Violence against a child is NOT a private matter. … this truth is NOT discussable!

“The true value of a society is easily seen in how it protects its children The children.” “NULLA EST MAIOR PROBATIO QUAM EVIDENTIA REI” “The ultimate evidence is that in the thing itself”

Common Sense Protects Every Child Call for the rise of common sense
>Fiat justitia ruat caelum< “Let justice be done though the heavens fall” Jerusalem, April 12th 2012 Self-Reflection of the Intactivist Movement for possible Self Correction Reflection Self-Correction The question is not if the Intactivist Movement is an International Movement and how many people are involved in this Movement. We know of about 35,000 people globally who speak against male child genital mutilation. The 000 male-child majority of intactivists is in the USA / Canada / UK / Australia area; a few are in other European Australia States and in the Middle and Far East area. Some of these intactivists are also vocal against FGM and “Operation Abraham” and “intersex – mutilations” and the predominant dynamic of interactivity is the “dynamic of discussions over discussions”; the “exchange of information amongst themselves”; cussions “research over research”; “petitions for legislation”; “street protests and other group “street-protests group-activities on the base of the misconception / the fallacy of MGM were a “legal right of choice of parents, doctors, choice religion and tradition to mutilate the child” / based on the misconception / the fallacy “that MGM were not outlawed by current law” / based on the misconception / the fallacy asking for “legislation of a law to ban MGM” (these MGM MGM-Bill Initiatives) / based on the misconception / the fallacy n “petitioning” the government for “legislation” of “restrictions” on this OBVIOUS CHILD ABUSE ABUSE. The question about the Intactivist Movement is: What is the fundamental, principal and of course mutual position of the intactivist movement? The answer is: SEE THE TEXT ABOVE. How effective is this intactivist movement? The answer is: A) Forced Circumcision of children and adults is RISING on the global scale! B) All 18 MGM-Bill-“petitions” for “legislation” for a “ban” or “restriction” have failed! “petitions” C) 99% of the Movement is still blatant ignorant to the fact that MGM is outlawed!

D) To “petition” for a “ban” or “restriction” on this CHILD ABUSE remains to be absolutely estranged from the empiric reality of current liberal democratic right state law, therefore absolutely law-reality contradictive and in this nonsensical and counterproductive and is an additional slap in the face of every CHILD and the Value of Justice for All. E) The result of these “petitions” is that the Pro-Circ-Insanity has gained insane momentum instead of having been cured! F) These CHILD MUTILATING LUNATICS and their LUNATIC ACCOMPLICES have countered with the INSANITY of an all in all >unconstitutional< and therefore ILLEGAL enactment of the LUNATIC-Law “outlaw the outlawing of MGM”! G) 99% of the intactivist movement acts / reacts as if this counteraction were “legitimate”! H) 99% of the intactivist movement remains to “see” the FGM-Law as “legitimate”-law; being ignorant of the undisputable fact that the FGM-Law is indeed a >discriminatory< and therefore >unconstitutional< Law, due to the fact that the FGM-Law EXCLUDES the male-child population from its state guaranteed constitutional right of equal protection, and that it was never required to be enacted in the first place, simply because of the empiric fact of current law under which MGM and FGM is already equally OUTLAWED! I) 99% of the intactivist movement insists to refuse to acknowledge these empiric facts. J) 99% of the intactivist movement insist to refuse to admit to having been blind to these fundamental failures, and insist to refuse to cooperate with the only intactivist forum which provides this undisputable information globally since many years, namely the Global Symposium for an Intact Humanity; and refuses to endorse its Official Statement and Universal Declaration of Demand for Law Enforcement on MGM! Is this an attack on the global intactivist movement? NO it is NOT! Is this the factual TRUTH about the dynamic of the global intactivist movement? YES it is! Do I love and respect every intactivist for speaking out against this Global Collective Child Abuse and am glad for every child saved by any of these efforts? YES I DO! YES I AM! Is it high time for the global intactivist movement to acknowledge empiric evidence and so to distance itself from this global deceitful fallacy of “calling for legislation”; “calling for restriction”; “asking to please make an informed choice to not mutilate the child”; “acting as if such a legal right of choice were to exist”; “acting as if MGM were not already outlawed”? YES: … simply because of the empiric fact of law that MGM IS ALREADY OUTLAWED; that we do NOT face a “legislation-problem”; that “a legal right of choice to mutilate the child does NOT EXIST” and that >we indeed face a law enforcement problem< and that the Key to End this Global Collective Child Abuse of Forced Circumcision is to cooperate within the Global Symposium for an Intact Humanity by way of ENDORSEMENT of our Official Position expressed in its Official Statement and Universal Declaration of Demand from the Authority to Enforce the Law on MGM!

YES IT IS HIGH TIME that also YOU my dear Fellow Intactivist COOPERATE in this sense o CORRECT of GLOBAL CHILDREN´s RIGHTS DEFENSE ADVOCACY! I am certain and you too can be certain that EVERY CHILD expects from US ADULTS to PROTECT ITS RIGHT OF EQUAL PROTECTION by way of GLOBAL LEGAL ACTION and not by way of “mere discussions and research” where in view of what is being done to the children it is clear that Forced here Circumcision is WAY BEYOND ANY DISCUSSION and RESEARCH and certainly WAY BEYOND ANY COMPROMISE! Do I or the children “beg” you / “ask” you / “petition” you to fulfill your upright human responsibility to act in accordance with the current law? No we do NOT. I DEMAND OF YOU TO ACT CORRECT in the same clarity as every child DEMANDS THIS FROM ALL CORRECT, OF US! LOOK WHAT IS BEING DONE TO THE CHILD!

HEAR ITS SCREAMS which are its clear DEMAND … SCREAMS, I am able to understand and am ready to fulfill whatever the cost cost. You should be able to understand and be ready to fulfill whatever the cost. SO: Endorse the Universal declaration of Demand for Law Enforcement and promote it as widespread as possible, so to enable others to do the same.

>Fiat justitia ruat caelum<
“Let justice be done though the heavens fall”.

Prof. Amen Ronald Oberhollenzer Responsible Co-Scholar in the School of Humanity Scholar school.of.humanity@gmail.com Global Symposium for an Intact Humanity www.intacthumanity.org intact.humanity@gmail.com

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