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2012 Ohio Mid Amateur Results

Westbrook Country Club June 1113, 2012

OGA Mid Amateur Champions

Year Champion Home club Tournament Site

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Dr. Bud Pipoly Ralph Ballenger Glenn Apple Alan Fadel Stu Hughes Brad Franks Denny Gallagher Bob Moock Randy Reifers Tom Elfers Robert Gerwin Denny Gallagher Tom Elfers Alan Fadel Rod Spittle Rod Spittle Mike Kelley Rod Spittle John Bisop Dan DeVore Jeff Mallette Tom Brudzinski Mike Kelley Billy Williamson Tom Elfers Joe Hurtuk Kevin Grabeman

Sylvania Columbus Medina Inverness Lakewood Beckett Ridge Coldstream Lakes Muirfield Ivy Hills Camargo Coldstream Ivy Hills Inverness Little Turtle Little Turtle New Albany Little Turtle Scioto Browns Run Brookside W. Hills New Albany Coldstream Oasis Windmill Lakes Brookside

Brandywine Columbus Zanesville Findlay Miami Valley Hickory Hills Greene Westbrook Springfield Sylvania Maketewah Marion Marietta Oak Tree Elks Run Shawnee Elks Shady Hollow Mohawk Windy Knoll Greene Lake Forest Worthington Hills Sylvania Stonelick Hills Barrington Westbrook

Kevin Grabeman, Columbus Robert Gerwin II, Cincinnati Randy Shaver, Ontario Chad Scott, Mansfield Steven Paramore, Ashland Jeffrey Scohy, Bellbrook Matthew Elliott, Columbus Kurt Peterson, Massillon Peter Samborsky II, Dayton Tom Ballinger, Mansfield Ken Kinkopf, Dublin Bill Williamson, Cincinnati David Lester, Powell Daniel Belden, Akron Brian Smith, Amherst Lindsey Newman, New Albany Mark Thomas, Jackson Twp. Raymond Sovik, Powell Chris Coleman, Columbus Alan Fadel, Toledo Kris ODonnell, Delaware Larry Tolley, Willard Roger Johnson, Dayton Michael Kelley, Westerville Derek Denlinger, Blacklick Jeff Sparks, Cincinnati Andrew Montooth, Columbus Rick Areddy, Aurora Robert Schustrich, Windham Jason Leeds, Westerville Terry Wamack, Columbus Craig Bennington, Columbus Billy Barbour, Mount Vernon Edward Steiber, Cincinnati Thomas Lambert, Springboro Dave Lennox, Gahanna Brian Simmons, Toledo Nick Lambos, Canton Dan DeVore, Cincinnati Chad Bolt, Grove City Stephen Mayes, Westerville Tim Richey, Dublin Saumil Jhaveri, Westlake Scott Buckles, Dublin Anthony Yacovazzi, Hudson Greg Orvets, Hilliard David Griffith, Broadview Heights Tristan Lewis, Pepper Pike Ken Weixel, New Albany Phil Trueblood, Lima Josh Anderson, Sunbury Jeffrey Knox, Solon Vin Cahill, Hilliard Phil Skinner, Dublin Mark Mickley, Howard Todd Bowie, Delaware Bryan Jackson, Delaware Doug Gage, Dayton Jamie Thompson, Marion Jason Chadima, Stow Jake Oberlin, Defiance

70-73--143 72-72--144 74-72--146 72-74--146 72-74--146 71-75--146 75-72--147 72-75--147 74-73--147 70-77--147 71-76--147 74-73--147 73-75--148 71-77--148 75-73--148 73-75--148 75-73--148 74-76--150 71-79--150 76-74--150 74-77--151 75-76--151 75-76--151 78-73--151 75-76--151 75-77--152 74-78--152 77-75--152 78-75--153 79-74--153 80-73--153 75-78--153 78-75--153 79-75--154 81-73--154 79-75--154 78-76--154 76-78--154 81-74--155 77-78--155 78-77--155 76-79--155 78-77--155 80-76--156 78-78--156 78-78--156 79-77--156 78-78--156 78-78--156 78-78--156 79-77--156 78-79--157 78-79--157 77-81--158 75-83--158 78-81--159 78-82--160 78-82--160 84-76--160 83-77--160 82-79--161

Ohio Golf Association

1570 West First Avenue Columbus, OH 43212 614-487-1207 fax: 614-487-1209


Kevin Grabeman
Kory Oslie, Ashland Craig Soule, Port Clinton Adam Thomarios, Akron Ryan Zahn, Lexington Will Klucinec, Canfield Monty Guest, Solon Tyler Anderson, Washington C.H. John Hanley, Westerville James Burt, Piqua Josh Beard, Mansfield George Papas, Strongsville Warren Cohen, Shaker Heights Brett Eley, Wapakoneta Gary Congin, Chesterland David Belden, Port Clinton Mike Baughn, Dayton David Becher, Dublin Jason McRoberts, Hamilton Brent Wagener, Dayton Jeff Leonard, Fairlawn Jeff Godzak, Van Buren Mike Good, Columbus Jeff Roush, Bellville Keith Pluto, Parma Jeffrey Roope, Hilliard Jeffrey Maier, Columbus Dan Sullivan, Dublin Rodney Bordman, Norwalk Jerry Haines, Dublin Todd Schwind, Perrysburg Bill Esch, Worthington Bradley Weixel, Westerville Joel Foss, Sandusky Matthew Akers, Lima Derek Kesig, Delaware Kip Gray, Arcanum Kenneth Williams, Toledo Kevin Richardson, Cleveland Larry Worthington, Galloway Michael Kennedy, Holland Ron Rositani, Willowick 79-82--161 79-82--161 78-83--161 80-81--161 80-81--161 81-81--162 82-80--162 80-82--162 81-81--162 82-81--163 80-83--163 82-81--163 85-78--163 77-87--164 82-82--164 82-82--164 85-79--164 - 80-85--165 86-79--165 80-85--165 84-82--166 82-85--167 84-83--167 80-87--167 82-86--168 84-85--169 87-82--169 86-83--169 85-84--169 81-88--169 86-85--171 88-83--171 85-87--172 84-88--172 85-90--175 91-86--177 89-88--177 93-86--179 91-89--180 82-99--181 90-92--182

28th Annual 2013


JUNE 1012, 2013

ENTRIES CLOSE May 29, 2013 4:00 PM

TEE TIMES Requested tee times can not be guaranteed. Copies of starting times will be sent

28th Annual 2013

to CDGA Pro Shops approximately one week in advance of event. Contestants may check OHIOGOLF.ORG.

Phone ____


June 10-12 Winding Hollow New Albany, Ohio
FORMAT: 36 Hole Stroke Play. All play is gross.

DEADLINE July 26, 2011, 4 p.m. (or when field fills). No Tee Entries. No Fax, phone or
e-mail entries.

Email ____

FORMAT Must be 55 or over to compete. Handicap index limit of 10.4. 18-Hole qualifier


Birthdate __


18 HOLES: TUESDAY, June 11, 8:00 start on first and tenth tees. 1:00 start on first and tenth tees. 18 HOLES: WEDNESDAY, June 12, 8:00 start on first and tenth tees. 1:00 start on first and tenth tees. AGE CLASSES: 25 Thru 34, 35 Thru 44, and 45 and up (no age limit in this class). AWARDS: Certificate prizes awarded to overall champion and each division based on total entry for that division. 2013 Champion is exempt for 2013 Ohio Amateur, July 8-12, Brookside CC, Canton, Ohio. HANDICAPS: Contestants must have a 6.4 index or less to compete. CONTESTANTS: (1) Member of an OGA Member Club or Associate Club with paid 2013 dues. (2) Non Members must be a resident of Ohio and pay Non-Member entry fee. All entrants must be 25 years or older on 6/11/13 and have a handicap index of 6.4 or less. Contestants will receive confirmation of entry,with hotel and registration information. REGISTRATION: All contestants are required to register at club Monday, June 10. A player may call the OGA to pre-register, if he is unable to get to the course on Monday. If a player fails to register, his spot will be given to an alternate. PRACTICE: Monday, June 10. NO PRE-ARRANGED PRACTICE ROUNDS. Players must report to registration and then first tee to arrange practice round. Players may arrange practice round pairings. All practice rounds start from first tee only. The first tee will close at 3:00 p.m. on Monday. PAIRINGS: Pairings will be mailed to all contestants one week prior to event. All entries shall be deemed to be by invitation and are subject to OGA Board acceptance. Committee will make all tournament pairings. REFUNDS: No refunds after deadline date May 29, 2013 at 4 p.m., or when field fills (162) without written medical excuse. ENTRY FEE: Entry Fee includes all cart fees, practice fee and buffet lunches Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for all contestants. CADDIES: Contestants may carry their own bag. The following constitutes a condition of the competition. Appendix I, restriction on who may serve as a caddie is in effect:A player is prohibited from having a parent, guardian or another player in the same competition serve as his caddie during the stipulated round. FOOTWEAR: It is a condition of this competition that shoes with traditionally designed spikes (regardless of composition, i.e. ceramic, plastic, etc.) or spikes, regardless of design, comprised either entirely or partially of metal (if such metal may come in contact with the course) are prohibited during the stipulated round. Penalty for breach of this condition: Disqualification. SPECIFICATIONS OF CLUBS AND THE BALL List of Conforming Driver Heads: On its Web site ( the USGA periodically issues a List of Conforming Driver Heads that lists driving clubheads that have been evaluated and found to conform to the Rules of Golf. Any driver the player carries must have a clubhead, identified by model and loft, that is named on the current List of Conforming Driver Heads issued by the USGA. Exception: A driver with a clubhead that was manufactured prior to 1999 is exempt from this condition. *PENALTY FOR CARRYING, BUT NOT MAKING STROKE WITH, CLUB OR CLUBS IN BREACH OF CONDITION: Stroke play - Two strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred; maximum penalty per round - Four strokes. *Any club or clubs carried in breach of this condition must be declared out of play by the player to his marker or a fellow-competitor in stroke play immediately upon discovery that a breach has occurred. If the player fails to do so, he is disqualified. PENALTY FOR MAKING STROKE WITH CLUB IN BREACH OF CONDITION: Disqualification. List of Conforming Golf Balls: On its Web site ( the USGA periodically issues a List of Conforming Golf Balls that lists balls that have been tested and found to conform with the Rules of Golf. The ball the player plays must be named on the current List of Conforming Golf Balls issued by the United States Golf Association. PENALTY FOR BREACH OF CONDITION: Disqualification.

on Tuesday, with MEMBERS 2010 Champion. If number the OGA and Winding Hollow free and ENTRY FEE: $200.00low 7 andThe undersigned hereby agrees to hold allows we will qualify 15 and harmless from any and all 2010 Champion starting match of the undersigned. Matches continue Thursday, with final claims that may be created by the actionsplay Wednesday.The undersigned also certifies that he is a bona-fide amateur, and a member match(es) on Friday. of an OGA member club with a 6.4 index or less. Entry fees include carts, practice fee and three free buffet lunches and prizes. ENTRY FEE $90.00. Entry includes cart andhereby agrees to hold the OGA and Winding Hollow free and harmless from any ENTRY FEE: $225.00 NON MEMBERS The undersigned practice range on Monday and practice range for qualifying and all claims thatplayers.created will not be refunded after deadline unless player submits he is a bona-fide amateur, with a may be Fee by the actions of the undersigned. The undersigned also certifies that a written medical excuse. Members of Tartan Fields GC may enter this event for $72.00 (20% 6.4 index oras a Entry fees include carts, practice fee and three free buffet lunches and prizes. less. host club member). discount



The Columbus District Golf Association will send $5 per player from The Ohio Golf entry fee to send $5 per Campaign for the new Evans each 2011 Association will the Capitalplayer from each 2013 entry fee to the Capital Campaign Scholar House at the Ohio State Ohio State University. Thehouse, located at 52 East for the new Evans Scholar House at the University. The new new house, located at 52 East 14th Avenue is named the honor of EarlHouse inHamilton.of$5 per player of the 14th Avenue is named the Hamilton House in Hamilton Bones honor Earl Bones Hamilton. $5 donation for federal income tax purposes. as a entry fee qualifies as a charitable per player of the entry fee qualifies charitable donation for federal income tax purposes.



Evans Scholars Foundation administers the nations largest privately Evans Scholars Foundation administers the nations largest privately funded college scholarship program. funded college scholarship program. Since Since 1930, young caddies have earned their 1930, over collegethrough through Evans over 8,500 deserving young caddies havecollegetheir 8,500 earned degrees degrees deserving Scholarships. Today, moreToday, more than 820 caddies year as Evans Scholars. The Evans Evans Scholarships. than 820 caddies attend college each attend college Scholarship was founded Scholars. The Evans Scholarship(1890-1979). by each year as Evans by golf great Charles Chick Evans Jr. was founded golf great online go Chick Evans Jr. (1890-1979). To contribute Charles to:

! Cut & Send

Winding Hollow, June 10-12, 2013 Entries close May 29, 2013 4:00 PM Make check payable to OHIO GOLF ASSOCIATION and mail to 1570 West First Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43212. I am enclosing: q $200 Members fee. I am a member of __________________________________________
OGA Member Club Name

Ohio Golf Association Mid Amateur Championship

q $225 Non Members fee. I have earned my handicap index at _____________________________

OGA Non Member Club Name

NAME ________________________________ AGE on 6/11/13______ BIRTHDATE________ ADDRESS ______________________________________CITY____________ ZIP_______ PHONE_________________________________ HDCP (index)_______ GHIN #___________ CONTESTANT EMAIL ________________________________________________________

Players Signature

Handicap & Membership Attested by Club Official