The Short Play Festival

Only In New York | June 2013

The Players Theatre & Be Bold Productions present The Short Play And Musical Festival The historic Players Theatre, in the heart of Greenwich Village, is accepting short play and musical submissions for the June Festival competition.  This June our theme will be “Only In New York!” Starting June 6th, five short plays/ musicals will be presented each week for three weeks.  The Short Play and Musical Festival will run Thursday through Sunday in the Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre.  Each week, a Best of the Festival winner will be selected by audience and judge’s votes.  The winner will receive a cash prize of $100. DATES: June 6-23 2013 (Thursday, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays)  Specifics -Plays MUST be NO MORE 15 minutes in length! -Submissions MUST be submitted both as digital and hard copy submissions. -Hard copy submissions must be Blind Copy. -Plays WILL NOT be accepted without an application. -The Short Play Festival does not produce the plays accepted into the festival. SPF hosts the productions. The plays and playwrights accepted will be responsible for any additional costs. See Following Pages for Guidelines How To Submit: Complete the Application and attach it to your digital and hardcopy submissions. -Email Submissions to -Mail two (2) copies of your script (BLIND COPY ONLY) and application to:

The Short Play Festival The Players Theatre 115 MacDougal Street New York, NY 10012 212-475-1449

Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any additional questions.


Festival staff will provide each accepted production with one half-hour tech time. 4.)  There will be three separate weeks.    Each production will have four performances. rehearsals.  The load in and load out will be done by the actors and staff in under 2 minutes so. limit your requirements. 5.    Please mail or hand-deliver two (2) bound.    Submissions should be of a NEW YORK theme in honor of ONLY IN NEW YORK.   Make sure that a cast breakdown and synopsis is included.  Each production will tech the Sunday before performance week and all cast members are required to be there.  There will be a meet and greet for authors or representative which is mandatory.  Please include a CD of music if you are submitting a musical. box office personnel and media. and Sunday.  A list of available set pieces will be provided at preFestival meeting. Thursday. casting (non-equity). please. costs. April 12TH.  We will try to work around conflict of selected plays but be aware that conflicts might exclude you from the festival.   Please limit lights and sound cues to maximum of 5 (five) which should include lights up and black out. 2. Friday.  Plays will not be returned so please do not send SASE. blind submissions. with the application form (below) to the above address. you must e-mail one copy. 2013 . of your play not to exceed 15 pages/15 minutes. Should be focussed on New York experiences and ideas. hard copy.    DEADLINE:  All completed submissions must be received by 5:00PM. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: APRIL 12. 6. Friday. There is no storage space for props or costumes so limit them to what you can carry back and forth.  Festival staff will try to pair up one-acts according to theme and running time.  There is no submission fee but we limit the number of plays by each playwright to two (2).    Selected plays will be asked to contribute a $50 technical fee to assist producers in covering the cost of staffing and programs.)  Lights will be a gneral wash.  (Tech will be the previous Sunday.  (The Players’ Theatre will provide production stage manager (lighting/sound technician). Blind submission: Pages should have no identifying marks other than the title and/or page numbers. The application should have all identifying information. Saturday.  Please let us know if you have any date conflicts.    Playwrights or their representatives are responsible for all aspects of their production. house manager. 3.The Short Play Festival Only In New York | June 2013 GUIDELINES: 1. props.  In addition.

    Complete contact sheet and program info will be required two weeks in advance of performance date.  9.    The Producers will schedule an audition for directors/authors to select cast. the more difficult it will be for your director to schedule rehearsals.    Festival staff will contact accepted play/musical authors and a list will be available on our website after April 19th.  Any additional music requirements must be approved by and are at the discretion of the Festival staff. 8. Rehearsal space will be available at a discounted rate for Festival participants.The Short Play Festival Only In New York | June 2013 7.  This will be returned at the end of The Festival. 13.  We have limited space and prefer that it is used for audience.    There will be a $100 deposit to cover cancellation or damages.  Weekly winners will be awarded $100.  One large dressing room will be available for all actors. 10.  Please be aware that the larger your cast. It is not necessary to use The Festival casting service should your play already be cast. 11. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: APRIL 12.  Only audience member who have seen all plays will be allowed to vote.    There will be a mandatory meeting set for participants to provide information and answer questions.   (No double casting.    There is a piano in the theatre. 12.)  The Festival will also try to assist any author in securing a director for those who do not have.    Audience voting will determine each week’s favorites. 2013 .

2013 . where? _____________________________ Please let us know if there are specific dates that you cannot perform if selected: SUBMISSION DEADLINE: APRIL 12.The Short Play Festival Only In New York | June 2013 Application Title_______________________________________________________ Author_____________________________________________________ Representative_______________________________________________ Address_____________________________________________________ Telephone____________________ email:____________________________ Do you have a director?  __________Do you have a cast? __________ Has this play been performed before? If so.

cast breakdown to: playfestival@theplayerstheatre.. Checklist ______Application form (Attached to Bound Scripts) ______ Mail two   SUBMISSION DEADLINE: APRIL 12.. libretto and CD of music with application attached. synopsis. cast breakdown. ______E-mail one PDF of script. 2013 . blind copies of script. synopsis.The Short Play Festival Only In New York | June 2013 Please Complete The Checklist on the next page.

The Short Play Festival Only In New York | June 2013 SUBMISSION DEADLINE: APRIL 12. 2013 .

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