Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan   ‐ Steering Committee Homework Assignment Summary Table
Asset Asset Issues
Travel through the 9th Ward is not a good visual experience— dilapidated properties, rusting bridges, traffic. Lack of quality hotels Lack of other things to do in Parish

Well planned, coordinated &  networked marketing plan (self‐ promotion) Seafood restaurants on the water  (Paris Rd‐ like Wahoo’s, fishing  villages, overlooking Mississippi River) Connect residents to local tourism  (best advertising is word of mouth)

Possible Actions

Proximity to New Orleans/French  Location/ Awareness to  Quarter outsiders


First impressions of low community standards  negative external appearance of major industries.  boats trailers & commercial vehicles parked on front boats, trailers & commercial vehicles parked on front  lawns   junky properties, derelict land  old, abandoned business signs, snipe signs


Safe, affordable, family friendly  community  Farmers market facility  Successful festivals (Crawfish,  Oyster, Islenos)

How do you demonstrate this is true? Open to outsiders?  Clannish? 

Proximity is a marketing point (stay in SBP, visit the French  Q) Some improvements being made in 9th Ward (median  palm tree planting, banners, sculpture)  Paint the bridges*?  Improve connecting roads*  Upgrade appearance of corridors in SBP? (see  Aesthetics)  Boat taxi to New Orleans? * =need regional cooperation Improved aesthetics/curb appeal  Peer pressure on industries? (voluntary compliance) (signs, dumpsters, concrete, tall grass,   “Orchids & Onions” awards?) garbage, lack of landscaping) garbage lack of landscaping)  Major employers summit? Major employers summit? Re‐use or remove vacant buildings Research options to regulate industry:  homeland security solutions? Street tree planting in public ROW? Rebranding/signage program to improve public signage  and image. “Domino’s Sugars” marquee Variety of youth/family oriented  Include in marketing campaign: activities (bowling, skating, more than   Give examples (interviews) “I’m a St. Bernardian”  recreation)  More than a neighborhood…a community! Build a market of “locavores”? (farm‐to‐table dining) “Fresh fish” component? Concentrate near water?  (Boston, DC, seafood stands at docks) Marketing More festivals Create “there”s (places for people to congregate)



Top ranked public school system  P Tech program at Nunez Community  College, in an area saturated with  industries Industry (jobs, public interest)  Largest sugar refinery in the  world! ld! o Giving tours on request  Docks  Refineries Available land for development

Maintaining quality?

Marketing point (realtors) Industry involved in helping form, support programs?

Negative external appearance of major industries  Incentives for businesses to re‐  exemptions from clean up due to age (temporary restraining  locate/develop here. order against parish) d i t i h) More & quality hotels M & lit h t l  exemptions from landscaping due to homeland security  non‐resident owners No (large) economic development  Holiday Inn wants to come Perception that land costs too high (?)

Sugar history museum at old jail (status?) Sugar visitors center (like Coke visitors center in Atlanta)

Empty buildings for re‐use (Old Ford  Empty buildings for re use (Old Ford Motor plant vs Bopp building)

Assessment of conditions (up to code?) Assessment of conditions (up to code?) Marketing? Convert to incubator for local shops? Require exterior maintenance? Marketing point Need to raise property taxes? Find a more equitable way (than property taxes) to share  the load? the load? Better signage Upgrade trailheads? Provide water access for small boats (not compete with  Parish Rd marina facilities) Marketing point Upgrade boat storage facilities Guided tours  Hunting/fishing  Eco/environment tours Event promotions Meraux Foundation 100 acres near Violet Canal?

Low taxes & service fees compared to  True? surrounding areas Sustainable? Lack of parish funding for basic needs 


Access to water Best fishing & hunting

Actual public access (other than for yachts)? Is there enough usage/potential that this is a significant  economic benefit?

Public fishing marina  Dog park

Cultural center for major  entertainment events Open space

Accessible? Visible? Preserved? Paths prohibit strollers, dogs, bikes…(liability issue) New recreation center closed due to foundation problems? Variety of agencies planning pathways 

Good park/path facilities in several  locations

Research and educate about liability Educate about paths as quality of life appeal Get all proposed trail systems on a single map. Raising Canes support of dog park (cf Baton Rouge)? Marketing point (ads, brochures) Historical markers, tour Signage (to sites, English & French) Get on national registers? Levee wall in Old Arabi could tell history through murals  Grants for plantation upgrades? Increase tax on undeveloped/unused  Marketing point land Code Enforcement! Better public communication of:  government performance g p  financial condition  actions being taken  fight against “cronyism”


Colorful, unique & significant history‐ Riverboat from New Orleans to Battlefield doesn’t stop in, or  Battle of New Orleans, Islenos, French feature, St. Bernard  National battlefield  Plantations (some are assets &  some liabilities) Low taxes & service fees compared to  surrounding areas Manageable size (geographically &  History of bad politics p politically) y) y p g Perceived lack of accountability of parish government   Development review process efficient? User friendly? Cynicism about compliance, government & sense of  control/voice/power to leverage (stop waste, stop scare tactics,  “right‐size” government according to population Lack of broad awareness of what’s being done by others  Strong organizations (chamber,  g ( g g p g ) tourism, foundations, neighborhood,  (including long‐term efforts, progress) service) need to communicate Lack of long term vision


Connect MAJOR players (tourism,  g government, chamber, foundations,  neighborhoods, schools, civic  organizations)

Need to establish 5 priorities all can get behind


Close neighborhood feel in many  areas. Resilient attitude—many have rebuilt,  overcome losses. overcome losses Canals could be “waterfront”  opportunities.

Many undeveloped lots, creates “missing teeth” appearance in  Wider range of housing types? neighborhoods Strong neighborhoods “Lot‐next‐door” program creates rear lots facing streets Inventory of vacant lots scatters development (no place  Inventory of vacant lots scatters development (no place achieves “complete” appearance) and keeps lot values low. Divergence in home character—some are elevating, others not.  Elevated homes often use ground level as junk storage. Subsidence? High public cost of maintaining vacant lots. Multi‐family housing occurring in concentrated areas—creates  problems in future decades as depreciates.

Establish standards for Lot‐next‐Door program. Phase LLT lot sales to create critical mass before opening  new areas Maintenance of vacant lots: Maintenance of vacant lots:  volunteerism?  lower maintenance planting? (to replace grass) Neighborhood agreement on basic compatibility  standards? Disperse multi‐family with smaller buildings, smaller  clusters, more locations to allow to become part of  neighborhoods, proximity to shopping and recreation,  dispersed traffic, etc.(?)

St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan

Market / Community Inter‐Relationship

St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan

Meeting Notes Meeting Notes
Want List River walk More shops Splash play pads S l h l d Improved entry ways Promotion of parish Parish should plan for costs of services and improvements Develop amenities to attract people and businesses /  companies to the parish i h ih Improved health care system Improved entryways into the parish Improve streetscapes / landscaping Local jobs / employers Negatives Housing is dated – no new construction Empty lots – vacant feel and look Lack of property maintenance  • N No code enforcement – i d f inconsistent and lack of follow  i d l k f f ll up • Substandard work by past / post‐Katrina flippers • Some houses built below flood level after Katrina • Below average property maintenance • U Un‐mowed yards, trash, dirt lots, old vehicles d d h di l ld hi l Need of trash service Fences allowed to be built to sidewalk on additional lots Too many dollar stores – influences one to shop elsewhere No grocers – influences one to shop elsewhere First impressions – abandoned buildings, eye‐sores Fi i i b d d b ildi Street maintenance is patchy if any is done Parish is laying‐off laborers – no one left to do the work • Too many laborers laid‐off in exchange for higher‐up  positions Health care system H lh Other Comments Parish Government does not listen to Parish Residents • Officials do as please and not as people ask • P People may need to routinely attend Council meetings  l d i l dC il i to ensure their words are honored If we want people to build in the parish, we need to let  them in and do so Find out why people did not return to the Parish after  Katrina K i

Summary: Strong agreement in opinion of the score is indicated with a large bold X. Similar to the group surveys, the  Strong agreement in opinion of the score is indicated with a large bold X. Similar to the group surveys, the individual surveys indicated that, compared to the region, St. Bernard Parish is below average in the topics of:  housing, property values, property maintenance, commercial choice, and first impressions entering the parish.   In addition, typical recreation was seen as below average for the region. Flood protection and schools were seen as above average for the region. The added topic of police / fire services  Flood protection and schools were seen as above average for the region. The added topic of police / fire services was seen as above average as well. The below average topics are areas on which to focus improvement; the above average topic (schools) needs to  effort to ensure that it stays that way. For areas with split agreement on the score, the smaller x is used. Both scores that had comparable votes are  shown on the table to show where the overall score leaned (to below average or toward above average).

SUMMARY: Strong agreement in opinion of the score is indicated with a large bold X. The break‐out groups indicated that, compared to the  Strong agreement in opinion of the score is indicated with a large bold X The break out groups indicated that compared to the region, St. Bernard Parish is below average in the topics of: housing, property values, property maintenance, commercial  choice, and first impressions entering the parish.  Flood protection and skilled work force were seen as average. The groups  indicated that schools were above average for the region. The below average topics are areas on which to focus improvement; the above average topic (schools) needs to effort to ensure The below average topics are areas on which to focus improvement; the above average topic (schools) needs to effort to ensure that it stays that way. In addition, a couple groups added the categories of police / fire service and also EMS (emergency / medical services). Police / fire service was seen as above average for the region while EMS was seen as below average for the region. For areas with split agreement on the score, the smaller x is used. Both scores that had comparable votes are shown on the  table to show where the overall score leaned (to below average or toward above average).

St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan S B dP i hC h i Pl

Results of Community Meeting #1

Current (Nothing Different) Residential (Who is Living Here) Commercial (Retail Businesses) Property Values Revenue (Taxes to Pay for Stuff) Market (Who and What is Here/Wanted) Housing g Retail Option A p Option A Benefits Costs C Benefits Costs Option B p Option B Working + Low Income Marginal + Leaking Unstable Nominal to Insufficient

More (Substantive Changes) Working income Adequate Stable Sufficient

Hard (Significant Changes) Working + Middle Responsive + Growing Stable + Rising Sufficient w Some Extras

Really Hard (Massive Changes) Working + Middle + Upper Regional Rising Reinvestment Capacity

Benefits Costs C Benefits Costs

Option C p Option C

Benefits Costs C Benefits Costs

Option D Option D

Benefits Costs C Benefits Costs

Fundamentals (The Basics That Are Here/Wanted) Fundamentals (The Basics That Are Here/Wanted) Schools Safety Option A Option A Benefits Costs Benefits Costs Option B Option B Benefits Costs Benefits Costs Option C Option C Benefits Costs Benefits Costs Option D Option D Benefits Costs Benefits Costs

Amenities (The Extras That Are Here/Wanted) Beautification Recreation Option A Option A Benefits Costs Benefits Costs Option B Option B Benefits Costs Benefits Costs Option C Option C Benefits Costs Benefits Costs Very Strong XXXX XXXX Option D Option D Benefits Costs Benefits Costs

Resulting Fiscal Reality What You Have to Do (As a Parish) What You Have to Do (As Citizens)

Weak + Dependent No Change No Change

Stable + Less Dependence XXX XXX

Independent XXXXX XXXXX

St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan S B dP i hC h i Pl

Alternative Future Framework

St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan S B dP i hC h i Pl

Beautification and Recreation around the Parish

St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan S B dP i hC h i Pl

Housing and Retail around the Parish d l d h h

Housing Futures
Current Option A Conditions: •Dispersed pattern •Diffused value •What level of flood  hazard will appeal to  market? More Option B Benefits Demand = Supply Really Hard Really Hard Option D Benefits Benefits Demand is slightly higher  D D d i li h l hi h Demand greatly  d l than supply exceeds supply Hard Option C Current Option A Conditions:

Retail Futures
More Option B Hard Option C Benefits Really Hard Really Hard Option D Benefits

Costs •Crack down on  rental property  p p y owners (registration  •Housing starts  & inspection) increasing (check the  •Demolish Demolish  average) abandoned  •Good quality homes properties •Median value is just Median value is just  •Acquire and remove •Acquire and remove  above exemption level obsolete product •Housing stock is dated •Increase land values  by:  b •Lots of low cost  oPrioritize strong  properties on the  blocks market will keep values  oLimit the supply  low of land (scarcity  Not seeing:  will increase  value) •sales with multiple  oProvide  buyers water/open space ate /ope space •permits for upgrades •permits for upgrades •Increase level of  •unsubsidized housing  maintenance on  activity open space ( ragged  open space (“ragged •refinance activity edges") Ca t ta Can’t tax Costs None •Safety: zero‐net‐fill  ordinance (balance  ordinance (balance fill with cut) for  homes in flood plain

Benefit Reduce leakage R d l k Acceptable level of retail  Provide larger range of  Attract higher quality  Attract external  retail choices at retail shoppers goods Limited choices (person  reasonable quality Costs Costs goods, furnishings) Option B actions PLUS Option B and C  Retail reflects housing  Costs Costs Costs •Parish strengthen  g actions PLUS market •Get rid of empty  Option B actions PLUS Option B and C  existing financial  •Rebrand the parish  building shells •Find, encourage local  actions PLUS incentives for 1st‐time  (codes, zoning,  •Abate taxes to attract entrepreneurs •Create public Costs Abate taxes to attract  entrepreneurs  Create public  buyers amenities) key anchor stores. (capital, training,  spaces (plaza, etc.)  •Parish develops “buyer  •Restraining supply of  none •Attract more families  incubators, land  for shopping support” packages to  land (conservation  with more income (see  assembly, etc.). with more income (see assembly etc ) •Selective retail. •Selective retail market property, loan  market property loan easements) Housing, Amenities,  •Reduce ‘strip’  •Reduced presence  products, pre‐purchase  •Aggressively invest  etc.) development pattern  of chains. education. in revitalization  (interconnect parking,  •Residential uses  (i t t ki R id ti l •Test the market by  T t th k tb (compact, dense,  ( t d shared parking,  mixed with retail. calling for development  pedestrian, etc.) remove code barriers) proposals (unsubsidized)  •Amenities:  for LLT lots beautification,  •Amenity investments  recreation, trails  •Create water features in  •Mixed density  canals (water increases  neighborhoods  home values)  (avoid single density  •Modify zoning to  od y o g to de e op e ts) developments) encourage broader range  •Encourage/allow  of housing types (garden,  mixed‐use living in  lofts, townhomes, live‐ lofts townhomes live‐ commercial areas. commercial areas work, etc.). •Encourage  neighborhood  neighborhood consistency (design  standards for new  construction in flood  fl d plain)

St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan S B dP i hC h i Pl

Housing and Retail Futures – Benefits and Costs d l f d

Schools Futures
Current Trajectory Option A Conditions: Assets College prep Competitive High performing New facilities due to Katrina At risk o Facilities maintenance Facilities maintenance Demographics  Signs of decline Slow, steady change in  Slow steady change in demographic profile of parish  (weaker, more stressed families) Challenge to attract quality  Ch ll t tt t lit teachers Keeping up with maintenance? Costs none More Option B Benefits “Take care of  what we have” Hard Option C Benefits Really Hard Really Hard Option D Benefits Current Trajectory Option A Conditions: Low crime rate 

Safety Futures
More Option B Hard Option C Benefits Creating a higher  level of community Really Hard Really Hard Option D Benefits Attracting higher  incomes to the  community

“Keep it great” (don’t  Increase school  coast) quality over today! Maintain current school  Make it a flagship  quality  characteristic of  the parish p

Costs No change to  school taxation  h l t ti structure

Costs Option B actions PLUS Reinvestment  R i t t o Maintenance o Attract faculty Self‐financed for new  schools, upgrades,  programs Compensation package  for teachers o Housing assistance ous g ass sta ce More after school  programs

Costs Option B and C  actions PLUS ti PLUS Increase higher  incomes in the  community Don’t need as  much remediation 

Kitchen Table Conversations: Starting to feel less safe?  “Don’t recognize new faces in  g the community”  “Don’t let kids do what we  used to do used to do” Attracting lower income  residents? “Moving from HO to rentals” Costs Moving from HO to rentals Costs Property maintenance  Option B actions  (code enforcement) PLUS Observation: Enough poorly maintained  E h l i t i d Rental property  R t l t Neighborhood  N i hb h d properties—send a signal to  registration watch crime element. Likely to see  Remove storm  Rental registration  increase in crime damage detritus. and regular  Get rid of  inspection Costs Neighborhood Watch  “Get to know you”  none signs (sends message) activities Sheriff: community  Change policing  out eac outreach p act ces ( est practices (invest in  community  policing)?

Costs Option B and C   actions PLUS  •Rental  R t l registration and  annual inspection •Grow  incrementally,  (avoid leap frog  and missing  teeth—sends a  s g a o ac o signal of lack of  neighborhood,  defensible space)

St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan S B dP i hC h i Pl

Schools and Safety Futures ‐ Benefits and Costs

Beautification Futures
Current Option A Conditions: Unattractive No one cares More Hard Option B Option C Benefits Benefits On‐going  O i maintenance and  Re‐investment pride Appeals primarily to  people living here  now. Costs •Clean up damaged Clean up damaged  signs •“Welcome to SBP”  signs •Domino’s sugar  marquee •Streetscape planting  St t l ti at entries •Code compliance  (dumpster enclosure,  etc.) Really Hard Really Hard Option D Benefits Uniquely attractive  parish Appeals to folks not  currently living here Current Option A Conditions: Neighborhood parks Planned trail sections Access to hunting and  fishing

Recreation Futures
More Option B Benefits Hard Option C Benefits Really Hard Really Hard Option D Benefits Attract new  residents

Take care, better use  Improve quality of life  what we’ve got for residents

Costs none

Costs Costs Costs Option B actions PLUS Option B and C  Option B actions PLUS Option B and C none • Ford logo on old Ford  actions PLUS • Sign guidelines bldg. •Paint up fix‐up  •Paint up fix up •Street tree planting  •Street tree planting bridges (regional  all commercial and  coordination) residential areas •Themed street lights  •Themed street  Th d t t li ht Th d t t at key locations lights throughout  •Planting abandoned  commercial  rail lines corridors •Median streetscape  planting key corridors •Industrial buffer  planting

Costs Costs •Encourage broader Encourage broader  Option B actions PLUS Option B actions PLUS use of existing trails  •Ball park for each  (relax restrictions) neighborhood •Coordinate trails  •Coordinate trails •Acquire  missing  •Acquire “missing projects between  links” trails (road  different providers connections, etc.) •Reserve LLT lots for  •Canal‐side parks with  R LLT l t f C l id k ith OS (“string of pearls”)  check‐dam ponds •Open space donations  • Build trailheads to  (Mereaux) wetland areas •Acquire preserve  major open  spaces/natural areas

Costs Option B and C  Option B and C actions PLUS •Bike path system  throughout parish throughout parish •Connected open  space system

St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan Beautification and Recreation Futures ‐Benefits and Costs S B dP i hC h i Pl

Current Option A
Residential (who is living here) working income

More Option B
working income

Hard Option C
working + middle income responsive i stable + rising stable + rising a little extra

Really Hard Option D
middle + working  income regional draw i ld rising a little extra

Commercial ( t il b i C i l (retail businesses) ) Property values Property values Revenue (taxes to pay for stuff) ( p y )

marginal i l unstable nominal

responsive i stable sufficient

Resulting fiscal reality

weak and dependent

stable and  independent

strong and  independent

strong and  independent

What you have to do (as a parish) What you have to do ( Wh t h t d (as a citizen) iti )

no change no change h




The number of X s indicate the amount of work necessary to reach option; the more X s, the more work The number of X’s indicate the amount of work necessary to reach option; the more X’s the more work * Indicates that the work that needs to be done at this stage includes work done for previous stages

St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan S B dP i hC h i Pl

Alternative Future Framework

St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan S B dP i hC h i Pl

St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan S B dP i hC h i Pl

St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan S B dP i hC h i Pl

St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan S B dP i hC h i Pl

St. Bernard Parish Comprehensive Plan S B dP i hC h i Pl

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