The fundamental rule of the Hinduist Wisdom is the following: only God exists, the Principle, that everything originates, sustains and destines. He is the Original Essence in His Infinite Depth (for the human concept), and He himself is the Manifestation, the so-called Creation, Nature, etc. This is the Divine Monism, the Conscience of Unity, the reality that is at the foundations of Hermetism, Orphism, Zoroastrianism, Pythagorism, and, as unique and absolute statement, it is the First Commandment of the Law of God, the wisest, the most scientific, eternal, perfect and immutable affirmative. It is the Truth that will prevail over all the ignorantisms, all the mistakes of the relativism, all the trash of the religionisms, sectarianisms and lurisms that have appeared or are yet to appear in the vortex of pilgrim or mortal human foolishnesses, well or ill-meaning. The Hinduist Wisdom presents three representative echelons that form the FUNDAMENTAL INITIATIC UNITY: 1 – Buddhism, which did not appear with Siddharta Buddha, but has origin in the thirty-four previous Buddhas, whose genealogy is lost in the millenniums. In Siddharta Buddha the Buddhist Doctrine was synthesized, and THE HOLY GOSPEL OF BUDDHA is the book that can and should be read by who wants to know Buddhism. 2 – THE BOOK OF THE PRINCIPLES, by Vyasa Veda, which contains the DIVINE THEOGONY or the TOTAL WISDOM. Great wise and studious men stated that after Vyasa Veda, everything that was done by other Messiahs was just to get into details and peculiarities to say the same thing. 3 – Krishna has left eternal, perfect and immutable teachings by words and personal demonstrations, in virtue of the faculties or powers that he had as Divine Word, or representative of God, of the UNIQUE PRINCIPLE. The book BHAGAVAD GITA or SUBLIME CHANT OF IMMORTALITY or the BOOK OF SEVEN INTERPRETATIONS should be read by all those who intend, by rights and in reality, to speak with authority when speaking of God, of Spirit and Matter, of Immortality, Responsibility, Gradual Evolution and Sacred Finality of the Spirit. Einstein and Chardin, and many others truly wise men have made this Bible from India their bedside book, the route of scientific searches. When the religionist, sectarian and machiavellian or captious pestilences disappear, Humanity will know what these THREE SOURCES OF IMMORTAL WISDOM represent as DIVINE REVELATIONS: A – The Hinduist Wisdom, which had the Total Initiatic Keys in Buddhas, in Vyasa Veda and in Krishna. B – The Law of God, the Code of Divine Moral, out of which life is a plant of weeping and gnashing of teeth, and which has in the First Commandment the SENTENCE that expresses the DIVINE ORIGIN, THE SO-CALLED CREATION, THE RULING LAWS AND THE FINALITY OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. The three first Commandments relate to God, which we should love in Spirit and Truth or through decent deeds, and not through idolatries, ritualisms, hysterical speeches, etc; the other seven Commandments teach the Pure Sociology, the decent treatment among brothers. As being Divine Code, It would never order to search for religionisms and sectarianisms, because these things must be abandoned, as they are sources of blasphemies and division among brothers.

C – The Divine Model Christ lived or represented by Jesus, by being then the Planetary Director, and who also had to carry out the Spread of the Holy Spirit over all flesh, or to generalize the Revelation. He was born through mediumistic phenomena, had Measureless the Spirit of Gifts and Signs, left the Tomb Empty, and as the prophet Simeon said, attacks of all contradictory insults would be launched against Him, just as it has been happening and will still happen for a long time, because there is no one scoundrel, in the world of incarnates and discarnates, that does not believe in not having the right to be judge of God and owner of the TRUTH and the DOCTRINE, with lots of false science and false goodness, in order to position himself as inspector of the conscience of others. When hypocrisy ceases to command the religious show, everyone will have the Unique Principle as God, the Law of God as Moral Code, the Model Christ as Standard of Conduct and the Consoler generalized by Him as Consoling Grace. Then no one will ever try to invent ridiculous adorations to God, foolish ways of believing, disgusting clerical titles, etc., because everyone will be sure that the KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH AND THE PRACTICE OF GOODNESS, and nothing else, represent the man, either incarnate or discarnate spirit, before the DIVINE JUSTICE. Nobody will destroy the Bhagavad-Gita, nobody will pass over the Law of God and nobody will produce contradictions against the Divine Model Christ, without having to pay rigorously. THE SPIRIT OF THE BIBLICAL WARNINGS resides in the wisdom of these two texts or complementary sentences: From the Old Testament: “When you are peaceful and humble, I will rebuke the damaging insects and I will remove the dirty spirit from the Earth.” From the New Testament or from the Model Christ: “Follow my example, because I am gentle and humble at heart.” The fanaticisms around peripheral little truths grow, because incarnates and discarnates, implicated with the DIVINE JUSTICE, are faking deified. While, the FUNDAMENTAL COMMANDS are being disregarded, hidden on purpose… Huge is the number of those who speak about God, about the Truth, about the Law of God and about the Model Christ, just for mere external look or appearance of respect to the Truth, filling up the religious and the sectarianisms… Nevertheless, in the course of time, cycles or eras, the DIVINE JUSTICE moves its resources, and shacking events force full reconsideration in terms of CONDUCT. Fundamental is the DOCTRINAL MASTER LINE that derives from the work of the Great Beginners, Masters, Patriarchs, Christs and Apostles of the TRUTH THAT LEADS TO DIVINIZATION. The Biblical-Prophetic warnings, which speak about the NEW HEAVEN AND NEW EARTH, were not given by chance. Therefore, at the right time, the DIVINE JUSTICE will act, and human contradiction will know that to intend scandalizing the DIVINE DESIGNS is work of insane people. Due to lack of criteria, many are the unfortunates who have already intended to exchange the Law of God and the Divine Model Christ for the parasite boredom discourses of incarnates and discarnates, pretending to be “masters in Israel”. Because of that, they go to the extreme of endorsing mistakes and dirtiness, corruptions and shameful inversions, throwing the responsibility of such filth on the shoulders of the Divine Mercy... By reading Romans, 1, 22 to 32, and Apocalypse, 22, such mistaken ones will be able to understand that no human foolishness will invert the DIVINE ORDER. Because in Essence, everything derives from the Unique Divine Essence, many are the assertions proving this reality, stated by the Great Beginners or Christs, and for

people with higher intellectual and moral level, such knowledge has profound signification: From the Wisdom of Orpheus: “Know yourself and you shall know the universe and the gods.” From the Wisdom of Hermes: “What is inside and outside, what is above and below, everything is one, because only one is the Principle.” From Jesus: “I am the Principle, the same that speaks to you.” From Zoroaster: “There is only one Truth and only with It shall you triumph.” From Pythagoras: “From the One everything derives, in the One everything moves and in the One everything reaches the finality.” From the Hinduist Wisdom: “The sons of the Unity when feel It inside, faster they can reach the Final Union, which is the objective of existence.” From Vyasa Veda: “By offering you the Knowledge of the Unique Origin, of the Unique Movement and of the Unique Finality, I offer you the Unique Path, the Right Way. Who, for any reason or pretext strays, shall have to return, by suffering, to the Right Way, in order to be able to achieve the Unique Finality.” Form Krishna: “All lives or existences, all work and all suffering are for you may come back to ME, the Unique Lord, the Origin and the Finality.” From the Hinduist Wisdom: “The Lord is in each one’s deep inward, but very few are aware of it. Those who come to know that, and make efforts to achieve the union, shall enjoy His Eternal Glory.” From the Wisdom of Hermes: “The truly wise man is the one who knows he has God within himself and does everything to unite with Him.” From the Hinduist Wisdom: “He who seeks the Truth outside himself shall certainly find It in the foundations of everything that exists, but he who looks for It within himself and becomes united with It, is truly wise man.” From the Popular Hinduist Wisdom: “To search God outside is the best way to lose time and opportunity of reaching the Divine Union.” From the Hinduist Wisdom: “It is not enough to know that death does not exist. It is necessary to overcome it totally, reaching the Total Union”. From Jesus: “The Kingdom of God is inside each one and it will not come from external signs”. From Jesus: “The Father is Spirit and Truth, and that is what He wishes His sons come to be”. From the Wisdom of Hermes: “What came from the Divine Crucible, to the Divine Crucible shall return, no matter what”. Supreme Scientific Document: The First Commandment of the Law of God. No incarnate spirit is capable of defining it totally. Supreme Document of Moral Order: The Law of God. Supreme Example of Behavior: That lived by Jesus, who was not born of man and did not leave his tomb full. Supreme Messianic Act: That from Jesus, returning as spirit to Spread the Consoling Spirit over the flesh, fulfilling the Divine Promise, as it is totally recorded in the Book of Acts of the Apostles. The Best Opinion: The truly blind one is who does not want to see. Best Warning: Nobody is hypocrite by chance. Proof of Spiritual and Moral Inferiority: Even recognizing that the TRUTH is only one, man keeps creating religious flags, progress opposite clergies, sectarian formulas, exclusivist treacheries groups, closed-doors conspiracies and so many other maniac statutes with their mafia devices, where even God and the Doctrine of The Way have to be subject to ridiculous formulas fabricated by businessmen of such rubbishes.

Only God knows how much harm these people have caused, and keep causing to Humanity. And, as all of this is done, on purpose, in the name of God, for the simpleton people fall in the traps, the rubbish has been working satisfactorily for its exploiters… Cleanliness Truth: Does the Law of God command to be slave of any religion, or does it command to KNOW THE TRUTH AND TO PRACTICE THE GOOD? Final Sentence: Does the Divine Model Christ command to be slave of any religion, or does He command to SEARCH THE TRUTH THAT SETS YOU FREE? Fact of the Hinduist Wisdom: It has always been reincarnationist, it has always been revelationist, it has always known about the gradual evolution of the spirits. Its mediumistic meetings, the EGREGORAS, have always been held with total respect to the Divine Laws and by people with profound knowledge of the Fundamental Initiatic Truths. The exchange between the incarnates and the discarnates has always been common reality in hinduism, although the passive faculties have never been salient.


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