Minutes of the Committee meeting of the Devon and Cornwall Area held on Saturday 1st December 2012. 1.

Attendance: Bro. Chris Hunn opened the meeting at 10:15 a.m.

Present: Area Chairman: Committee member: Committee member: Committee member: Committee member Area Co-ordinator: 2. Apologies:

Bro. Chris Hunn Bro. Marc Quigley-Ferriday Sis. Margaret Williams Bro. Alex Battershill Bro. Ken Thomas Sis. Janet M. Clements

3. Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of the meeting held on the 9th September 2012 were read and approved. Prop. Margaret Williams Sec. Alex Battershill 4. Matters Arising:

The letter was sent to all Courts to encourage greater attendance at the meetings. Also requesting their opinion on the timings of social events. There has been no response! Therefore the Committee decided, Committee meetings on Area Meeting days will be held 10:00 – 11:15, Area Meetings 11:30, Lunch 1:00 with a guest speaker after lunch. 5. Finance:

An updated financial statement was presented to the meeting and discussed. 6. Court visits and updates:

Court 3470 Secretary Margaret Williams A Committee meeting was held on Monday 1st October to consider the future of the Court. After careful consideration the majority voted to transfer to Court 3754. Bro. Gary Webber being Secretary of Court 3754 and an Officer of 3470 abstained from the vote. Court 3754 Secretary Gary Webber The Area Co-ordinator attended the meeting on the 21st November to discuss the transfer of engagements, also present were Bro. Stan Reynolds, CR and Trustee and Sis. Margaret Williams, Secretary. She asked that although 3470 would be transferring into 3754 that it should be seen as a new beginning for the combined Court. It was a very constructive meeting, with lots of discussion

the combined Court. It was a very constructive meeting, with lots of discussion. It was agreed that a new meeting place, central to both Courts be sought. Margaret would become Assistant Secretary, and Stan a Trustee. Court 4107 Secretary Ron Ross A meeting was held on Tuesday 2nd October, to which all members were invited, there were 8 new attendees. The Meeting was very vocal and it was felt that options should be sent in writing to all the members. The members were offered Court 4938 and 5077, due to the very wide geographical spread of the Court. 52 replies were received, 36 for 5077 and 16 for 4938. A meeting was held on Tuesday 13th November, where one of the new attendees attended. The decision was ratified and it was agreed that a letter be sent to all members advising of the transfer of engagements and offering members the option to transfer to a local Court. 7. Area Meeting:

The Paragraphs for the December meeting were discussed. Dates for 2013 June 1st 3 weeks prior to High Court, Agenda would be available It was agreed this should be held at Eagle House, Launceston. November 23rd Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth

Size of Committee, it was agreed this should remain at 6, with the vacancy for John Small held open should he wish to return. 8. Socials

Area Quiz - This was a very successful event and a cheque was sent to the HCR for her Appeal for Macmillan Area Dinner – it was agreed that this should be held at the Eagle House in Launceston to celebrate 150 years of Forestry in Launceston, preferred date Friday 12th July, HCR to be honoured guest, therefore the Committee to organise, Chris Hunn volunteered as a member of Court 4107 be has local knowledge. It was agreed that ideas for Social events would be requested from the Courts prior to the next meeting. 9. 10. Head Office Correspondence: Any other business: None Friday 22nd March at 7:30 p.m. at the Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth Various items received since the last meeting were read and discussed.

Date of the next meeting:

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