BROCKPORT’S SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL PROJECT 2013 INTRODUCTION Walk! Bike! Brockport proposes to develop a community plan, including engineered infrastructure, to encourage and assure the safety of children walking and biking to school. This proposal is a natural follow-up to Mr. Mark Fenton’s presentation on safe walking and biking made to the greater Brockport community in SUNY-Brockport’s New York Room on October 5, 2012. Mr. Fenton is a nationally recognized authority on safe walking and biking, and former host of the PBS Program, “America’s Walking.” In his presentation, he outlined a number of safe walking and biking endeavors the Brockport community might follow. We have drawn on Mark Fenton’s follow-up advice in designing this proposal. Our proposal mirrors Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs now in place-or currently being developed--in communities large and small across the U.S. The Brockport community has a wide range of viable resources to assure a successful effort around an SRTS project designed to promote the physical health of children in our community through walking and biking. These resources include, but are not limited to, the following: -- An active group (Walk!Bike!Brockport!) dedicated to transforming Brockport into a nationally recognized walkable/bikable community. -- A seven year history of organizing and running a Brockport School District “Walk To School Day.” -- A school district superintendent who favors children walking and biking to school. -- School principals and staff who support physical exercise for children as evidenced by programs designed to increase walking at all grade levels.


 Local community groups (e.g., BISCO and Kiwanis) which have the stated goal of working for the good of children PROPOSAL DETAILS Walk! Bike! Brockport! will convene an interdisciplinary work group of interested parties, such as Brockport Central School District, SUNY Brockport, Village of Brockport, Town of Sweden, BISCO, Department of Public Works, PTSA, Brockport Police Department in addition to other selected community groups as identified. The primary goal of this group will be to prioritize and implement those projects consistent with safe biking and walking routes to school. Projects to be considered but not limited to include the following: -- Traffic calming devices such as school crossing signs, speed signs, school zone pavement markings and automobile speed feedback indicators. -- Designated walking and biking routes to school with signage and striping of bicycle lanes on designated roads. -- Safe crossing projects such as “bump outs” with ramps at high street crossing areas, flashing lights and children crossing signage at designated crossing areas. -- Striping of all regularly used street crossing areas, crossing islands and “stand-back” lines at selected crossing sites. -- Crossing guards at high volume village intersections at appropriate times. -- Walkable and safe sidewalks. Resources from the nationally recognized Safe Routes to School program will be used to help formulate our Brockport Community SRTS Plan.


CONCLUSION We see the BISCO grant as not just on opportunity to improve the health of children but as a catalyst for future collaboration on similar activities to promote the well-being of families in our community. Submitted by: Dr. Jim Goetz Raymond Duncan Harry Shifton [For the Walk! Bike! Brockport! Action Group]

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