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17. 19. 27. 4. 12. 16. 20. CONTENTS Introduction Solar Water Heater Working of a Solar Water Heater Main components of Solar Water Heater Applications of Solar Water Heater Types of Solar Water Heaters Flat Plate collector based Solar Water Heater Evacuated Tube Collector based Solar Water Heater Desirable characteristics of a hot water storage tank Features of a good Solar Water Heater Size of Solar Water Heater Estimated requirements of hot water Cost of a Solar Water Heater Site requirements for installation of SWH Locations for installation other than roof Installation in multi-storied buildings Working of Solar Water Heater on cloudy days Effects of irregular water supply Savings on electricity bills Life span of Solar Water Heater Requirement of electricity for Solar Water Heater Storage of hot water in Solar Water Heater Financial incentives from Government Suppliers of Domestic Solar Water Heaters Operational requirements Maintenance requirements Loan facility Steps initiated by GNCT Delhi Steps taken by the Delhi Energy Efficiency & Renewable Management Centre of Delhi Transco Limited List of Cash Collection Centres of NDPL and BSES Application Form Page No. 18. 10. 9. 7. 26. 21. 14. 8. 29. 23. 22. 25. 3. 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 8 8 9 11 11 12 12 13 30 31 14 . 1. 13. 6. 28.Sl. 11. 2. 15. 24. 5.

etc. guest houses. thousands of new solar water heaters are installed worldwide. A Solar Water Heater consists of a Collector panel to collect solar energy and an Insulated Storage Tank to store hot water. Internationally. The technology is easily available in our country and in use in almost all mega cities. Therefore. hospitals etc. there is a need to take up measures to initiate steps for adoption of ‘Solar Water Heater’. Water is easily heated to a temperature of 60-80o C. Hostels. Hotels. This energy is totally free. Water heating is one of the most cost-effective uses of solar energy. A 100 litres capacity SWH can replace an electric geyser for residential use and may save upto 1500 units of electricity annually. Larger systems can be used in restaurants. the gap can be bridged considerably. dishwashers and clothes washers. absorbs solar radiation and transfers the heat energy to water flowing through it. shall not only bridge the gap between demand and supply of electricity.SOLAR WATER HEATER SOLAR WATER HEATER INTRODUCTION WORKING OF A SOLAR WATER HEATER ! ! ! ! There has always been a gap between supply and demand of electricity in Delhi especially during peak summer and winter seasons. Community Centers. Every year. if utilized. Restaurants. ! ! The Sun’s rays fall on the Collector Panel (a component of Solar Water Heater). Dairy Plants. Usage of Solar Water Heater for any application where steam is produced using a boiler or steam generator can save 70-80% of electricity or fuel bills. Use of Solar Water Heater can curtail electricity or fuel bills considerably. Industry etc. but shall also save money since running cost of appliances working on solar energy is negligible. Canteens. providing hot water for showers. Wide spread utilization of solar water heaters can reduce a significant portion of the conventional energy being used for heating water in homes. ! Flat Plate Collector based Solar Water Heater ? This consists of flat plate collectors covered by an insulated metallic box with glass sheet on the top to receive sun rays. Solar energy (sun rays) is used for heating water. Solar Water Heaters can be used for Homes. The situation further worsens during early hours of the peak winter season when enormous heating load is switched ‘ON’. The use of 1000 SWHs of 100 litres capacity each can contribute to a peak load saving of approximately 1 MW. Solar Water Heaters (SWHs) of 100-300 litres capacity are suited for domestic use. APPLICATIONS OF SOLAR WATER HEATER ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! SOLAR WATER HEATER ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Solar Water Heater is a device that helps in heating water by using the energy from the SUN. Nursing Homes. hotels. MAIN COMPONENTS OF SOLAR WATER HEATER ! ! ! ! Main components of Solar Water Heater are : Solar Collector( to collect solar energy) Insulated Tank (to store hot water) Supporting Stand Connecting Pipes and Instrumentation. TYPES OF SOLAR WATER HEATERS Generally two types of Solar Water Heaters are available in the market. ! Evacuated Tube Collector based Solar Water Heater 2 3 . Ashrams. Circulation of water from the tank through the collectors and back to the tank continues automatically due to thermo siphon principle.5 tonnes of carbondioxide per year. If the heating load is switched over to non conventional sources of energy from conventional energy sources. ‘Solar Energy’ is an unlimited source of renewable energy. factories and other commercial & institutional establishments. Solar Water Heater are found to be the most reliable and durable. It will also help in reducing pollution and maintenance of eco balance. Solar Water Heating is now a mature technology. Of all the solar energy devices available in the market. Solar Water Heater is backed by the longest warranty period of all other solar energy devices. A resident can save 70-80% on electricity or fuel bills by replacing its conventional water heater with a Solar Water Heater. Solar Water Heaters are known to have the fastest repayment of investment. Swimming Pools. Heated water is collected in a tank which is insulated to prevent heat loss. Hospitals. Solar Energy. A black absorbing surface (absorber) inside the collectors. the market for solar water heaters has expanded significantly during the last decade. A SWH of 100 litres capacity can prevent emission of 1. canteens. This has been a consistent problem. ‘Solar Water Heater’ is not a new name in India now.

Thermostat controlled. ? The life of the system may. FEATURES OF A GOOD SOLAR WATER HEATER First and foremost requirement of a good Solar Water Heater is that it should have sufficient collector area for the capacity claimed. Further. m. GOI. 100. m and are thus capable of heating around 100 litres of water in a day. Typical flat plate collectors made in the country have an area of around 2 sq. The best is to make an actual estimate of daily demand of hot water by measurements on the main use points. m. This proportion serves as a benchmark. Inside it are blackened metallic absorber (selectively coated) sheets with built in channels or riser tubes to carry water. The features of Evacuated Tube Collector are as under:? These systems are less expensive and can work efficiently in hilly regions and also in regions where water quality is not very good. ? These systems are available in any size e. painted steel sheet or aluminum. EVACUATED TUBE COLLECTOR BASED SOLAR WATER HEATER ! In this system the collector is made of double layer borosilicate glass tubes evacuated for providing insulation. For example. 150 LPD etc. 200. The flowing hot water is then collected in the storage tank. The outer tank could be made of a stainless steel sheet. of collector area. of flat plate collector area can be expected to heat approximately 50 litres of water by a temperature of 30-40° C. though they have approval of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. Other Components ? Rest of the components are same in both type of Solar Water Heater. on a sunny winter day. the Collector is made up to double layer evacuated borosilicate glass tubes having selective coating on outer surfaces of inner tubes. the collectors should be of good material and the absorbers should carry good quality coating (BIS approved collectors are being provided by large number of established manufacturers). m.5 Sq. This helps absorption of solar radiation and transfers the heat to the water which flows through the inner tube. 300 LPD etc. in typical North Indian weather conditions.g. 100. A commonly used thumb rule is to provide 50 litres of storage for every one sq. The capacity of the tank should be in proportion to the collector area used in the system. be less than that of FPC system as their collectors are made of glass. SIZE OF SOLAR WATER HEATER The golden rule is that it is better to buy a system smaller than your requirement and use back up when you fall short of hot water. This will lead to inefficiencies and may cause operational problems. is able to provide 100 Litres of hot water in a day. DESIRABLE CHARACTERISTICS OF A HOT WATER STORAGE TANK The Hot Water Storage Tank in Domestic Solar Water Heaters is a double walled tank. electrical heating elements can also be provided (optional) in the tank to take care of those days when the sun does not shine or demand of water goes up. rather than buy a system much bigger than your requirements.e. IS 12933: 2003 gives the details of these standards. The system should be mounted on a rigid structure and should be firmly fixed with the roof to prevent damage during high winds. The flowing hot water is then collected in the storage tank. ? Presently these systems do not have BIS Standards. 75. These systems are available in multiple of 100 LPD (Litres per day) i. The inner tank is generally made of stainless steel to ensure long life.SOLAR WATER HEATER SOLAR WATER HEATER ? ! In this. These systems have long life (15-20 Years) and work efficiently especially in non-hilly regions and regions where water quality is good. An ETC based system of 14 tubes covering an area of 1. For other regions Heat-exchangers are required. The space between the inner and the outer tank is filled with insulation to prevent heat losses. The absorber sheets absorb the solar radiation and transfer the heat to the flowing water. one sq. The collector area used in the system determines the capacity of water heating. however. Bureau of Indian Standards has standardised the collectors for this type of Solar Water Heaters. 4 5 . The outer wall of the inner tube is coated with selective absorbing material. 125. 50. Do remember that the solar system is capable of heating only an approximately fixed quantity of water and FLAT PLATE COLLECTOR BASED SOLAR WATER HEATER ! ! ! ! In this system the solar radiation is absorbed by flat plate collectors which consist of an insulated outer metallic box covered on the top with glass sheet.

LOCATIONS FOR INSTALLATION OTHER THAN ROOF The system can also be installed on a bracket on a South-facing wall. SITE REQUIREMENTS FOR INSTALLATION OF SWH The basic requirement of site for installation of a Solar Water Heater depends on the following factors:- 6 7 . it is unlike an electric geyser which can supply widely varying quantities of hot water in a day. insulated hot water storage tank. the area should be flat. transportation. close to the bathrooms.) limit* 2 20000 4 38500 6 55000 8 71500 10 88000 2 sq. Typically. As far as possible. electrical backup. GOI the upper cost limits fo Solar Water heaters for the purpose of providing soft loans by the Banks are detailed below: System Capacity (in LPD) 50 75 100 200 250 300 400 500 600 to 2000 LPD 2100 & above LPD ETC based system (in Rs. the system can be designed with a suitable electrical back up heater to take care of hot water demand on cloudy days. system piping. Thus.5 m from the base of the system. instrumentation. WORKING OF SOLAR WATER HEATER ON CLOUDY DAYS The heating of water by the solar system will obviously be affected.) Collector Upper cost (in Sq. As a typical example on sizing of solar systems. Mtr. it may be mentioned that a 100 litre system is considered generally optimum for a family of 4 adult members. of Bathrooms 1 2 3 4-6 No. West and East directions (an arc of about 120 °. On partially cloudy days some output can be expected. The fixing of the system to the bracket should be proper. Typically it would be 50 . the system can be installed on the roof of the building with piping system designed accordingly for providing hot water to the flats.60°C. 750/per tube 100 LPD FPC based system (in Rs. the output of solar collectors also will be nil. may be extra which will be borne by the beneficiary. the requirement of shadow free area is around 3 sq. and five year warranty. But. In existing multi-storied buildings a small Solar Water Heater can be mounted on the window sill/door sill towards the South facing wall similar to a desert cooler. m. of Tubes Upper cost (Min.) limit* 7 7125 11 10875 14 13500 28 26250 34 31875 40 37500 52 48750 64 60000 12 tubes Rs. heat exchangers (if any). If it is so cloudy that energy received from the sun is almost zero. Also remember that the temperature of water in the solar system is determined by the combination of collector area and the tank capacity. Access to the system for repairs should also be ensured. INSTALLATION IN MULTI-STORIED BUILDINGS COST OF A SOLAR WATER HEATER As per guidelines of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). Estimation of your demand can also be made with the help of the table given below. m 16000 per per 100 LPD collector 2 sq. As a thumb rule. ESTIMATED REQUIREMENTS OF HOT WATER ! ! ! ? Some useful thumb rules Capacity No. of Kitchens 1 1 2 3 For functioning of a Solar Water Heater the most important thing is the availability of unobstructed sunlight for the whole day. Thus there should be no obstruction to sunlight in the South. installation. 60° both sides of the southern direction should ideally be shadow free). * The cost indicated above includes the cost of collectors. However. Cold water should be available at a height of around 2. domestic Solar Water Heating Systems are installed on the roof of the house.905/per 100 LPD per tube 12 tubes per Rs. controls.SOLAR WATER HEATER SOLAR WATER HEATER is designed for typical sunny days. Cost of hot water distribution piping could be reduced in such installations as the system will be close to the use point. per 13000 per collector ! ! In new multi-storied buildings under construction. the installation is difficult and leads to extra cost. which is much hotter than the bathing water temperature (around 40°C).) No. in this characteristic. The Collectors of the system have to face the sun and hence should be oriented towards the South for maximum interception of sunlight. m for each 1 x 2 m Collector used. Costs towards piping from system to utility points. away from rain water drains and close to the bathrooms where hot water is to be supplied. of People 100 LPD 3-4 150 LPD 5-6 200 LPD 6-7 300 LPD 8-10 No.

this subsidy against the instalments of the loan for the final.per consumer as lumpsum grant (calculated at Rs. not availing accelerated depreciation and 5% to industrial / commercial users availing depreciation from Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA). which is aimed at promoting the utilisation of solar power for heating of water in houses to reduce the demand for electricity. List of a few manufacturers and suppliers who are based in Northern Region is given below: 8 9 . a separate cold water tank may have to be installed. so we can save 1500 units x Rs. In regular use we can save up to 1500 units of electricity per year and electricity rate is Rs. Accordingly. 4. would be adjusted against the instalments of the loan for the bank and instalments that are due to the bank. In the case of self-financing of the Solar Water Heating System. LIFE SPAN OF SOLAR WATER HEATER Typical Solar Water Heaters made by using materials as per BIS specifications could last for 15 -20 years depending upon the general upkeep. etc. SUPPLIERS OF DOMESTIC SOLAR WATER HEATERS REQUIREMENT OF ELECTRICITY FOR SOLAR WATER HEATER In general. 6000/. The borrowers are eligible for loans up to 85% of the cost of the systems. SAVINGS ON ELECTRICITY BILLS With the use of Solar Water Heaters.per annum.This subsidy is in addition to the interest subsidy available from the scheme of the Central Government through the Ministry of New Renewable Energy as mentioned above. of NCT of Delhi has decided to give a subsidy of Rs. 100 per month for a period of 5 years). RBI approved non-banking financing companies. Govt. 6900/.SOLAR WATER HEATER SOLAR WATER HEATER EFFECTS OF IRREGULAR WATER SUPPLY A regular cold water supply.60 per unit. 4. the amount shall be released directly to the installer of the system by Delhi Energy Efficiency & Renewal Energy Management Centre of Delhi Transco Limited.nic. The insulation of the tank is such that water should remain hot without significant drop in temperature for around 24 hrs. The list of these manufacturers is available on MNRE website (www. repayable to a maximum period of five years. at least equal in capacity to the capacity of the solar system. The Govt. Thus water heated during the previous day should be available for use the next morning. at a height of around 2. STORAGE OF HOT WATER IN SOLAR WATER HEATER Hot water produced by the solar system during the day is stored in an insulated storage tank.mnes. electricity is not required for heating or circulation of water or for any other operation in a solar water system. public / private sector banks. considerable savings on electricity bills can be made.5 m is necessary for functioning of the solar system. intermediaries of IREDA and other public / private financing institutions (FIs). In case of loan being taken by a bank. However. ! ! There are 56 BIS approved Manufacturers of FPC based Solar Water Heaters and 23 MNRE approved suppliers of ETC based Solar Water Heaters. FINANCIAL INCENTIVES FROM GOVERNMENT The Central Government through its Ministry of New and Renewable Energy provides interest subsidy to make soft loans available @ 2% interest to domestic users. of NCT of Delhi is promoting the use of Solar Water Heating Systems by granting cost subsidy as an incentive to domestic consumers only. electricity will be required. 3% to institutional users. in case a back up heater is provided to take care of hot water requirement during cloudy days. However. this will be done only after conducting Third-Party inspection. scheduled cooperative In case cold water is not available continuously.60 = Rs.

! In the North Indian climate. ! If an electrical back-up is provided in the tank. if the following tips are observed.G. MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS Domestic Solar Water Heater does not need significant maintenance. Ansal Chamber-1 3. Barakhamba Lane. Hindustan Times House 18-20. Patory Export Import Pvt. Industrial Area. scale deposition in the collectors may result over the years. Supreme Solar Systems Pvt. FAX No.Marg. Pittie Solar Pvt. Inter Solar Systems 01123541114 55788606 9811084164 01151661341 26175759 10 11 ./E-Mail 01202777219 supreme@baidfamily. Ghaziabad . If outside exposed surfaces are painted. Solchrome Systems India 011-26835160 011-26839444 0172-2771576 tatabpn@tatainternational. Sukhdev Vihar. New Delhi 2. If the system is to be put totally out of use. 1. 189. the efficiency of the systems will be maintained at a high level: ! Try to consume most of the heated water at one time either in the morning or in the evening. Bhambri Enterprises 749. Broken glass may also have to be replaced by the suppliers. Lajpat Nagar-II New Delhi-110 024 6. This may require descaling with acids for which it is best to contact the suppliers. Ltd. World Trade Centre. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.201 010 2. 16th Floor. Karol Bagh. 901. Surya Jyoti Devices (India) Pvt. E-3. though at a reduced level. Bhikaji Cama Place. set the thermostat at the lowest acceptable temperature. it should be drained of water and the collector should be covered. Phase-II. FAX 011-22379973 kingsunenergy@rediffmail. Occasional leakages in plumbing could be easily repaired by common plumbers. Bhikaji Cama Place. New Delhi 4. Joshi Road. 224. ! Dust deposition on the collector would reduce its efficiency. Industrial Area. Rachna. Ansal Chamber-I3. Alternatively. cover the collector partially. intersolar@glide. 1. New Delhi WATER HEATER SOLAR WATER HEATER FPC BASED SOLAR WATER HEATER: Sl. if the hot water requirement remains in summers also. Vikas Marg Extn. TATA BP Solar India Ltd. 0172-2386113 3. New Delhi Phone No. Surya Shakti 739. the paint may have to be redone every 2-3 years to prevent corrosion of the 0120-2777219 01122374859 arshelectronics@vsnl. Ltd. New Delhi-110 025 011-26193448 sooryashakti@solchrome. K. Arsh Electronics (P) Ltd. Name & Address No. 70-73. However. 011-23411539 ETC BASED SOLAR WATER HEATER: Sl.. Ltd. Chandigarh-160 002 Phone No. Phase-II. hot water may not be used for bathing in summers. Ltd. Frequent ON and OFF of the hot water tap would lead to reduced electricity savings. Sector III-A. New Delhi 3./E-Mail 01141793138 41793131 01722655349/ 2655231/ 2655339/ 2655349 01126184535 26184411 01126838365 26848228 01126834129 26834822 01722653299 2773214 01123411537 23411538 OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENTS Domestic solar systems do not require any special operational skills. B-201. Surya Niketan. Try to get it cleaned at least once in a week. Vaishali. In case quality of water is hard. Plot No. Name & Address No. New Delhi pittiesolardelhi@hotmail. Chandigarh.281.

? Application form for availing loan from banks is being simplified. for energy conservation of National Capital Territory of Delhi. Sr. F. S. 38. of NCT Delhi has notified. Manager Delhi Circle Office. Shaheed Dr. ? Payment through ECS from the bank account of the customers. 2001. No. For all new connections. the use of ISI marked pump sets and accessories. from the date of issue of this order. Hospitals and Nursing Homes including Government Hospitals. Hotels. vide office order no. 6/30-31 WEA AGM Karol Bagh. ? Raising monthly repayments by the Discoms to the customers wherever required. educational colleges. Bhagat Singh Place.06. 26291260 26414761 ! ! ! 2 23346386 23365004 ! 25719654 25761338 23389835 23383796 3 4 ! ! STEPS INITIATED BY GNCT DELHI ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Govt. The designated agency shall ensure the implementation of these directions in the National Capital Territory of Delhi as per the provisions of the Energy Conservation Act. Inderjeet Singh Sidana. technical or vocational education institutes. This applies to all Private and Government Sector / Government Aided Sector. The progress report shall be sent by the nodal officer on quarterly basis to the designated agency. Sarojini House. institutions etc. (By order and in the name of the Lt.SOLAR WATER HEATER SOLAR WATER HEATER LOAN FACILITY The banks which have agreed for easy financing of loan for purchase of Solar Water Heater for domestic purpose in Delhi are as follows: Sl. New Delhi Bank of Maharashtra. Gole Mkt. All government buildings. New Delhi Telephone Nos. residential schools. 12 13 . K.06 for mandatory use of solar water heating system in respect of categories of buildings as detailed below:Industries where hot water is Required for processing. The government departments mentioned in clause (2) shall designate a nodal officer to monitor and report the progress of enforcement of the Government decisions to the Agency designated under clause (d) of Section 15 of the aforesaid Act./Fax No. All Discoms and the New Delhi Municipal Council shall make the amendments in the load demand notices for new connections within six months time. through print and electronic media. H. power capacitors and other energy efficient appliances will be mandatory.. 11(149)/2004/Power/2387 dated 28. power capacitor. the MCD. P. Regional Office.09. 2001. its accessories and other energy efficient appliances in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. ? Cash payment to be received made directly to the manufacturer. hostels. district institutes of education and training. NDMC shall amend their rules / bye-laws within a period of six months from the date of issue of this order to make the use of Solar Water Heating Systems mandatory. Bhagwan Das Road. Mgr. tourism complexes and universities etc. Government / Semi Government Undertaking and Boards. Mandatory use of ISI marked Motor pump sets. Large Canteens having the capacity to serve more than one hundred persons in a day. for use of Solar Water Heaters. ! Participation in India International Trade Fair 2006. Paul. ! Awareness amongst public at large. All departments of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi including Tihar Jail and other Jails and the Delhi Police. 11(149)/2004/Power/2387 dated 28. Sunil Kumar. 6th Floor. Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi) STEPS TAKEN BY THE DELHI ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE MANAGEMENT CENTRE OF DELHI TRANSCO LIMITED The steps taken by the Delhi Energy Efficiency & Renewable Management Centre are detailed hereunder :! Govt. New Delhi Divisional Manager Union Bank of India. Sr. ? Various financing options should be offered to the customers including bank loan which would be given by the concerned bank ? The type of financing could be: ? Taking advance cheques. Motels or Banquet halls. Ansal Tower. P. Corporate buildings located on plots having an area of Five hundred square meters and above. New Delhi Syndicate Bank. foot / reflex valves in the Agriculture sector. Jail Barracks. 1 Name of Banks Name of Representatives & Address (S/Shri) Canara Bank. Delhi for promotion of Solar Water Heaters. Delhi Cantonment / Military Engineering Service / Defence Establishments shall endeavour to adopt the above measures for efficient use of energy and its conservation. 6. F. Nehru Place. excluding Delhi Cantonment Area or areas exempted under Section 61 of the Energy Conservation Act. Manager Bangla Sahib Road. of NCT Delhi has made use of solar water heating system mandatory in respect of certain categories of buildings vide office order no.09. to ensure use of only ISI marked pumps. All residential buildings built on a plot having an area of Five hundred square meters or above. Behra. No. falling within the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Madhu.

Subhash Nagar. New Delhi-58 14 Division Counter 809 Distt. Sant Nagar Buradi 17. New Delhi-64 7 Single Counter 804 A. Naraina 10. New Delhi-58 13 Division Counter 808 Distt. Delhi 27691159 XEN Office. G. New Delhi 17 Single Counter 819 A. 27191765 27322712 25835967 27415593 23843770 28714353 27435152 27034398 55463644 25923644 27679283 Address Distt. Hari Nagar Near Maya Enclave. Rohni Sec-3 14. Buradi. Delhi Zonal Office Building.E. Off. WZ-48. Lawrence Road. Building. Delhi Zonal Office Building. 7. New Delhi TOTAL 19 Division Counter 812 Distt..Hari Nagar Near Maya Enclave. Civil Lines. Shalimar Bagh 19. Sultan Puri Narela Bawana Karala Badli 23640641 Zone No. D-Block. New Delhi-58 10 Mobile Van 824 Distt Janak Puri. Road. New Delhi-65 TOTAL 12 Division Counter 807 Distt. 22. New Delhi-64 5 Division Counter 806 Distt Janak Puri. Rohni. Rani Bagh. Sr. Centre. Near Payal Cinema. Area Name 1.Break-down office. Rohini. New Delhi-27 8 Single Counter 813 A. Delhi Dividing Road of Sector-15 and Sector -16. Delhi 25968240 Zonal Office Jalebi Chowk. Sultanpuri. Ram Bagh 27911187 Distt. Centre. Uttam Nagar. New Delhi-58 Janak Puri Palam BSES RAJDHANI POWER LTD. Corporate Office. Kirti Nagar 11. Janak Puri Near Dabri More.-15 15. Palam C-2D. Hari Nagar Near Maya Enclave. New Delhi-64 4 Division Counter 805 Distt Janak Puri . Zonal-1504.E.Vikas Puri Distt. 23. Delhi AFO Off.E. Commercial Complex. Office Grid Sub Station Mangol Puri Industrial Area. Delhi 27787311 Distt. Palam C-2D. 422. Grid Bldg. Office Building. New Delhi-58 15 Division Counter 810 Distt. New Delhi-58 20 Division Counter 821 Distt. Industrial Area Badli Revenue Circle : West S. 8. Office Building. Pp.Vikas Puri Distt. Hari Nagar Near Maya Enclave. 1 Division Counter 801 Distt Janak Puri.New Delhi 18 Single Counter 845 S/stn. Main Market Sant Nagar. Police Station. Zonal-1001. Delhi Distt. S/STN. Delhi 25953553 Zonal Office. Pitam Pura Motinagar Civil Line Shakti Nagar Tibbiya College Ashok Vihar Rani Bagh Phone 27199601. Shalimar Bagh (Raj UN) 18. New Delhi-64 3 Division Counter 803 Distt Janak Puri . Bal Udyan Road. Delhi Distt. Delhi Zonal Office Sant Nagar. Zone-Karala. Zonal-1003. New Delhi-58 9 Single Counter 844 S/Stn. 3 4. Shazada Bagh Grid Sub Station 27517573 Sector-3. Mangolpuri 20 21. Janak Puri. Moti Nagar. Naniwala Bagh. D-2 Janak Puri. New Delhi-58 16 Single Counter 811 A.T. Milap Nagar. Janak Puri. Delhi Distt. Zone-423. Janak Puri. Inderpuri. Shahzada Bagh 13. Janak Puri. Janak Puri Near Dabri More. 6. Office bldg. F-Block. Delhi Distt.E. Office. Janak Puri. Centre. Building. Building.Hari Nagar Near Maya Enclave. New Delhi-64 2 Division Counter 802 Distt Janak Puri. 24. Office In GP-6 Block. Vikas Puri. Hari Nagar Near Maya Enclave.Vikas Puri Distt. Bawana. Delhi Distt. Narela Delhi 27756993 Distt. New Delhi-64 6 Division Counter 826 Distt Janak Puri. Model Town (Naniwala Bagh) 12. Zonal-1502. Building. Ashok Vihar. Behind Pusa Institute. 4/1. Centre. Rohtak Road. New Delhi-64 11 Mobile Van 825 Distt Janak Puri. Office Opp.SOLAR WATER HEATER SOLAR WATER HEATER NORTH DELHI POWER LTD. C-3. Raj Udyog Nagar. C-2 Block.Vikas Puri Distt. Distt. 9. Keshav Puram 2. Office Building Grid. Near Jeewan Mala Hospital H-Block. Hari Nagar Near Maya Enclave. Shakti Deep Bldg. Nr. Hudson Lane. Kirti Nagar. 5. Delhi 27474673 Distt. Nangla Prak Shakti Nagar. Pitam Pura. Delhi S/STN. Energy/Comm/ KCC Energy Energy Commercial Energy Energy KCC Energy Energy Energy Energy Energy Energy Energy Energy Commercial Energy Energy Energy Commercial Energy 14 15 . Office Grid Sub Station Building. Delhi Gali No. Rohni Zonal Office in Sec. Hari Nagar Near Maya Enclave. Counter Location No. Shalimar Bagh. Delhi 27856602 Distt. Shalimar Bagh BH Block 16. near Azadpur Chowk Vikas Puri 9.

Chhawla. East Punjabi Bagh. B Block Karam Pura.E. Energy Nangloi. New Delhi-43. Zonal-1203 Office. Nizamuddin Energy Wes. New Delhi-43 Distt Office.Rohtak Road. Najafgarh. Tikri Kalan. Building.F. Building. New Delhi-41 SOUTH CIRCLE Distt Counter Location of Office Counter No. Tagore Garden.O.E. New Delhi-71 S/Stn. New Delhi-26 224 Service Station A-4.SOLAR WATER HEATER SOLAR WATER HEATER 21 22 23 24 25 Palam Division Counter Division Counter Single Counter Single Counter Single Counter TOTAL Division Counter Division Counter Najafgarh Division Counter Single Counter Single Counter Single Counter TOTAL Division Counter Single Counter TOTAL Division Counter Division Counter Nangloi 820 829 818 817 846 45 Energy 46 Energy Energy Commercial Energy 47 48 49 Punjabi Bagh Distt. Rohtak Road. Office Nangloi. New Delhi 833 C-2C Pkt 12. Pin-110013 302 NZD Distt Office. Office Nangloi. New Delhi. Guru Harkishan Ngr. Guru Harkishan Ngr. Pin-110013 303 NZD Distt Office. Raj Nagar S/stn. Pin-110013 304 NZD Distt Office. New Delhi-58 A. Guru Harkishan Ngr. New Delhi-43 A.O.O. New Delhi-73 S/Stn. Office Nangloi. 39506101 Division 39999054. Tagore Garden. 39506101 Division 39999054. New Delhi-26 215 A. Najafgarh. Nizamuddin Energy West. New Delhi-45 A. New Delhi-26 223 A. Near Bus stand of 830. Najafgarh. Energy Nangloi. New Delhi Distt Office.Near Subzi Mandi. Palam C-2D. New Delhi. Building. Mitron. No. Guru Harkishan Ngr. New Delhi-110024 319 NZD Distt Office. Nizamuddin Commercial West. Daulatpur. Tagore Garden. Type 301 NZD Distt Office. Janak Puri 55 Counters 214 Temporary closed Energy Energy Energy Commercial Energy Energy Commercial Division Counter Division Counter Single Counter TOTAL Division Counter Temporary closed 39 40 41 Mundka 222 519 228 Division Counter Division Counter Distt Office-Mundka. Others Division 39999054. Building. New Delhi-87 Distt. Najafgarh. New Delhi-41 Distt Office-Mundka . East Punjabi Bagh.Zonal-1506 Office.-6. Tilak Nagar. Janak Puri Near Dabri Mor. New Delhi-41 Distt Office-Mundka. Sunder Vihar. Office Nangloi. Pin-110013 305 NZD Distt Office. Office. Nizamuddin Energy West. New Delhi. New Delhi-18 218 Division Office. Zonal-1103 Office. Near Dwarka Police Station. New Delhi-87 Distt. Kailash Puri. Paschim Vihar New Delhi-63 840 S/Stn. New Delhi Energy Energy 42 Single Counter TOTAL Division Counter Division Counter Division Counter Single Counter Single Counter Single Counter Division Counter Tagore Garden 853 S/Stn. GH-19. 39506101 16 17 .E. New Delhi-57 219 Division Office. 39506101 Division 39999054. Near Subzi Mandi. Zonal-1503 Gali No. Near Bus Stand of 817 S/Stn. New Delhi-87 Distt. New Delhi A. Mangla Puri.F. Rohtak Rd. Building. Palam C-2D. Nizamuddin Energy West. Pin-110013 Nizamuddin Division/ Tele.Zone 1101 (B) . Janak Puri 834 C-2C Pkt 12. Pin-110013 306 Lajpat Ngr. Najafgarh.Mkt. West Punjabi Bagh. near Alankar Cinema Energy C. New Delhi-26 216 XEN Zonal -1206 Office. East Punjabi Bagh. New Delhi Distt. New Delhi 217 A. Building. Zafarpur. Building. Nizamuddin Energy West. Office. New Delhi. Commercial Nangloi.F. Rohtak Road. Office. 39506101 Others 39506053 Division 39999054.E.E. Janak Puri Near Dabri Mor.t New Delhi. New Delhi Temporary closed Energy Commercial Energy Energy Energy 43 Energy 44 Energy 26 27 28 29 30 31 814 815 816 839 849 850 50 51 Division Counter Division Counter Division Counter Single Counter Energy 52 Temporary closed 53 Energy Temporary closed Commercial Energy Energy KCC Zafarpur 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 822 851 823 221 225 227 852 54 Division Counter 55 Dwarka Division Counter Total A. 39506101 Division 39999054. New Delhi-58 Distt. New Delhi-57 233 Division Office. New Delhi-57 835 Khalaya. New Delhi. New Delhi-43 Distt Office. Paschim Vihar. New Delhi-87 S/Stn.

Adchini Nd-16 District Office Adchini. 39506101 336 326 701 702 Others Others Division Others Division Division 39529194 703 39529232 704 R. New Delhi. New Delhi. G.SOLAR WATER HEATER SOLAR WATER HEATER 700 321 325 Nizamuddin 331 332 333 347 349 350 208 300 307 308 309 Nehru Place 343 344 310 311 322 312 313 314 Alakanda 315 317 335 NZD Distt Office. New Delhi A-1/27. Nizamuddin West. Fateh Pur Beri. New Delhi Sub Station. Head Office NPH. New Delhi. New Delhi Sub Station. Pushpa Bhawan. Nizamuddin West. New Delhi Pin-49 Sub Station. Kalkaji. Pin-110013 C-Block. Vasant Vihar. Office. Head Office NPH New Delhi -19 BSES Bhawan.K. New Delhi Sub. New Delhi. Adchini Nd-16 Malviya Nagar. Head Office NPH. Office. New Delhi. Pin-110013 NZD Distt Office. Adchini Nd-16 District Office Adchini. Nizamuddin West. Pin-110022 Legal & Corporate Cell. New Delhi Sub. Pin-110013 Sub Station. West Block. New Delhi RKP Distt. Sri Aubindo Marg.Station. Sub Station Build. West Block. Sun Light Colony.Station Pocket A-12. Defence Colony. New Delhi Community Centre. In Sub Station Building W Block. Area. New Delhi NZD Distt Office. New Delhi -19 G K I. Office. Pin-110022 RKP Distt. Ngr New Delhi -17 Sub Station. Nizamuddin West. New Delhi BSES Complaint Center.-19 BSES Bhawan. West Block. Block B. New Delhi E-Block. New Delhi-20 Near Batra Hospital. Head Office NHP New Delhi -19 BSES Bhawan. New Delhi. New Delhi Sub Station. East of Kailash. Jauna Pur. Pin-110022 Hauz Khas Police Colony. Pin-110022 RKP Distt. Complaint Centre Zone-1704 M. Defence Colony. New Delhi Energy Energy Energy Energy Commercial Energy Energy Energy Bulk/kcc Energy Energy Energy Bulk/kcc Energy Commercial Energy Energy Energy Energy Energy Energy Commercial Energy Energy Energy Commercial Other Division Division Division Division Division Other Division Division Other Other Other Other Division Division Division Division Other Other Other Other Division Division Other Other Division 39537518 39574536 39999059 39999059 39999059 39999059 39506031 39999059 39999059 26266909 -111 39529461 39537559 39537559 39999008 39999008 39999008 39999008 39506127 39529253 39529382 39529221 39574535 39574535 39506049 39574598 39574557 18 19 . Pin-110022 RKP Distt. Pin-110022 RKP Distt. New Delhi. Office. West Block. New Delhi. New Delhi. New Delhi-62 E-Block. New Delhi. Safdarjung Dev. Pin-110016 RKP Distt. New Delhi Community Centre. Pin-110013 NZD Distt Office. New Delhi Sub Station. Nr. New Delhi.K. New Delhi Sub Station. West Block. East of Kailash. Head Office NHP New Delhi -19 Sub. Com. A-337.Station. C-100. In 33 K. East of Kailash. Block B. New Delhi. New Delhi NZD Distt Office. K. Adchini Nd-16 District Office Adchini. Vasant Vihar. New Delhi Energy Bulk/kcc Energy (Mobile) Energy Energy Energy (Mobile) KCC/GCC Energy (Mobile) Energy (Mobile) KCC KCC/GCC Energy Energy Commercial Energy Energy Energy Energy KCC/GCC Energy Energy Energy Energy Commercial Energy Division Division Division 39999054.W. Office. Sri Aubindo Marg. Pin-110013 NZD Distt Office. Pin-110013 BSES Bhawan. Head Office NHP New Delhi -19 BSES Bhawan. New Friends Colony.G.II. Pocket 'B' Sarita Vihar. Puram 705 706 718 715 39529407 Head Office Head Office Head Office Head Office Division Division Division Head Office Head Office Head Office Other Other Other Other Division Other 39999807 39999807 39999807 39506129 39506129 Saket 39506129 39999807 39999807 39999807 30988934 Sarita Vihar 30994546 30994463 39506144 3957453 39529233 342 345 348 707 708 709 710 711 339 340 341 323 324 316 330 720 Sub Station. Centre New Delhi-62 Ambedkar Nagar. Nizamuddin West. Badar Pur. Pin-110048 Okhla Ph-II. Office. Okhla Phase I. West Block. New Delhi District Office Adchini. New Delhi. New Delhi BSES Bhawan. New Delhi. Head Office NHP New Delhi -19 BSES Bhawan. New Friends Colony. New Delhi. Sri Aurobindo Marg. New Delhi Sub Station. Nizamuddin West. Moti Bagh. Chatter Pur. 39506101 39999054. Sri Aurobindo Marg. New Delhi Pin-110044 Sub Station. Andrews Ganj.II.

Kamla Market 17 Market 112 Sub Station Bldg. Chandni Chowk Zonal Office103-A. Complaint Center New Delhi-110037 722 C-9. Ansari Road. Nizamuddin West. Gandhi Market. Kamla Market 18 113 District Office Darya Ganj. Pahar Ganj 12 118 Sub Station Bldg. Main Road. New Delhi 724 C-9. Vasant Kunj. Gandhi Market. New Delhi.. Minto Road Location Division Counter Zonal Office103-A. Minto Road 9 Darya Ganj 8 AM to 2 PM 39506019 Division Commercial 10 AM to 4 PM 39506108 Others Others Others Others Energy Energy Energy Energy 8 AM to 2 PM 30986258 10 AM to 4 PM 30986258 8 AM to 2 PM 30988846 39574549 Division Energy 8 AM to 2 PM 30988847 Division Energy 8 AM to 2 PM 30988856 Division Commercial 10 AM to 4 PM Circle Circle Energy Energy 8 AM to 2 PM 39999324 10 AM to 4 PM 39999324 20 21 ..Vasant Kunj. Pin-110013 Hauz Khas Vasant Kunj 721 Energy Energy Energy Energy Energy Commercial Energy Energy Energy Energy Commercial Energy Energy Division Other Division Other Other Division Division Division Other Other Division Division Division 39574557 39577522 39574557 39506126 25069166 Chandni Chowk S. Motia Khan Khan. D-1 V. Centre. Ram Nagar Nagar. Pahar Ganj 10 Aram 109 Distt. Katwaria Sarai. Mandi Chuna Mandi. Delhi. Others Energy BSES YAMUNA POWER LIMITED Timing Telephone 8 AM to 2 PM 30986231 10 AM to 4 PM 10 AM to 4 PM 8 AM to 2 PM 30986232 8 AM to 2 PM 39506091 Khanpur 10 AM to 4 PM 39999324 HVDS HVDS HVDS Division Division Division 8 Chuna 108 Zonal Office. Minto Road 19 Market 114 District Office Darya Ganj. Opp. Sadar Bazar 14 Ram 119 Complaint Office. Nizamuddin West. Mahipalpur. Darya Ganj. Nizamuddin West. Chandni Chowk Zonal Office Zone-no104. New Delhi 337 Sub Station. New Delhi 723 C-9. Safdarjung Dev. Pin-110013 719 NZD Distt Office. Bagh Aram Bagh.Vasant Kunj.. Near Division Commercial Meva Hotel. 111 Rd. Area. Minto Circle KCC Road. Kashmere Gate. Asaf Ali Road. New Delhi. near Ghata Road Masjid. Town Hall. 11 Motia 110 Sub Station Bldg.G. Lahori Gate Complaint Office..Vasant Kunj. Division Energy Near Meva Hotel. 116 Zonal Office Bahadurgarh Road Road. New Delhi-110030 713 Kapashera. Others Energy Anaz Mandi. Station. Town Hall. New Delhi 346 A-1/27. 106 Gandhi Market 117 7 8 Total Collection Counters Revenue Central Circle Gandhi Market. Office Pahar Ganj. Purpahladpur 329 Zonal Building (near petrol pump). Minto Circle Energy Road. Pahar Ganj 13 B. New Delhi 327 Zonal Building (near petrol pump). Motia Khan. Zone-no-113. New Delhi. D-4.Near Division Energy Meva Hotel. Chandni Chowk Zonal Office103-A. New Delhi 338 Sub Station. 16 107 Sub Station Bldg. Hamilton Others Energy Road. Chandni Chowk Zonal Office103-A.SOLAR WATER HEATER SOLAR WATER HEATER Pahar Ganj A-1/27.Near Division Energy Meva Hotel. Gandhi Gandhi Market. Purpahladpur HVDS MOBILE COUNTERS 318 NZD Distt Office. Pin-110013 717 NZD Distt Office. New Delhi 334 Sub. Com. Town Hall. ND Rly Stn. Kunj. Safdarjung Dev.Area. New Delhi. New Delhi 712 Anderia Bagh Complex Opp. New Delhi. Bridge Total 6 15 Ansari 105 Zonal Office. Town Hall. Gandhi Market. Purpahladpur 328 Zonal Building (near petrol pump). District 1 Ctr-no 100 2 101 Town Hall 103 39506079 39506079 39506079 39529288 39537587 39574534 39574534 39574534 3 4 104 5 6 Lahori 102 Gate Hamil. Asaf Ali Kamla Road.

Hospital. 39506157 Opp. New Rajinder Nagar 27 Tibia 212 Tibia College. Bldg Block 8A. West Vinod Ngr. Jama Masjid. 39560183 Gagan Vihar. 39999252 Guru Angad Ngr. Shastri Park. Delhi-110032 605 Division Office " 39506061 612 Division Office " " 615 Division Office " " 620 Division Office " " 631(KCC) Division Office " " 650 Sub-Stn. Shadipur Depot. Near Neelkanth Mandir. Rajeev Hospital. block C. 39506122 Nr Police stn.P. Bldg S. Karol Bagh College 28 Chapar. Opp. Shanker Road. 39506074 Nr Police stn. Stn No 8..No. Delhi-110053 Division Office " 39475121 Division Office " " Division Office " " Others Zonal Office. Bldg Sub Station Building. Delhi-110092 Sub-Stn. Shanker Road. Near Patel Neelkanth Mandir. Mayur Vihar-I.Stn. Kanchan 39506035 Aptt. Nagar East Patel Nagar 33 231 Zonal Office. Delhi-110093 23 . Anand Parbat 31 220 Zonal Office. 39537521 Delhi-110091 Division Office Zonal Office. No. Shanker Road. 39529460 Nr Masjid. Delhi Division Office " 39529715 Division Office " " Others Zonal Office. Location 604 Division Office Shakti Kiran Bldg. Near Neelkanth Mandir. Delhi-110031 39506030 Division Office 66KV Grid S. Total 5 Shankar Road Patel Nagar 20 Others Energy 8 AM to 2 PM 30994547 Division Division Division Division Division KCC Energy Energy Energy Energy 10 AM to 4 PM 39999343 8 AM to 2 PM 13 10 AM to 4 PM 8 AM to 2 PM 10 AM to 4 PM 635 603 607 (Comm) 601 609 617 628 653 619 623 658(Enf. Stn No 2. Total 9 30 Anand 213 Zonal Office near Ramjas Parbat School. 39506190 Division Office Zonal Office.Singla Sweet Sub-Stn. Bldg Sub Station Building. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Division Category of Location Tel. Bldg Sub Station No.8 at pocket C. New Rajinder Nagar 25 204 District Office. Main Road. 39506016 Delhi-110091 Division Office Zonal Office. Radhu Place Division Office " 39999265 Division Office " 39506044 Division Office " " Division Office " " Sub-Stn.) 608 (Comm) 633 624 654 655 616 (Comm) 630 614 657 613 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Division Commercial 10 AM to 4 PM Others Others Energy Energy 8 AM to 2 PM 30986153 8 AM to 2 PM 39574553 Others Energy 39596269 22 23 24 25 Others Division Energy Energy 8 AM to 2 PM 30988767 8 AM to 2 PM 30988845 Division Commercial 10 AM to 4 PM 26 27 28 39506075 Division Energy 10 AM to 4 PM Others Energy 29 Mayur Vihar-I & II Laxmi Nagar Krishna Nagar 8 606 9 632(Comm) 10 602 11 626 12 652 Others Kasturba Nagar.Zone-2401. Mayur Vihar-I. Delhi-110051 39506244 Division Office " 39506015 Division Office " 39999293 Sub-Stn.G. Delhi Division Office S Stn bldg. Bldg Sub Station Building No. Bldg Grid Sub Station at Mayur Vihar -I 39560186 Near Noida Mor. Delhi-110031 Sub-Stn. 39560182 Near Pushpanjali Hospital Jhilmil C. Opp Fire stn. Patparganj. wala Chapparwala.7. Shanker Road. New Rajinder Nagar 22 201 District Office. Delhi Others Complaint Centre.SOLAR WATER HEATER SOLAR WATER HEATER S. East Patel Nagar 34 DMS 122 33KV Grid. Delhi. Bldg S. New Rajinder Nagar 23 202 District Office. Stn No 5. near Masjid K. 39506057 Nr Mayur Public School. " Delhi-110091 Sub-Stn. No. Park Karol Bagh. 39475496 Delhi-110092 Sub-Stn.Seelam Pur. New Rajinder Nagar 24 Road 203 District Office. East Patel Nagar 32 East 230 Zonal Office. Geeta Colony. 39560185 Mayur Vihar -II Delhi Sub-Stn. Karkarduma 9350261421 (Comm) Court. New Rajinder Nagar 26 205 District Office. Geeta Colony. Mayur Vihar-I. 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 627 (Comm) 634 641 621 22 Nand Nagri Yamuna Vihar Jama 115 Complaint Office. Nand Nagri. Shanker Road.120 Complaint Office. Karol Bagh. Saini Enclave. I. Delhi-110053 Division Office Tahirpur Grid.Extn. Shanker Shankar Road. DMS. Vivek Vihar-II 30929543 Division Office F-15/2. Krishna Nagar. Nr. Bldg S. Nand Nagri. Building. Total 6 21 200 District Office. 29 Shastri 121 33KV Grid. Yamuna Vihar.13 39560184 Opp.

Delhi Division Office Sub-station No. Zone-2403. Bldg S. Dallupura Near Summer vile School. Karawal Nagar.7. Karawal Nagar.III.KV Grid S/stn. Dehli Division Office " Division Office " Sub-Stn.T.6 Ryan Public School M. New Zafrabad. Bldg Sub.Vihar Ph. G. Division Office Nr Hind Pckt Books. Bldg 66. Transport Authority. Dilshad Garden.Stn. Delhi-110091 66KV Grid S Stn. Station Building at E & F Block Dilshad Garden. Delhi-110094 Sub-Stn.No. Delhi-110095 Division Office " Division Office " Division Office " Division Office " Sub-Stn. At Ghonda Adj.SOLAR WATER HEATER 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 Karawal Nagar 642 (Comm) 645 646 625 656 Mayur Vihar-III 643 (Comm) 647 648 618 644 (Comm) 610 611 639 629 651 622 53 Dilshad Garden 48 49 50 51 52 Division Office Bhatithi Grid. Delhi Others Zonal Office.Delhi Division Office " Division Office " Others Zonal Office. Delhi-110032 39560180 39560181 " 39546117 39537519 39527823 39527824 " 30929544 39999280 39506071 " " " 39529462 39506279 54 Camp 55 Mobile Van 24 .Road..