From the Factory Floor to the Forest Canopy, National Instruments Advances Environmental Monitoring and Measurement

60,000,000,000 7 and 18 1006 0.5% 2 for 1

Maybe the Most Important Plot for the 21st Century
10000 $7,000 9000
World Population Fossil Fuel Consumption World GDP

Million Tonnes Oil Equivalent, Millions People

8000 7000



6000 $4,000 5000 4000 3000 $2,000 2000 $1,000 1000 0 $0 $3,000






Source: Bjørn Lomborg, “The Skeptical Environmentalist,” and British Petroleum, “Statistical Review of World Energy 2006.”


World GDP per capita (1990 $)

A Moratorium on Coal?
“Early 2007 has seen a sea change in the movement for a moratorium on coal. . . . The fight against new coal has taken off with local community groups fighting coal development in their backyards; national campaigns calling for a moratorium . . .”
Source: Dirty Money: Victories against coal

Virtual Instrumentation Everywhere

More than 25,000 companies; >90% of Fortune 500 manufacturing companies

Green is Everywhere

Percentage of NI Customers Going Green
Question: Do you use NI products in any of the following industries or applications?
Develop, test, or manufacture environmentally friendly products and… Monitor or log environmental data Optimize existing or new machines and/or automation systems to reduce… I use NI products in green technologies in the following manner: Machine and Process Optimization Power Quality and Monitoring Environmental Monitoring Development and test of Green Products Renewable Power 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%



0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%

* Data from Q4-07 and Q1-08 NI customer loyalty surveys

What People are Saying
“We find with energy and greenhouse gases, if you start to measure, people reduce the usage,” says Linda Fisher, the chief sustainability officer at DuPont. “Measuring is not a simple task, but once a company has a proper baseline it can see what can be changed.” - Excerpt from “A Change in Climate”, published in the January 2008 issue of the Economist

Corporate Overview
Proven record of growth and profitability
•Leaders in Computer-Based Measurement and Automation •Long-term Track Record of Growth and Profitability •$821M Revenue in 2008 •$202M Revenue in Q4 2008 •More than 5,000 employees; operations in 40+ countries •Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For 10th Consecutive Year
Asia 21% Europe 32% Americas 47%

Record Revenue of $821 Million in 2008
Net Revenue in Millions

“Measure It” for Green Applications
• Acquire environmental data
(CO2, water quality, and temperature)

• Analyze power and energy
(electrical power quality and energy consumption)

• Present results reports

(mercury and NOx regulation compliance)

“Fix It” for Green Applications
• Design more efficiently
(more energy efficient products)

• Prototype new technologies
(renewable energy generation)

• Deploy advanced controllers
(optimize existing machinery)

Measure It and Fix It

The Engineering Innovation Process

Single Development Platform
“Fix it” Designs
Standard, COTS Hardware Architecture Single, Consistent Graphical Software


“The Long Tail” of Energy
Oil Coal Natural Gas Hydroelectric Nuclear Tar Sands Wind Hydrogen Storage Solar Biofuels Wave Harvesting

Diversity of Applications
*Chris Anderson, Wired Magazine

Taking the Pulse of Costa Rican Rainforest





Process of Carbon, Water, and Heat Transfer in forest Canopy Scientists are deploying new measurement technologies to better understand and calculate the transfer of carbon and other materials between the atmosphere and forests.

Taking the Pulse of Costa Rican Rainforest

Green Benefit

•Helping researches study and understand the effects of global warming on the Costa Rican rain forest

“Because of the flexibility of LabVIEW, we can configure measurement types, select channels, and even add scaling from a laptop connected to the system. ”
- Dr. Philip Rundel, Distinguished Professor of Biology, UCLA

Making Steel More Efficient

Green Benefits

•Significantly reduced electricity consumption •Limits maximum power draw from city grid, avoiding costly penalties, and associated flicker and quality issues

“Once you start monitoring something in an automation system, you know you can fix things. Without LabVIEW, this would not have been possible.”
- Dave Brandt, Electrical Engineer, Nucor

Keeping the Grid “On”

Green Benefit
• Allows wind turbines to stay online during grid faults

“The customer can know, less than one minute after the test, if the wind turbine complies with the requirements of the grid operator. The versatility of this design will adapt easily to new customers’ requirements in the future.”

- Ana Morales, Energy to Quality Engineer

Dawn of a Thirsty Century (BBC): Water in the Western US

Dawn of a Thirsty Century (BBC): Water in the Western US

Green Benefit

•Helping researches rapidly accelerate the way they observe, understand, forecast and manage connections between human activities and water quality. ”

“The key advantage is the combination of field-ready NI hardware and the processing capability of NI LabVIEW. This integrated platform provides an excellent platform for the integrated measurementmodeling sensor system envisioned here.”
- Dr. Tom Harmon, Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UCLA

Improving Emissions One Stack at a Time

Green Benefit

•Plants are reducing emissions to avoid fees and adhere to regulations

“To my knowledge, you cannot program a PDA with ladder logic, structured text…we chose LabVIEW graphical programming language to program the PAC and the PDA.”
- Richard Brueggman, President and CEO of Data Science Automation

Oil-from-Algae: Creating a Clean Fuel that Grows Anywhere

Chiller Optimization in Tropical Countries
• Green Benefit - Reduced chiller energy consumption by up to 30%

Inspiring and Empowering Future Engineers

What is Green Engineering?
Green Engineering is the use of measurement and control techniques to design, develop, and improve products, technologies, and processes - resulting in environmental and economic benefits

How Does NI Enable Green Engineering?
• LabVIEW Graphical Software to Measure and Fix • Rugged Measurement and Control Platforms for Harsh Environments • Ability to measure to have a base line to start from • Making new technologies available to the mass market (multi-core, FPGAs, etc. with LabVIEW)

• Massive focus across all industries to deliver products and technologies that are kind to the environment • Engineers need to measure and fix in order to solve challenging products • National Instruments is helping engineers and scientists solve these challenges with LabVIEW

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