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Taking the Sun out of the Zodiac


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ACADEMIC ZODIAC CONCEPT Linking the world through one zodiac for the planet 1: the original zodiac as shared by all

astronomical observatories across the planet and off-planet 2 as well.


DIAMOND 2013 YEAR The positions of the planets along with their real zodiacal placements for New Year 2013. 55 Cancri e is of course your Diamond Planet.

GOLD If you felt shocked about this or that change in your zodiac, dont be: the Sun is by no means important in any vital calculation. The Sun may nevertheless be important as actual for the gold market. As it represent faux ego, so when triggered by Mars may stand for false victories. In that respect, it is sometimes useful in sport. Our latest formula 1 prediction for the Ferrari was nevertheless based on the twin actual comets. CENTAURS The Sun does not define the zodiac: the planets do. Thus, the major factors of a given horoscope will be an ascending centaur, lunar position or Venus: these three factors will generally determine love affairs. E.g. Chariklo rising in Hydras with Venus in Hydra would point at a fatal woman: Scarlet. With e.g. Moon in Sextans, we would have the goddess of love building her own temple. The position of the Sun would be rather irrelevant since the Sun does not represent the person at hand at all: it stands for nonperson or faux ego: the mind of the world or cosi fan tutte - default mind. NON-SELF The zodiac is not at all determined by the Sun only, but also all planetary zodiacs. A zodiac as determined by the Sun with its 13, 15 or 16 stations would never justify your personality at all: on the contrary: it would telegraph all that you are definitively not. SURPRISE! In plain words, the sun is not necessarily essential in a horoscope: in fact, quite a few calculi depend ion it: see also Taking the Sun out of the Horoscope. Why is then so much stress put on natal Sun sign, and a false one even several false ones? Not everybody is

astrologer. It is so easy to assign a false Sun sign then make an industry out of it. The business of an astrologer is quite different: informing you preferably in quarter an hour about the dates and qualities of all the major events in your life: this sincerely seldom has anything to do with Sun-sings, faux ascendants or god-forbid transits. The calculi are made by memory: anyone can learn the art in 20 minutes. 20 Minutes Astrology therefore makes you e.g. predict all the loves in your life by timing and quality ideally within quarter an hour by memory: the time an amateur needs to boot computer. THE SKY ROTATES Did anything change? Of course not! What could change? Misinformed people will try and keep you misinformed for obvious benefits, but they have always been misinformed; e.g. the Masonic forefathers at Philadelphia, Aleister Crowley or you-name-it pretending at the title of an astrologer had positively no idea of Sun-signs, ascendants or directions. ARIES IS NOT AN ASCENDANT When we say that nothing changed, we mean nothing changed in the real skies. As superstition adjusts for superstition, erratic models enmesh, collide and come into conflict: causing global schizophrenia, dichotomy and mind of this world; but that is not our business at all: our business is the real observable sky, not a miserable set of nonsensical signs that are never there when you need them. So, you think Aries rises at east: prove it! Prove that Aries rises at east, and you wont be able to: this is our business. LAMB Not having Aries rising at east may prove as a kind of shock. Where has Aries gone? Thousands of years ago it in fact rose at east: now it is definitively not. This simple fact is

called the precession of the 88 ascendants in Academic Astrology. In order to clear this point from a religious as well as scientific way, we propose our horoscope of Jesus Christ. NATAL DATA FORGERY From one standpoint. It is better not to peruse the Sun in horoscopes at all! See Taking the Sun out of the Zodiac. Too much fuss giving faux importance has been assigned to otherwise completely false Sun-signs with which one would learn to associate until losing any idea of ones true nature. This diabolic scheme is based on deliberate miscalculation forging world wide superstition: Maya, and the reign of the Devil. How is miscalculation done for you? Typically, the data are taken from NASA and then forged.




Enjoying the basic 13 Sun-signs does not resolve the problem of the ascendant. Luckily, this problem was resolved back in the year 1973. Thus, the Academic Zodiac celebrates its 1973 2013 jubilee. 22 zodiacal signs. 16 ascendants 4.

Pluto nostalgic 5? Enjoy 26 zodiacal signs 6.

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More Sun-signs? Workable 15, extended to 16. Cartesian house system: works everywhere 7: ocean floor 8, Himalaya 9,
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spacecraft 10.

1008 delineated planets: the complete solar system is yours for the taking!


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Cruithne-based charts and spacecraft births have been presented some two decades ago.

VIP SERVICES Verify your personality. Who are you, really? Take advantage of your real natal stars! 13 + 13 = 26 While the 13 solar stations are a simple fact this end of superstition, the total number of zodiacal stations is 26 Pluto permitting. In other words, the 26 zodiac is a Pluto nostalgia affair: for those who want Pluto back, the number of zodiacal stations is still 26. Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces INSTANT MAGICK BESTSELLERS Instant Healing Cancer Cure Immortality MINI RTRRT Initiation Maverick Seduction Love & Money MINI RTRRT ETER Emotion-time-energy-retriever Reboot! INTEGER Personal Cosmic Secretary O5IRIS Instant Healing Marriage Rendering Personal cO5mic Avatar Mini RTRRT Prosperity Rendering Wish Wheel Magick initiation

Money Honey PCS Oberon V O5 Cascade Snow Crash Magic Wand Aladdin XI Matrix Hacking Bogeyman
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For the current epoch. 43 for Eris-nostalgic. 6 IAU Constellations. 7 Other planets, asteroids, comets and in fact everywhere in a three-dimensional space. 8 Sea quake! 9 Lama incarnation calculus. 10 On trip to Cruithne? We got your horoscopes!