Ulster, 392
3. After six years' captivity, and being twenty-one years old, he
returns to his home in Britain, 397
4. After three months he went to Aremorica with his parents, and
was taken by the Picts two months into captivity. He was taken
captive a third time, and taken to Bordeaux, where he was set at
liberty, 398
5. Passing thence to Tours, he became a monk in the Monastery of
St. Martin, and after four years of monastic life returned to the
Island of Temar, which is supposed to be the same as Ireland, 402
6. St. Patrick was called by visions into Gaul, and proceeded into
Italy, 403
7. According to the customs of monks at that time, he spent seven
years in wanderings over mountains and through islands, and,
obeying the admonition of an angel, was ordained priest by
Bishop S. Senior, 410
8. Having studied three years, St. Patrick is called by visions into
Ireland to preach the Gospel, 413
9. St. Patrick, through love of solitude, returns into Britain to Valle
Rosina, 414
10. Being received at Antissiodorum by St. Amator, A.D. 414, he
remains there four years, and passes to St. Germanus in the forty-
second year of his age, 418
11. Having spent nearly four years with St. Germanus, St. Patrick
departed for the Isle of Lerina, 421
12. St. Patrick spent nine years in the Island of Lerina, opposite
Norbonne, and, knowing that the time for his mission to Ireland
was at hand, returned to Germanus at Aries, now Orleans, 430
13. Palladius returned from Ireland, his mission having failed, 431
14. St. Patrick is sent by St. Celestine in Ireland, 432
15. Being consecrated bishop by the Bishop of Tours, he bids farewell
to St. Germanus in passing through Gaul, and, having landed on 432 2009 Donnette E Davis
the shore of Leinster, baptizes Sinellum in the autumn of the same
16. St. Patrick proceeds to Ulster, preaches the faith to Milcho, and
makes many converts, 433
17. St. Patrick preaches to King Leary at Tara, 436
18. St. Patrick returned to Rome, and sent St. Kranie and his five
companions to preach the Gospel, 445
19. St. Patrick gives St. Bridget the veil in the fourteenth year of her
age, 450
20. Armagh is made a metropolitan see, and councils are
celebrated, 454
21. St. Patrick again visits Rome, probably for the confirmation of his
council, 455
22. St. Patrick dies, the eighty-second year of his age, at Down,
attended by St. Bridget, who had, he was conscious, foreknown
the time of his death, 458
Some chronologies extend the life of St. Patrick by forty or forty-
five years.
23. The Confession of St. Patrick was written, 455
24. The Epistle to Coroticus, 456
25. The Metrical Life of St. Patrick by St. Fiech, 493
26. The Tripartite Life of St. Patrick by St. McEvin, 510
27. The Life of St. Patrick by Jocelyn, 1185 2009 Donnette E Davis