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Navamsa & Clue to Death More Charts

By Saptarishis Astrology

fter we had written that article on one of the techniques of how to see death, we had forwarded it to some team members and some of our esteemed writers. Some feedback we received in terms of more charts and request for explanations on some charts and if the technique worked on the chart or not. Navamsa chart which as per Bhuvan Deepika is called the Chart of Fruit of Life a huge clue on what the navamsa is that has been missed. If one misses this Fruit of Life techinque then for rest of our life one would miss the cruz of astrology. Not only death but many other things can be seen from the Navamsa. Some have taken this shloka from Bhuvan Deepika and passed it on as Parampara knowledge (knowledge from tradition) but that is the sad part of astrology today where teachers do not like to quote shlokas whereas just a few decades back it was not possible to write an article or discuss in an astrologers assembly without quoting shloka or an authority. The following three charts were presented by Sandro Basilioli from Italy, a fantastic researcher on longevity techniques to whom Indians should be indebted for reviving the Pravin Jagad technique. Chart 1: Gilles Villeneuve Formula 1 Race Driver

Before we test our technique, lets see some classic combinations, 8H of death has Mandi Gulika it shows something sinister, then 6L of accidents with 8L of death is in the 2H of profession along with kendradipathi dosha planet Mer and host of other combinations. Now use the technique, 8L of death Moon is with Venus the 6L of accident with Mer, Jupiter , making all of them the death contenders. See these death contenders in the Navamsa chart and in order to keep it brief, one of the death contenders Venus is in the 3H of vehicular accidents, Jupiter another death contender is in the sign Gemini (vehicular accidents) with Ketu (accident karaka) and another death contender and karaka of communication Mercury is in the 8H of death. Moon the natal 8L is aspecting the Venus the other death contender in the Navamsa chart and he died on 8th May 1982 in the Antardasa of Venus. Chart 2: Hubbard, L. Ron

Hubbard, L. Ron the founder of the Scientology Religion. A controversial man during his times which makes his chart a wonderful study for astrologers. Now use the technique 8L in Rasi chart is Mer sitting in the 4H of heart with karaka of heart Sun, aspected by Moon who sits in the house of Sun thereby giving the Sun Mer combination more power. Moon is also the 6L of diseases from the 4H of heart. Thus Mer, Sun and Moon become contenders of death in the Navamsa and their you would find two of them Sun and Moon in the 4H of heart. The other contender Moon 8L of Rasi is with Jupiter in D9. Hubbard suffered a stroke on 1/17/86 which left him debilitated and bedridden, with his speech badly impaired. He died at his Creston, CA ranch at 8:00 PM on 1/24/1986. He got his heart attack in Jup MD and Sun AD and died in the same. Chart 3: James Dean, American Actor

A6 Pluto

A6 Pluto

American actor, an instant star in 1955 who was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar for his role in "East of Eden," which was followed by "Giant," 1956. He became a timeless cult favorite for "Rebel Without a Cause," 1955,a title which he apparently accepted as his personal banner. 8H has Moon and 8L Venus is with Saturn (8L from 4H of vehicles) and aspected by Jupiter who is dispositor of 8L and is sitting with A6 (accidents), Pluto (dramatic accident) in the sign of Gemini (vehicular accidents). Now see these contenders of death Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in the Navamsa chart. Jupiter (note) sits in the 4H of vehicles, Moon is with kendradipathi dosha graha Mercury (note) & True Rahu (note) aspecting the 8H thereby forming relation, Saturn is in the 12H of exit and bad accidents and Venus the Rasi 8L of death is in the 7H of maraka house in Navamsa in sign Gemini which indicates loss through vehicles. He was killed in a wild auto accident caused by speeding in his Porsche Spyder on 9/30/1955 (25th year) on the highway near Cholame, CA. He died in Jup/Rahu/Mer. Jupiter, Rahu and Mer have been shown as contenders as death in the above paragraph. BCP If he had a Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi Astrologer seeing his 25th year, he would have calculated it and seen that the BCP Focus year for the 25th year comes in the 1H and its lord Jupiter is in the 4H of vehicles with A6 (accidents), Gulika and in sign Gemini (loss via

vehicles) then James Dean would have been adviced to stay away from vehicles but can an astrologer change Fate with has been associated with the planet Pluto. Chart 4: Writer This chart belongs to one of our writers.

A8 A8

The 8H has Ketu and the 8L Mars is with Jupiter and Rahu in sign of Libra which denotes sexual organs. The dispositor of all this is Venus who is with A8 (chronic). These contenders of death Ketu, Mars, Jupiter and Rahu must be observed in the Navamsa, Jupiter again is in the sign of Libra (private parts) aspecting the 8H where the 8L Mars of Rasi has gone in the 8H of very private parts. The native was detected with Testicular Cancer in the year 2003/2004 when Venus/Venus was operative. Chart 5: Dharu Peene Se Liver Kharab Hota Hain It means The Effects of drinking alcohol spoils the liver this was a famous dialogue said by the Superstar Amitabh Bachchan in a movie. The dialogue delivery was a masterpiece which caught the fancy of the nation and everyone till date repeats it. This chart was sent by another team member of man whose liver has been removed and is a medical miracle. We have so far not put in charts where karaka is to be seen for death and was waiting for it to be in the next issue.

Some debate that Jupiter is not the karaka for liver, but liver is spoilt due to heavy drinking and alcohol is represented by Rahu and Rahu infact gets debilitated in Jupiters sign. See the natives chart the 8L is Jupiter and debilitated and Moon is placed who is dispositor of A6, Saturn aspects the 8H. Thus there are 3 contenders Jup, Moon and Saturn, see it in the Navamsa. Jupiter is placed in the 8H of death in D9 and Saturn is placed in Libra denoted lower stomach region with Mer who denotes the 6H regions of ones body. He was detected with Liver Cirrhosis and since last 2 years his liver has been removed and he is still alive, a medical miracle among doctors who are confused as to how he is still alive. As you can see Jupiter and Saturn are two contenders and both in Rasi and Navamsa Jupiter is in Saturn sign making the dasa of Jupiter/ Saturn or Saturn/Jupiter an event marking dasa. In Jupiter/Saturn he was detected with Liver Cirrhosis and in May 2009 within that same AD his liver was removed.