National History Day Contestants, Teachers and Parents: Congratulations on qualifying for the NHD District Contest to be held

this Saturday, March 2, at Brockton High School! Information desks will be set up near each entry to assist you in locating your room assignments and to hand out Program Books. All entries have an appointment time and place. You must be at your assigned location 15 minutes before your assigned time. The closest parking lot for most entrants is by the Administration Building. (The football stadium will be behind you.) Please check the attached map. The waiting area for parents, teachers and participants will be in the Green Cafeteria. EXHIBITS will enter through the Azure Cafeteria All others will enter through the Green Cafeteria All exhibits will be set up in the Azure Cafeteria. Go to the Information Desk and then set up your exhibit on the numbered table you will find in the Program Book. JUDGING OF EXHIBITS WILL BEGIN AT 8:45. All exhibits must be set up by 8:30 AM! We will begin clearing the Azure Cafeteria at 8:30!

Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest

Nova Scotia. Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest 2 . One Vote Introducing the Silver Beetles A New Light in the World Barack Obama: The First African American President of the United States Ho Chi Minh The Assassination of J.F.K. of 1917 The Atomic Bomb Gustave Eiffel: Changing the World of Design One Woman.Creation of the Interstate System "The Halifax Explosion. Canada.Junior Individual Exhibits Entr y 11001 11002 11003 11004 11005 11006 11007 11008 11009 11010 11011 11012 11013 11014 11015 11016 11017 11018 (Azure Cafeteria) Name Jessica Zolotarevsky MOLLY DUNCAN Calvin Toran-Sandlin Ellie Teixeira Yashasvi Aryaputra Caitlin Naughton Cole O'Brien Fiona Jordan Ashley Brower Colleen Daly Ryan Johnson Maria Horbaczewski Jessica Vieira Amy Tapper Jordan Boyle Ashly Teixeira Jennifer Chu Kaleigh Maciel Time Title 9:30 9:40 9:50 10:00 10:20 10:30 10:40 10:50 11:00 9:30 9:40 9:50 10:00 10:20 10:30 10:40 10:50 11:00 Eleanor of Aquitaine Boston Harbor Cleanup: from Shame to International Inspiration The Battle of Midway in the Pacific: changing the tide The WONDER DRUG: Changing Medicine forever World War 2:An Outcome for Every Bullet The Seeing Eye: A Turning Point for America's Disabled Ford’s Mastering Of The Mechanized Assembly Line And How It Influenced American Manufacturing The Greatest Inventor of All Time-Thomas Edison The Federal Highway Act of 1956.

S. The Board of Education The Bombing of Hiroshima The Keating Owen Act R.M. Segregation Brown vs.outlet needed. Wade The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: The Change of an Industry 3 Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest .Junior Individual Exhibits Entry Time Title 11019 9:30 11020 9:40 11021* 9:50 11022 10:00 11023 10:20 11024 10:30 11025 10:40 11026 10:50 11027 11:00 * . Titanic Women's Suffrage: the first step to equality Transendentalism: A Turning Point in American Culture The Irish Potato Famine The Battle of the Bulge: Stopping Germany in Its Tracks (Azure Cafeteria) Name Willdan Lauture Kaija Chalmus Yensi Lopez Abigail Weintrob Keenan Thomas Kalyn Oliveira Emma Stillman Virginia Preston Nick Kinsella Senior Individual Exhibits Entry 21001 21002 21003 21004 21005 21006 21007 21008 21009 (Azure Cafeteria) Name Katherine Daly Megan Solimini Victoria Hassan Jacquelyn Swan Sarah Leonard Jessica Freeborn Ethan Goodfellow Daniel Murphy Alaina Boucher Time Title 9:30 9:40 9:50 10:00 10:20 10:30 10:40 10:50 11:00 The California Gold Rush The Important Role of Women in the Workforce during World War 2 Rocky Marciano : Fighting in an Era of Simplicity and Complexity Steel and the Building of Modern America A Change in the Games The Muscles Have a Future: Polio Vaccine Stops Epidemic D-Day: The Turning Point Roe vs.

The Fight for Racial 10:20 Equality in Schools 10:30 Radium. Thwe Board of Education. Anthony and her fight 10:40 for Women's Rights (Azure Cafeteria) Names Lauren Wright Victoria Antonellis Emma Metzger Matt Ryan Brianna Cummings HAYLEY DONIGAN Vineetha Yadlapalli Jessica Robarge Madeline Stanford Alexandra Yvette Fontes Allison Palmer Jenny Delpidio Emma Schnieder Victoria Mahoney 12008 10:50 The Erie Canal 12009 11:00 Blizzard of 78 12010 11:10 Bob Fosse * . Magazine: A Turning Point 9:40 in Feminism Title IX: A Transformation of 9:50 Women's Oppritunities Walt and Mickey: A Cultural 10:00 Transformation Brown vs. Oriana Zwicker DHARANI RANGTHALE Caroline Kottmeier Brooke Katie Silk Odstrchel Megan Caulfield Gina Palizzolo Katrina Polcari Marina Crowley Cassidy Mahoney Sarah Vail Siobhan Reen Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest 4 . a Medical Turning Point Susan B.outlet needed.Junior Group Exhibits Entry Time Title 12001 12002 * 12003 12004 12005 12006 12007 Martin Luther King Jr Changing 9:30 Lives Through His Speeches Ms.

Discovery of the 12018 10:50 DNA Structure Walt Disney.Junior Group Exhibits Entr y Time Title 12011 12012 12013 9:30 Auschwitz 9:40 Dorothea Dix How the sinking of the USS Maine raised American 9:50 dominance (Azure Cafeteria) Names Dylan Blechner Noelle Sansoucie Julia Moskal Brendan Hurley Gakeesha Bernadin Destiny Barros Victor Monteiro Mary Erickson Kyree Leachman Rachel Cullinane Kerryn McCarthy Alyna Fernandes Yvonne Vu Andrew Cronin Nadia Cardoso Jyaito Freeman Christian Vicente Lauren Fleming Danielle McShea Cassie Pinciaro Caitlan Shaughnessy Steve Khalil Jennifer Monteiro Jeniushka Cruz Brandan Baptiste Dan French Jeremy Mackey Dorothee Guirand Ben Schmeer Alexis Fernandes 12014 10:00 The Battle Of Bunker Hill 12015 10:10 Attack on Pearl Harbor 12016 10:20 Fredrick Douglass 12017 10:40 JFK Assasination Photograph 51. Entertainment 12019 11:00 Wizard 12020 11:10 Jesse Owens Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest 5 .

Junior Group Exhibits Entr y Time Title 12021 12022 12023 12024 12025 The Wright Brothers: Sending 9:30 man to the skies The Remembrance Day Bombing: 9:40 Turning Point of the Troubles The Atomic Bombings of 9:50 Hiroshima and Nagasaki 10:00 The Assembly Line of Henry Ford Walt Disney: A Cultural 10:10 Transformation (Azure Cafeteria) Names Brian Estes Gillian Hand Nicholas Spadea Brianna Maunus Starleene Thou Mollie MacDonald Elisabeth LaBlue Morgan Benjamin Darcelia Dookhran Hannah Langlois Zane Otter Kate Gonzalez William Russell Null III Emily Huckabee Destyne Rodriguez Pakthra Meas Alyssa Mann Ezaura Mazza Robert Grippen Jenny Valle Hailey Deltano Brendon Cleaves Moreena Emile Danielle Vacca 12026 10:20 Knock Out 12027 10:40 Children During the Holocaust 12028 10:50 Safety Test Gone Wrong 12029 11:00 Civil Rights Act of 1964 The Beatles and the British 12030 11:10 Invasion Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest 6 .

Junior Group Exhibits Entr y Time Title 12031 12032 12033 12034 12035 12036 12037 12038 12039 12040 12041 9:30 9/11/2001 9:40 Anne Frank The Industrial Revolution: A 9:50 Growth in Urbanization 10:00 The First Man on the Moon Rosa Parks: Civil Rights 10:10 Movements 10:20 The Intolerable Acts D-Day: The beginning of the end 10:40 of World War II 10:50 Segragation 11:00 D-Day Jackie Robinson: Breaking the 11:10 Color Barrier The Great Depression: A Turning 11:20 Point in History (Azure Cafeteria) Names Aaron Johnson Victoria Seay Taryn Reardon Kelvin Veno Nicole Tangherlini Narise Ramlal Mason Drummey Amna Farahat Keegan McCarty Liam Harris Nicholas Girard John Howland Sean Silvia Mercedes Bianca Vasquez Maldonado Taylor Wooster Kyle Breadmore Stephanie Martinez Sarah Howard Ryan Clark Kenia Lopez Bryce Krause Connor Jones Seamus Kelley Liam Stone Ian Melkonin Zach Kimmett Christopher Parkinson Rita Andrade Ffion Titmuss Angela Yuan Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest 7 .

. Get Set. 10:00 Make History 10:10 American Television The Keating-Owen Act and Child 10:20 Labor 10:40 Relief..Senior Group Exhibits Entr y 22001 22002 22003 22004 22005 22006 22007 22008 22009 (Azure Cafeteria) Names Danielle Plaisted Morgan Milender Kristiana DeLorenzo Alison Wyman McKayla Couite ania amedee quinteasha dossantos Katherine Mallea Allese Lewis Lauren Murphy Abby Spare Haley Junkins Victoria Svenson Zoe Flamos Romeche Cunningham tiana brooks Ruth Weche Monet Brinson Catherine Mahoney Holly Wilbar Alexa Dearing Aaron Keeling Aubery Sherman Tim Smith Adam Haigh Time Title Vietnam veterans: A turning 9:30 point in America Morallity 9:40 Moonshiners: The Board Game 9:50 9/11's Effects on Airport Security Ladies.Ready.. Recovery and Reform 10:50 Voyage to Success: Railroads 11:00 Seeing Red: Malcolm X Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest 8 ....

Jacob Rebello Abigail Sylvia Jacob Hryzan Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest 9 .outlet needed.Senior Group Exhibits Entry 22010* 22011 22012* 22013 22014* 22015 (Azure Cafeteria) Names Victoria Johnson Roseleca Semedo Lianna Dowling Kellie Cannone Thomas Duane Jarod Thompson Addisyn Kendall Jay Babineau Caitlin Rowley Cassidy Gonclaves Bianca Chery Julia DeBenedictis Drew Latwas Ross Michaud Alyssa Nolin Trevor Ragas Erin Devine Anthony McLaughlin Dean Fabian Abby Carchio Alton DeLuca Courtney Garvey Time Title The Nuremberg Trials: Gateway 10:50 to International Law Flames of Change: The Triangle 9:30 Shirtwaist Fire and Safety Laws 9:40 Emmett Till Gloria Steinem: Inspiration to the Women of the New 9:50 Millenium The Far-Reaching Effects of the 10:00 Homestead Act 10:10 Galileo Galilei The Impact of Uncle Tom's 22016 10:20 Cabin The Great Fire of London: A 22017 10:40 Turning Point in History * .

Senior Individual Documentary Entry Time Title 23001 23002 9:00 9:20 The Industrial Revolution's Effects on Child Labor Laws and Unions The History of the Secret Service (Room G-220) Name Karissa Manning Declan McGaffigan Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest 10 .The Right to Refuse The Smartphone Pearl Harbor Bombing: America's Entrance into World War II The Beatles: transforming a generation 13005 10:30 * .outlet needed.Junior Individual Documentary Entry 13001 13002 13003 13004 * (Room G-218) Name Stephanie Berry Caroline Golding Tayler Galligan Alexandra Donaruma Sara Goulart Time Title 9:00 9:20 9:40 10:10 Ames Shovel Works Rosa Parks .Civil Rights Movement .

Junior Group Documentary Entr y Time Title The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: A Turning Point in American Opinions The Journey of a Lifetime: A Turning Point in Mormon History Cortés and Pizarro's Conquering: Deception and Reconstuction The Manhattan Project: Race for the Bomb The Wright Brothers: How Did Their Planes Change War and Transportation? The Transition from Silent Films to Talkies D-Day Invasion (Room: G-220) Names Abigail Creighton Nicole McDonnell Mikey Abela Jennifer Greiner Sophia Sarro Erin Fogarty Juan Morales Jessica Maldonado Ian Moulton Valeria Tabares 14001 14002 14003 14004 14005 14006 14007 9:00 9:20 9:40 10:10 10:30 10:50 11:10 Hannah Grey Tabitha Whitmore Ben Kemp Erin Holmgren Ally Kallfelz Sarah Bredy Jovan Gomes Alana McGraw Kyle Gagliardi Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest 11 .

Board of Education Aaron Napier Nurayn Faris Nia Dawson Junior Individual Performance Entry Time Title Defending the Hill: Driving Back the British and Changing America Forever Susan B. Peace. and Land: The Bolshevik Revolution Smallpox. Anthony Nuclear War. How Close We Came Room: G-225 Names Owen McKenna Isabelle Charlot Antoine Montrond 15001 9:00 15002 15003 9:20 9:40 Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest 12 .Senior Group Documentary Entr y 24001 24002 24003 24004 24005 (Room: G-218) Names Justin Banks Cody Henault Sanjana Kadirvel Kendryck Spears Jessica O'Neil Ethan Uradnik Lindsay Kenney Vendi Buda Shawnyce Nance Derek Routhier Ashley Rendel Wolf Karpf Alexandra Dindy Uche Ogunedo Marika Xifaras Time Title 9:40 10:00 10:30 10:50 11:10 Bread. Big Difference Race to the Moon Black Panthers Won't Back Down: Brown vs.

Junior Group Performance Entry 16001 16002 Room: G-225 Names Julia Kiley Alexis Kotsiopoulos Katherine McDonough Samantha Estabrook Time Title 10:10 10:30 Mumbet: The Slave Who Sued of Freedom The Daily Q Alyssa Barros Senior Group Performance Entry 26001 Room: G-225 Names Long Gong Cindi Hazelton Andrew Keezer Natasha Sautter Time Title 11:00 The Boston Massacre Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest 13 .

Junior Historical Paper Entry 19001 19002 19003 19004 19005 19006 19007 19008 19009 19010 19011 19012 Entry # 19001 – 19006: Room G-232 Entry # 19007 – 19012: Room G-209 Names Kayley Donze Nellie McCullough Catherine Murphy Fiona Ngo Elisha Perez Darren Ball NoHelly Hernandez Erin Walsh Erin Griffin Ashland Stansbury Ramael Robert Anna Loewald Time Title 9:00 10:00 9:20 9:40 9:50 10:00 9:00 9:10 9:20 9:40 9:50 9:10 The Emancipation Proclamation: A step toward the abolishment of slavery More Than a Study Little Rock Nine: Equal Education for All Amelia Earhart Harlem Renaissance The 19th Amendment Amelia Earhart From Samurai to Subaru: The Meiji Restoration and the Creation of Modern Japan The Impact of Media During the Vietnam War The Endless Debate: Furman v. Georgia Robert Moog: A Turning Point in History The Black Death Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest 14 .

Wade: Women's Right to Choose Plessy v. Ferguson and the Growth of Jim Crow: A Turning Point in Civil Rights Settling the West: A Turning Point in History The Poliomyelitis Epidemics How the Mouse Manifested a Turning Point The Murder of Emmett Till Dorothea Dix and 19th Century Penal Reform The Advent of Talkies A Turning Point in History: Nuclear Weapons Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest .Senior Historical Paper Entry 29001 29002 29003 29004 29005 29006 29007 29008 29009 29010 29011 29012 29013 29014 Entry # 29001 – 29007: Room G-207 Entry # 29008 – 29014: Room G-208 Names Marykate Leonard Amy Santos Sarabjit Kaur Cameron Shippee Urvinder Kaur Melissa Godosky Kiley Smiddy Eamon Manning Cady Lytle Jill Kamperides Angela Kou Jane Minton Hannah Collins Morgan Hays 15 Time Title 9:00 9:10 9:20 9:30 9:50 10:00 10:10 9:00 9:10 9:20 9:30 9:50 10:00 10:10 A Pivotal Refomation: The National Mental Health Act of 1946 Turning Points in History: How the Civil Rights Movement Impacted the Art of Norman Rockwell NASA: The Changing Face of Exploration The Connecticut Compromise: The United States' Gateway to a New Beginning Jackie Robinson: Breaking the Color Barrier Roe v.

Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest 16 .

Junior Individual Website Entry Time Title Jonas Salk and the Invention of the Polio Vaccine Cuban Missile Crisis:When the World Was on the Brink of Nuclear War Saving the World for Democracy The Erie Canal Trinity Explosion: The Dawn of the Nuclear Age Pearl Harbor Awaking the Sleeping Giant Television in the 1950s The Attacks of 9/11 and Their Impact on Society Penicilin: A Turning Point in Modern Medicine The Making of the Atomic Bomb and how it changed warefare and diplomacy The Tet Offensive of 1968 (Green IRC) Names Bella Bennett Ram Goli Kelly Tuyet My-Thi Duong Andrew Morgan Rahul Hosdurg Josh Macchi Benjamin Barker Ani Iyengar Jesse Gwilliam Hunter Blake Andrew Disher 17001 8:50 17002 17003 17004 17005 17006 17007 17008 17008 17009 17010 9:00 9:10 9:20 9:40 9:50 10:00 10:10 10:30 10:40 10:50 Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest 17 .

Senior Individual Websites (Azure Access Center) Senior Individual Website Entry Time Title The Invention of the Apple Computer Cubism and Futurism: The Birth of Abstract Art Rosa Parks and Taking a Seat for Freedom Dorothea Dix and the Asylum Revolution (Green IRC) Names Fabia Federico Andre Mathelier Lily Green Brennen Rand 27001 8:50 27002 27003 27004 9:00 9:10 9:20 Junior Group Website Entry 18001 18002 18003 18004 18005 18006 (Green IRC) Names Linda Puzey Alexander Flosdorf Brandon Mather Andrew Petti Michael Carr Andrew Baker 18 Anna Yuen Tyler Chiocchio Idsen Formilus Scott Culhane James Golden Fredy Sanchez Charles Gover Cameron Barry Time Title 9:00 9:10 9:20 9:30 9:50 10:00 Photography: Turning Point in History The Dropping of the Atom Bombs: How it Affected the Future of Nuclear Energy and Warfare The Ford Model T George Washington and His Effect on the American Revolution Helmets Throughout History Reality is Merely an Illusion Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest .

18007 10:10 Genius of Menlo Park Jalani Jackson Alana Alexiou Melissa Goncalves Senior Group Website Entry 28001 28002 28003 28004 28005 28006 28007 (Green IRC) Names Destinee Joe Sarah Forest Joseph Cruise Kendall Brinson Lauren Ehrreich Liam Conway Michaela Arguin Ricky Diep Courtney Francis Waij Hassan Heidy Rivera Erin Stanley Jonathan Nee Mollykate Rodenbush Jenna Entel Daniel Curran Brittany Tainsh Time Title 9:40 9:50 10:00 10:10 10:30 10:50 11:10 Chinese Contribution to the Transcontinental Railroad Can You Hear Me Now? Pearl Harbor The Price is Low but the Cost is High The Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill The Life of Steve Jobs Television's Impact on American Daily Life Cassie Holmgren Massachusetts History Day – South Shore District Contest 19 .

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