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109. blue pitchside boards. only for an Ashley Cole inspired defence to repel them in magnificent fashion. Official Sponsor for 20 years. With such global appeal. before Didier Drogba crashed home an unstoppable header in the last seconds to send the game into extra time – leaving the Londoners believing that this might just be their year. FC Bayern München laid siege to Chelsea FC’s goal but were unable to convert any of their numerous chances. media and equipment. Following a dramatic season. Thomas Müller’s 83rd minute strike eventually broke the deadlock. B-MAX and EcoBoost on display at the UEFA Champions Festival Chelsea FC wait nervously during the penalty shootout 2  @Ford Europe July/August 2012 . where FC Bayern München legend Paul Breitner presented the prestigious pieces of silverware once more. driVinG the GaMe Ford continued to delight football fans at the UEFA Champions Festival.532 tweets were sent the minute Drogba equalised for Chelsea FC. Ford can now look forward to next season. which promises to be even bigger and better than ever. ‘Go Further’ and ‘Eine Idee weiter’ appeared throughout the 120 minutes on Ford’s bold. The kids in the Centre Circle waved the iconic Starball Banner – following a further 30 who took part in the ceremony for the Women’s Final – and ensured that Ford was at the centre of this season’s finale. During the next 30 minutes of play. Ford’s brand promise was also clearly visible. Chelsea FC were crowned this season’s UEFA Champions League winners in FC Bayern München’s backyard GO Further On the pitch Ford was proud to give 30 local boys and girls the exclusive prize of participating in the opening ceremony. The Blues prevailed in the subsequent shootout as Drogba stepped up to send Manuel Neuer the wrong way and hand his side the cup. it is easy to see why Ford. B-MAX was exclusively presented to the public as the official tour vehicle. took time out to watch the action unfold. On the final day. The Final – boasting 115 broadcasters in over 200 countries.000 visitors to the Olympiapark and Ford’s B-MAX Challenge – designed to showcase the 1. including UK Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.500 participants. a free four-day event which has become an unmissable part of the build-up to UEFA Champions League Finals. To underline the competition’s global reach. Ford also provided 178 vehicles to UEFA. B-MAX led the Trophy Bus to a variety of Munich’s most popular destinations. Throughout the weekend Ford hosted 1.120 guests coming from all over the world to see Europe’s top two clubs do battle.5m door aperture and the power and efficiency of the 1. All were eager to show their shooting accuracy and see it played back courtesy of Ford’s innovative use of the latest Hawkeye technology. better than eVer Given the success and drama of this year’s competition.KinGS OF the rOad A nerve-wracking night in Munich provided an incredible spectacle for both sets of fans. As Official Vehicle Supplier. Ford also delivered a memorable performance in Munich. continues to value so highly its partnership with Europe’s premier club competition.0 EcoBoost engine – attracted almost 1. Even world leaders attending the G8 summit. trOphy tOur Much like the Final. There were over 72. Both the Men’s and Women’s Trophies were chauffeured across Munich and paraded to fans all over the city from 20 April to 13 May. which were invaluable for driving the game: transporting VIPs. The German giants produced wave after wave of attack. an estimated live audience of 150 million and a reach of 300 million – yet again provided Ford huge worldwide exposure.

as this month’s special feature shows.” To not only win the top award. but to claim two further prizes is testament to a truly great piece of engineering. now and for the future. the engine was designed and engineered by our teams in Dunton. fuel economy and CO2 efficiency. It is further proof that by staying focused on the One Ford plan. 11 14 04 Upfront News in brief from around the world 18 10 Feature 1.0-litre. meaning the Blue Oval and all our assets held as collateral for the 2006 financial package have been returned to us. and further improving relationships with our employees and communities. continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes. mmuell86@ford.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine had achieved considerable success in the prestigious International Engine of the Year Awards. Wittingen published by Ford of europe. Cologne digital reproduction: purpur. you have produced a game-changing engine that is impressing customers and the media with its remarkable performance. Cologne print: NEEF + STUMME premium printing. the Moody’s rating agency announced that it had upgraded Ford to investment grade. Sustainability is a crucial part of our business. Congratulations to the whole team behind the 1. This is an important milestone for all of us and the result of several years of hard work and progress by everyone associated with Ford. when it was announced that our 1. we continue to make great progress towards our sustainability commitments. Annette Vellay production: Zetweka. this is just the start. We all can be very proud of the decision by Moody’s.Content editOrial Moving in the right direction by Stephen Odell chairman and CEO. pzezelj@ford.0-litre EcoBoost. we have got so much more One Ford leverage and we will go further and continue to focus on driving profitable growth for all of our stakeholders. rfranks4@ford. the Ford team can deliver great products and build a strong business. providing a strong range of sustainable vehicles.com. and the sustainability measures we continuously implement in our processes and facilities.com design: Manfred Müller. Alexander Bertrams. Merkenich and Aachen and is manufactured with great quality in Cologne and Craiova.com Writers: Peter Noble copy editor: Rick Franks. The innovative petrol engine captured three awards. Print & Production Management. getting stronger and worth investing in. communications and public affairs . This progress is charted in Ford Motor Company’s annual Sustainability Report.0-litre EcoBoost is crowned International Engine of The Year 06 Feature Ford of Europe’s Sustainability objectives and progress 11 Feature Focus 1. But to me. In a significant development. The upgrade tells the world that Ford is a company that is strong. A truly One Ford global product. Ford of Europe 06 10 12 Recent weeks have brought encouraging news and confirmation that despite the challenging business environment Ford is moving in the right direction. it was also named “Best New Engine” and “Best Engine Under 1.” In addition to the premier award. give us a competitive advantage and help to ensure our long term business success in Europe. including the overall title of 2012 “International Engine of the Year. Our range of exciting and technologically-advanced vehicles. More very encouraging news followed on the heels of the upgrade. While the European business climate remains extremely challenging.0-litre EcoBoost sets 16 world speed records 12 Cover Story Ford News 14 Interview Focus ST media drive Included with this issue between pages 10 and 11 Barry Gale on the importance of the new Transit Custom 18 Sport Fiesta RS WRC pace assessed @Ford Europe July/August 2012 One Team · One Plan · One Goal · executive editor: Predrag Zezelj.

5 million (over €12 million) in Focus ST production facilities there. 2 best-selling car in Europe in April and April year-to-date. Including all cars.00030.000. NIKE and Procter & Gamble have announced the formation of the Plant PET Technology Collaborative (PTC).0-litre EcoBoost went into production earlier this year. The high performance model is the second new product launched at the plant in 2012.100 April year-to-date. All Fiesta models will now be produced in Cologne.700 customers across Europe ordered the model. lightweight plastic that is used in a variety of products and materials. while also considering aspects such as fuel efficiency. or 789 on the VOSS index.0-litre EcoBoost got off to a fast sales start. PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Power VOSS surveyed more than 14. In the event of an accident. the belt radidly expands to disperse crash forces across a body area five times greater than that achieved by a conventional seatbelt. Heinz. is a durable. In its first full month. fIestA productIon ends In VAlencIA Ford’s Almussafes plant in Valencia. Focus 1. across categories for quality and reliability. Power and Associates 2012 Germany Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study (VOSS). 4 KA gets ownershIp sAtIsfActIon AccolAde The Ford Ka was ranked highest in the city car category of the J. plAnt-bAsed MAterIAls collAborAtIon Ford. 25. more than 4. appeal.Upfront 1 2 3 4 5 1 InflAtAble seAtbelt for new Mondeo Ford’s inflatable rear seatbelt – which combines attributes of an airbag and a conventional seatbelt – will make its European debut next year on the all-new Mondeo. 2 Job one for focus st The first new Focus ST left the production line in Ford’s plant in Saarlouis last month. Almost 15. load space and practicality. Coca-Cola. Germany.000 German drivers who had registered cars in Germany between January 2009 and December 2010. Ka achieved a satisfaction rating of 78. more than 5.900 Fiestas were sold in April. Fiesta was the No. The Almussafes plant will begin assembling the new Kuga at the end of this year and the new Transit Connect in 2013.J. According to JATO Dynamics. beating the VW Passat Variant. The S-MAX topped the D category for retail prices between €25. A total of 25 manufacturers and 89 models were rated. Ford has invested more than $15.D. according to figures from the world’s leading provider of automotive data and intelligence. Spain has stopped building the Fiesta. JATO Dynamics. 6 fAst sAles stArt for new focus The Focus 1. Since 1976. 3 s-MAX nAMed fAMIly cAr of the yeAr The S-MAX has been named Family Car of the Year 2012 by Germany’s AUTOStrassenverkehr.D. a strategic working group focused on accelerating the development and use of 100 per cent plant-based PET materials and fibre in their products. accounting for 23.9 per cent. 5 fIestA Is nuMber one – AgAIn The Fiesta again was named as Europe’s best-selling small car in April and for the first four months of 2012. H.000 units ahead of its nearest small car rival. the plant has produced more than 5m Fiesta. and 117. service satisfaction and ownership costs. choosing their top vehicles in seven price categories.3 per cent of all Focus cars ordered in Ford’s 4  @Ford Europe July/August 2012 . J.000 readers of the magazine participated in the poll for Germany’s best family cars.

000 times to make sure that it could withstand the day-to-day usage of some of most demanding customers over the course of many years. a driving competition for women that was staged in Elabuga in the region of Tatarstan. and Dutch customer orders of 35 per cent. They also had the opportunity to drive the Kuga. The Mondeo Titanium Black was chosen to be the partner of the movie in Russia. the Allianz Centre for Technology recognises technological innovations that are capable of contributing to safer road traffic.0-litre EcoBoost. customer orders for the engine derivative were 28 per cent. 11 tests open door to relIAbIlIty Ford engineers slammed the doors of the new Transit Custom more than 550. @Ford Europe July/August 2012  5 .Upfront 7 6 8 9 10 11 19 traditional European markets. the Evos explores how technology can help to personalise the vehicle.000 times. the main heroes drive Ford vehicles from the past and present.000 times. 7 Mondeo stArs In MoVIe preMIere In russIA Ford played a starring role in the movie “Men in Black 3” when it was introduced in Russia. The safety accolade was awarded for the extensive package of safety and driver assistance technologies in the Focus. the UK and Germany. in Italy 16 per cent. and optimising powertrain performance. and 18 per cent in Spain. 60 per cent of all customer orders for the Focus were for the 1. In Ford’s two largest markets. which showcases visionary technology under development by engineers. In anticipation of the long-expected comeback of the secret agents. In Switzerland. With the Genius award. 8 focus receIVes sAfety AwArd Ford has received a “Genuis” award from the German Allianz insurance group. French customer orders in April were 17 per cent. Based on connectivity between the vehicle and the driver’s “personal cloud” of information.000 times in a special test facility where humidity can be increased to 85 per cent and where temperatures can be plunged to -40 degrees Celsius or sent soaring to 82 degrees Celsius. look after the driver’s well-being. Clients at Ford dealerships were also given a chance to win a trip to Hollywood. After the competition. In the latest chapter of the Men in Black trilogy. 10 ActIVe pArK AssIst grAbs AttentIon Ford’s active park assist feature fitted to the new Focus was the centre of attention at a driving competition staged in Russia recently. participants and spectators had the opportunity to test the new Focus. This was followed by Greek customer orders at 37 per cent. which will be built in the near future at the FordSollers plant in Elabuga. increase driving enjoyment. The innovative active park assist feature was presented by FordSollers at Autolady. FordSollers invited top local media to attend the event and also test the Focus and its active park assist system. 9 eVos concept shows VIsIonAry technology The media recently travelled to Ford’s Aachen Research and Innovation Centre to get a closer look at the Evos Concept vehicle. Ford slammed the Transit Custom front doors 250. To raise awareness of the event. the sliding side door 150. and its active park assist system. and the rear cargo door 150. Ford in Russia gave the Ford community on Facebook a unique opportunity to win tickets to the first night screening.

EcoBoost petrol engines use turbocharging and direct injection technology to produce levels of performance that are usually associated with larger capacity engines.0-litre EcoBoost units. Since the last sustainability report. joining the 1. like the 87g/ km Fiesta ECOnetic Technology and the 109g/km Focus 1. This month’s cover story looks at the objectives and achievements of Ford of Europe Climate change. EcoBoost engines and ECOnetic Technology This year saw the introduction of the 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine. economic and social harm due to climate change. with 65 per cent of Ford vehicles recording an average of around 121g/km. 6  @Ford Europe July/August 2012 . By 2010.Feature -30% -70% Sustainability supports long-term growth Ford Motor Company’s annual sustainability report for 2011 was published recently. for example. It has a science-based strategy to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its products and processes that focuses on doing its share to stabilise carbon dioxide (CO²) concentrations in the atmosphere. It has also made a commitment to deliver the most fuel-efficient vehicles in every market in which it participates. but with CO² levels as low as 109g/km. introducing new models. Ford of Europe has consistently pushed the low CO² agenda.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine into Ford’s range.6-litre and 2. Ford had already reached an average CO² emission level below 137g/km. supporting positive social change and ensuring economic viability for long-term growth.0 EcoBoost. some 5g/km better than the target requested by the European legislation for 2012. providing an insight into how the company is reducing the environmental impact of its products and facilities. Ford of Europe continues to take significant strides in its target to reduce CO² emissions of all its vehicles. environment and water Ford is committed to doing its share to prevent or reduce the potential for environmental.6-litre petrol engines. offers power levels of traditional 1. The 1.

making it the most fuel-efficient ever petrol car offered by Ford of Europe. showing they are leaders. Ford of Europe will outline its strategy on energy use and purchasing. These are in addition to the more mainstream features of Auto-Start-Stop. the Company’s first zero-emissions all-electric passenger car. denser charge of the combustion chamber. This will contribute to Ford’s global target to reduce water use per vehicle from 9. highlighted by the launch of Ford’s most efficient passenger car ever. landfill waste and emissions at the beginning of 2012. Half of all Ford cars sold in Europe towards the end of this year will carry the ECOnetic Technology badge – increasing to two-thirds in 2013.5m3). Further electrified vehicles including hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles will follow in the coming years. “Two-thirds of Ford cars sold in Europe in 2013 will carry the ECOnetic badge” ature. with the remaining five manufacturing sites embarking on location-specific programmes to drastically reduce the four main waste areas of paint sludge.3 m. a special aeropack. where it is also set to achieve best-in-class CO² levels. as well as friction and combustion improvements in the engine. municipal wastes. To reach this class leading efficiency the engine of Focus ECOnetic Technology provides more accurate control of the charge air temper- Electrification At the end of 2012.0-litre ecoboost Focus is Ford's most fuel-efficient petrol car ever” The engine was launched in the Focus in early 2012. through a cooler. the Fiesta ECOnetic Technology with 87g/km of CO². will be launched into Europe.5m3 to 3. and could alone unlock savings of €2. by using a water-cooled charge air cooler instead of the standard air-to-air system. @Ford Europe July/August 2012  7 . or among the very best in terms of fuel economy in their segment. and will later on be offered in the C-MAX and B-MAX. which will emit 88g/km of CO². The Fiesta ECOnetic Technology will be joined later in 2012 by the Focus ECOnetic Technology. Ford continues to leverage its range of low CO² ECOnetic Technology features in 2012.5m3 by 2015 (Europe’s target is 5m3 to 1. “Ford is targeting a 30 per cent reduction in water use during production” Sustainable manufacturing Ford of Europe announced its five year sustainable manufacturing strategies across water. This model uses a range of Ford ECOnetic Technology features. Genk and Saarlouis plants are already waste-tolandfill free. The aim is to reduce waste-to-landfill per vehicle from an average 5kg to 1. The route to achieving this will be through continued metering and evaluation. revised gear ratios.Feature “1.100 litres per vehicle. such as low rolling resistance tyres. grinding sludge and filter material (which together total 80 per cent of all waste) by as early as 2013. It also features a special catalytic converter called a NOx trap to help reduce CO² emissions by facilitating a leaner combustion process using a higher proportion of air to fuel. variable oil pump and improved efficiency of air conditioning. Eco Mode and shift indicator light. Focus Electric. The new water strategy is expected to see a 30 per cent reduction in water use during production. cooling fan and alternator. The ambitious targets would see the average Ford vehicle using 30 per cent less water and creating 70 per cent less waste-tolandfill during the production stage within the next five years. the equivalent to 1. Ford’s Cologne. smart regenerative charging.5kg. Later in 2012.

· Forward Alert. the Transit Connect Electric. · Lane Keeping Aid technologies. named the Ford Focus the “Best in Class” small family car in recognition of the vehicle’s crash test rating and advanced safety technology. Euro NCAP also made special mention of the new Ranger after it became the safest pickup yet tested by the organisation. • Launched the all-new 1. achieving the only five-star Euro NCAP rating ever awarded to a pickup. • Euro NCAP. In 2012. making the model Ford’s most fuel-efficient petrol car ever with CO² emissions of 109g/km. an achievement which is unmatched by any other high-volume car. The Focus scooped one of only five best in class awards accolades on the strength of its maximum five-star Euro NCAP rating. Euro NCAP. Ford deploys advanced active and passive safety technology and materials in its full product lineup. The Focus five-star rating was achieved through an adult occupant score of 92 per cent. 8  @Ford Europe July/August 2012 . The Ford of Europe’s 2011/12 performance highlights • Launched the first all-electric vehicle in Europe. the Focus received euro ncap advanced rewards for four technologies: · Driver Alert. which uses radar technology to scan the road ahead and alerts the driver if a collision is likely. designed to detect driver fatigue. Europe’s leading authority on auto safety.0 EcoBoost engine in the Focus. Europe’s leading authority on auto safety. which helps to avoid or mitigate accidents at low speeds. · Active City Stop. which warn drivers and assists drivers who unintentionally stray from their lane. child occupant rating of 82 per cent.Feature Ford Focus was named “Best in Class” small family car by Euro NCAP in 2012 Vehicle safety As a leader in safety technology. the new Ranger is the first-ever pickup to receive the maximum 5 Star Euro NCAP rating. pedestrian score of 72 per cent and safety assist rating of 71 per cent. named the Focus the “Best in Class” small family car. as well as four Euro NCAP Advanced rewards last year. In addition.

Since the start of the German programme.000 working hours. In 2011. In May 2000. · Collaborating within the automotive industry to develop common approaches to sustainability issues. Genk and Cologne also provided support to their local community. totalling 12. the pickup achieved the maximum possible five-star rating. These sessions were executed successfully with the attendance of 387 total suppliers. which applies to its own operations as well as its $75 billion supply chain. Ford in Germany launched the Community Involvement Programme.766. over 600 vehicle sponsoring projects for non-profit organisations have been realised in the Community Involvement Programme. the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) jointly sponsored with participating OEMs supplier training sessions held in Brazil. participating in a range of projects. as well as the Ford Global Week of Caring in 2011. · Engaging strategic production suppliers to align approaches to a range of sustainability issues. dedicated to volunteering actions in the community. In 2012. Ford supported around 120 volunteering and community projects. @Ford Europe July/August 2012  9 . cutting grass and clearing gardens. India. Ford offering five Transit vans to support a total of 45 projects. and around 9. 800 employees contributed 16 hours of their time.200 Ford employees have been involved in community volunteering actions.150 individual projects with over 150. Ford volunteers in Spain. Ford remains true to this corporate citizenship mind-set and is proud of its long history of working to benefit society outside of just the vehicles it produces. Sixteen Product Development volunteers from the Dunton Technical Centre worked at the Basildon Disabled Sports Club. Ford takes a three-pronged approach to supply chain sustainability: · Building capability at individual supplier facilities by requiring sustainability management and conducting supplier training. For example. Basic Working Conditions and Corporate Responsibility. Mexico and Turkey.000 km driven. assessments and remediation. 111 of these suppliers were Ford suppliers. This brings the global total for trained Ford suppliers to 1. helping some 1. Ford plans to conduct additional supplier training sessions. which was funded by Ford. European Ford volunteers went out into the community as part of the European Year of Voluntary in 2011. In Europe. In 2011. 800 employees in Germany took part in volunteer projects for local communities Ranger scored highly in all areas of assessment.800 hours. The best-selling Focus also retained its five stars after being reassessed. The basis of Ford’s work with suppliers is the Ford Code of Human Rights. in the UK Bridgend Engine Plant employees in South Wales walked 22 miles to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer charity. receiving particular credit for pedestrian protection. Ford employees were involved in a broad variety of volunteering projects as a result with social. which equated to 631 (vehicle) days on the road and a total of 60. Even after Euro NCAP re-graded Ranger using a new scoring system introduced for 2012. Mobility sponsorship was also undertaken. cultural or ecological benefits at their core. In 2011. The result means Ranger remains the only five star rated pickup on sale.Feature In 2011. People Ford is dedicated to contributing to society and being actively involved in the communities at all sites globally. trimming hedges. Supply chain Ford’s says its suppliers are critical allies to helping it to achieve success in the marketplace and meet its sustainability goals.

The innovative Ford engine captured three awards.9mpg) and CO2 emissions of 109g/km. The Focus 1. It will also be made available in Ford models in the USA in the summer and later in Asia Pacific and Africa. 1. Ford says other regions will receive the engine in the near future.0-litre ecObOOSt “this is a fitting victory for a truly remarkable engine.000 of those vehicles will be equipped with the 1.0-litre EcoBoost 100PS delivers best-in-class fuel efficiency of 4. The 125PS model returns 5.000 by 2015. said Stephen Odell. “To not only win the top award but to claim two further prizes is testament to a truly great piece of engineering. The company projects that more than 300. Ford of Europe plans to triple annual production of vehicles equipped with EcoBoost petrol engines to approximately 480.0l/100km (56.0-litre” “this is a very significant award and a proud moment for everyone who has worked on this engine”. Product Development. Ford of Europe. economy.5mpg) with CO2 emissions of 114g/km. Designed and engineered at Ford’s Dunton Technical Centre in the UK and in Merkenich and Aachen in Germany. performance. it was also named “Best New Engine” and “Best Engine Under 1.8l/100km (58.” In addition to the premier award. Judges consider drivability. refinement and the successful application of advanced engine technology.Feature Barb Samardzich. The popularity of the 1.0-litre EcoBoost recently made its debut in the Focus in Europe and will be offered in C-MAX and B-MAX later in the year. 10  @Ford Europe July/August 2012 .” The “International Engine of the Year” is determined by a panel of 76 automotive journalists from 36 countries around the world. the engine is produced at Ford plants in Cologne.000 in 2011. chairman of the “International Engine of the Year” awards and editor of Engine Technology International.0-litre EcoBoost. Romania. vice president.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine has driven to success in the prestigious International Engine of the Year Awards. from 141.0-litre ecoboost is “international engine of the year” The 1. including the overall title of 2012 “International Engine of the Year.0-litre EcoBoost with judges was such that it received 28 per cent more points than its closest rival and the highest points total of any engine in the competition’s history. The 1. chairman and CEO. Germany 1. collects the International Engine of the Year Award in Stuttgart.” said Dean Slavnich. Germany and Craiova.

0-litre EcoBoost models set the “sub-1. over a two-day period at the end of May. Drivers including World Rally Championship star Jari-Matti Latvala set the records at the CERAM test circuit in Mortefontaine.634 mph) 24 hours 171.6 miles) to 4.237 mph 100 miles 118. France.272 mph) the 125ps focus 1.0-litre EcoBoost’s roll of honour record standing start 1 kilometre standing start 1 mile flying start 1 kilometre flying start 1 mile AVerAge speed 113.21 miles) to 4.0-litre EcoBoost can be lots of fun – as well as a very frugal car. six.5 miles).” @Ford Europe July/August 2012  11 . whose regular ride is a 304 PS Ford Fiesta RS World Rally Car.029 km/h (106.361 km/h 500 miles 102.716 mph) 1000 km 164.716 mph) during the setting of the world record for the highest average speed over one hour.522 km/h 79. 12 and 24 hours. and for highest average speeds recorded over distances ranging from 10 km (6.656 mph 1000 miles 103. after being selected from the Ford manufacturing facility in Saarlouis.053 km/h 100 km 187.5 miles).871 mph) 12 hours 166.784 km/h (103.412 mph 1 hour 191.104.550. “The records prove the Focus 1. The cars also “this little engine punches way above its weight when it comes to performance.548 mph Focus 1.056 km/h (118.555 km/h (102.793 km/h 10 miles 110. The highest average speed recorded was 191.0-litre EcoBoost cars identical to those sold in Ford dealerships throughout Europe.056 km/h (118. The three Focus 1.0-litre ecObOOSt Focus 1.7 km (2. each car was required to be run-in under the supervision of an official FFSA (Fédération Française du Sport Automobile) steward. To be eligible.104.0-litre EcoBoost sets 16 world speed records hIghest AVerAge speed oVer 10 km 172.” said Latvala.550. …” World Rally Championship star Jari-Matti Latvala set highest average speed records over timed sessions lasting one.357 mph 6 hours 165. “This little engine punches way above its weight when it comes to performance.402 mph 176.579 km/h 500 km 186.168 km/h 108.Feature record beater FOcuS 1.7 km (2. Germany.0-litre ecoboost has set 16 federation Internationale de l’Automobile (fIA) speed world records over distances ranging from 1 km (0.0litre class” world records for times recorded covering both 1 km and 1 mile from a standing start and a flying start. Latvala and eight journalists from France and the USA drove three Focus 1.

from 23 markets including China. travelled to St Paul de Vence in the South of France to drive the model over two varied routes of almost 200 km each.Cover Story Focus ST: a global performer Ford last month gave 500 auto writers and broadcasters the opportunity to test-drive the new Focus ST. Minty-fresh magnificent.” Autohebdo Sport “like greased lightning. Each media group spend 24-hours with Ford and was able to select from 35 Focus ST models in a mixture of wagon and 5-door bodystyles teSt driVe “astonishing performance across the rev range. The media.” Süddeutsche Zeitung “astonishing. ” BBC Top Gear Online 12  @Ford Europe July/August 2012 . Australia and the USA.” Auto Bild “pure driving fun. Sublime.

The eye-catching newcomer is powered by a 250 PS version of Ford’s 2. right hand drive markets get these plus ST floor mats. All ST customers will be able to specify a ‘Performance Pack. leather Recaro seats with 8-way adjustability and pull-out cushion. auto-dimming rear view mirror and automatic wipers ST3 adds exclusive heated. automatic headlamp control. (154 mph). The new Focus ST will be available in five-door hatchback format. the Focus ST features a speciallydesigned steering wheel. plus the newly developed Recaro rear bench and Bi-Xenon headlamps. refinement and style to more than 40 countries around the world. gearshift and pedals.2 l/100 km (39 mpg) and deliver CO2 emissions of 169 g/km. “This is the car that performance Ford fans across the world have been waiting for.” Edmunds Inside Line Unique interior treatment adds to the performance driving feel of the all-new Focus ST @Ford Europe July/August 2012  13 . White and Silver.” said Matthias Tonn. It is also expected to return 7.” The model is ready to order now in Europe. Recaro seats and dual zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC) in left-hand drive markets. Tangerine Scream. ST2 and ST3 (depending on market): ST1 offers ST floor mats. automatic headlamp control.wherever they are. “We’ve worked hard to make sure drivers will experience the true essence of what the ST badge represents .Cover Story the new focus st is ford’s first global performance car and will deliver its unique blend of outstanding driving dynamics. bulging side skirts and dynamic rear bumper with prominent diffuser-style vents in the lower fascia.0-litre EcoBoost engine that delivers the power of a larger displacement unit with the fuel efficiency of a smaller engine. “it’s in the corners that you’re going to fall for this Focus. chief programme engineer. Black. but the vehicle is also available in Spirit Blue. The ST (Sport Technologies) badge was introduced first in Europe in 1997 and is reserved for sports-tuned variants of key Ford models. Trim options are ST1. Race Red. Ford of Europe. The car’s aerodynamic design features a one-piece interpretation of Ford’s signature trapezoidal grille.5 seconds and a top speed of 248 km/h. The roof spoiler improves high-speed stability and reduces drag. and Thatcham alarm and ST spoiler in right-hand drive markets ST2 adds partial leather. auto-dimming rear view mirror and automatic wipers in left-hand drive markets. with European markets also getting the wagon variant. will launch late summer in North America. The darker headlining and trim on the pillars adds to the performance driving feel. and will be on sale in selected other markets by the end of the year. is the new signature colour. This marks a 20 per cent improvement in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption over the previous European Focus ST. This is expected to help deliver acceleration of 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 6.’ which offers the wheels in grey black with a high contrast red finish on the performance brake calipers. Inside.

Interview Transit Custom leads Ford’s CV charge The all-new one-ton Transit Custom is the first of a whole new family of commercial vehicles planned for introduction over the next year or so. chief engineer. explains why the model is so important to Ford of Europe 14  @Ford Europe July/August 2012 . Commercial Vehicles. Barry Gale.

Earlier in the development process.’ we have exceptional CO2 figures. in fact. and so on. best-in-class. the difference is that great. he was appointed to this position in 2006. we’ve had lot of interest from customers who tell us it is a great-looking vehicle but also one that is very functional. so. there will be significant opportunities. Ford of Europe. focussing particularly on styling and functionality. Will these vehicles be best-in-class in terms of Ford’s pillars: safe/smart/quality and green? It will be best-in-class in the commercial vehicle segment in all of those areas. Transit has always appealed to fleet operators. What was the biggest challenge you faced when designing and developing these models? Our target was to produce a vehicle that was great-looking but with all the functionality for which Transit is famous. the Transit has always been a great example of how Ford works around the world. you unveiled transit custom and tourneo custom at the birmingham commercial Vehicle show. with overall responsibility for the engineering development of Ford’s Transit. “what technology do you have?”. how do you and your team “Go Further”? Fresh in my mind is the past six months. Since the show. how has One Ford impacted the company’s cV programmes? The Dunton-based commercial vehicle team has always had an international outlook. he was project manager for Transit in Dearborn and Genk. Absolutely fantastic. Sum up the feedback you’ve had. We get feedback from customers driving current models and new products. We have put a lot of attention into safety and NCAP ratings. working with colleagues around the world. how closely do you work with customers when designing and developing new products. and prior to his current role he was chief program engineer. but when a customer drives the new Transit Custom the difference will be very noticeable. of course. We have been the top seller in many of those markets for more than 40 years. The current Transit is already recognised as one of the best-handling vehicles on the market. and Transit Connect product lines. These new vehicles will continue our growth in sales and reinforce our leading position. leaving their families and travelling to Kocaeli in Turkey every week. the commercial vehicle business is very important to Ford. Transit Custom. Similarly. with Transit very strong in Europe and APA markets. big Transit will replace the E-series in North America. “what do you carry in the front. Birmingham was a one van show and we had by far the most important vehicle there. for example. One of the strengths of the Transit team in Dunton is that it has extensive experience and contact with customers. Turkey. Before this. As we roll-out our full CV range. based in Dearborn. Finally. The answer was that we wanted both. the question was asked was ‘do we want a functional vehicle or a stylish vehicle?’. we do a great deal of market research and we listen carefully to what customers tell us. It has already been announced. We listen and respond. now with Transit Custom we are also appealing to owner-operator customers. Dunton and Kocaeli. UK and Kocaeli. With the Transit Custom we did far more research than we have done before. Obviously. and in the back?”. Belgium between 1997 and 1999. Transit programs from 1999 to 2006. obviously. Just how important are these new cVs to Ford? We have always had strength around the world in commercial vehicles. Just one example: we now offer drivers the ability to recharge their mobile phone out of sight. how much of an improvement over the current range is the new transit custom? For ride. They need a van for their business. there is innovative smart technology with SYNC. The sort of questions we asked were: “what do you do with your vehicle every day?”. when many in our team have been going further both in terms of travel and commitment. handling and brakes. It is similar to what we did some years ago when we replaced the Escort with the Focus. people who buy their own vehicle and take it home at night. because that is what customers want. The Transit Custom gives us a tremendous opportunity to appeal to such customers. @Ford Europe July/August 2012  15 . that our new. USA. and how important is their input? Input from customers is always very important. the Transit Custom represents a step change. Additionally. Gale’s Ford career began in 1982 within the European powertrain group. Transit Custom succeeds by looking smaller from the outside while having impressive interior space. the model’s styling. They tell us about vehicle reliability and ease of use. quality and reliability are always a top priority. but want one that has style as well as load-carrying capability. Gale has extensive experience in leading the development of Ford’s commercial vehicle products. and in terms of ‘green. Located in Dunton. Designers and engineers worked very closely to achieve that objective.Interview Biography Barry Gale is chief engineer. performance and car-like interior encouraged us to develop a Tourneo bus version. commercial vehicles. both about the features on the vehicles they are driving and the features that they would like to see incorporated. The team has also worked hard on developing team spirit with colleagues in Turkey.

7% 16.300 3.7% 11.113.5% 33.Hungary I . Italy 5. VW Passat Skoda Octavia Ford Mondeo Ford S-MAX 15.235 commercials cars Top 5 markets by volume May 2012 Market 1. GM Corsa 1.Denmark E . Denmark.019 1.171 758 126.962 05/2012 Total vehicles by country: A .3% 6.100 11. Citroën C3 Picasso 10. Ford Fiesta 2.Greece H . Fiat 500 5. Ford Fusion 1.9% 14. 5.102 1.000 12. GM Meriva 2.393 21. 2.200 11.Romania EUROPE 22 1. Britain 3.Germany DK .1 13. Russia Volume 30. VW Sharan 2.338 3.8% 11.7% 7.210 1. VW Touran 1.300 21. VW Tiguan 6.502 1.7 6.Spain F .0% 12.9% CH .6% 4. Turkey 4.Austria B .249) Segment shares total Europe March 2012 (EU 19 figures) 1. Fiat Panda 2.7 8.Norway NL .8 9. Renault Scénic 2.047 (-13.6% 22. Ford Focus 3. Ford Transit 2.907 2.Sales Top 5 market share performance May 2012 Market 1.Poland S .Netherlands P .9% 13. Ford C-MAX 3. Here is a snapshot one of those EDM markets: Serbia 2011 industry: 2011 Ford sales: 31.Great Britain GR .500 12.4% 12.051 1. VW Transporter 3.Portugal PL .046 10. Ford Galaxy 3.Ireland N .348 -310.Sweden RUS .3% 22.France FIN .5% 18. % 16.705 1.2% 17. 16  @Ford Europe July/August 2012 . GM Astra 1. VW Polo 3. Share increased from 3.Finland/Baltics GB .8% 6.964 11.Italy IRL .000 -139.8%.6% 23. Market leader is Fiat which produces locally.4 16. Seat Alhambra 1.659 657 2.3% 8.3% 20. Ford Kuga 1.070 Share: Ford 6.Turkey RO .7% 14. Ireland 4.683.9% 12. In addition to the 22 markets featured above.Russia TR .187 965 30.5% Ford sales in Serbia last year increased by 40% on 2010.779 1.Belgium Ford Registrations May 2012 higher/ lower than May 2011 2. Ford Ka 1.3% 13.Czech Republic D . VW Golf 2.7% 13. Nissan Qashqai 2. Britain 2.2% 3. Turkey 2. Hungary 5.261 301 577 11. Germany 3.2% 9. 7.5% 11.Switzerland CZ .3% 13. Fiat Ducato Market snapshot Ford of Europe is responsible for a total of 50 markets. there are 28 European Direct Markets.807 6.

vice president. The model was also one of the stars on our extensive display at the Geneva Motor Show and we maintained the news momentum at the high-profile Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. down $19m on May objective. the model is also now available as a wagon. FcSd-e May sales were $246m. 15. With the B-MAX. and we are on track with further new vehicles and technologies in the pipeline as part of that commitment. where Bill Ford was the keynote speaker. Sales support actions have been initiated to offset challenging market conditions. Ford of Europe our aggressive product launch programme accelerated last month when we celebrated the production start of two new models – the high performance Focus ST and the innovative B-MAX. including innovative pre-launch social and earned media campaigns and product placements.000 contracts in May. where demand for wagons is strong. Similarly. Sales & Service. Prices and specifications are very important for customers planning their purchase. which is due for UK release in September. today we have a more innovative strategy and start building expectation. we issued those for the B-MAX at the start of April. We promised to introduce 10 all-new models or new variants of existing models this year. like Germany and Italy. Last month we invited approximately 500 journalists and broadcasters to test the Focus ST over 200 km of varied roads in the south of France. These are exciting new additions to our fresh and expanding range. as part of our new strategy. and early feedback is extremely positive. Not any more. In addition to a 5-door hatchback. much earlier. which will enhance its appeal in markets. Customer satisfaction continued with record scores for sales and service. with the Transit Custom we have now issued prices and specs well in advance of launch. Marketing. we tended to focus our launch activities at the point when a new model became available. And watch out for some great media reviews on our fast Focus. Service Activated Roadside Assistance marked the highest ever performance for a single month with 107. In the past.000. many months before a vehicle arrives in the showroom. Year-to-date sales volumes are $219m down versus prior year. FCSD-E achieved Ford Protect new contract sales year-to-date May of 335.Sales SaleS cOMMent “Social Media helps to create brand awareness” by Roelant de Waard. of course. @Ford Europe July/August 2012  17 . and. The Focus ST is Ford’s first global performance car and it will be sold in more than 40 countries around the world. for example. we were active in disseminating news about the new model virtually from the start of the year. We build pre-launch excitement for our new models in a number of ways. such as the Focus ST in the film The Sweeney.000 better than 2011. and an order bank.

but the Fiesta RS WRC has shown it can more than match its rivals for pace.” Quinn added: “I’m genuinely very excited about the second half of the season. which is certainly encouraging. hourly. Here @Ford examines some revealing statistics from the opening six rounds of the 2012 FIA World Rally Championship ford world rally team duo petter solberg and Jari-Matti latvala have endured some rotten luck this season. the occasional driver error. “He remains one of the few drivers capable of challenging Sébastien Loeb on outright pace. All these facts bode well for the team in blue as it prepares to reel in its rivals over the remaining six events on the 2012 calendar.” Ford World Rally Team merchandise offer Ford of Europe’s Racing department has negotiated a 20 per cent discount for all Ford staff (employees. an analysis of results over the first six rounds of the championship shows that the Fiesta RS WRC set fastest times on 71 of the 125 stages it competed in – that’s a winning ratio of 57 per cent.com Simply enter the code FWRT-FORDSTF on checkout.wrcfordstore. We’ve got a very quick car.” So what of team-mate Petter Solberg’s chances of winning in the Fiesta during the second half of the season? Ford of Europe motorsport chief Gerard Quinn. We just need to translate our speed into strong points. Once Ford’s Achilles heel. Ford World Rally Team director Malcolm Wilson told @Ford: “Our pace is certainly capable of winning rallies. believes the former world champion is more than capable of topping the podium. A freak cross country skiing accident earlier this year meant he missed Rally Argentina with a broken collar bone. Jari-Matti and Petter took 15 out of a possible 22 stage wins in Greece.” If the team is to wrestle the manufacturers’ championship from Citroën. as is everyone connected with the team. In fact. two of the fastest drivers around and I have every confidence our fans will have lots to cheer about between now and the end of the year. 18  @Ford Europe July/August 2012 . “Petter has been fantastic for us this season. There’s no doubt he can win again. the enforced break doesn’t appear to have blunted his speed. contractors) when buying the merchandise via www. Ford rally fans can take heart from the fact that the Fiesta RS WRC is a seriously quick car. “We were all very pleased to see JariMatti Latvala back in the Ford Fiesta RS WRC in Greece and glad to see that his recovery has in no way affected his speed. His enthusiasm is infectious and he’s done everything we’ve asked of him. This offer will be available until further notice. He made a very small mistake in Greece which could have cost him a win.Sport On the pace FieSta rS Wrc It’s been a tough first half of the season for the Ford World Rally Team. A series of punctures. and even a freak skiing accident have cost the team dear. it’s now a surface Latvala and Solberg can genuinely challenge for victory on. Even more encouraging has been the car’s performance on asphalt. However. Jari-Matti Latvala will need to be at his brilliant best. they’ve led every event they contested in their Fiesta RS WRCs. but that aside he’s been superb. Thankfully. Consistently quick on all surfaces.” added Wilson. but victories have proved frustratingly elusive.

2012. Niehl engine Plant International Engine of the year announcement .Moment@Ford 14.06.

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