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Numerology: the Key Traits of Each Number <> To: Vikas <>
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Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 11:29 AM

Hi again Vikas, Mastering numerology is like mastering any skill. The more you know about the tools you are working with - the more adept you are going to be at accomplishing the craft. In this case your tools are the numbers themselves and the craft is the extent of your personal ability to interpret the numbers. The more you know about what each number symbolizes the better able you will be at divination and personality analysis. You might be wondering why Blair and I have chosen to introduce you to the meanings of the numbers first before we introduce you to the reductive calculations used for the divining of such numbers as your personality number, your soul urge number or karmic number. It is because when you get to more advanced calculations you will need to start learning by eye and intuition to come to conclusions about just how much of a number is dominant in a particular name. This is particularly true when it comes to defining more abstract numbers such as the Planes of Expression, Essence and Life Challenge numbers. In the case of the planes of expression, essence and life challenges calculations you will be asked to weigh out the dominance of a certain number against others. For instance you can be the most dominant number 1 personality in the world (as ones are famously very self-centered) but if your name is dominated by 9s your innate selfishness may be very much mitigated by a desire to sacrifice all for others. This is because nines tend to follow a more humble or spiritual path in life. To help you get a handle on the key traits that are symbolized by each number here is a selection of 20 key words that describe each one. The Number One: The Creative, Male, Dominant, Alpha, Leader, Ambition, Initiation, Individualism, Self, Arrogance, Aggression, Attainment, Happiness, Fulfillment, Glory, Fame, Birth, Fire, Unique, Omniscience The Number Two: The Submissive, Female, Dualism, Cooperation, Consideration, Cooperation, Balance, Mediation, The Other, Love, Flexibility, Adaptability, Grace, Dance, Harmony, Devotion, Obedience, The Subconscious, W ater, Soul Mate, The Number Three: The Divided, Triangle, Multiples, The Holy Trinity, Faith, Hope and Charity, Expression, Speech, W it, Society, Art, Culture, Sensuality, Sorrow, Immaturity, Passion, Air, Surprise, Spontaneity, Change, Sex The Number Four: The Builder, Foundation, Stability, Patriarchy, Power, Progress, Earth, Justice, Ability, Manual Dexterity, Practical, Law, The Conscious Mind, Civilization,

3/2/2009 9:44:28 PM

Gmail - Numerology: the Key Traits of Each Number
Practical, Law, The Conscious Mind, Civilization, Traditional, Profit, W isdom, Commerce, Health, Conviction The Number Five: The Visionary, Expansion, Opportunity, The Matriarchy, Adventure, Imagination, Story-telling, Symbols, The Subconscious Mind, Individualism, Freedom, Healing, Miracle, Choices, Unconditional Love, Mercy, Kindness, Invention, Resourceful, The New Age, Assistant. The Number Six: The Protector, Provider, Healer, Nurturing, Children, Empathy, Intuition, Sympathy, Quality, Sustenance, Love of Community, Unconditional love, Circulation, Economy, Agriculture, Charity, Balance, Grace, Evolution, Simplicity, Sorcery. The Number Seven: The Analyst, Thinker, Science, Learning, Education, Study, The W ritten W ord, Logic, Alchemy, Secrets, Myth, Religion, Ritual, Understanding, Knowledge, Isolation, Chastity, Dignity, The Collective Consciousness, Genius. The Number Eight: The Manifesting, W ealth, Power, Riches, Status, Material, Pragmatism, The Ego, Provision, Aggregation, Dictatorship, Multiples, Business, Investment, Employment, Appearance, Customs, Skills, Exchange, Reality, W orld Transformation. The Number Nine The Humanitarian, Religious, Charitable, Philanthropic, Duty, Calling, Mission, Obligations, Hardship, The Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Mysticism, Faith, Angel on Earth, Faith in Mankind, Optimist, Suffering, Self-sacrifice, Karma, Enlightenment, Divine W isdom. The Number Eleven The Master Teacher, Illumination, Enlightenment, Inspirational, Idealism, Intuitive, Psychic, Channeling, Poetry, Art, Symbols, Expression, Dreamer, Revolution, Drugs, Alternate Consciousness, Mysticism, Catalyst, Prisoner, Prophet.

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The Number Twenty Two The Master Builder, Dreams Made Manifest, Ancient W isdom, Realization, Force of Nature, The Future, Evolution, Technology, Universal Love, God, Retribution, Redemption, Love, W ar, Leader, The Universe, Personal Power, Charisma, Service, The Divine Imagination.

So as you can see, numerology can be as complex as the human personality itself and it takes a number of calculations to paint an entire portrait of a human's psyche. In fact one could say that there are about as many numerological combinations in this type of divination as there are human individuals so it is very, very rare that two complete numerological charts are the same. In the next newsletter we are going to introduce you to the core numbers that should be the essential basis of any reading. These are : * The Life Path Number (which is based on your birthday); * The Expression Number (which is based on your full birth name); * The Soul Urge Number (which is based on the vowels in your name); and the Destiny number (which describes your inner dreams and potential based on the consonants in your name).

3/2/2009 9:44:28 PM

Gmail - Numerology: the Key Traits of Each Number
dreams and potential based on the consonants in your name). Until next time ... Sincerely, Blair Gorman p.s. Give me 24 hours, and I will give you the answers to virtually every question you have about your future, your career, your finances, family and relationships. Get all the juicy the details here: PO Box 35-082, Shirley, Christchurch, NZ 8030, NEW ZEALAND To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit: Quick Reply To: "" <> More Reply Options

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3/2/2009 9:44:28 PM

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