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The Viet Cong , North Vietnam, and international Communism exist like their own mystical Trinity, refusing

to be holy or unholy, but secular.Theres a truly annoying word you can expect to hear from wouldbe Communists and would be intellectuals, yakking about dialectical materialism. History as a series of society in conflict over material needs. Secular, which Im always taking to have something to do with religion means just the opposite, nothing to do with religion or spirituality. Dialectical materialism is having its effect upon the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Dorothy and Toto, theTin Man and Lion would no longer have to skip merrily along among butterflies, they could now drive the length before veering off into Laos or Cambodia, the Central Highlands or Saigon and the Mekong Delta. By February of nineteen seventy five, the elephant was no longer pack animal of choice, the trail had become a passable road for sturdy vehicles delivering conquest and liberation to people who wanted it and people who didnt. Gas stations existed along the trail. I see the huge towers holding incandescent emblazoned signs, like at the Tucumcari Truck Terminal, but the reality is more subtle. One has to wonder, are there competing brands and occasional price wars, most likely , its the one brand, Commiegas, and the political officer attached to each convoy flashes a badge or laminated card, signs a receipt,then its the station operators problem to submit a request for payment or deal with the resupply apparatchiks that can keep his pumps full and ready . If the idea of Communism wasn't that everything and everybody belonged to and was the state this Appalachan, Oregon, Ho Chi Minh evolution of a trail could be the Far East Interstate. . Hippies and Hitch-hikers, even hitch-hiking Hippies would have to enjoy the one-attitude -greets - all nature between Communists. Word is, of course, that the Commies have no more use for Hippies than the Establishment has. Can they really be so closed a society or is this sour grapes I didn't meet many of them, but I never met a Vietnamese who was anything but offended if you called him a Communist. The choice of "He" is more than convention TheSoviet Politburo and the People's national Congress in where else but the People's Republic of China, Include a few female faces, China even had a woman serving as Vice President , a position VP. with less independent power than America's VP. America has had to watch in despair as their younger heroes were martyred and assassinated. The Communists probably have to wait until Radio Free Europe or the US Information Agency tells them the fate of their dissidents. It appears the men prevent the women from seeking freedom, limiting dissent to something their totally centralized power wielders can use as novelty or debate opponent.