Thexyz  Archiving  Service    

 What  Does  it  Do?   Thexyz  Archiving  keeps  a  record  of  all  transac7ons,  discussions,  documents  and  data  contained  in  emails  .    Leveraging   an  integra5on  with  Thexyz  Email  and  Hosted  Exchange,  all  communica5ons  are  captured,  replicated  and  stored   securely,  allowing  Administrators  to  search  and  retrieve  data  from  any  archived  employee  mailbox  by  date,  names,   data,  and  key  words  in  emails  and  a@achments.    This  allows  organiza5ons  to  quickly  and  easily  recover  lost  or  deleted   emails  and  a@achments,  protect  years  of  company  transac7ons  and  communica5ons,  eliminate  the  need  for   addi7onal  storage,  and  reduce  the  7me  and  complexity  involved  in  compliance  and  li7ga7on.    Thexyz  Archiving  is  an   essen5al,  “must  have”  add-­‐on  that  perfectly  complements    our  secure  hosted  mail  service.  

                 Customer  Needs/  Problems                                                      How  Addressed                                                                                Customer  Benefit  
Email  represents  80-­‐90%  of  corporate   communica5ons.    This  includes    cri5cal   informa5on  such  as  customer,  client  and  partner   contracts,  vendor  rela7ons,  purchase  orders,   and  other  legally  binding  and  admissible   documents  and  discussions.    Companies  need  to   protect  and  retain  this  informa5on  as  it  is  cri5cal   to  their  business  as  well  as  their  customers/ clients.   An  employee  accidentally  deletes  an  important   email  or  computer  hard  drive  crashes,  and  they   need  to  quickly  recover  lost  or  deleted  emails   and  their  aJachments   Automa5cally  all  emails  coming  in  and  going  out   are  journaled  into  your  own  secure  archive,     replicated  many  7mes  and  securely  stored,   keeping  a  record  of  all  transac7ons,  discussions,   documents  and  data  contained  in  emails  .     Retain  and  protect  years  invested  in  the   knowledge  of  customers,  transac7ons,  projects,   products  and  suppliers.  When  employees  leave   and  new  workers  come  in,  get  them  up  to  speed   quickly,  maintain  cri5cal  rela5onships  and  build   on  a  base  of  knowledge  integral  to  your  business  

Employees,  without  any  IT  assistance,  can  search   and  retrieve  any  email    or  a@achment  in  their   personal  archive  in  the  Cloud.    Administrators   can  search  for  and  restore  specific  emails  or   aJachments  on  their  behalf,  as  well.   Administrators  can  set  data  reten7on  policies   and  ensure  that  their  business  meets  all   industry  requirements  for  secure  email   archiving.    Addi5onally,  administrators  and   lawyers  can  search  and  retrieve  data  in  any   archived  employee  mailbox  by  date,  names,  data,   and  key  words  in  emails  and  aJachments.    

Never  lose  another  email  again!!    Eliminate  the   5me  and  costs  of  recovering  lost  emails  and   aJachments  by  giving  employees  the  ability  to   search  and  retrieve  lost  emails  in  their  own   personal  archive  .   Reduce  the  costs  associated  with  filtering   through  years  of  data  in  response  to  poten5al   li5ga5on.    Archiving  also  assists  in  complying   with  regula7ons  and  helps  to  avoid  the  costs   associated  with  fines,  penal5es  and  loss  of   corporate  reputa5on.  

Increasingly,  companies  need  to  comply  with   data  reten7on  policies  due  to  government   regula7ons  and  protect  themselves  against  both   internal  and  external  li5ga5on/eDiscovery  issues.  

Thexyz  Archiving  Service  


Key  Leading  Ques7ons  to  Ask  

Establish  the  Use  Case  for  and  Importance  of  Email  
–  Could  you  describe  how  your  organiza5on  uses  email  currently?    What  are  the  most  typical  uses?    Does  the   use  case  change  depending  on  employee  and  job  type?    How  so?   –  How  does  your  organiza5on  transmit  orders,  contracts,  or  other  legally  binding  documents  today?  By  what   process  does  your  organiza5on  accept/send  purchase  orders  or  payment  informa5on?   –  How  does  your  organiza5on  use  email  to  collaborate  with  external  par5es  (customers,  vendors,  suppliers)?     –  How  cri5cal  or  valuable  is  this  type  of  informa5on  that  is  being  shared  via  email  to  your  business?    How  about   for  your  customers,  clients,  or  other  external  par5es?   –  How  do  you  you  currently  ensure  that  employees  that  transi5on  out  of  your  organiza5on  have  not  deleted   their  email  and  communica5ons  while  a  representa5ve  of  your  organiza5on?     –  In  the  case  of  accidental  dele5on  of  an  email,  what  is  your  current  process  to  locate  and  restore  the  missing   data/communica5on?    How  cri5cal  would  it  be  to  quickly  and  easily  locate  messages  and  aJachments  that   have  been  deleted  and  restore  them  on  their  own?   –  Which  regulated  industries,  such  as  healthcare,  financial,  or  Fed/State/Local  do  you  operate  in?       –  Given  the  sensi5ve  nature  of  some  of  the  informa5on  contained  within  your  email  system,  it  is  oUen  required   that  emails  and  communica5ons  be  submiJed  in  support  of  li5ga5on,  whether  it  is  internal  employee  issues,   external  conflicts,  or  in  support  of  legal  cases  in  which  an  organiza5on  may  not  be  the  defendant  or  the   plain5ff,  but  associated  with  another  en5ty  that  is  directly  involved  in  the  legal  ac5on.    How  are  you  currently   preparing  for  such  an  instance?    How  beneficial  would  it  be  to  produce  such  communica5ons  in  seconds?  

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