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International Engagement in Alzheimers Disease Research

William H. Thies, Ph.D. Chief Medical and Scientific Officer

Alzheimers Association as global leader in Alzheimer research.

Amyloid Imaging Taskforce (AIT)

Largest Private Funder of Alzheimer's Research in the World

Over $300 million to more than 2,100 scientific investigations since 1982 Currently, nearly 400 on-going research projects in 20 countries funded by the Alzheimers Association 2012: 922 applications; over 70 research awards to 12 countries, ~$12.2M Community of 5,500 active peer-review volunteer scientists from nearly 60 countries Fund broad spectrum of research (social-behavioral, cognitive, functional, basic, clinical) through open or targeted grant programs to scientists at all stages of their career

Convening & Connecting Scientists Around the Globe

AAIC 2012
Premiere conference in Alzheimers disease Vancouver 2012: over 4,300 scientists; 65 countries Highlights from 2012:
Risk and risk management of Alzheimers Possible early warning signs of Alzheimers disease Therapy development advances Possible prevention of Alzheimers

International Society to Advance Alzheimer Research and Treatment

Professional society for individuals interested in Alzheimer's and dementia science. Over 2,000 current members Benefits include:
Annual subscription to Alzheimer's & Dementia Online career center Reduced conference registration rates CME/CE discounts Monthly e-newsletter exclusively for members Travel grants, hotel/ travel assistance at conferences, Car rental discounts Peer networking opportunities Professional Interest Areas (PIA) Volunteer opportunities for ISTAART students

WW-ADNI: World Wide ADNI

Administrative home for global ADNI efforts 3 Annual Teleconferences and Annual Meetings at AAIC Common protocols harmonization of data and continuous sharing of information Agreement to share data and samples where appropriate Funded nearly $6 million in WW-ADNI efforts







Global Biomarkers Standardization Efforts

Hippocampal volumetry AA CSF QC Program Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)
Materials Working Group Methods Working Group

More Information:


Hippocampal Volumetry Standardization

$240,000 to support international program to standardize measurements of hippocampus volume Leads: Giovanni Frisoni, MD, (Italy) and Cliff Jack, MD (US)


Alzhiemers Association Quality Control Program for CSF biomarkers (ELISA, xMAP, MSD) $1 million

2009-2012 8 rounds of samples (3 samples in each round) 79 laboratories (23 countries)


Global Biomarker Standardization IRMM PROJECT

MSD, Innogenetics, Saladax Biomedical, OCD and Roche Diagnostics IRMM, one of 7institutes of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, has made a formal decision to assist in the development of reference materials for CSF A42.


GBSC working group in May of 2012 Goal of developing international reference materials for CSF AD biomarkers and to establish reference methods. IRMM will supervise the projects and perform feasibility analyses. Best candidate methods and materials will be submitted to IFCC for certification. Certified reference materials will undergo large scale production by IRMM who will store and provide the material to assay manufacturers.

Global Biomarker Standardization IRMM PROJECT

CADRO (Common Alzheimer Disease Research Ontology): collaborative effort between the National Institute on Aging (NIA) and the Alzheimers Association (AA). Unified classification system to enable comparative analysis of research portfolios, strategic planning, and coordination by federal and non-federal agencies supporting AD research in the United States and internationally. IADRP: International Alzheimers Disease Research Portfolio including international funders that support AD research

Common Alzheimers Disease Research Ontology (CADRO)

Three-tier classification system Seven categories: five research and two research resourcesrelated: Category A Molecular Pathogenesis and Physiology of Alzheimers Disease Category B Diagnosis, Assessment and Disease Monitoring Category C Translational Research and Clinical Interventions Category D Epidemiology Category E Care, Support and Health Economics of Alzheimers Disease Category F Resources for the research community Category G Consortia and Public Private Partnerships Second and third tiers further divided into topics and themes.

IADRP (International Alzheimer's Disease Research Portfolio

IADRP database- developed and housed on NIA website


http://www.aibl. 2012/

Funded $100,000

International Regulatory Efforts

Biomarker qualification
Volumetric MRI hippocampal project AA CSF QC program IRMM project

Working with FDA and EMA Advisory Panels for EMA


Global Alzheimers Association Interactive Network (GAAIN)

Open Access
Growing trend in science Provides an incredible return on investment for funded research

Unprecedented database
Provide researchers worldwide with free-ofcharge access to a vast repository of data

Sophisticated analytical tools; massive computational power to ask complex questions $5 million


Lead Funder of the DIAN-TU

$4.2M grant to DIAN-TU
International studies in the US, UK and Australia Expansion of DIAN database Three simultaneous trials to test potential therapies:
Gantenerumab (Roche, Monoclonal antibody to AB) LY2886721 (Lilly, Beta Secreatse inhibitor) Solaneuzumab (Lilly, Monoclonal antibody to AB)