Submitted fort the partial fulfillment of the Award Of Bachelor of Business Administration Degree From Ch. Charan Singh university, meerut (Session 2009-2012) Submitted To: Miss Dipti Banga Faculty, Management Submitted By: Arjun Sharma Roll. No.9673501 BBAVIth Sem.

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I Arjun Sharma, hereby declare that the research work presented in this project report entitled “STUDY OF SERVICES OF AIRCELL” for fulfillment of the award of Bachelor of Business Administration from Choudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut is based on my work. The project embodies the result of original work and studies carried out by me and the contents of the project do not form the bases for the award of any other degree to me or anybody else.

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Arjun Sharma



First of all I would like to thank the Management at Aircel for giving me the opportunity to do my one-month project training in their esteemed organization. I am highly obliged to Mr. D.K SHARMA for granting me to undertake my training at Meerut branch. I express my thanks to all Sales Managers under whose able guidance and direction, I was able to give shape to my training. Their constant review and excellent suggestions throughout the project are highly commendable. And I would also like to thanks my teacher Miss Dipti Banga for providing their full support & guidelines under my training period

My heartfelt thanks go to all the executives who helped me gain knowledge about the actual working and the processes involved in various departments.


INDEX Certificates Acknowledgement Executive Summary Industry Profile Company Profile Objective of Study Limitation Scope of Study Research Methodology Data Analysis Findings Conclusion Suggestions Bibliography Appendix 2 3 5 6 22 41 42 43 48 52 60 63 64 67 68 4 .

Dishnet Wireless Ltd? (Aircel) is a telecom network providing company.Executive Summary The project titled “SERVICES OF AIRCELL” has been carried out for AIRCEL. According to the study of the markets. The main objective of this company is to provide the best services to there customer in low cost with their competitor. They offer more value added service in marginal cost. According to the market study. Occasionally they give some offers for the benefit of the customers and retailer and distributor. 5 . Income class and different level of people are represented. WESTERN UP. Meerut is one of the potential markets for the telecom service because a single person uses many SIM(network services). The needs and wants of the client taken into consideration. Meerut will recognize this as well as take more references from this project report. In this project the great emphasis is given to the customer minds in respect to preferring the needs and wants of the customer is taken into consideration.due to some drawback in the service they do like this . The main objective of this project is to know the Status of the company with the competitor and how to regenerate their confidence in the prevailing market condition. MEERUT. HR department has been given more emphasis for the study of the project because it is the only sector where all type of Age group. it is being observed that there are many players available in the markets and some of them are really doing well.If the company removes their drawbacks then it‟s sure that the company will get great response from the customer. I hope Dishnet Wireless Ltd? (Aircel). The whole summer internship period with Dishnet Wireless Ltd? (Aircel) has been full of learning and sense of contribution towards the organization.

The main objective of this project is to know the drawbacks of their services and the need and wants of the customers of Meerut is one of the potential market for customer but company has to give special emphasis on customers‟ demands for services. Meerut will recognize this as well as take more references from this project report.I hope Dishnet Wireless Ltd? (Aircel). 6 .

In order to exploit these innovations for competing in 7 .INDUSTRY PROFILE INTRODUCTION Technological changes in the telecom and computers have radically changed the business scenario. In turn. the new demands of business have spurred many telecom based technological innovations.

India's 21. It is Therefore not surprising that India has one of the fastest growing telecommunication systems in the world with system size (total connections) growing at an average o f more than 20 percent over the last 4 years. Many developing countries now accept the limitations of a monolith state monopoly in responding to the twin challenges of spurring internal growth and competing in an increasingly global economy. regulation and structure of the telecom sector. Several countries across the world have responded by restructuring the state controlled telecom service provider.59 million-line telephone network is one of the largest in the world and the 3rd largest among emerging economies (after China and Republic of Korea). developing countries have also recognized the important role a responsive. Over the past several years. The emergent organizations have attempted to be more responsive to the business needs and have evolved mechanisms to remain competitive even under tremendous pressures. business oriented and technologically advanced telecom sector plays in the growth of the economy. and deregulating service provision. Past experience of reform across many countries suggests that the fundamental underlying issue that must be addressed in telecom reform is introduction of competition for efficiency. Competition is considered to be an important factor than ownership in introducing efficiency. 8 . business community the world over has been putting pressure on governments to revise the markets. Given the low telephone penetration rate India offers vast scope for growth. increasing private participation.

The industry is considered as having the highest potential for investment in India. Recognizing that the telecom sector is one of the prime movers of the economy. national and international long distance communications. radio paging. India has witnessed rapid growth in cellular. manufacture of complete range of telecom equipment. The growth is demand for telecom services in India is not limited to basic telephone services. research and development and consultancy services. internet and global mobile communication by satellite (GMPCS) services. 9 . This is expected to soar in the next few years. the Government's regulatory and policy initiatives have also been directed towards establishing a world class telecommunications infrastructure in India. The telecom sector in India therefore offers an ideal environment for investment. The Telecom Commission performs the Executive and Policy making functions. value-added services. The telecommunications initiative in the country is lead by Ministry of Communications through the Department of Telecommunication & Department Telecom Services and its undertakings for provision of basic telephone services. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India performs the functions of an independent regulatory body.

Home Country Direct Service. ISDN.SERVICE OFFERED Telephone Services NSD/ISD Services. X-25 based Packet Switched Data Network (INET). Computerized Trunk Services. Telex. Radio Paging. INMARSAT Data Service. Public Mobile Radio Trunked Service. Concert Packet Service (CPS). National & International Leased Lines Circuits. INMARSAT Mobile Service. Pay Phoners. 10 . Voice Mail. V-SAT. Video Conferencing. Electronic Mail. Gateway Electronic Data Interchange Service (GEDIS). Internet. Satellite-based Remote Area Business Message Network. Audio-Text. Gateway E-Mail and Store & Forward FAX Service (GEMS-400). Intelligent Network (IN) Services. Telegraph Services (Manual & Automatic). Cellular Mobile Telephone. Gateway Packet Switched Data Service (GPSS). Video-Tex.

VSNL was set up to plan. Planning. develop. administrative and financial powers to formulate and regulate policy and prepare the budget for the DoT. with a huge work force managing the telecom operations of the entire country. The bureaucratic approach and the slow acceptance and induction of new technologies with very little customer orientation were perceived as barriers to growth. engineering. and accelerate international telecom services in India. therefore. installation.HISTORY OF INDIAN TELECOM SECTOR Telecom sector was a state monopoly until the mid eighties when the liberalization process started. The department of telecommunication (DoT). The planning commission. The government created the corporate organizations in order to allow decision making autonomy and flexibility and facilitate public borrowings which would not have been possible under a government framework. competed with other developmental priorities of the government for a share in resource allocation. operate. which also lay down and monitored adherence to technical standards and managed frequency usage. the Telecom Commission. maintenance. allocated funds for telecom development from government resources. The DoT was a monolithic entity. and development of telecom services in Mumbai and New Delhi. was created with a wide rang eof executive. and operations of telecom services for the whole of India was managed by the DoT. under the Ministry of Communication administered telecom services. A new organization. two new public sector corporations – Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) and Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) – were set up under the DoT. regulation and several key decision areas remained with the DoT. an apex level body. management. maintenance. Consequently. However. The telecom sector. MTNL was carved out of the DoT and took over the operation. 11 . policy formulation.

VSAT and international basic and VAS. services. Telecom service liberalization started in 1984. At this stage government also unbundled basic and VAS. Private operators were allowed to participate in provision of VAS such as cellular and paging services. Several service providers. department of industry. and finance and four part time members representing the planning commission. data services. one for each of the twenty "circles" into which the entire country had 12 . It boldly specified its major objectives as telephone demand. Subsequently. service provision was opened for private sector. department of finance. telex and fax). This policy also paved the way for private sector participation in telecom services. with private sector being allowed to manufacture customer premise equipment. and department of electronics. Basic service provision had been planned as a duopoly between the DoT and a selected service provider. Provision for certain basic telecom service at affordable and reasonable price. domestic value-added services (VAS) which covered all other services such as paging. achievement of universal service obligation and ensuring world class service to subscribers. basic services in the local lop were opened for private operators.The Telecom Commission had four full time members managing technology. India to emerge as a major manufacturing base and exporter of telecom equipment. Objectives of NTP (1994) were     Telecom for all the telephone in reach of all. In 1992. Telecom services were categorized into domestic basic (which included basic telephony. The key driver for change in the sector was the National Telecom Policy announced in May 1994. World class quality of telecom service. production. cellular.

A weight age of 15% for service provision in rural areas was given at the time of bid selection. the government encouraged new emerging technologies including local loop wireless. Private Service operators were allowed to provide intra-circle long distance service which contributed to almost 60% of the total calls. e-mail. A penalty on a per day basis for each telephone not installed sought to prevent companies from delaying meeting rural targets. the bidders were valued both on financial and technical parameters. At the same time.been divided would compete with the DoT for basic services. VSNL maintained an exclusive license for international services for at least until 2004. and unclear policies in the various departments involved in national implementation. Advanced communication services like cellular. However. lack of coordination for adopting standards. cellular telephony and satellite based communication systems that could help develops rural telecom in a cost effective manner. fax. Inter-circle communication remained under the DoT. Licenses had been granted for an initial period of 15 years and could be extended by another 10 years. data transmission over telephone and leased circuits were increasingly being made available by private operators. The government had mandated that all private basic service operators had to provide 10% of all new lines in rural areas. 13 . Permissible network technologies were specified and basic service providers were required to base their services on fiber-optic cable and wireless in the local loop as far as possible. paging. Electronic Data Interchange standards and its adoption had not made much progress largely due to the problems in long distance communication.

international long distance.  Foreign direct investment of up to 100% permitted for the manufacturing of telecom equipment. Huge market for all types of telecom equipments for both wire line and wireless.HIGHLIGHTS The telecom muddle is growing murkier and murkier by the day.  Private participation allowed in all types of telecom and IT enabled services.  5th largest network in the world. etc. Internet. In addition. so are the claims of the great Indian telecom revolution. call centres. second largest among emerging economies (after China). License granted on non-exclusive basis for basic. Internet.  Investment potential across a wide spectrum of telecom service. national long distance.   Foreign equity participation permitted in the telecom service sector.  Annual growth rate of 22% in basic telephone service and over 100% for cellular and Internet services. 14 . V-Sat services etc.

90mn 0.7mn in May 2006. total additions during the month summed up to 1.35mn August '06 102.31mn subscribers were added as against 2.44mn 1. During May 2006.09mn 0.11mn.225mn 0.22% mom to 55. The segment subscriber base grew 3.225mn subscribers were added in the GSM segment and the remaining 0.59mn 53.11mn 0.52) mn July '06 100.08mn 90.26% in April 2006.70mn 1. Mobile telephone subscriber base witnessed a healthy growth of 1. a strong start to the new financial year.26 46. taking the subscriber based of fixed line services to 47. In the fixed segment.73mn 1.08 45.17mn 0. Tele density in May 2006 improved to 9. In the mobile segment.38mn.36mn 52. 15 .5mn 9.61mn subscribers were added during May 2006. 2.TELECOM STATISTICS June'06 Total subscribers Tele-density Fiex line Additions during the month Mobile Total additions during the month GSM additions CDMA additions 98.03mn subscribers in April 2006.65mn 1.61mn 55.24mn (0. Bharti remained the overall market leader in both the CDMA and the GSM segments.15mn 9.36mn 1.7mn out of which 1.46 47.5 mn mark.475mn were added in the CDMA segment.50mn 0. a total of 0.46% from 9.475mn STRONG GROWTH CONTINUES Growth in telephony continued in May as the subscriber base reached the 102.

Orissa.P. Kerala. Kolkata (Metro). (East) Delhi (Metro). Karnataka. Tamil Nadu. Andhra Pradehs. Delhi. Madhya Pradesh. Rajasthan. Karnataka. U. West Bengal Karnataka. Punjab. Chennai. Punjab Idea Cellular Limited Andhra Pradehs.P. Haryana. Mumbai (Metro). Rajasthan. West BPL Cellular Limited Mumbai Nadu (Metro). Orissa. Madhya Pradesh. Jammu & Kashmir. Kerala. Gujarat. U. Tamil Vodafone Group Mumbai. Bihar. Punjab 16 . Maharashtra & Goa. Gujarat. Kerala. Andhra Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh. Kolkata.COMPANY Aircel Digilink India Limited Aircel Limited Bharti Cellular Limited Chennai. (W). Maharashtra. Chennai (Metro). Gujarat. UP (West). Bengal UP (East). Madhya Pradesh Reliance Telecom Limited Spice Communications Limited Assam. Haryana. Maharashtra & Goa. Tamil Nadu CIRCLES Haryana. Himachal Pradesh. North East. Kolkata. Madhya Pradesh.

and contributed 34% to the total GSM additions for the month.35mm in May 2006. 17 . driven by strong growth in both Mumbai and Delhi circles. IDEA and Bharti followed MTNL in mom growth.91% mom to 43. MTNL continued to witness the highest growth in subscriber additions.GSM subscriber base grew 2. Bharti maintained its leadership position with 27. Reliance.2% of the market share.

318 961.496 Additions in July 415.769.038.910 9.969 1.405 16.110 1.12 0.363.683.340 1.706 3.210 Subscribers as (%) Growth on July'08 11.877.121.165.95 2.483 2.505 2.957.988 2.230 16.581 76.643 1.37 7.346.01 2.188.297 5.225.073 5.09 1.302 230.619 42.091 1.042 43.423 1.449.776 210.08 0.594.65 2.370 9.687 7.389.153.699 1.227.91 18 .GSM SUBSCRIBERS Group Company Bharti BSNL Vodafone IDEA BPL Spice Aircel Reliance MTNL Total Subscribers as of June'08 11.448 62.766.540 194.804.969 8.465.591.93 5.90 4.374 1.

MTNL and BSNL were issued licenses for operation of Cellular Mobile Telephone Service as third operator in various parts of the country. In addition to license fees.2 MHz. which shall be given if the subscriber base is more than 5 lacs.The country is divided into 23 Service Areas consisting of 19 Telecom Circle Service Areas and 4 Metro Service Areas for providing Cellular Mobile Telephone Services (CMTS). The old licensees of cellular services were permitted for migration to NTP 1999 regime of revenue sharing which was effective from 1st ?August. In terms of N/TP-99. Mumbai. 8 licensees for Cellular Mobile Telephone Service in the 4 metro cities of Delhi. In terms of old licensing scheme of NTP-1994. Presently there are 78 licenses held by 25 Companies including MTNL & BSNL for CMTS in 23 Service Areas. 2001. The charges will be 4% of AGR for spectrum beyond 6. which may become possible to allocate in future subject o availability.2 MHz. This spectrum charge of 4% of AGR would also cover allocation of further spectrum. the cellular licensees pay spectrum charges on revenue share basis of 2% of AGR for spectrum upto 4. as the case may be. 17 fresh licenses have been issued to private companies as fourth cellular operator in September/October. The license fee. 10% of AGR for category 'B' Circles and 8% of AGR for category 'C' Circles. 1999. Calcutta and Chennai were issued to 8 companies in November 1994. to add up to a total spectrum allocation not 19 . 34 licenses for 18 Territorial Telecom Circles were also issued to 14 companies during 1995 to 1998. excluding spectrum charges for cellular services is 12% of "Adjusted Gross Revenue" (AGR) for Metro Service Areas and category 'A' circles. one each in 4 Metro cities and 13 Telecom Circles.4 MHz or 3% of AGR for spectrum up to 6.

706 1. CIRCLE WISE SUBSCRIBER BREAK-UP March Circle Subscribers Metro A B C Total 11. all types of mobile services including voice and non-voice messages. Such additional allocation could be considered only after a suitable subscriber as may be prescribed.817 2.739. including circuit and/or package switches that meet the relevant International Telecommunication Union (ITU)/Telecom Engineering Centre (TEC) standards.121. Essar.exceeding 10 MHz + 10 MHz per operator in a service areas.84 3.0 6.294.9 35.3 30.302 43.729.0 April (%) Growth % Share In UP-West (B Circle) the service provider includes Idea mobile.97 2.429.34 5.221 15.795 2.91 25. The strength of the various service providers in the first quarter of 2006 is as shown below: Operators Jan'2008 20 Feb'2008 Mar'2008 .346.17 2. cellular operators will be free to provide. data services and PCO's utilizing any type of network equipment. is reached. Bharti Cellular. within their areas of operation.700 13.887 15.604.727 42.496 Subscribers 11.447. Idea mobile is the leader in this circle as it was the first service provider in this circle.753 13.012. In terms of NTP-99. BSNl.209.

Ideal Mobile Bharti Cellular BSNL Vodafone Aircell 582755 358706 513580 115017 622814 367748 508972 135905 634515 381787 512454 153034 21 .

COMPANY PROFILE About Aircel The Aircel group is a joint venture between Maxis Communications Berhad of Malaysia and Sindya Securities & Investments Private Limited. 22 . whose current shareholders are the Reddy family of Apollo Hospitals Group of India. with Maxis Communications holding a majority stake of 74%.

Aircel commenced operations in 1999 and became the leading mobile operator in Tamil Nadu within 18 months. In December 2003, it launched commercially in Chennai and quickly established itself as a market leader – a position it has held since.

Aircel began its outward expansion in 2005 and met with unprecedented success in the Eastern frontier circles. It emerged a market leader in Assam and in the North Eastern provinces within 18 months of operations. Till today, the company gained a foothold in 18 circles including Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Assam, North East, Orissa, Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Kolkata, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi, UP(West), UP(East), Maharashtra & Goa and Mumbai.

The Company has currently gained a momentum in the space of telecom in India post the allocation of additional spectrum by the Department of Telecom, Govt. of India for 13 new circles across India. These include Delhi (Metro), Mumbai (Metro), Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra & Goa, Rajasthan, Punjab, UP (West) and UP (East).

Aircel has won many awards and recognitions. Voice and Data gave Aircel the highest rating for overall customer satisfaction and network quality in 2006. Aircel emerged as the top mid-size utility company in Businessworld‟s „List of Best Mid-Size Companies‟ in 2007. Additionally, recognised Aircel as the best regional operator in 2008.


With over 25 million happy customers in the country, Aircel is a full-fledged national operator.

Aircel Products
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Now experience a revolution with Aircel Products. Aircel offers a bouquet of Innovative products that are unique & simple to use with a single minded objective of solving a real problem. Our products are unique in a various ways to keep you one step ahead. We are focused on demonstrating our versatility in creating value to our subscribers through innovative products. Explore your world of possibilities by subscribing to Aircel's innovative! Select your circle to proceed.


Aircel Customer Care
Welcome to Aircel Customer Care! We at Aircel strive to provide the best in class mobile services. Aircel takes you directly into the future with the world class edge-enabled network and best in class customer service.

In this section you will be able to • • • • • Find answers to your general queries (FAQs) Learn tips (short cut keys) for frequently used Aircel services(Instant Services) Register your suggestions/Queries/Requests and complaints.(Feedback Form) To Log your issues with Nodal Officers Understand Registration and de-registration process for "Do Not Disturb

Registry" • • o o o o o o o o Learn the different ways to contact us. Circles Andhra Pradesh Assam Bihar Chennai Delhi Himachal Pradesh Jammu & Kashmir Karnataka


o o o o o o o o o o Kerala Kolkata Maharashtra Mumbai North East Orissa Tamil Nadu UP East UP West West Bengal…….. 26 .

It is also a category A ISP. North East. Jammu & Kashmir. ABS is a registered member of WIMAX forum – both in the Indian and International Chapters. Orissa. the company plans to become a pan-India operator by 2010. It offers both prepaid and postpaid GSM Aircel is a mobile phone service provider in India. Rest of Tamil Nadu. Uttar Pradesh East. Himachal Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh West) and with licenses secured for the remaining 5 telecom circles. Rest of West Bengal. It has a market share of 12.7 million. Aircel is present in 18 of the total 23 telecom circles (including Andhra Pradesh. UTSB has a 74% stake in Aircel and the remaining 26% is with Apollo Hospitals. Additionally. Delhi & NCR. Karnataka. Aircel has also obtained permission from Department of Telecommunications (DOT) to provide International Long Distance (ILD) and National Long Distance (NLD) telephony services. part of Aircel. It is India‟s fifth largest GSM mobile service provider with a subscriber base of over 27. As on date. Bihar & Jharkhand. Kolkata.Aircel is a mobile phone service provider in India. 2009. Assam. as of October 31.8% among the GSM operators in the country. Rest of Maharashtra & Goa. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and Managed Video Services on wireless platform including WIMAX. 27 . Mumbai. Aircel is a joint venture between Maxis Communications of Malaysia and Apollo Hospital Enterprise Ltd of India. Aircel Business Solutions (ABS). It is also having the largest service in Tamil Nadu. is an ISO 9000 certified company. It offers both prepaid and postpaid GSM cellular phone coverage throughout India. ABS‟ product range includes enterprise solutions such as Multiprotocol Label Switching Virtual Private Networks (MPLS VPNS). Chennai. Kerala.

The company was able to generate positive publicity and show consumers that they care. It is also the major sponsors for Chennai Open (the only ATP tennis tournament in India).2 billions (USD 3. Aircel placed an actual dinghy lifeboat to a downtown billboard. Aircel's majority stake holder at that time. 2009 the monsoon arrived and so did Aircel customer service. July 15. A rope with a sign reading.36 billions) for its shareholders (UTSB). raised RM11. Aircel boat. 28 . „Excellence in Marketing of New Telecom Service‟. Aircel was honored at the World Brand Congress 2009 with three awards. and Marketing Campaign & Marketing Professional of the Year. Aircel got the highest rating for overall customer satisfaction and network quality in 2006 by Voice and Data. Brand Leadership in Telecom. Maxis. held up the branded raft. Aircel was honored by CMAI INFOCOM National Telecom Award 2009 for. “In case of emergency. which is captained by Mahendra Singh Dhoni.Aircel has won many awards for its services. The dinghy was cut down and pedestrians were safely transported. Aircel was rated as the top mid-size utility company in Business World‟s „List of Best Mid-Size Companies‟ in 2007. Aircel is one of the sponsors of the Indian Premier League Cricket Team Chennai Super Kings. making it the largest IPO in Malaysia and Southeast Aircel had been selected as the best regional operator in 2008 by Tele. and Professional Golf Tour of India. What Aircel calls “Corporate Social Responsibility – A Solution”. cut rope”.

they are building a dedicated toilet for the police guarding the Anna Flyover and the US Embassy. as far as the utility is concerned. UTSB is one of the largest privately owned company in Malaysia the owner of UTSB is a Tamil of Sri Lankan origin Ananda Krishnan and he is the second richest person in Malaysia) They got the 3-G permissio n on these state. the contract has been awarded by TNRIDC and executed by Chennai based outdoor advertising agency [Abra Media Networks http://www. This project boasts of first of its kind lighting solution for the entire strech of the bridge and many other landscapes to enhance the look of the whole bridge. 29 .in/].Beautification of Anna Flyover has been taken up Aircel for a period of three years. Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd also owned telecommunication assets in Sri Lanka (SLT) and Indonesia (Axis). Aircel plans to maintain it for 3 years. Once this flyover is being beautified.abramedia.

30 .

P. telecom circle is serving the whole state of Andhra Pradesh including the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secundrabad. satellite and digital wireless communication ventures for provision of infrastructure. first Indian company to provide comprehensive telecom services outside India. Commsouth has grown steadily and established sound positions in the mobile telephony and telecom management software market.P.P TELECOM A. services and solutions among other initiatives. ASC ENTERPRISES LIMITED (ASCEL) Ascel is a multi venture corporate heralding the "convergence" era in our country. Offer a wide range of telecom services from basic telephone service to high speed data circuits. first private basic telephone service provider in the country.-telecom officer's service telephone numbers can be viewed by clicking the concerned telecom district. Bharti has been a pioneering force in the telecom sector with many firsts and innovations to its credit. A. information & learning.SOME OF THE MOST POPULAR TELECOM COMPANIES IN INDIA: A. 31 . BHARTI ENTERPRISES Established in 1985. in the mid nineties. entertainment) products & services. media. BANGALORE TELECOM Bangalore telecom system is a communications window to the rest of the world. focusing on nationwide retailing of time (telecom. COMMSOUTH Commsouth was founded in Chennai. ranging from being the first mobile service in Delhi.

Uttaranchal. Andhra Pradesh. oil & gas and telecom. power. office automation and information technology and value added services. As a leader in 32 . shipping. idea cellular has operations in Delhi. Himachal Pradesh and Kerala. a customer-focused company providing innovative mobile wireless services targeted to meet the needs of customers who are under-served by traditional communications companies. idea cellular has licenses to operate in 11 circles. Idea acquired spice telecom which was operating in Karnataka and Punjab. Goa. Chattisgarh. Idea cellular footprint currently covers approximately 45% of India‟s population and over 50% of the potential telecom-market. Asia‟s leading value-added mobile services and solutions provider on platforms like sms / ivrs / wap / gprs / ussd etc. Haryana. With a customer base of over 17 million. constructions. Madhya Pradesh. Gujarat.CELLEBRUM Cellebrum is a company of M Corp global group with interests in the field of telecom solutions. IDEA CELLULAR India's leading GSM mobile services operator. UP-west. CRICKET COMMUNICATIONS Cricket is the operating subsidiary of leap wireless international. ESSAR GROUP The Essar group is one of India‟s largest corporate houses with interests spanning the manufacturing and service sectors in both old and new economies: steel. Maharashtra.

well-established company. INTERNET & MOBILE ASSOCIATION OF INDIA The internet & mobile association of India (IAMAI) is a not-for-profit industry body registered under the SOCIETIES ACT. While we constantly work towards giving our subscribers a better network. a voice portal with 'say idea' and a complete suite of mobile email services. 'background tones'. 'group talk'. It is the first cellular company to launch music messaging with 'cellular jockey'. and an unmatched personalized customer service. carriers. innovative products and a superior mobile telephony experience. a true pioneer in the enterprise mobility market. LOOP MOBILE Loop mobile (BPL mobile now rebranded as loop mobile). JP Mobile is a solid. 1896. They offer sure wave mobility suite. They are a privately held company with solid financial backing. Its mandate is to expand and enhance the online and mobile value added services sectors. Introduce New Services And To Raise Revenue For Telecom Development Needs Of India �S Key Metros � 33 . 1986 By The Government Of India To Upgrade The Quality Of Telecom Services.value added services. billing accuracy. system integrators and independent software vendors. INC. our subscribers can be assured of the same focus and commitment in providing the best network coverage. represents growth with continuity. MTNL DELHI MTNL Was Set Up On 1st April. JP MOBILE. a comprehensive wireless mobility solution for enterprises. innovation is central to idea's vas factory. Expand The Telecom Network.

Delhi. national and international long distance services. The Business Capital Of India MTS . Currently they operate in the states of Rajasthan. Tamil Nadu. Bihar. SHYAM TELECOM LIMITED 34 . integrated (Both Wireless and Wireline) and convergent (Voice. Ambani (1932-2002) is India's largest business house RELIANCE INFOCOMM Reliance Infocomm will offer a complete range of telecom services. high-capacity. applications.SHYAM TELECOM Sistema Shyam teleservices limited is a joint venture company between sistema of Russia and Shyam group of India. RELIANCE INFOCOM The Reliance group founded By Dhirubhai H. and consulting. Kerala. RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS Reliance Communications has a reliable. It is capable of delivering a range of services spanning the entire infocomm (Information and Communication) value chain. The Political Capital And Mumbai. West Bengal and Jharkand. including infrastructure and services for enterprises as well as individuals. covering mobile and fixed line telephony including broadband. Data and Video) digital network.

It has revolutionized the industry with development of innovative products. and value added service nodes to provide a range of basic and value added services. Tata teleservices limited is India‟s leading private basic service operator. 1956 to take over the activities of the erstwhile overseas communication services (OCS). TOUCHTEL A Bharti group company offering landline. Shyam group commenced its operations in 1974 to introduce up-to-date telecommunication technology. TEPL has been foremost in bringing global technology to the Indian market. SONY ERICSSON Sony Ericsson mobile communications offers mobile multimedia consumer products for people who appreciate the possibilities of powerful technology. submarine cable systems.Shyam telecom is pioneer in Telecom Industry. with service and distribution centres of its own. Since its establishment. TELEMATIC ENGINEERS (P) LTD. dsl in metros VIDESH SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED VSNL incorporated on April 1. the TEPL network spans across the central western India. Considered as one of the best providers of mobile telephony in India. SPICE TELECOM Spice telecom the brand name of spice communications limited is presently operating cellular phone services in the states of Punjab and Karnataka. switches. The company operates a network of earth stations. Established in 1993. 35 . 1986 under the Indian Companies Act. TATA INDICOM Tata teleservices ltd offers its products and services to customers across India under the name of "Tata Indicom".

with over 34. YOUR BILL BUDDY Your bill buddy. Vodafone essar now has operations in 16 circles covering 86% of India‟s mobile customer base.VODAFONE ESSAR Vodafone essar in India is a subsidiary of Vodafone group plc and commenced operations in 1994 when its predecessor Hutchison telecom acquired the cellular license for is your one-stop solution for finding the best mobile plan in market for yourself. Also you can send free sms to your friends. 36 .1 million customers.

To maintain good relationship with the corporate employees.On the job training 1. 10. The make the customer aware of the benefits of the product and convince him to use the services. 3. 7. 9. To sort out the prospective leads from the data I have collected through the survey. 37 . To build the relation ship with the new customers and to follow up them. 6. 4. To get more references from the customers and generate new leads by following a chain process. On The Job Training (OJT) gives a practical exposure and helps in acquiring the on road skills. 11. 2. 8. To gain the complete knowledge about the products of Aircel. First and foremost objective is to sell the Sim and Vouchers in open commodity & acquired the existing market. To introduce Aircel to those people who don‟t have any knowledge about Aircel and its products and services. make sure that they are satisfied with the product. To generate the leads through the survey. 5. To find out the customer awareness on booming telecom market and to find out of the people.

5. 38 . Now I don‟t feel any problem to talk with any retailer. I have to know more than my clients. We have to achieve our target within due time (do or die) 2. Keep Patience 4. Enjoyment is also a part of work(work-life balance) Achievements In these days I have got the knowledge buying habits of the customers at some extent. To understand the clients perception (how to motivate them). and I promised to retailer as soon as possible I shall solve your problems. 3.Things which I learnt from OJT 1. At last I have motivated those retailers who don‟t have interest to sell the service of my company.

Finding out what are the factors which affect the decision making for sell of services. 3. 39 . 2.Objective of the study 1. To find out how to regenerate the confidence of the retailers to sell the services in prevailing market condition. To find out the problems by which we can do better in market with our competitor.

Time constraints has been also become a major limitation.Limitation of Study Every work has its own limitation. They may be partial or refuse to cooperate. The following limitations for the project are: 1. Duration of the project was not enough to make our conclusion on such a vast subject. 2. Getting accurate response form the respondents due to their inherent problems. 40 . 3. Customer ignorance was faced during discussions with respondents. The sample size taken for drawing the conclusion was not sizeable. Limitation are extend to which the process should not exceed. 4.

14* wherein you will get multiple goodies like Unlimited surfing for 3 days. Living standard of the people of Meerut according to their income. wallpapers & games through a specific WAP URL on your mobile handsets only. Also with this pack you can download some free content downloads i. The scopes are:  The scope of this project is that it gives the enough scope to the company to know the need of the customers of Meerut. 41 . uploading & downloading on your GPRS enable handset & to your laptop/computer.Scope of Study Every works has some has some of the scope.  The other scope of this project is it helps the company by which they solve the problem of the customers and make the good relationship with the customers. Aircel Presents Pocket Internet Pack @ Rs.e. They can know about the buying behavior of the customer.

Also you can download some free content downloads i. 42 .Read more Aircel presents Pocket Internet Pack @ 98* at a very nominal cost wherein you will get multiple goodies like unlimited surfing.e. wallpapers & games through a specific WAP URL on your mobile handsets only. uploading & downloading on your GPRS enable handset & to your laptop/computer.

Through this the subscriber can dedicate a specific song for a specific subscriber.3/min. Subscriber will be confirmed with an SMS message of service activation. Select a new song and either assign the song for all the callers or to 43 . Song Download Charges : Free What is Caller Ring Back Tone? Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) is a special feature through which the calling party can hear a song or music instead of the default "tring tring" tone. call Rs. How to activate CRBT service? In order to get the CRBT service activated the subscriber has to register with the CRBT service by calling 53000 and follow the instructions played by IVR. No song download charges.30. How to dedicate a special song to a particular user or change a song? To change the selected song or to dedicate a special song to another user the subscriber has to call 53000 and follow the instructions which will play by IVR. While selecting the song it will play.Aircel introduces Dialer Tunes! Get rid of boring Tring Tring and make your callers listen to latest tunes. Will the subscriber be charged for the service? Yes. he or she will get to hear the special song dedicated to the calling number. Whenever this subscriber calls. Dial 53000. there will be a subscription charge and a charge for every song downloaded. Registration Rs. Once the user has registered for CRBT service the calling party will hear the song instead of the default ringing tone ("Tring Tring"). whether to dedicate to all or a particular number.

One can select an album as their CRBT from the available list of albums. Subscriber will be confirmed with an SMS message of song change. Select the account details or profile management 44 . The User can also unsubscribe from this service. call the IVR at 53000 and follow the instructions. How to unregister the CRBT service? The user can deregister from the CRBT service by calling the short code 53000 and follow the instructions played by IVR. Select the account details or profile management and can do deregistration of a single number or all. by calling Aircel Customer care at 09854012345 (Applicable for both prepaid and post paid subscribers of Assam Circle. What is Caller Ring Back Tone? Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) is a special feature through which the calling party can hear a song or music instead of the default "tring tring" tone. To change or to deregister the album.particular caller so that the previous song will be replaced with the newly selected song. Once the subscriber is unregistered the calling party will not hear the song anymore and only the default "tring tring" will be played. How to deactivate the special song dedicated to another user? The user can remove the song dedicated for a particular subscriber by calling 53000 and follow the instructions played by IVR. Songs will be played randomly to the caller from the selected album. \ What is CRBT Album? Songs are grouped under special groups called albums.

and can do deregistration of a single number. 45 . After removing the dedicated song the particular subscriber will hear the default song selected for all.

” Some people consider research as movement.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY MEANING OF RESEARCH Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. whether that knowledge aids in construction of theory or in 46 . In fact. concepts or symbols for the purpose of generalizing to extend. research is an are of scientific investigation. According to Clifford Woody research comprises defining and redefining problems. can be termed as research. This inquisitiveness is the mother of all knowledge and the method. correct or verify knowledge. One can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information as a specific topic. a movement from the known to the unknown. which man employs for obtaining the knowledge of whatever the unknown. We all possess the vital instinct of inquisitiveness makes us probe and attain full and fuller understanding of the unknown. Research is an academic activity and as such the term should be used in a technical sense. It is actually a voyage of discovery. organizing and evaluating data. collecting.” Redman and Mory define research as a “systematized effort to gain new knowledge. and at last carefully testing the conclusions to determine whether they fit the formulating hypothesis. formulating hypothesis or suggested solutions.Slesinger and M Stephenson in the encyclopedia of Social Sciences define research as “ the manipulation of things. making deductions and reaching conclusions. The Advanced Learner‟s Dictionary of Current English lays down the meaning of research as “a careful investigation or inquiry specially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge. D.

market and our pear & dear. The research location assigned for the project was Aircel office. The systematic approach concerning generalization and the formulation of a theory is also research.  For the consumer‟s survey the sample size taken was 50 and the sampling method was quota sampling. etc. According to the executive.the practice of an art” Research is . an original contribution to the existing stock of knowledge making for its advancement. As such the term‟ research refers to the systematic method consisting of enunciating the facts and reaching certain conclusions either in the from of solutions(s) towards the concerned problem or in certain generalizations for some theoretical formulation. the search for knowledge through objective and systematic method of finding solution to a problem is research. Government employees. This region is the one of the most densely populated region with the average per capita income and this region hosts a number of government. In short. thus. and corporate offices. Thus. an idea about the profile of the customers seeking the scope of network services were identified. are the buyers of such products. there are huge numbers of people with high disposable income. It is pursuit of truth with the help of study. observation . comparison and experiment. Business Executives. 47 . Business Men. The respondents were selected from the Meerut. After getting the knowledge from the executive of Aircel.

2) Secondary Data collection Method:For this study a great deal of data was collected through various business magazines. 1) Primary Data collection Method: To collect primary data following plan was carried out: In order to test the impact of recession on an extensive customer survey was conducted with the help of formally designed questionnaire. So this sampling can also said as stratified random sampling. A much larger of calls.Data collection method Basically two types of data collection method are used in this project. 48 . All the respondents were chosen randomly from a stratum of people who sell the network services. In the view of time and cost constraints. a sample size of 50 was considered sufficient. We also get the data from different distributors and retailers. had to be made. however. business newspapers. for obtaining 50 successful interviews. and websites. those having relevant data which I need.



51 .


It is the revenue of the retailers. REVENUE(WEEKLY WISE) AIRCEL AIRTEL IDEA VODAFONE TATADOCOMEO RIM(CDMA) WEEKLY REVENUE 173750 291000 89000 124300 89850 123250 TOTAL REVENUE 350000 300000 250000 REVENUE 200000 WEEKLY REVENUE 150000 100000 50000 0 TE L EO RI M ID EA CE L FO NE O CO M AI R AI R COMPANY NAME TA TA D VO DA 53 (C DM A) .Show the revenue of the AIRCEL Company weekly wise.


Show the level of satisfaction of the retailers about the AIRCEL Company. WEEKLY RETAILER SATISFACTION AVERAGE SAMPLE SIZE 8 GOOD 9 BEST 26 SAMPLE SIZE 30 25 20 SAMPLE SIZE 15 10 5 0 SAMPLE SIZE AVERAGE 8 GOOD 9 SATISFACTION BEST 26 55 .

People know about Aircel service through 30 % Friends 70% Advertisements 5% Other Sources Friends Advertisement Other Sources Total 30 70 5 105 30% 70% 5% 105% 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 friends advertisements other sources INTERPRETATION: Hence maximum respondent know about Aircel through advertisement 56 .

Feature of Aircel forced people to use Aircel is 35% Advertisements 35%Goodwill Advertisements Connectivity Schemes Goodwill 30 70 5 105 30% 70% 5% 105% 20% Connectivity 10%Schemes advertisement connectivity schemes goodwill 57 .

People‟s first choice of cellular service when they want to use mobile phone IDEA 45% vodaphone 30% Aircel 8% RELIANCE 10% TATA INDICOM 5% OTHERS 2% AIRTEL Idea TATA INDICOM RELIANCE Aircel OTHERS 58 .

Advertisements 25% Connectivity 60% Schemes 15% ADVERTISEMENTS CONNECTIVITY SCHEMES 59 .Feature of Aircel is better than the people‟s previous cellular service.

Aircel users in people‟s phone book Less than 30% 30% .70% More than 70% : : : 15% 25% 60% 0-30 30-70 70-100 Type of advertisement mostly like by people in IDEA is Audio Visual Print Audio : : : 85% 2% 13% Audio Visual Print Audio 60 .

People like most in Aircel is NOKIA + Aircel IDEA MAGIC Postpaid services IDEA Broadband : : : : 86% 5% 8% 1% NOKIA + AIRTEL AIRTEL MAGIC Postpaid services Aircel Service liked by people most in IDEA is IDEA missed you service Ring tones Hello tunes : : : 63% 15% 22% 61 .

AIRTEL missed you service RINGTONES Type of recharge cards liked by people HELLOTUNES More talk time More validity : : 23% 15% 62 .

Both : 62% More talktime IDEA is #1 in India More validity Both Yes No : : 95% 5% 63 .

FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS  AIRCEL is the second leading network company.  They are trying to solve the network problems and focus on the more network towers.  They are also giving more focus on customer relationship. 64 .  They are trying to make more dealer/distributors in every area for convenient of retailers and customers. Retailers are more interested to sell the SIM in slab (during the scheme time).  Customer‟s problems in value added service in AIRCEL Company.  AIRCEL sells more SIM than AIRTEL in this time and giving more benefit to the customers.  There is prospect to become number one company in the market. They will get easily sim and voucher any time. It should be solved quickly.  AIRCEL are giving the gift items regularly to the retailers for who fulfill the selling target.  They are giving more margins to retailers and distributors regarding any other network companies.

65 . to the  Problem in Rs 1 power.  Rejection paper is not available.  Most of the retailer is interested towards activation not in revenue.PROBLEM OBSERVED THROUG SERVEY  Vouchers not recharged easily.  Proper balance is not confirmed on SIM.  Automatic service activated.  Second month balance is not available in the purchase SIM according conditions.  Network failure (poor network).

66 .

Airtel). THREATS: --1. Network problem (poor network). There is a great opportunity in the telecom service. 2.CONCLUSIONS After the depth study of all the current situation of the market. WEEKNESS: --1. if they provide better and consistent network in the coming years then . 2. Giving more margins to the retailers and distributors. I come to this conclusion that the Indian market is so open and vast for the telecom service. Flexible and better plan for the customers. 67 . OPPURTUNITY: --1. It was the first company to launch the PPS plan. They got the license of 3-G service in 13 circles. Network coverage with competitors (Vodafone. SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH: --1.they would be number one telecom provider company. Automatic update VAS. 2.


5. 3. There should be regular survey to ensure that the salesman are distributing the products evenly and not doing favor to certain retailers and ask for tips. Supply and distribution should be improved during summer. 7. It should not rely upon the existing advantage but should give more new advantage: For example a) Offering gifts to the customers on buying SIM during a specific time. 2.SUGGESTIONS 1. 6. distributors and retailers and interact with customers through internet. More emphasis should be given in retaining and building loyalty among the retailers while at the same time the new retailers should be encouraged. The company can use internet 69 . 4. The competency of the distributors should be assessed. We give the following suggestion that can be implemented to increase the customer‟s satisfaction and profitability of the company. More distributors should be created where the distributors are less. b) They should give dress having the logo of AIRCEL to the salesman to motivate and advertisement. The company can built database about suppliers.

take orders and in making transactions with retailers. It should expand the network coverage. 9. 10. facilitate information exchange. It should be more focus on customer call during the problems. Public welfare schemes should be undertaken so as to build a closer relation with the customers. 70 .

wikipedia.R. www. Marketing Management by Philip Kotler .& Kellar Research Methodology by C. 71 .com Other www.scribd.BIBLIOGRAPHY AIRCEL BIBLIOGRAPHY         Summer Internship Simplified by Uddyan Das. www.aircel.


Q9 Do you want to buy Idea sim card? Yes No Cant say now Q10 Which factor do you considered while buying Idea Cellular Limited Products? Network Schemes Brand image Call Charges If other than please specify………………. Q8. Q7. NO. BEHAVIOUR OF COMPANY‟S MAN IS GOOD FOR YOU? 1. 2. Q11 From how long do you use Idea simcard? less than a year 1 to 3 year More than 3 years Q12 Have you seen any advertisement of Idea Cellular Limited? Yes No Q13 Do you face network problem any time? Sometime Never Often 73 . YES. YES.GIVE THE OPINION ABOUT AIRCEL CO.1. NO.WHICH CAN BE IMPLEMENTED. 2.

Q14 In which area of service in idea simcard do you want to improve? Network Quality Schemes Call Charges. Q15 Do you satisfied with the service of Idea Cellular Limited? Yes No. 74 .

MARKET MAPPING FORMAT R=REVENUE A=ACTIVATION name of Contact AIRCEL AIRTEL IDEA TATA VODAFONE RIM retailers Person DOCOMO name R A R A R A R A R A R A This is the weekly mapping report of retailers .I observed all the data from retailers according to their weekly sell of SIM and VOUCHERS. 75 .

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